Posted on March 21, 2012

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"DRIFT" Book About Perpetual Wars 22:13:51
Ron Paul on Cavuto: Paul Ryan’s Budget Doesn't Cut Anything of Substance 23:48:23
The passion of a young Ron Paul supporter 22:51:59
The Brownshirts are Coming 19:38:52
The Texas for Ron Paul Rally and Music Festival in Austin 19:23:31
From the Connecticut Campaign For Liberty (My blood pressure just went up) 15:33:41
A Ron Paul day in LA 10:05:09
The Evils of Monsanto 09:57:21
They Had Names 09:26:28
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Inquirer Reminds us why we Got Rid of Santorum 08:08:49
Ben Swann Interviews Brent Stafford 00:14:10
Ron Paul Returns to The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno; 3/20/12 16:03:13
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Possible Coup in China? 23:43:24
Examiner: Establishment, website disqualifying Ron Paul Delegates? 23:41:55
Ron Paul (we the people) vs Mitt Romney (the statist establishment) 23:34:48
Delegate positions available in OK 23:25:18
Can anyone attend conventions? 23:25:13
Delegate op, and precinct chair looking for help! Durham NC 23:17:57
Terror attacks in France... 23:17:57
Kid possessed by Ron Paul, exorcised by father! (video) 23:17:34
Ron Paul is Respected Around The World 23:13:23
Buying Silver Advice 23:08:57
Mercenary Group in Syria says they have “air cover from Congresswoman Sue Myrick" 23:07:29
RED ALERT: Signing "Americans Elect" may disqualify you if you are a Delegate! 22:50:26
Who Said Santorum Supporters Have No Class? 22:23:31
If The Whole Wolrd Is Bankrupt? WHO DO WE OWE THE MONEY TO? Another planet I guess. 22:22:38
->New Social Network by our friend Gerald Celente- 22:21:34
RP Delegate in Missouri question 22:19:29
Mighty Merle Haggard video - America First 21:57:24 is helping Obama by creating distractions 21:51:42
Marine critical of Obama faces charge 21:51:15
Proving to the gop that I am a conservative. 21:46:32
The Ford Foundation and the CIA 21:41:47
ABC News - VIDEO : Palmer Says 'Green Groups' Funded By CIA 21:37:13
VIDEO: NSA Boss Says Agency Does Not Monitor Your Email 21:31:04
National tea party warms to Romney 21:28:24
Real Clear Foreign Policy Results 21:27:35
Ron Paul To Hold Giant Townhall Meeting In Maryland 21:25:38
Dallas Fed: Top five U.S. banks hold over half of industry’s assets 21:20:42
The Ex-FBI Informant With A Change Of Heart : 'There Is No Real Hunt. It's Fixed' 21:15:08
Things getting rowdy on Broadway in NYC 21:12:12
Today was a good day 21:10:38
the word Growth. I love it and hate it. 21:08:35
Crazy Uncle Speaks the Truth 21:04:56
"I Need Ron Paul's Stance on H.R. 822 - National Right To Carry Reciprocity Act" 20:59:20
Run, Paul, Run! 20:57:27
How Ron Paul Can Get Congressional Delegates From Wisconsin? 20:54:28
Caucus Coup: Ron Paul Mob Overthrows Seattle GOP For 21 Delegates 20:48:22
"Not a Single Person Booed" by Allan Stevo. An Account of the GOP Convention, Clark County, Nevada. 20:26:40
Thank you Michael Nystrom! Time to promote 'Give me Liberty' Moneybomb! 20:20:21
Mitt Romney: George W. Bush And Henry Paulson Saved Country From Depression 20:14:28
Voter Fraud report in VA 20:12:45
Message From A Canadian Paper (Only Ron Paul Can Get Obama Off The Fiscal "Meth" 20:02:12
RTAmerica Commentary on the Media Ignoring Ron Paul 19:59:51
Weird Tweet I received today. 19:57:08
Speech: Bernanke Fails at Transparency, Rails at Gold Standard 19:55:17
Ron Paul Sign Wave/Demonstration Outside NBC Studios Burbank 3/20/12 19:51:56
Ron Paul to Hold Giant Town Hall Meeting in Maryland: Engages supporters and undecided voters at the University of Maryland 19:45:03
How Free Are Americans? Really? 19:36:56
Why Did People Wait More than Sixty Years to Get Upset? 18:56:57
Petition to get RP on 60 Minutes! 18:53:08
6 year old Ron Paul supporter 18:48:09
Americans Elect: Well Worth a Try 18:40:52
My letter to Freedom Works 18:39:54
Is it time to ramp up the Anti-War issue to emphasis the complete senselessness of these endless wars that are bankrupting US? 18:31:54
URGENT! non-affiliate OREGONIANS do NOT mail back the card you got in the mail today 18:31:16
Will the real Mitt Romney..please stand up. 18:28:38
!URGENT! TEXAS Delegate Convention Dates! 18:26:06
Hawaii Senate Passes Legislation To Curb TSA 18:12:12
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto TODAY (03/21/2012) 6:25 pm EST : UP NEXT NOW! 18:10:43
GOP convention rule 18:07:03
Listen live now! - Brent Stafford and Lori Bone on Brad Friedman of the Brad Blog 18:06:03
As I watched this I weep 17:53:28
"The Three Political Parties of America" Robin Koerner 17:50:56
Secret Service Codename? 17:23:46
Time to TAKE ROMNEY DOWN once and for all! 17:18:44
All I want is the Truth... 17:07:36
Sen. Rand Paul interview w/Peter Schiff; 3/21/12 17:06:50
Reporter gets punked 16:57:31
HAHAHA So I think we may have really ticked off the Americans Elect gang 16:56:28
LET'S URGE CSPAN to televise Ron Paul events 16:56:05
Dr. Paul gains thousands of "likes" on facebook 16:50:06
Obama signed a new executive order on 03.16.2012 16:46:01
Mitt Romney Adviser: Romney Is Like "Etch A Sketch" 16:35:31
My new name for the USA 16:32:56
Saudi Arabia Hires Super Tankers to Flood U.S. With Oil for Election Year 16:26:25
What Kind Of Power Should Government Have Over Your Life? 16:24:53
YOU and I are PAYING Romney and Santorum! 16:23:03
Breaking News - China-Russia, Prepare for WWIII 16:10:00
Joe Rogan & Aubrey Marcus channel Dr. Ron Paul 16:07:25
"Israel Loves Iran" Facebook page 16:04:11
Troops stressed to breaking point 16:02:45
the awareness of "authority" is the higher consciousness needed to evolve beyond this stone age politic. 15:45:55
Obama`s newest Executive Order ! 15:45:11
Wyoming National GOP Committeewoman (and delegate) 15:44:52
Read to convict and convert! 15:41:43
What questions would you like the media to ask Dr. Paul? 15:40:01
Possible evidence of missing votes in Arizona 15:38:04
Get a list of delegates for your precinct, county and state and start working it 15:37:25
Gold Prices Reveal the True Price of a Home 15:32:22
Gas 70 Cent Gallon ~ If Priced in Gold Since 2002 15:28:31
Israel Loves Iran 15:26:24
Read this! This is significant 15:24:16
Not a Single Person Booed 15:23:09
Muslims & Buddhists: Get Out!' Says Preacher Applauded by Santorum 15:22:22
RP endorsement in KY newspaper 15:17:11
Paper: Marines down on Obama 15:16:13
Off Topic: Fluoride Water Filter Recomendations? 15:14:17
Jeb Bush's Math problem (or Honesty problem) 15:11:42
Ron Paul in 4th place? 15:09:44
Ron Paul's Martial Arts clip "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" 14:59:58
Prevent Primary Election Fraud 14:57:17
Obama HQ briefs Romney's press corps 14:56:25
Obama birth certificate fraud= Ron Paul victory. 14:53:47
Understanding the Banksters Rip-off of the American People 14:53:08
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up 14:31:59
any groups that we can target? to spread the word effectively? 14:15:58
What if? 14:13:16
Missouri delegate news link 14:04:51
Information for delutionals 14:01:08
Coil of rage 14:00:28
Charlotte North Carolina Mecklenburg County Convention 14:00:19
GOP rule could sink Paul hopes to win at contested Republican convention 13:59:40
Which GOP candidate would Paul run better against in general election? 13:41:30
FLASH! Food Police? Mayor Bloomberg Bans Food Donations To Homeless Shelters 13:39:19
CBS NEWS : GOP Rule Could Sink Gingrich, Paul Hopes To Win Contested Republican Convention 13:31:22
It's too late to convert the people - it's time to convert the DELEGATES! 13:20:27
Next episode of Harry's Law - Looks Interesting 13:18:45
65 out of 102 Illinois Counties Had Ballot Problems? 13:17:04
What a Cashless Society Means For Your Liberty 13:13:45
Ron Paul is the only one NOT to oppose porn 13:09:33
Adam Kokesh Discusses Jesse Benton in his first Podcast 13:03:25
Florida & Arizona Delegates Still Needed? 13:02:53
How Caucuses Are Stolen From Ron Paul Voters "By The Republican Party" 13:01:36
'Rooster' Santorum? 12:48:27
Airline Boarding/Disembarking Background Music 12:45:19
Obama anti-religious (footnoted article) 12:35:47
Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney in GOP Primary. 12:34:45
The land of the free... 12:27:17
“Big Brother-ish” proposal: Putting RFID tags into license plates 12:25:49
BLACKOUT CONTINUES: NPR Reports Gingrich in 3rd in Illinois (false!) - No mention of Paul 12:21:48
Analyst: Attack on Iran could trigger WW3 12:18:57
Ron Paul On Leno : "We Will Win Conscience Votes At 'Brokered' Convention" 12:16:15
Hawaii Senate Passes Legislation To Curb TSA 12:11:53
Ron Paul Plans 'Give Me Liberty' Money Bomb On Friday, March 23rd 12:08:25
County/District Conventions 11:59:48
Amazingly accurate Video: 5 Reasons why it will be different this time around. 11:54:00
Liberty Candidate races: Sheriff Mac v Lamar Smith. 11:49:31
Paul and Romney's Secret De-Facto Alliance 11:47:33
Do You Attend a "Christian" Zionist Church? Zionists lobby for US attack on Iran 11:33:27
Help! Everyone around me has their heads in the sand 11:31:31
Ron Paul's plan to restore America 11:24:01
Jeb Bush endorses Romney for president 10:57:53
Open Debate on Politico: "Why is Ron Paul still in the race?" 10:52:52
Ron Paul calls Secret Service protection a ‘form of welfare’ 10:49:11
Gingrich won't make the ballot in Tampa 10:38:46
Alert The Three Stealing From Ron Freedom Message. Remember Freedom Is Popular! 10:37:02
Ron Paul calls Secret Service protection a ‘form of welfare’ 10:25:34
New York State Car Rally for Ron Paul - Sunday, April 15th - Rochester, NY 10:17:32
Mike Scheurer responds to a Christian Warmonger on Stilts. 10:03:10
Santorum has grassroots support?! 10:03:05
NYS Tea Party Tax Day Rally - April 15th in Watkins Glen, NY 09:57:59
pledge 09:39:56
American ISPs to launch massive copyright spying scheme on July 12 09:39:17
Paul's platform more Catholic friendly than Santorum's 09:24:25
How do I get involved to help educate citizens? 08:03:56
Freedom Works says Uncle to Romney: Tea Party Movement Dead 07:46:59
Reality Check - GOP committee attempts to manipulate delegate process in Missouri 07:46:30
Why Ron Paul is friendly with Romney 07:33:11
CNN says Ron Paul last in IL among all income levels 07:25:41
Spend The Next 2 Hours Posting Videos Please 07:07:17
Israel Loves Iran 07:04:20
The Cranberries - Zombie 06:31:05
10 Cents for a Gallon of Gas. 06:16:19
Did Andrew Breitbart Really Have Heart Issues? VIDEO 05:51:47
This ad is suppose to make RP look bad? 05:40:57
U.S. President NOT Commander in Chief Until Congress Calls Him 04:38:42
Reuters: Bernanke says gold standard wouldn't solve problems 04:09:57
IRS Forms 'SWAT Team' For Tax Dodger Crackdown 03:49:33
just a little local anecdote from March 2012 03:28:31
Christian Science Monitor - Gun Nation: Inside America's Gun-Carry Culture [March 12, 2012] 02:58:16
Ron Paul supporters at a Rick Santorum rally 02:56:10
How to Make a Ron Paul BigHead Sign 02:36:14
Rachel Maddow " I'm delegate shenanigans worried " 02:13:02
Glenn Beck - Rick Santorum is George Washington? 02:05:59
Are there any videos of the crowds outside Leno? 02:00:12
Here is the entire St. Charles County Caucus 01:58:07
Will California Nullify the FDA on GMOs? 01:52:35
Ex-FBI informant: 'There is no real hunt. It's fixed' 01:31:27
"Eugene Dopes"? Missouri Caucus-Closer Might Be Functionally Illiterate 01:05:02
President of the Senate - an underestimated position of influence? 01:02:57
the Military-Industrial Complex is Behind the Polls 01:01:39
in HD - Ron Paul on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno [March 20, 2012] 01:01:14
This Friday Money Bomb 00:50:36
Rick Santorum leaving the Gettysburg Hotel past Ron Paul supporters 00:49:18
Rachel Maddow sells the secrets: The GENIUS OF RON PAUL: IT'S ABOUT DELEGATES (VIDEO) 00:47:08
Rep. Tim Johnson, explains his support for presidential candidate Ron Paul in the Illinois primary - MSNBC 00:45:38
Follow up to Ron Paul's great performance at Leno! FTW! 00:37:43
Reality Check: GOP committee attempts to manipulate delegate process in Missouri 00:31:57
AUDIO : Obamas Executive Decree, Strong Cities & Communities Preparing For Economic Collapse 00:29:06
New Freedom Candidate to Check Out 00:19:17
Vaccine Injuries~PBS's Frontline's Story Survey 00:09:36
Reality Check: GOP committee attempts to manipulate delegate process in Missouri 00:08:46
The Republican Caucus Mess - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC 00:06:51
Who thinks.. Capt. Kangaroo will drop out after tonight? 00:05:27