Posted on March 10, 2012

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Ron Paul WINS Virgin Islands Popular Vote! 23:11:31
Ron Paul Draws 2,500-plus Voters to St. Charles County Missouri Town Hall 21:28:55
New Article: Georgia convention has Ron Paul Delegates trying to come out of the woodwork! 21:11:39
Breaking! Las Vegas, Nevada. Ron Paul Delegates SWEEP The Clark County Convention! 20:38:45
Report on the Clark County, GOP Convention. WE OWNED IT! 20:28:57
Ron Paul Supporters DOMINATE Rhode Island GOP Meeting 17:20:32
Iowa Delegate News Looking Good 16:06:39
Jim Grant: Why the Fed is dead wrong 13:41:16
*Update* I'm leaving in ten minutes to chair our county convention.*Update* 16:33:59
Obama Signed HR 347 10:25:07
Video: Dr. Paul @ Kansas U, Lawrence w/2,000+ Capacity Crowd on Big 12 Game Night! 07:33:37
Panorama of Lawrence, Kansas rally. Also, first post! 10:55:53
Ron Paul Talks Election Fraud on CNBC 3-9-12 01:02:00
Saturday Caucuses: Kansas, Wyoming, Guam, Virgin Islands & Northern Marianas 10:01:01
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Open Carry Meet and Eat - Ridley Township, PA 23:58:47
2000-2400 Come see Paul on Missouri second stop in Springfield, earlier in day Santorum had 300 Update photo 23:39:39
polk county convention (des moines) 23:33:50
You'll have a camera in your living room soon 23:31:01
Solution to Airport, TSA Poison X Ray Nude Scans and Porno Fetish Groin Groping! 22:56:11
The Walking Dead: Judge,Jury, And Executioner 22:52:36
Great Gun Ad In Texas 22:52:31
Mississippi State University Mock Presidential Debate 22:46:01
Ad Sites Remove Politics Category Except Craigslist, now Blocking Paul! 22:37:18
Need Super Brochures or Slim Jims? 22:28:30
Time to Tell the Neocons It's Paul or Nobody 22:17:26
I was at the Lindenwood rally 22:17:16
Huckabee Just Played False Super PAC Video 22:12:48
The K-Street Project: Rick Santorum's Baggage. 22:05:57
Paul supporters seize control of Clark County GOP party 22:04:28
SOPA replacement uses child porn as excuse to spy on 99.7 percent of Americans 21:52:24
Huckabee just showed that fake super pac racist Chairman Mao video about Huntsman. 21:49:37
CNN Livestream of Dr. Paul in Springfield, MO right NOW 21:47:46
Convention Chaos in Forsyth County Georgia 21:42:06
Account of an Iowa county convention 21:35:20
Unemployment is actually 14.9% 21:30:13
Live Stream of Ron Paul Springfield, MO 21:27:59
One Bay Area, a regional initiative to develop a Sustainable Communities Strategy 21:17:57
Fundamental Change 21:10:25
Prologue: The Day the Constitution Died 21:09:09
Ron Paul Supporters Observe the Vote at Kansas Caucuses - March 10 2012 21:04:46
Whatever happened to Maine? 21:00:02
Ron Paul Speaks Truth to Kansas Caucus 20:59:40
Dammit Rand should have gone out there 20:56:44
What happened at the convention in my tiny county in Nevada. 20:53:51
"Anybody but Obama" is the new "Hope & Change" slogan. 20:49:09
Huge Crowd Springfield, MO 20:44:30
Child's View on Fiat Money 20:16:30
There is another way to help the Daily Paul 20:05:22
2,500 Turn Up To See Ron Paul in Missouri 19:57:43
Boycott Nbc ! 19:56:50
New York State Primary 19:53:07
Ron Paul losing the Popular vote Reminds me of the Turtle and Hare Story 19:42:03
If Ron Paul wins, could he actually get anything he wants to do passed? 19:16:44
PCAC: Project for a Constitutional American century 19:12:10
Romney Troll Alert: SOPaul 19:07:16
I keep hearing and having hope that RP is REALLY accumulating these delegates... 18:57:07
Something Different (good) is Happening 18:55:45
NYS GOP Chair Cox put on the spot by Paulers - Erie County Republican Roundtable 18:50:28
Kony 2012 - Just Another Government Program 18:43:34
My Greatest Disappointment - The Ron Paul Attack Ads 18:33:14
Write Your Own Vaccine Waiver, Dr. Eisenstein Explains (Video) 18:28:35
Media Cover Up Of Obama Impeachment Exposed (Video) 18:14:52
CNN catches up with an Upbeat Ron Paul in Kansas-"We're are going to win the majority of the delegates" 18:12:18
Good News in MN this weekend at my BPOU... 18:05:18
Delegates chatter will bite us in the bum! 18:03:58
The Daily Bell - Ron Holland : No Paul = No Vote in November 18:01:21
Announcing the Veterans for Liberty Super PAC & VFRP March on the RNC 18:01:09
Tom Tancredo: Impeachment Now by House or Dictatorship in Nov. 17:57:04
Cato Institute : Republicans, Ron Paul and The Revolution 17:54:24
Charlie Webster keeps his job, what a sham 17:50:22
America's Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President 17:47:55
Great Video 17:44:58
My County Convention (Chatham County, GA) 17:44:07
LOL.. Those who know state/county GOP officials aren't surprised at vote fraud. 17:41:14
Ron Paul Supporters sing his Praises 17:40:42
Paleomedia vicious lies 17:31:43
The REAL reason to invade Iran 17:14:51
RP 13% in Kansas Santorum 53% 17:07:22
FREE Ron Paul bumper stickers! 16:59:50
The Ultimate Tax Protest 16:55:28
Fox News 16:54:19
HUGE Election Issue: Pravda asks: What happened to American media? 16:48:18
VIDEO - Rand Paul Introduces Amendment To Force Former Elected Officials To Forfeit ALL Benefits If They Become Lobbyists 16:47:05
just got back from kansas, district 1 caucus 16:45:06
Did Brownback appear with Paul yesterday? 16:41:17
You Need to Register Republican in Maryland 16:28:50
Romney flip-flops (no surprise, there) says was he brainwashed to support war! 16:26:26
Just got robo-push-polled by Santorum in Louisiana 16:22:47
Tomorrows Children - Eugenics in America Propaganda Film (1934) 16:22:19
Weekend watching [Video] 16:19:46
How we can win! Become the GOP! Show up to your local Republican Party Meetings! 16:14:17
More Bad Guys but no Rothchilds 16:11:57
How one man won Warren Co. Virginia for Ron Paul 16:02:17
Ustream RP event in Springfield, MO on 3/10/12 15:53:17
Obama and Congress Set Record Budget Deficit in February 15:52:03
Deadline to Register as Republican in PA is March 24th! 15:47:25
Iowa County Conventions Today ! Post your results. 15:46:43
Video: Dr. Paul ALL Smiles, LIVE@KS Caucus Site - CNN Mid-Day Interview - March 10, 2012 15:36:27
Major County Oklahoma County Convention 15:34:38
☛3 Out of 4 Candidates Want to Keep Economic Slavery Going! 15:34:29
Watch:POWERFUL AD for Ron Paul ! 15:32:06
Get the Money Bomb Going! 15:24:47
Ideas and bumper sticker shock 15:22:38
No Paul = No Vote in November 15:21:01
Title X 15:07:56
2012 GOP County Convention 14:38:41
*Update* Virginia Anti N.D.A.A. Bill Will Be Law July 1st 14:34:53
Get the message out!.. 14:24:35
How did Ron Paul lose Alaska? 14:24:00
Super Brochures 14:20:52
An Email Suggestion Sent to The Ron Paul Campaign. 14:12:37
% of people that know the Constitutional powers of the Govt and the rights of the people? 14:06:46
ATTENTION All Ron Paul Supporters: Do Not Get Played 13:58:55
No Paul = No Vote in November 13:51:29
Iowa County Conventions 13:11:03
A question about Libertarianism, need help! 13:10:44
Tightrope of RINO half-truths 13:08:35
Insanity defined 12:51:03
How much is the Ron Paul 2008 NORFED $20 silver dollar piece worth? 12:45:54
March On The White House 12:32:35
How do we get Ron Paul ads to run on popular Droid/Iphone apps? 12:23:03
Local doctor teams with Sen. Rand Paul to perform free cataract surgery (VIDEO) 12:02:23
Iceland a lesson for Europe and US - Cry Freedom 11:40:59
KONY 2012 - War Propaganda 11:40:51
*VIDEO* Good Morning R3VOLution! 11:14:52
2nd. Amendment *WIN* 11:03:46
Vote in the Virgin Island Republican Party Poll 10:52:49
Surrogate speakers - Help get voices in support of Ron Paul in the MSM! 10:38:36
This Hoax Affects Everyone 10:29:39
Ron Paul Will Visit Four Caucuses in Johnson County, KS Today! 10:24:50
Anyone know what the "4,000 voters in, 2,000 votes out" comment on MSNBC 10:22:42
A Green for Ron Paul 10:15:44
In case you missed it..Warren Buffett agrees with Ron Paul on the dollar crisis in his letter to Berkshire shareholders. 09:58:11
After Ron Paul, for those of you who need to help the cause of Liberty. 09:43:22
The Panic Room... Vid 09:40:19
More USD devaluation, China to export yuan to BRICS 09:35:03
[Video] Election Fraud - A Little-Known Piece of American History 09:29:58
Some cold, hard facts. 09:25:38
Video - What to do when your Ron Paul sign is stolen! 09:03:02
MISH: Another Plunge in 3-Month Rolling Average of Petroleum and Gasoline Usage 08:58:01
Lets win over hearts and minds in Kansas - last minute push! 08:30:28
92 Year old Lakota Woman and Others Form Human Blockade to Stop Trucks 07:47:26
THE Ron Paul Moment 10:28:54
Snowboarders for Ron Paul! 06:48:36
Phony 2012, Re: Kony 2012 04:20:29
Video of Ron Paul at Kansas University 04:20:14
Voter Fraud Allegations in Alaska? 03:31:17
Something's fishy in the non-state of Guam 03:30:02
Rachel... please. Seriously? 03:16:29
Need a Laugh? 02:38:17
⚜ Liberty Candidate Running ⚜ For N.D. House! ⚜ 02:32:24
WEEKEND LISTENING - This should convert about 90% of the people who hear it! 02:17:55
More evidence that Rick Santorum is not a conservative 02:11:36
We don't have to vote for any candidate 02:10:05
Ron Paul and the Iowa and Wyoming delegate Processes which start tomorrow [The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC] 01:54:10
We Can Win Hawaii! 01:47:20
Ten Companies Profiting Most from War 01:45:27
Great News from California: We Can Win this State with a Canvass Crew 01:45:05
Sens. Paul, Lee Sign Letter Telling Obama to Speed Afghan Pullout 01:23:09
Christie Goes Off Like a Rocket When Veteran Constituent Questions Plans For Combining Colleges (Youtube) 01:19:08
Senator Rand Paul Unveils FY2013 Budget Proposal 01:09:32
anybody ever hear of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee? 01:09:09
KONY 2012, Invisible Children's Pro-AFRICOM and Museveni Propaganda 00:42:15
Radio talk host who endorsed Ron Paul needs clicks 00:40:53
Famous Patriotic Quotes 00:36:27
It can be done. 00:13:11
Will Ron Paul Invite Mitt Romney To Be His Vice President? 16:11:30