Posted on March 19, 2012

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NEW STUDY: Radiation Treatments Create Cancer Cells 30 Times More Potent Than Regular Cancer Cells 21:55:42
Video: St Louis TV on the GOP/Police Riot That Shut Down a Missouri Caucus 19:28:34
Ron Paul's Fundraising Drops from 2008 16:47:16
Brad Blog: Pandemonium at MO GOP Caucus as Party Leaders Seen Attempting to Steal It From Paul Supporters 13:14:11
☛Exclusive Ron Paul Flix Interview of Brent Stafford on St Charles County Caucus Arrest 3/19 05:23:31
Tom Mullen in the Washington Times: Ron Paul Strategy is Authentic Republicanism 09:30:57
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/19/12: The Demolition of Due Process and the Rule of Law 17:01:22
TSA Nabs Suspected Al Queda Terrorist at O'Hare Airport - A toddler in a wheelchair 04:36:59
Video: Brent Stafford Arrested at St. Charles County Caucus 04:00:14
This [Greene County, MO.] Is How A Caucus Goes When Not Shut Down 23:36:47
Don’t Be Scammed Into Another War - 7 Ways Kony 2012 Does Exactly That 10:09:03
Open Thread: Missouri Caucuses - Saturday March 17 - 24 07:53:23
Michael Steele, MSNBC TV commentator, gives his rejoinder. Postmortem 1 11:02:20
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New Rev Pac Ad- "Ball Booth" 23:55:06
FOUR more caucus states! Lets Win! 23:45:49
Pick me up 23:42:19
Why are the ads covering up half the page 23:24:16
☮This Is Our Time ♥ Massive R3volution Event ☮Summer 2012 23:21:33
VIDEO: George Carlin on the "American Dream" (must see) 23:20:36
10 Reasons why dems,libs, progs, are choosing Ron Paul over Obama 23:19:37
Santorum speech in Louisiana Church on Sunday 23:18:43
Rather than focusing on the Fed... 23:17:57
Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger-Have We Gone Mad? 23:06:09
Supporting Ron Paul Everyday! 23:02:55
Breitbart Was Murdered on Leap day. 22:58:09
4/20 End the Drug War Money Bomb? Good Idea to Win California? 22:57:42
How can Romney make Ron Paul fans his buds? Back pot legalization. 22:57:09
Will the real mitt romney please stand up? ft. eminem! 22:55:38
Does anyone know if Ron Paul will be 22:38:06
A powerful video relating to current events 22:30:58
Sweden moving towards cashless economy 22:30:24
Can You Say Dictatorship? Yes We Can! 22:29:30
Is Romney Fulfilling The Mormon White Horse Prophecy? 22:20:47
Ron Paul Has 90 Delegates! (march 19,2012) 22:12:25
Charley Gasparino said on FOX Business News today That Jeffrey Immelt... 22:12:07
Romanian Passports - Biometrics and Fingerprints 22:04:57
ALERT ! "Give Me Liberty Money Bomb" - March 23, 2012 22:02:58
. 21:53:55
Video : Hilarious! Dead Osama Bin Laden Immortalized As A Figurine 21:49:12
Policy Discussion? 21:48:34
Spitznagel Estate Fundraiser New Date! 21:38:03
The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 21:33:52
Have You Seen the "We Love You" Video? 21:32:12
Truth & Liberty by Ron Paul 21:20:57
An uplifting reminder! 21:19:11
Give Me Liberty Money Bomb! 21:19:00
More Vote Fraud - Georgia • Must See • 21:14:26
Gas prices up for 10th straight day 21:03:32
Video about Denver Assembly Was Misleading 20:59:01
Nassim Taleb & Mark Spitznagel: The Great Bank Robbery 20:53:18
Who is Frank Marshal Davis? Google Frank Marshal Davis! 20:53:14
Is there a debate tonight? 20:41:13
Missouri wasn't the last caucus state! 20:40:17
If you were Frodo Baggins... 20:36:29
Tom Woods to Moderate Libertarian Presidential Debate - 20:12:19
ILLINOIS PRIMARY VOTER'S KIT. The Day to vote is MARCH 20TH (Today). here's everything you'll need! UPDATED 20:06:53
Talk Radio Diaries - Rush is a Tool 20:02:38
RT: NSA Utah ‘Data Center’: Biggest-ever domestic spying lab? 19:59:31
Corruption in Broad Daylight: US Politicians on the "Pad" of MEK a Terrorist Group 19:55:24
Give me Liberty Money Bomb 19:49:00
Comedy Caucus on Ron Paul Radio 7pm-9pm edt 19:41:34
Human birds demand to be free 19:36:23
Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria 19:32:55
Asking Dr. Paul supporters to support another republican nominee is like... 19:28:27
Ron Paul upcoming events (he's in California) 19:11:33
Call The St. Peters Missouri Police Department About Their Actions At The Caucuses Recently. They Protected The Caucus Chair As 19:07:34
Zero Hedge 'We are this Far from a Turnkey Totalitarian State!' 18:39:46
Dept of Justice to Monitor Elections in IL 18:36:17
CNN's Soledad and Guest Calls Joel Pollak Racist defending Breitbarts Obama Video 18:33:12
Ron Paul Is Winning At By A Landslide! 18:07:15
Ron Paul needs to come to 17:57:41
Panetta: US will 'take action' if Israel hits Iran 17:53:32
Official Statement: Liar, Liar, GOP Chairman Eugene Dokes Wearin' Hot Pants! Again~ 17:41:05
Mistake 17:34:34
Here's a nice executive order 17:31:39
Are Tv's watching you? Apparently so. 17:21:17
MN Update... Good News 17:20:17
Frightening documentary : Agenda - Grinding America Down 17:04:07
Attention: Legal Defense-Missouri Arrests Case: Brent Stafford Interviewed by St. Louis TV 16:54:02
Republican Robots Rejecting Ron Paul 16:52:08
Reagan: "Ron Paul: Leader of Stronger National Defense movement" 16:25:46
Atlas Shrugged: Part II Greenlighted, In Theaters Next Fall 16:23:06
New South Park eps preview: Cash for Gold 16:14:33
Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (ft. Eminem) VIDEO 16:14:16
Ron Paul coming right up on CNBC - Now! 16:13:33
United Nations Ordering U.S. Troops to War - vid 16:10:37
New South Park eps preview: Cash for Gold 16:07:39
Utah Paulistas, let's get organized. 16:05:28
Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria 16:04:16
Virginia Attempts to Nullify the National Defense Authorization Act. 15:59:27
Michael Scheuer: Israel owns the Congress 15:40:34
Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy May Be Working 15:40:06
Seattle GOP Caucus Coup: Ron Paul Wins 21 Delegates 15:32:06
Free Flyers all over America! 15:27:50
Verifying the Vote 15:23:09
Who are the Phantom People of the Executive Committee? 15:20:19
If you're not active, please wade in deeper and have fun! 15:08:36
Do we still care about preaching for the cause of Liberty and Ron Paul in direction of OWS ? 15:08:28
Any SC RP Organization for upcoming county conventions? 15:06:04
Brilliant video that explains government 14:58:35
Obama's Latest Executive Order, Martial Law Confiscation of Private Property and Forced Labor 14:39:16
Ron Paul Organizer Gone Missing! Can You Help? 14:28:35
VIDEO : Cop Arrests NBC Reporter, Says Your First Amendment Right Can Be Terminated 14:22:52
Romney made pornography a campaign issue in 2007 ad 14:14:38
FLASH! We Now Have A 'STATE COORDINATOR' For The Paul Campaign In North Carolina 14:13:16
Response to: "You Really Think That Guy is Gonna Win?" 14:10:31
Paul needs to form an alliance with Santorum 14:07:39
Fox News: Israelis agree Iran hasn't decided to construct nuclear bomb 14:05:37
WND : Top 10 Catholic Teachings Santorum Ignores 14:03:15
CS Monitor : Is Ron Paul Running Into Money Problems? 13:58:24
US Takes Preliminary Steps to Attacking Syria & Lebanon 13:41:45
KrisAnne Hall Constitutional Lawyer going over the NDAA Law step by step 13:41:02
Check out this Yahoo headline/article today on thier homepage! 13:33:47
Survey: Who Wants To Leave The United States If Ron Paul Is Not Our Next President? 13:19:23
MSNBC Resident RINO Joe Scarborough Blasts 'Neo Con Senators' For Betraying Our Troops In Afghanistan 13:00:34
Patriot Act 12:57:41
Forbes - Scientists Call For Stronger Global Governance To Address Climate Change 12:48:56
Our incipient police state - FUNNY 12:48:36
Stop This Americans Elect Crap Now! 12:38:58
Does Paul's plan to eliminate 5 cabinet departments need congressional approval? 12:37:22
LOL at the current Drudge headline - Santorum endorses Romney [1504 days ago] 12:16:48
MODS - Please jump in. There are now 6 threads about Americans Elect. 12:11:27
VIDEO : Santorum Rejects Goldwater Small Government And American Conservatism 101 11:58:14
US Govt's Unprovoked War on the Iranian People Brings Monetary Panic 11:53:54
I'm like a shark in the water when it comes to big brother. 11:52:41
Indifference? More Like a Revolution! 11:50:56
Ron Paul draws crowd to St. Charles on campaign tour 11:44:26
Daily Paul is often more informative than Drudge 11:44:01
Santorum Caucus Hack, Eugene Dokes Lies to AP~Claims He Was Under Threat of Assault 11:42:24
Santorum Rejects Goldwater, Small Government and American Conservatism 101 11:39:29
. 11:35:16
Ron Paul Takes on Judd Gregg, Phony Conservative and Fully Blossomed Neocon - 2009 Video 11:32:48
Peacetime Martial Law 10:59:33
How Mossad Justified Its Murder of an Innocent Iranian Electrical Engineer 10:48:03
Ron Paul Needs to Go After the TSA NOW! 10:31:29
[For newcomers] The Ron Paul Revolution Explained in Simple English 10:21:57
Pay the TSA $100 to Avoid Being Raped! 10:20:15
Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness 10:17:02
Parents converted...working on the in-laws now 10:02:08
Ron Paul vs. Rick Santorum: A Christian's Point of View 09:52:04
Young Obama introduced as foreign student to the mailman... 09:49:54
Don Fatheringham the Ron Paul of America's Decline Into Global Governance 09:15:13
Very strong correlation between non Ron Paul supporters and THIS 09:11:38
Did YOU get your Ron Paul sign stolen? Do this! 09:02:26
Let me introduce myself... 08:58:33
VIDEO : TSA Fondles Terrified Trembling 3 Year Old Wheelchair Bound Boy As He Begs Father To Hold His Hand 08:56:23
Nice article. The End of the Party of Small Government 08:36:42
CrossTalk: Run, Paul, Run! 25 minute video of heated discussion on RT about Ron Paul 11:44:04
The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance 08:24:05
Eric Holder, So has Fast and Furious put Holder any closer to jail yet? 08:21:01
CSMonitor article - Why is Ron Paul in the GOP Race 08:16:25
Who / What is Mr. Panetta EXACTLY? 07:52:21
Brent Stafford - 97.1 fm St. Louis 7am CST 07:25:19
TODAY is Audit the Fed Day! Please Call Your Rep. ASAP - 4 Reps until House MAJORITY 07:23:47 06:56:47
Professor Murray Sabrin: Ron Paul is silenced by the media because of the Federal Reserve 05:09:38
Ron Paul rocking the planet now 04:48:53
Is this more fraud? 03:33:45
Romney wins all delegates in Puerto Rico? And 50%? What? 03:29:02
Eric Holder "Brainwash People" (Short Version) 03:21:20
Wikileaks Releases Global Intelligence Files From Anonymous Stratfor Hack 03:15:08
Some Music for Y'all... Aimee Allen Revolution REMIX / Video 02:40:57
One VERY simple thing the campaign could do to get MASSIVE exposure 02:27:54
Brent Stafford interviewed on Ron Paul Flix 02:14:17
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/19/12: The Demolition of Due Process and the Rule of Law 01:51:06
it may be time watch out for us as a people 01:47:25
Eric Holder "Brainwash People" 01:40:05
Need Help with deciding ND GOP Party Platform! 01:12:19
Let's Finish Strong in Missouri on March 24th! Need to raise $4,780! 01:04:37
Obama’s high-dollar donations lagging 01:03:43
Voter Fraud Comprehensive List 00:43:35
If The Election Were Held Today: Vice-President Biden Gets Chorus Of "Boo's" in Pittsburgh Parade 00:34:25
Romney better than Obama? 00:29:58
Israel takes Iran nuclear concern to partner China 00:08:04
10' x 3' Parade BANNER for sale! 15:31:04