Posted on March 13, 2012

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Fed To Take Propaganda To The Schoolroom: Will Teach Grade 8-12 About Constitutionality Of...The Fed 21:39:51
A view from the other side: GOP got railroaded.. 20:07:42
Ron Paul Has The Biggest Caucus! 20:03:54
Alabama Election Fraud -Video Proof!? Wow! 19:47:03
GOP Feels Their Cheating is Justified 19:06:36
Rand Paul To Energy Secretary Chu: "Why Are We Giving $500M Loan To A Billionaire?" 15:23:10
Alleged Photos of "Clean-up" at Iran's Parchin Site Lack Credibility 09:15:20
Ron Paul Talks Brokered Convention on CNBC 3/14/2012 16:45:28
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/12/12: Obama Administration Gone Rogue 19:00:55
Whose fault is it a Tacoma soldier killed 16 in Afghanistan? Don't blame Ron Paul! 00:09:24
Rick Santorum: "Vote for Ron Paul" if you want limited government. 10:25:56
Huff Post: 3 Reasons It's Important to Support Ron Paul to Win the Nomination and Presidency 06:23:23
Brian Doherty of talks Unbound Delegates, Brokered Convention and Ron Paul Super PACs 07:01:49
The REAL story behind the GOP primaries... Revisited 02:26:21
Maine Election Fraud and the Effort to Silence Ron Paul 04:35:32
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Stop Romney NOW or We are Done! (in 2012 at least) 23:59:43
New South Park On Government Out Of Control?! 23:56:21
Is Hawaii really a caucus? 23:36:58
Ron Paul 2012 No Matterwhat! 23:24:08
The Romneys vs. the Rockefellers 23:23:31
Come on Zak Carter give us a Hawaii update 23:21:34
I Am Now On My Way To My Polling Place In Hawaii That Has Changed ... A Couple Of Times? 23:18:55
Hawaii Grassroots Phone Bomb! 23:17:40
I totally and completely DESPISE the MSM! 22:51:15
Vote in this poll please 22:49:27
Important! Rick Santorum Conspiracy Exposed! Get the Word Out! 22:46:08
Where is Ron Paul? 22:44:27
I have a confession to make 22:42:27
Obama admits 2012 election fraud? 22:41:51
WARNING: Hawai'i Caucuses Being Run By Anti-Paul Extremist 22:40:37
*SPECIAL EVENT* Fundraiser luncheon with RON PAUL in Los Angeles! 22:23:18
Poll: Who would you rather have dinner with? 22:13:42
John Stossel speech (Ron Paul's position on defense makes sense) 22:10:23
The Future Supports Ron Paul!? $2 For The Revolution! 22:10:18
LMAO Ron Paul is stealing the GOP! 21:48:49
Ron Paul Gets No Respect 21:48:37
SURVEILLANCE - A So-Called "Civil Liberty Defense" Organization sends out a Petition to defend POLICE surveillance! 21:43:57
U.S. Election Results Controlled by Associated Press (AP) 21:31:27
2 hours LEFT to call Hawaii! Phone bank Now! 21:26:03
HR 347, Felony to Peacefully Protest, Veterans March on the RNC... 21:20:58
First they steal our votes now our delegates? Scott Co. Iowa 21:12:12
Lots of states to go / SEE MAP 21:11:11
Chairman of the FED and Sec. of Treasury, Ron Paul? 21:07:34
Luke Rudowski - NDAA 21:06:00
RT - Coverup? : ‘Several drunk troops behind bloodbath, laughed on shooting-spree, burned corpses’ 21:02:45
On The Lighter Side : 'The Haircut' 20:57:46
Highjack the convention?! 20:42:41
We need the majority of seniors to look into Ron Paul's message! 20:42:18
Cover-up? ‘Several laughing drunk troops behind Afghan bloodbath, burn corpses’ 20:34:29
I hope Louisiana breaks the southern trend. Could be first win in a state 20:24:09
This Is The Fed's Worst-Case Doom Scenario For The US Economy 20:21:47
The Guardian : Massacres, A Result Of Foreign Occupation 20:09:23
Vatican Catholic 20:07:46
Obama wants to give you $4,000 toward job training 20:02:28
Ron Paul has between 70-80 Delegates if the convention was tomorrow 19:58:41
Feds Hid Risk to Babies From Fukushima Nuke Radiation Fallout 19:53:37
On C-SPAN, Reid Epstein 19:52:43
Anti-Gun Control Bill Moving Through Pa. Legislature 19:52:24
Help Ron Paul takeover Peoria's St Patrick's Day Parade 19:50:31
Ron Paul Hints at Suspicion of Election Fraud 19:38:37
Atttack the GOP with their own medicine: Christianity 19:27:34
Ron Paul - from Outer Space 19:08:01
I LOVE This Endorsment 19:03:33
Slaves Rise Up March 23 - Patrick Henry Day! 19:01:38
Mitt Romney Urges Supporters to vote Multiple times - Alabama March 12, 2012 18:51:11
Skip the Vaccine Epidemic- Free Vaccination Choice Flyers/Posters 18:50:12
Block Drudge Report 18:44:28
And I am the Birther outcast... 18:42:08
End The Corruption At Local Gops With This: 18:36:37
A healthy idea to get Ron Paul in the msm! 18:23:28
Doctor Paul, Coming To University of Missouri - Columbia Thursday 3-15 Noon 18:21:15
Obama's impeachment request to senators and congressmen! 18:19:31
Interested in knowing who is drugging our kids ? VIDEO 18:19:05
Fraud Reporting HELP 18:19:03
Multiple Combat Tours linked to mental strain and disease. 18:15:29
Its not enough to just show support 18:05:10
Judge Napolitano keeps calling me 17:55:11
True Sync Radio - @ 5PM CST - Bringing the color back to the MUSIC Revolution, one tone at a time 17:30:34
MORE Election Fraud- Missouri GOP! 17:26:50
Jack Cafferty (CNN) needs to come out with it! Endorse Ron Paul dammit! 17:16:48
My Speech as a delegate in Nebraska 17:03:41
BREAKING: US/Canada Forum on Cross-Border Issues 17:02:16
FIGHT BACK: Let's Sue the Dirty Rats 17:02:02
Shocking Overheard Obama conversation about Ron Paul! 16:56:46
Mitt Romney’s Son Thinks President Obama “Is Great”? 16:50:18
Ron Paul Reggae Song with a New Video (Three Shoe Posse: "Ron Paul is Here") 16:48:44
Awesome painting of Ron Paul 16:37:49
Media Conspiracy & How to Secure the Impeachment of Obama! 16:28:03
Rick Santorum’s Communist Clan in Italy 16:15:20
[Video] Vintage Inflation Propaganda Piece from 1933 16:02:31
Urgent: Help Win Hawaii! 15:58:29
FED To Take Propaganda To The Schoolroom: Will Teach Grade 8-12 Students About Constitutionality Of... The FED 15:35:50
American Samoa caucuses will be at a bar. 15:30:38
Texas Ron Paul SD Facebook Page List 15:27:16
Ron Paul : MSM Got "Super Tuesday" Wrong 15:14:31
Another Louisiana Endorsement for Ron Paul! 15:06:56
How about THIS for a MOTTO: 15:03:42
The Supreme Court: “A subtle corps of sappers and miners . . . .”— Mr. Jefferson 14:49:37
Congressman Tim Johnson (Illinois) Endorses Ron Paul 14:20:07
My New Tattoo 14:20:02
what ever happened to the gingrich "foot stomp" victim? 14:07:11
$2,500 plate LA fundraiser for Ron Paul March 20 13:59:24
Copy of letter to my federal legislator re: Mosanto and food/biosphere safety: 13:52:38
Central Banker Anxieties Rising Over Concern about the Unknown Whereabouts of their Gold Holdings 13:49:12
Texas let's Rodeo. Find your Senate District facebook page and let's get organized. 13:45:26
Jon Stewart on Romney pandering in the South 13:39:11
The Collapse of the USA... 13:32:23
BPOU convention update. 13:29:38
Ron Paul, the new black swan 13:24:35
GOP Intimidation Of Ron Paul delegates 13:16:15
Just opened my e-mail to this Newsmax ad. Chicken Little: 13:16:01
Blowback: American Foreign Policy and the Journey to Bin Laden 13:14:25
Kony 2012 - Humanitarians with Guillotines? 13:08:29
Vermont Election Fraud w Video 13:02:55
Huge News : Ron Paul Endorsed By Louisiana GOP Central Committeeman Harold Williams 12:58:52
The Battle of Athens -Has Anyone Ever Heard of This ? A True Story ! 12:54:11
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Get Golden State on as the musical guest Mar. 20 with Ron Paul 12:48:15
Obama's religion is still a problem in South 12:44:34
santorum-sandusky connection? 12:38:24
More on vote fraud in Vermont from James O'Keefe at 12:37:42
Vote for Ron Paul on Drudge Report Right now! 12:36:46
Black Swan Nassim Taleb On Ron Paul 12:33:55
Interview with Michael Scheuer on RT. BushObama Wars. 12:27:45
URGENT: New York State committee-person petitioning - possible 2 month date move up 12:18:12
Ron Paul Bumper Stickers 12:16:38
Classified documents contradict FBI on post-9/11 probe of Saudis, ex-senator says 12:12:39
Romney: No way this nomination will not be decided before August 12:12:12
If you can't eliminate it, control it 12:11:26
Absurd Doctor Says Feeding Babies Raw Milk is 'Child Endangerment' 12:08:53
Pandemonium Ensues At Denver GOP Meeting. Anger Erupts Over Obvious Election Fraud 12:08:38
Anti-Romney Videos (under 1 minute each) 12:04:23
Facts ON Ron Paul Electivity 11:59:26
Mises: Last Knight of Liberalism (audio book) 11:45:17
Report: Santorum Memo Reveals Victory Plan That Includes Fight at the Convention 11:37:44
Advice Needed: Demonized for Understanding and Implementing the Delegate Strategy 11:36:11
The American proletariat: The real reason why Ron Paul's chances are slim 11:34:33
11 year-old activist 11:32:43
Ron Paul on his fight to the finish CNBC 3/13/12 11:32:40
The Math to Win 11:32:40
Bill Hicks and the Ron Paul moment... 11:22:30
There Is A Valuable Reason for Our Adversity! 11:20:29
Vote 4 RP on Drudge Report March 2012 11:16:36
March 13th Primaries And Caucuses Today! Get Out For Ron Paul! 11:14:45
"Republicans in Three-way Battle in Deep South" - No mention of Ron Paul! 10:59:48
CA resident/farmer thrown in jail for 1 week on 1 MILLION DOLLAR BAIL over Raw Milk 10:49:48
Scrooge McDuck from "Ducktales" does a great job of explaining the impact of "easy money" on the Economy 10:49:07
SHHH! It's against the law 10:40:04
Former Mossad boss says Iran “very rational,” strike is “a stupid idea” 10:27:41
Vote For Ron Paul in Poll on Drudgereport Dot Com 10:26:38
Youtube Video: Like Ron Paul but not his Foreign Policy? MAKE THIS VIRAL 10:22:39
Why I am Voting for Ron Paul - ARE YOU? 10:22:06
How a Brokered Convention is Reasonably Possible 10:19:39
Tea Party Turns Up Heat on GOP Over 'Fast and Furious' W/ presidential poll 10:11:18
Liberty Dollar founder declared domestic terrorist 10:04:33
DOJ Wants Court To Keep Google / NSA Partnership Secret 10:02:14
Friends don't let friends post about politics 09:52:06
Santorum on Glenn Beck: We will win 90% of Iowa delegates 09:43:18
DRUDGE : Ron Paul Losing GOP Presidential Poll 09:20:08
A Perimeter Approach to Security and the Transformation of the U.S.-Canada Border 09:19:23
Ron Paul or No One; We have updated our site and now also accept just names for pledges! 09:17:46
George Carlin tells is like it is 09:14:24
VIDEO - GOP Intimitation Of Ron Paul Delegates 09:07:17
DRUDGE poll: vote! 09:05:40
Your Vote For Republican Presidential Candidate (Drudge) 09:02:39
The Real Meaning of Ron Paul 09:02:30
GOP "for the children." 08:58:10
Maryland Party Affiliation Deadline is TODAY 08:24:13
Tom Woods On Primal Blueprint Diet And Bogus Romney Alliance (Via Ron Paul Powercast) 08:18:36
Jack Hunter Breaks it Down - Rick Santorum Tea Party Candidate? 08:14:53
Fox Web Candidate Tracker: Ron Paul... nowhere in the U.S.? 08:14:17
Michael Scheuer On Iran (Via The Ron Paul Powercast) 08:02:56
BREAKING : Virgin Islands GOP Removes Popular Vote to deny Ron Paul his win! 07:49:37
Video: Paul campaign in Hawaii march 12th 07:35:42
Delete 07:29:41
"The Gospel According to Ron Paul "- [MUSIC VIDEO] 06:36:28
We Were Born Here To Be Free 05:34:07
Early Bird Gets the Delegates 05:17:41
Can anyone shed light on this? 04:48:37
Nutrition Alert for Patriots 04:39:35
Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands ! 04:11:34
Romney is Clear Favorite of Washington Lobbyists, Nearly 390 Registered Lobbyists and Lobbying PACs Have Dropped Cash on Him 04:07:26
Complaint to provide to a county grand jury to investigate electronic voting machine fraud 04:05:29
EXCLUSIVE: 140 Companies Drop Advertising From Rush Limbaugh 03:42:35
Dave Matthews and Ron agree about the endless wars.. 03:40:54
I won Virgin Islands for Ron Paul with Religion on Facebook. 03:24:19
Suggestion for every Friday 03:05:00
Cartoons for Ron Paul 02:56:16
Northwest HOUSTON - Harris County - Senate District 7 Delegates 02:25:13
Reminder Hawaii Caucus is an Open Caucus! 02:14:43
Latest Poll showing Ron Paul able to beat Obama! 02:06:05
"Ron Paul Volunteers Impoverished Themselves For The Cause" Article on BF 01:55:34
Alaskan Republicans deny Allegations of Rule-Breaking on Super Tuesday 01:49:16
TED talk on our current (In)Justice System - Bryan Stevenson 01:43:09
You know you're a globalist pretend redneck if 01:20:13
Ron Paul wins either way (Video) 01:15:28
Media hates Ron Paul's 1st caucus win 01:07:48
I denied myself an opportunity, should I have? Video 01:01:04
Mitt Romney Wins By Losing To Ron Paul? - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC 00:59:52
Advice for a 25 year old HS dropout that wants to run for congress 00:45:42
Delegate Delusions 00:36:24
I'm not buying this Afghanistan rhetoric 00:32:29
Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER Comparison Sheet for the media brainwashed NEW VERSION FOR CHRISTIANS! 00:31:59
Election Fraud / Joe Lieberman 00:27:46
Easy way to WIN the Christian vote. 00:16:01
why try to pursuade the gop - when we are becoming the gop! 00:11:01
CBS News report on "all 3" GOP candidates' position of Afghanistan, ignores Ron Paul 00:04:40
Introducing the RonPaulSuperDVD concept (video) 00:02:02