Posted on March 16, 2012

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Netanyahu Moves Closer to Iran Attack 23:55:11
Fox News: "We are Having a Problem with Voter Fraud Right Now" 22:20:45
COVER UP: Up To 20 US Troops Behind Kandahar Blood Bath - Afghan Probe 21:24:06
WARNING: GOP dirty tricks in Missouri - your caucus location might have changed 19:24:52
Daily Paul's Own Tom Mullen Picked Up By Huffington Post 'How the Fed Steals for the 1%' 16:34:47
New RevPAC :30 ad "Ball Booth" 15:42:43
Ron Paul Acknowledges "Shenanigans" - MU - Columbia, Missouri 3-15-12 09:32:23
VIDEO: Blogger, Joe Corbett, Who Exposed TSA, Files More Lawsuits Against The Agency 09:06:44
Very Important! RON PAUL DELEGATES - Be Careful when choosing your slate of delegates to the STATE conventions. 06:36:47
☛ Breaking! Trio of polls show that Ron Paul is most viable Romney-alternative versus Obama 3/18 09:37:40
To Ron Paul Supporters 16:31:44
Auction Ends Saturday: Ron Paul Signed $100 Trillion Zimbabwe Note for benefit of the Daily Paul 15:55:41
Ron Paul contingent in Boston St. Patrick's Day Parade! 21:22:22
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The Philosophy of Liberty 23:49:35
GOP Candidate Gives Speech at Wrong Convention 23:45:19
Shock video: Paul supporters cheated at convention 23:43:32
An idea for a speech to help people come around on the patriot act and government overeach, 23:38:36
Ron Paul Leads All In Military Donations 23:24:10
The campaign needs to stop advertising and let us advertise for them 23:23:34
military police state in NJ? 23:09:48
Dr. Paul getting love from Bill Maher tonight 22:50:54
Please join me in demanding that Benton be fired immediately if he truly said what he was quoted to say 22:41:11
NY Times : Ron Paul's Campaign Raised 3.3 Million In February 22:39:56
Genetically Modified Food Sterilizes Mammals 22:33:50
VIDEO - Romney : "No 'Secret Deal' With Ron Paul 22:30:02
THEY think we're DONE!? 22:04:17
Even Mormons don't like Mitt 22:00:19
New York Times: "Is the Ron Paul money train slowing down?" 21:59:38
Ron Paul music 21:52:08
The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance 21:40:08
1 Samuel 9 - 10 Is a Snapshot of Modern Politics 21:39:51
I have a helpful suggestion on third party discussion. 21:21:55
Secret group behind 300+Bankster Resignations? Please comment, I want input. 21:14:08
The Elderly are useless eaters? Where did our dilemma start? 21:10:42
Why we need Gingrich to stay in (and some delegate math!) 21:08:56
New website looking for input. 21:08:29
The Great Scott Horton on Jesse Benton & Convention Negotiations [Antiwar Radio Clip] 21:05:15
Missouri Cacuses Are Really Different 21:04:50
∞ A question/idea about money and inflation 20:59:35
Ron Paul campaign bleeds cash 20:50:57
Senators terrified with abuse of Patriot Act’s secret laws 20:48:52
Ron Paul people in the St. patrick's day parade in Dallas, Tomorrow 20:44:23
DHS: If You Yawn You might be a 'Terrorist!' No JOKE Who are they Preparing to Fight? DHS order 450MILLION .40cal rds! 20:38:54
A Call to Ron Paul Supporters in the Greater Houston, TX Area 20:36:48
A Call to Ron Paul Supporters in the Greater Houston, TX Area 20:35:29
Angry Yet? 20:33:49
A Call to Ron Paul Supporters in the Greater Houston, TX Area 20:27:16
First Post-Report from NW Washington 19:53:04
Ron Paul’s Delegate Strategy May be Working 19:52:17
Prison Planet via Drudge: DHS Terror Document Lists Yawning, Goose Bumps As Suspicious Behavior 19:51:56
Mail Online via Drudge: The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV 19:48:24
When is the next Money Bomb? Right NOW! 19:40:57
Just a little video I put together... 19:36:45
Obama-Pledges-His-Allegiance-to-Her-Majesty-the-Queen 19:27:28
Syria, Kony, Sudan and our Tax $ 19:22:37
'Kony 2012' filmmaker arrested 19:15:34
Black this Out Part II *MONEY BOMB* 19:08:12
The Guardian : Afghan Shooting Soldier Is Robert Bales 19:03:25
"No One But Paul"...Send the message! 19:01:29
Pelosi daughter praises Ron Paul 18:58:23
Rick Santorum: Vote Ron Paul If You Want Limited Government 18:47:57
"The Government Can" Comedy Video Tim Hawkins 18:45:10
Santorum: I Admit It, I Can’t Win 18:45:02
Let's Get Moving, Now 18:35:28
VIDEO : Government Explained 18:32:24
Just A Precautionary Measure: Defense Secretary Panetta Fearing US Soldier Attack, Disarms Own Men 18:18:58
"We have over 700 bases - We're in 130 countries and we're talking about bombing Iran" 18:18:49
Ben Bernanke - We Are Not Printing Money - Jon Stewart Show Clip 18:12:49
Taking over some radio stations 18:07:42
Gary Johnson talking about Ron Paul on Aljazeera 18:06:34
Scary times 18:05:55
Free Ron Paul Super Brochures 18:05:18
Supplies Available 18:04:02
UPDATE: We have found a Parliamentarian for Springfield, MO Greene CO Caucus 18:01:00
Any economists here? 17:54:16
Meet Thomas Massie, Kentucky's Next Rand Paul 17:53:56
Top 10 (Worst?) Ron Paul Photoshops 17:49:55
Video: Dr. Paul speaks to 2000+ Crowd! @ Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO - March 15, 2012 17:41:49
Santorum Has LOTS of New $ 17:40:21
Calling all R3VOLUTION Marshals. You 34. We are called to serve again. 17:17:16
Dear Ron Paul - No VP for Me! 17:05:41
The Military Industrial Complex is Getting ANTSY! 16:53:11
A Toxic System: An Inside Glimpse Into the Nefarious Operations of Goldman Sachs 16:48:15
Kentucky ALERT! Your county conventions are tomorrow Sat. the 17th! 16:40:44
Gas Should Be $0.17 Per Gallon Today! 16:40:31
Who is preoccupied with RON PAUL?- 16:26:40
Ron Paul supporters are CRAZY! 16:25:55
Not even Ron Paul would make a difference? 16:21:35
Why They Hate Free Speech 16:18:05
Israel Security Cabinet Votes 8 To 6 To Attack Iran 16:16:02
Ron Paul Statement on ObamaCare Projections 16:12:11
64 Tea Party Traitors eviscerate the 1st Amendment and support Trespass bill 16:11:39
St. Patrick's Day Message from a Texas Liberty Candidate 16:10:01
"Ineptocracy" new word for our times 16:08:55
Ron Paul Comments on Obama / Reid Ex IM Bank Proposal 16:08:13
NEW! COMPARISON CHART CONSERVATIVE HISTORY VERSION Hand them out to voters right before they go to the polls. RON PAUL 2012! 16:03:42
Why Liberals Should Consider Ron Paul 15:58:13
Will We Have Another Chance In 2016? 15:57:23
For all you Flyer Fanatics 15:56:24
CBS News : For Ron Paul, Winning Isn't Everything 15:49:34
The National Security State (Robert Higgs) 15:48:21
My AntiWar Rant - from an old baby boomer 15:40:27
ONLINE PLEDGE TO VOTE PAUL. Anti-fraud measure 15:38:27
Yahoo News Says Ron Paul has Dropped out of the race! Let's get the Truth out there! 15:35:04
The Myth Of War Prosperity (Robert Higgs) 15:29:28
How to undo major media blackout and help us win all at the same time! Check this out! 15:28:19
Volunteering to table a neighboring District Convention Suggestions, Materials, Help Welcome! 15:24:05
US admits Israel is Arming and Training Terrorist Cells for Terrorist Attacks - vid - 4mins. 15:12:27
War, Peace, And The State (Rothbard) 15:08:03
Neotame : 13,000 Times Sweeter Than Sugar and More Toxic Than Aspertame 15:07:30
Video: An Alien travels to Earth, Only to find the Entire Notion of "Govt," er... Alien! 15:03:51
"There Must Have Been an Agreement Worked Out" bet. Santorum/Romney in Illinois 15:02:59
My Utah Caucus Experience 14:58:38
CIA Head : "We Will Spy on Americans Through Electrical Appliances 14:56:09
VIDEO : Don't Want To Be Groped By TSA Or Go Through A Body Scanner? Just Pay $100 14:48:13
Time For Benton To Resign 14:35:42
It's a TMOT friday... 14:35:00
Kurt Haskell is running for Congress!-District 7 14:33:48
Santorum Gets No Endorsements from Pennsylvania GOP Leaders 14:32:51
Missouri Strategy Alerts 14:28:33
Entire Ron Paul Speech Video: at Mizzou U. Liberty and Peace 101 14:23:54
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces - Big Shoes to Fill 14:22:15
Daily Paul starts 3rd party run? 14:19:35
Dekalb GOP Calls Ron Paul Supporters "Ignorant" 14:15:56
Jesse Benton: "We're looking potentially for Ron to be the vice presidential nominee” 14:05:48
Breaking News: Joe Biden Endorses Ron Paul! 14:03:19
Even if he wins his home state, Santorum could walk away without delegates 13:57:56
New York: TODAY is deadline to register to vote 13:45:06
H.R. 459 and S.202 (Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011) Take action! 13:39:04
Turd Soup 13:28:10
"The Zombie-Voter Phenomenon" - Why We're Still Not Winning... 13:24:34
George Clooney Arrested.. 13:08:22
Idea for Premium Membership 13:06:21
Allen McDuffee from Washington Post asking for proof of election fraud! Let's show him what we all have so far! 16:49:58
CBS News Asks if RP Should Drop Out 18:47:55
What's the Delegate Count Now? 12:46:10
Ron Paul Statement on CBO’s Obamacare Cost Projections 12:28:03
Delete 12:24:27
Jesse Benton to the GOP: "Adapt or Die." (CBS Political Hotsheet) 12:20:09
Director of Top-Secret Pentagon Dept. DARPA Hired By Google 12:19:27
The Banksters are dropping like flies. Over 300+ resigned. 12:07:36
Just one soda per day can cause heart attacks in men 12:06:53
Early Glimpse of Missouri Caucuses Shows Support for Santorum 12:04:46
*VIDEO* Funny Shot at the TSA 11:51:11
Ron Paul Super PAC Broadcasting Live from Chicago St. Patty’s Day Parade 11:46:55
THERE! Now I Feel Better! 11:39:16
The Legal Tender (Paper Money) Cases Are Unconstitutional 11:33:22
What is this crazy bimbo... 11:25:58
Jack Hunter asks, "Why aren't Conservatives talking about Conservatism?" 11:17:09
Save money AND give healthier feed to animals 11:11:17
Just had a revelation, the media is unknowingly helping us 11:08:43
Government Motors pushing talk radio blacklist? 10:59:29
Great Secret Plan 10:47:45
if Dispair, Inc, gave proceeds to RP for this I would buy one: 10:38:19
Time to remember our roots in Boston. 10:28:23
Gas Prices Spike; Cost of Living Soars 10:22:59
WHISTLEBLOWER Accuses JP Morgan Of Hiding $1 Trillion In Derivatives 10:22:08
Amity Shlaes critique on Bernanke notion of little to no inflation - posted on Drudge 10:22:02
Use Santorum & Gingrich supporters to expose the vote fraud & destroy the establishment! "Operation: Vote Fraud" 10:21:48
The Delegate Story in Pennsylvania 10:08:06
Centralbanker in loss of words 09:41:51
We have a problem 09:36:41
The Fool's Game: Unravelling Europe's Epic Ponzi Pyramid Of Lies 09:22:36
RT - VIDEO : Is Ron Paul Victum of Voter Fraud? 09:16:25
Illinois Primary Delegate 09:16:12
Ron Paul: “It’s about time” GOP candidates moved his way on Afghanistan - vid 08:58:58
What are the correct Rep. delegate numbers estimate? 08:56:52
VIDEO : Bob Barr Files Lawsuit Against TSA Over Drudge Controversy 08:56:11
Started a Tumblr Account I'm an Economics Major if You want to Learn More About Economics and History Check it Out 08:48:52
Exclusive Libertarians Are Obama's Best Friends 08:38:46
Praetorian Progressives and Their Imperial Dreams 08:36:46
Alabama Vote Fraud (yet another) Smoking gun? 08:26:55
Only 50 days left to get Ron Paul on the ballot even if he runs 3rd party! 08:10:38
How to Get Ron Paul on the Ballot Even If It's 3rd Party! 50 days left to do this! 08:09:15
California could decide the GOP nomination 08:06:44
The Case Against Vote Flipping (no fraud) 07:33:08
The Beast itself is confused & unsure about its future gain/loss risks re: the extent of damages it knows it has done already. 07:12:49
D.C : Paul vs Romney Round 2 07:05:58
Election Fraud Blowback 07:03:41
Pennsylvania - is this an opportunity? 06:21:38
Walter Block: Ron Paul Should seek BOTH LP and GOP nominations 06:09:04
The Creature From Jekyll Island 05:22:22
Hemp legalization video. Vote this one up and comment please! 04:58:10
"The Military Industrial Complex Has Got Us By The Throat!" Jack Cafferty 04:42:35
US Flag: The Disgusting Thing that the Democratic HQ of Lake County Did 04:31:25
2012 Republican Delegate Selection... Check for your state! 04:13:32
Fiesta! Santorum Just Lost Puerto Rico and The Latin-American Vote! :) 03:59:32
NEW: Ron Paul Rally and Speech Video March 15th Missouri 03:51:25
Athens-Clarke County, GA Republican Delegate Fraud 03:45:37
U.S. E-Voting System Cracked in Less Than 48 Hours! 03:42:45
Media & GOP Establishment Working to Take Down Ron Paul? 03:20:26
NYTimes : Suspect In Afghan Attack Snapped, Had Been Drinking, U.S. Official Says 03:06:44
oregon debate cancelled 02:44:37
Ron Paul's Excellent Speech at Missouri University (full video) 02:22:03
The Office on the gold standard 02:14:08
Yahoo: Calif. Iraq War Vet Shoots 11 Old Sister 02:01:24
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul tours Convoy of Hope 01:42:59
Oregon GOP cancels "debate" for March 19th Because Romney wont attend it? Anything to do w/ RP? When is the next GOP "debate"? 01:26:48
Amazing Ron Paul - Mitt Romney Alliance Psyop 01:17:10
... 01:08:51
How to avert the Georgia crisis when it happens again at your convention 00:42:35
Any New Madrid county Missouri Ron Paul supporters going to caucus? 00:39:45
Ron Paul at the University of Missouri (full speech) 00:28:12
How To Win California And Texas - Active Steps To Reach Out To Voters 00:13:06