Posted on March 11, 2012

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Jack Hunter Blasts MSM For Not Reporting Ron Paul Winning U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus 19:44:36
Jesse Benton MSNBC Interview - March 11, 2012 17:20:55
Fox & CBS: GOP & Newt Moving Towards RP Foreign Policy 19:33:33
While California Persecutes Raw Milk Farmers, France Unveils Raw Milk Vending Machines 15:40:45
Alex Jones on Ron Paul Election Fraud 14:09:49
Ron Paul supporters plunge Denver GOP meeting ‘into madness’ 11:08:34
Ron Paul Visits Springfield MO (Full Speech Video) 08:31:36
Ron Paul: "I am not a Goldman Sachs candidate, and am not a candidate for the military industrial complex!" 06:19:57
Update from Ronnie Paul visit to Honolulu, Hawaii 06:08:10
Ron Paul Rally vs. Rick Santorum Rally in Kansas 04:15:01
RCP: Romney Really Might NOT Have the Delegates by June 07:46:00
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New song inspired by Ron Paul and the r3VOLution 23:56:15
I was just watching Huckabee... 23:53:34
For Some Troops, Powerful Drug Cocktails Have Deadly Results 23:36:11
Hawaii resident says GOP would not accomodate the smaller islands 23:28:34
CNN still is not showing the popular vote totals of Virgin Island caucus ... 23:22:22
*VIDEO* Mad Mike: Who Can Beat Obama? 23:16:28
Need someone to start a Chip in for delegates, looks like we have $1000 pledged so far 23:16:04
Strategy To Overwhelm The Opposition! 23:13:14
Why is Santorum spouting off he's winning the most delegates in Iowa? 22:56:25
Ron Paul Or No One! New Site Upload Your Photo Now 22:44:58
Just became state delegate for Ron Paul in South Dakota yesterday! 22:41:40
Attn Everybody: Learn about POINT OF ORDER or RON PAUL COULD LOSE: 22:31:17
The Veteran's Disarmament Act 22:30:03
Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich, would roll back SOCIALISM (but not as much as Paul). ONLY PAUL would thwart the coming FASCISM. 22:20:27
Help UNSEAT NANCY PELOSI =by helping JOHN DENNIS a Paul supporter 22:20:20
More Maine Caucus Corruption: 'We don't want your type in our delegation' 22:17:35
Kony 2012 - Just like the Gulf War propaganda, another war for oil under the guise of humanitarian aid! 21:56:45
Banker left Speechless by Irish Journalist 21:46:14
Everyone ready to take over the delegates in Texas? 21:30:38
Is there any way to get super brochures 21:28:30
Free stock video footage from RT 21:22:48
Donate Now - Let's Push All The Way To The Convention! 21:18:45
The 2012 Republican Candidates in Under Two Minutes 21:18:32
Bill O'Reilly promises to donate $1K to Wounded Warriors if Ron Paul wins just one primary 21:04:07
U.S. Soldier Leaves Base to Kill 16 Afghan Civilians 21:02:23
Was there any MSM reported coverage of Paul Winning Virgin Islands? 20:58:00
International Dependence or National Independence? 20:54:29
Do you believe this? Maine 20:52:54
Senator Lindsey Graham Says Ron Paul Is No Longer In The Race - Let's Show Him How Strong We Are! 20:46:40
Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands - Media Claims Romney Wins 20:33:54
Delegate, Caucus, Convention, Primary, & GOP Meeting Reports In Many States 23:02:59
Message to the Mainstream Media! 20:20:58
Glenn Beck justifies Presidential "hit" on Louis Farrakhan 20:18:49
B of A refuses cash in payment for mortgages. 20:17:01
Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012 20:06:37
■George Bush Sr and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy G 20:04:19
Constitutional remedy 20:03:10
Newsmax Poll needs support for Ron Paul 20:03:08
Ron Paul supporters blamed for Denver GOP meeting chaos 20:00:46
Mitt Romney is a Son of Perdition 19:51:05
Did Ron Paul Just Win His First Caucus? 19:49:06
New Ron Paul Promotional Flyer Focusing On Taxes And The Budget 19:47:08
The Spymaster: Meir Dagan on Iran's threat 19:38:01
Information about militias you don't want to miss 19:35:04
MSM Changes Rules in Not Reporting Ron Paul Winning U.S. Virgin Islands Caucus 19:34:26
Arrest Angelina Jolie For War Crimes: Kony 2012 19:25:59
Ron Paul yard sign 19:25:47
New Wake up Poll - how long 19:18:08
Brave Marine Speaks On Ron Paul In Public, In Uniform! 19:13:41
The Revolution. 19:04:16
George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice 18:51:26
controlling the masses documentary 18:51:07
Are you a bound delegate for Romney, Santorum or the Newt? A way to beat that 18:46:55
People Need To Understand...AGAIN 18:42:20
British Officials Oppose Right to Wear Crucifix at Work 18:41:17
Illinios Electorate: Who's good, and who's not? 18:27:02
NOW President Terry O'Neil Calls Rush Limbaugh A "Godsend" For Giving Dems An Issue To Distract Voters (Video) 18:26:17
[VIDEO] Harry Reid: It's 100% Republican's fault. I can't think of any mistake I have made in the Senate 18:26:13
Help Delegates Get To Tampa 18:20:33
Update ! As many of you know Susan was diagnosed Cancer Free a couple of 23:02:07
How do you win 1st Place and the media pretends you didn't? Oh .. If your name is Ron Paul! 17:51:30
FlashBack: You Have No Freedom Of Choice 17:41:31
The Principles of Natural Law Never Change 17:32:07
Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands but all news agencies report Romney 17:29:16
Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands Caucus, Mitt Romney Gets Most Delegates 17:22:18
Tom Woods On The Notion Of A "Living Breathing" Constitution 17:19:24
Come Together. Right Now! 17:14:04
The Gop Foreign Policy Change - Use This At Your Caucus Speeches 17:09:18
Deadlocked Conventions Always Nominate Losers – Dick Morris TV: History Video! 17:08:00
Ron Paul Wins U.s. Virgin Island Caucus 17:05:21
U.S. Service Member Kills At least 16 Afghan Civilians (Video) - UPDATE - Daily Mail 16:57:28
A Soldier's Deck of Cards (Video) 16:51:06
we need to push for paper ballots only, 16:46:51
Aurora Sentinel : Obama Is A Victim of Bush's Failed Promises 16:42:55
Cobb GOP, how the fraud works 16:36:23
WND : Rep. Walter B. Jones (R-NC) Issues HR 107, Obama Impeachment Bill Now In Congress 16:20:55
US soldier kills 16 innocent Afghani civilians 16:14:48
Any news from Maine about the final count? 16:13:32
Great Organizational Work In Nevada - Paul Supporters Seize Control of Clark County GOP 16:12:46
6 Votes For Ron Paul in Illinois, and I Can't Even Vote! 15:44:06
Need help becoming a delegate in New Yorlk 15:41:57
a 3min. rant by Godfrey Bloom rant at the EUParliament 15:34:40
First Lady Carol ! 15:28:33
Ron Paul Winning Strategy: WA Precinct 304 Example 15:19:57
Delegate Support 15:16:28
Ron Paul Winning Strategy: WA Precinct 304 Example 15:15:31
Making the Case for Ron Paul 15:03:15
You asked for a thread on getting the self-employeds over 50, so here it is: READY GO 14:52:41
Register Republican in Maryland on March 12 & 13 for Ron Paul 14:44:47
TTIV LIVE @ Super Bowl XLVI: The NDAA and Ron Paul - The People Awaken 14:43:13
End Daylight Savings Time 14:42:39
The age of Ron Paul is upon us, Thank god! *VIDEO* 14:41:38
Ron Paul animations here!... :) 14:40:22
Idea for a new Ron Paul 1.min ad directed at the over 55 crowds. 14:19:21
Us soldier murders children in Afghanistan 14:15:36
In Montana, getting RP supporters on the county GOP committees will be essential 14:09:29
Ummm did we just win US Virgin Islands? 14:02:03
"Sweet" Ron Paul 13:46:15
Must hear this! awsome ! Jack Blood Show, Ron Paul speaking of the FED and Voter Fraud 13:42:30
Ron Paul gets his first win! 13:33:09
Free Press-Letters to the Editor 13:27:24
Amazing Interview Chris Hedges 13:13:43
Reason Cough Drop Video 13:13:04
The Swash : "Ron Paul Wins The Virgin Islands But The MSM Reports Romney" 13:06:52
NOTE: I sent this to many on my email list...Yes, they were all over 18 years of age. 13:04:53
Breaking: Afghan President Says U.S Soldier Just Killed 16 Civilians! 12:53:48
Ron Paul Just Won A Caucus But The Media Is Telling You Mitt Romney Did - Business Insider 12:48:51
Unmasking the Vote Manipulation 12:44:37
Did Ron Paul win the Virgin Islands? 12:42:39
Golden State ‘Division’ 2012 Tour Dates 12:42:22
Funny - The Truth About Fast Food (Video at Drive Thru) 12:39:59
Free Press-Letters to the Editor 12:31:12
Adam Smith lecture: Paper Money Collapse - Detlev Schlichter - complete 12:27:41
Ron Paul speaks of Voter Fraud on super tuesday (CNBC) 12:26:36
Letters to the Editor 12:25:33
Fifty Cents Gets $1,000,000 Worth of Ron Paul on Leno 12:21:51
Could Kony Blowback Wake Up Millions and Help Our Cause? 12:18:49
Foreign policy - blowback before our eyes 12:16:27
Buzzfeed: Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverish Themselves for the Cause 12:05:14
1 11:55:37
On PBS' Moyers and Company right now... 11:53:12
Texas 11:44:42
Ron Paul win virgin Island - first win 11:37:47
Maryland Senate 11:36:57
Ron Paul is involved with something far greater than running for the White House, he has created a movement 11:35:02
*Levity* What it's like to be a Ron Paul Supporter! 11:32:57
Ron Paul discusses vote fraud 11:32:35
Splendid article on the Constitution in The American Conservative 11:31:31
The Virgin Islands Caucus: How Ron Paul Lost By Getting the Most Votes 11:29:50
Rick Perry Would 'Work On Some Debate Skills And Always Remember The Third Thing' If He Ever Ran Again 11:26:56
Jay Leno will have Ron Paul Back Again! 10:55:08
What would happen if thousands of people charged with crimes refused to plead out? 10:47:40
Operation Rescue president Troy Newman endorses Ron Paul for president 10:43:25
A way to project the possibility of the campaign's delegate strategy: 10:40:39
Breaking Newt Gingrich Calls For Afghan Exit Immediately 10:39:50
Virgin Islands, Nevada, and path to victory 10:39:44
Ron Paul Rolls Up His Sleeves -R3VOLution - The Fight Has Just Begun! 10:30:25
Newt sounds like Ron Paul on Foreign Policy this morning 10:21:43
Gen Martin Dempsey - Speaking Some Truth About Iran-Some Fuel to Fight the Neocons 10:16:31
Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands but all news agencies report Romney 10:07:06
Dennis Teske (R) for U.S. Senate in Montana. 10:00:51
Understanding the Cycles of History 09:55:37
Brochures for the over 50 turns people off! Do not give these out! 09:47:17
Will Provides Paul w/ Talking Points 09:45:08
Ron Paul Returns To Spokane, WA, 3/2/12! 09:43:36
It's official - it's no longer MSM 09:42:44
Ron Paul wins Virgin Islands, AP Reports Otherwise! 09:41:05
Elections 3/13 to End Apr Ron Paul needs help 09:36:43
Total surveillance comes to UK 09:30:59
Unmasking Election Manipulation Proof 09:05:49
It is time to update the campaign strategy 09:04:21
Ron Paul WINS first STATE in the 2012 presidential election The Virgin Islands 08:54:05
More loss of National Sovereignty 08:11:52
Ron Paul gets first win in Virgin Islands and the media lies about it 08:10:29
MN BPOU convention update 08:07:37
Plan C: 07:53:21
CNN Admits Ron Paul Being Ignored For Political Purpose 06:54:23
Youtube channel for Ron Paul, with toppings ;) visit to see what i mean 06:54:07
Worse Than a Hanging Chad 06:22:55
Danny lies about Syria on CNN 06:17:25
The reason Paul isn't winning...and How to win Missouri: Win the cities! 05:32:28
KONY 2012 - Letter of Marque and Reprisal? 05:24:37
Become A Texas Delegate ~ Houston ~ Senate District 7 04:40:29
Question 04:34:08
Help Help Help! 04:09:58
Ron Paul Revolution In Progress. See It For Yourself 03:42:10
Springfield, Missouri Cheers for Ron Paul! 03:40:18
How DO You become a Delegate? By Simply 'Out-Staying!' r3VOL TakeOver Newt's Backyard! 03:16:17
Ron Paul Speaks at Lindenwood University 3/10/12 02:58:13
Update from SoCal + New Version of Super Brochure, Specific to California 02:51:15
Weapon against Tyranny for ALL OF US! READ NOW! 02:39:31
Denver convention video - what does this mean? 02:28:32
Congratulations RP supporters... 02:16:03
What's going on? 02:13:41
65-year-old California 'milk man' subjected to extreme torture, hypothermia, raw sewage in LA County jail 01:59:44
Pooled Caucus Chairman Prevents former State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders in WA from Speaking on Behalf of Ron Paul! 01:57:18
Ron Paul and the Fed 01:23:35
Hawaii, Missouri, Puerto Rico 01:21:22
Chris Powell: Gold now defends not just liberty but simple reality 01:20:15
DeKalb County, Georgia: Our efforts today made the Washington Times... 01:16:07
Ron Paul wins Hot Springs County Wyoming! 01:15:54
3/4 denied their voice at county meeting to elect delegates! 01:01:12
Perverse incentives run counter to mandated health insurance 00:54:48
The Movement Has Begun ~ No Paul = No Vote in November 00:45:35
Ron Paul like we've never seen him before. Must watch! 00:44:27
Federal Reserve Cartel Playlist 00:42:09
Alaska District Convention news. More good news! BECOME A DELEGATE! 00:37:15
Chuck Baldwin: The U.S. Warfare State Documented, Pre-2007 - 2011 00:35:46
Your 2012 Republican Candidates in Under Two Minutes [video] AWESOME! 00:31:27
Here's what happened in Maine. 00:28:43
*Suggestion To The Campaign* 00:09:23
WE WON THE VIRGIN ISLANDS POPULAR VOTE! Ron just got his first win! 00:02:29
New Media Advice for the Ron Paul Campaign 12:44:47