Posted on March 15, 2012

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Why Aren't We Handing Out Thousands of Absentee Ballot Applications at Every Single Ron Paul Rally? 22:08:31
Delegate prep meeting for WA leg. district 2 for the County Convention is PACKED! 21:57:30
HuffPo: Ron Paul Declines To Commit To Backing Mitt Romney 23:31:07
We Draw Thousands In Illinois; Newt Can't Crack 100 16:27:34
GOP Insiders: Paul on track to get more delegates than Romney in Iowa 16:02:42
Thousands Turn Out for President Paul in Missouri Today 17:01:01
Ben Swann accused of naivete for defending the Rule of Law by Ret. AF Lt. Col. Waxman... 13:45:26
Ron Paul Senior Advisor Bruce Fein talks Impeachment Resolution and Republican Convention Outlook 18:52:48
Newt Gingrich Tried to Install Internal Passports On Us In 1998 - Guess Who Stopped Him? 10:59:18
"It began with people being schooled to be stupid” 09:48:31
Ron Paul: Crowd of 5,000 in IL, but he's not winning? 08:49:34
DP Peer Review: Evidence of Algorithm Vote Flipping in GOP Primary Elections Layman's Executive Summary 14:29:16
My Ron Paul yard sign was stolen. Amazing encounter with the sheriff 09:40:57
Panetta Orders Marines to Disarm before Afghanistan Speech 10:59:45
Ron Paul Enjoys Another Massive Turnout: 5,000 at the University of Illinois 00:21:42
NEED: Parliamentarian needed Saturday March 17th in Springfield, MO! Please help! 23:23:39
NY Times OP Ed: "Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs" 05:12:46
The DIRTY word NO GOP convention wants you to know about, but YOU WANT TO KNOW: Becoming an ELECTOR 08:45:48
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Question and answer to MODS 23:59:04
Are RP supporters excited about a cozy cabinet position in the GOP if RP loses? 23:58:16
Obama censoring journalist in Yemen for 23:55:48
TMOT Is Pissed! Delegate Convention 23:54:09
Delete please 23:53:56
Alert! For Immediate Release : Absentee Ballot Deadlines For All 50 States 23:51:18
Santorum's Delegate Woes Continue: In His Home State Of Pennsylvannia! 23:48:52
First Daily Show, Now Colbert 23:40:17
ONION News: Rick Santorum Relieved No One Has Asked Him About Interracial Marriage Yet 23:22:34
MUST SEE VIDEO : Battle of Athens, Tennessee, August 1-2, 1946 23:17:21
War on Journalism 23:06:26
★Freedom Broadcasting Network's New Promo: Ron Paul to appear on The Tonight Show★ 23:05:02
Call To Action From Athens Georgia 22:49:25
Helping Ron run in an iPhone game 22:43:34
How to explain to the GOP establishment why we'll vote for Ron Paul and only Ron Paul 22:40:05
Just a reminder 22:39:51
Trio of Polls Show Ron Paul Most Viable Alternative to Romney v Obama 22:33:00
Challenge the challengers! 22:31:35
Professor Walker Smith Wins High Court Appeal, Next Up Dr. Andrew Wakefield 22:23:56
Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud - Shocking! - vid 22:21:12
Ron Paul on Rep. Justin Amash 22:13:00
Breaking! Media panic! GOP panic! FED busy! Newt to the moon 22:05:14
I quit...please read 22:04:26
Chuck Baldwin: The Brotherhood of the Free 21:58:47
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Unveils Medicare Reform Plan At Press Conference 3-15-12 21:57:36
Another short clip from Columbia, Missouri... 21:48:46
Media, Truth between the lies... 21:45:29
Going To Lunch With Ron Paul In Burbank 21:44:19
Milton Friedman at his best explains Capitalism on Phil Donahue 21:25:25
Graphic Chart of the Socialist Neoconservatives 21:25:05
Shepard Smith & Judge Napolitano on Studio B today re: Armed Drones in Houston Texas 21:20:40
Senator Feinstein: Talk to the hand groping you. 21:14:20
Top 10 Media Lies About Iran And Their Nuclear Bomb Doomsday Scenario 21:07:20
"Register Republican Or It Didn't Happen" 21:06:12
Santorum Wants To Ban All Porn - SERIOUSLY! 21:05:37
The campaign wants us to get delegates. 20:59:38
My Iowa Caucus Speech 20:58:11
"My Grandma Loves Me, She Supports Ron Paul" 20:55:29
Donations for third party candidate 20:51:35
Neocons Discuss National Security 20:51:28
Ron paul delegates 20:41:23
Buffalo Springfield, "For What It's Worth" 20:40:10
US threatens India over Iran oil 20:24:04
Pt1- Romney & Gingrich&Santorum: NDAA and the US Constitution 20:17:33
Ron paul has the gop, msm, and nwo by the short hairs 20:11:20
Picture: Google top 4 searches in Ohio. Ohio unemployment, Drudge, Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh 20:08:57
ATTN Campaign: Put Ron in the middle of the crowd 20:05:19
Ron Needs Help . . . from Congress! 19:59:17
Is there a conspiracy against Ron Paul? 19:54:10
Delegate strategy - No need to be secretive anymore. 19:49:55
Big Government Is Crony Capitalism 19:43:25
Federal Reserve will now PROPAGANDIZE your kids. 19:40:24
Voter fraud v. Corruption 19:29:42
Delegate for the Nebraska Primary 19:17:09
Unanimous consent... Rand? 19:16:44
Biden Talks GOP and Economy 18:42:05
Ron Paul News Conference Following U of I Speech to 5000 18:37:36
Taking a voting machine memory card 18:16:14
Voices of conscience: why do some people take moral stands? 18:10:45
Karzai Makes Surprise Request To Pull U.S. Troops From Afghan Villages 18:05:21
Just motivated 6 Minnesota delegates to attend their convention! 17:50:11
*VIDEO* Mad Mike Benoit and 'Turd Soup' - Allegory 17:40:40
Planning to protest? Get ready to be microwaved 17:38:15
They say we're ALL Americans regardless of party affiliation but... 17:33:40
Do you think the GOP establishment will change the delegate rules before the 2016 elections? 17:18:18
Great article on Ron Paul delegate strategy! Please Bump! 17:14:45
Teo-Con Trendies and Auditing the Fed update 17:12:44
Banker left speechless by journalist 17:11:58
The Film Atlas Shrugged has made it to a popular on line movie place... 17:05:40
GOP Voting Fraud on Tape Athens, GA 17:02:11
Judge Napolitano Appearing Daily on Fox Show 17:00:54
The Judge appearing daily in FOX show Studio B. 16:56:21
America is going bankrupt and fighting multiple wars, yet the White House had a big lavish party last night 16:51:27
Idea for computerized voting system to reduce fraud 16:47:58
El Dorado Youth for Ron Paul - Formed in Gold Discovery Territory 16:39:52
Paul suggests Republican rivals are warmongers 16:36:04
Ron Paul Attracts 1,500-plus Voters to Giant Outdoor Town Hall Meeting in Missouri 16:25:57
Constitution 101 Online Course 16:19:32
the cats out of the bag now 16:02:52
constitutional studies 15:25:26
The Ron Paul Pyramid Of Greatness 15:10:41
Rick Santorum, Ron Paul On Track To Get Most Of Iowa's Delegates 15:09:14
Audit the Fed Initiative Needs Help! 15:08:19
The Brotherhood Of The Free 15:00:55
Video: John Taylor Gatto interviewed on Exclusive, Almost SIX Hours! 14:57:03
I'm filling out the forms to be a precinct delegate in MI right now 14:48:41
This guy is no different than a Sharia Mullah! 14:44:06
Adam Kokesh Presidential Forum - Ocean City, MD - Fri, March 23rd 21:34:46
CNN i Report Picture: Huff Hall 14:12:46
Trio of polls show that Ron Paul is most viable Romney-alternative in general election 14:11:53
Epic Ron Paul Banner 14:10:06
Occupy Monsanto to Wear Bio-Hazmat Suits As They Protest a Genetically Modified Congress 13:57:35
Praxeological Concepts; A Universal and Irreligious Faith Operative in Human Action? 13:55:33
Justin Raimondo - Ron Paul's Hour of Decision 13:44:58
You Are The New Indians. An indian story and you are in it! 13:32:30
Ca.Hybrid Public Employees Pension Plan,good idea? 13:22:13
Is the RP campaign communicating with all the RP Delegates? 13:13:07
I just called into NPR 13:11:13
Do a "Billy Jack" on the corrupt GOP! 13:00:05
YOUTUBE - Hilarious! South Park Takes On TSA : Toilet Security Administration 12:52:46
Let's see THIS get ignored - Georgia Breaks Rules On Video! 12:49:56
Monsanto's Round Up Is Killing Human Kidney Cells 12:48:01
US deficit progress is needed to bring back AAA rating not Economic Improvement 12:45:51
Santorum Gets Spanked On Air! 12:42:59
Pennsylvania: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 12:41:42
Why Paul is not winning despite his crowds 12:41:12
The Federal Government’s Ownership of “National Parks” and the Like is Unconstitutional 12:40:00
GOP Hasn't Been Notified 12:34:44
The Obama Flag: Who Decided That It Was Okay To Replace The Stars On The American Flag With The Face Of Barack Obama? 12:30:22
Ron/Rand Paul VP slot is BEST-CASE SCENARIO. 12:26:40
TSA Says It Will Stop Groping Grannies 12:24:39
Perhaps THIS is what is happening! Algorithmic FRAUD 12:20:42
Should Ron Paul run as a Libertarian? 12:20:37
BREAKING NEWS - VIDEO : Athens - Clarke County GA. Republican Delegate Fraud 12:20:04
Wake People Up About "Kony 2012" with This Video 12:18:38
Tea Party Crashers 11:53:59
TEXAS ALERT if you are in Texas please take note 11:41:23
'It's All About Delegates' - Online "Moneybomb" For Ron Paul On 4/21/2012 11:38:47
Illinois Loophole Primary? 11:33:22
Ron Paul Wins Another County 11:33:00
Ron Paul and Gov't Mule: Unring the Bell 11:32:58
Can validly-enacted constitutional amendments ever be unconstitutional? 11:20:20
Have YOU written a Letter to the Editor for Ron Paul? 11:16:43
Song Suggestion for Tampa Republican Convention 11:14:21
South Park Takes On TSA: Toilet Security Administration 11:12:58
Ron Paul at University of Illinois: "students will once again be able to choose their own mascots" 10:43:41
Why I now support Ron running third party... 10:34:21
16 SHTF Items to Stockpile 10:24:35
Can The Secret Service Tell You To Shut Up? 10:19:34
Becoming a delegate, to lie, or not to lie, I am leaning towards lie if you must. 10:05:19
Obama seeks more Secrecy for government files 10:01:16
MSM tripe: Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney 09:33:05
Delegate Sham in Atlanta 09:10:21
Kony Is Dead, Stop Obamney 2012 Instead - Excellent 09:02:48
Forget Kony! Who is Speaking Up For America's Invisible Children? 08:52:30
Why Libertarians Oppose War 08:40:49
Become a Delegate - Even if its not for Ron Paul 08:30:10
Chariton County, MO is on today. 3/15/12; 7:30pm 08:26:37
Ron Paul's Common Sense 08:06:30
[Depoisoning the Brainwashed] Iran an Immediate Nuclear Threat? Yeah, right. 07:27:53
☛Have you Ever Seen Ron Paul Watching Himself! on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno? 06:46:21
Video: Ugandan Kony Victims React Poorly to Public Showing of KONY 2012 Viral Video 05:53:49
If RP is robbed of the nomination, he WINS as 3rd Party 04:50:28
Dept of HHS...Looking Out for YOU. 04:36:22
Did Ron Paul get robbed of Virgin Island victory? Christian Science Monitor News 3/14/12 04:35:09
Do I Need a Property Tax Lawyer? 04:01:39
Denver ,CO WINS Again, Resolutions 03:24:35
Rothbard On The War On Drugs 03:18:02
Where do Ron Paul's ideas come from? 03:02:55
Justin Raimondo on the case for Ron Paul to bolt the GOP 02:57:18
Regarding Ron Paul Flix 02:42:39
South Park rips the TSA 02:20:58
POLL (Newt Gingrich vs. Ron Paul) 02:19:00
Gingrich delegates 02:16:27
Kony 2012 & the Problem of Good Intentions 02:06:57
We Still Draw The Biggest Audience - Photos/Video Of U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Rally 02:05:00
California, June 5 02:01:24
You've been targeted! 01:56:23
Think About It 01:53:52
A warning from afar: "America is globally ignorant" 01:53:19
Something great, that we are already a part of 01:40:54
Video: Ron Paul Draws Crowd of 5,000 at University of Illinois! 01:37:56
You are some smart people. I would like to hear your opinion. 401k? 01:35:53
Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood' 01:29:59
Blaise Pascal for Dr. Ron Paul's Supporters 01:20:55
Ron Paul @ University of Illinois (5000 in attendance!) 01:17:21
Ron Paul presence at Rick Santorum rally in Lafayette, LA on March 13th 01:10:45
How Much Longer Will It Be Until Ron Paul Starts Attracting 20,000 People At Each Rally? 01:08:29
Delegate Fraud in Georgia 00:53:33
Ron Paul’s Hour of Decision 00:51:02
Ron Paul and the politics of tomorrow-help this article go viral, it is amazing! 00:34:02
Ron Paul is the Perfect Choice Because: 00:33:13
Gingrich is a Bad Choice Because: 00:29:22
Santorum is a Bad Choice Because: 00:27:28
Media Swampland : Why Mitt Romney Might Cut A Deal With Ron Paul 00:26:50
Delete 00:25:06
I'm at SXSW and there is NO Ron Paul presence. 00:17:35
New Southpark episode. Ron Paul endorsement? 00:06:56