Posted on March 23, 2012

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Crowd at Louisiana College for Ron Paul 19:44:37
Ron was right...again! 15:11:36
Korn Frontman Wants Ron Paul For President 14:28:29
Ayn Rand Inst: Could the Federal Reserve really collapse? Ron Paul is Fed up. 14:16:13
St. Charles Caucus: Bryan Spencer admits to rigging the outcome 19:03:54
IOWA - Paul supporter fights Scott County GOP convention results 11:47:52
Cover up in Afghanistan: U.S. trained Afghans have murdered 200 of our troops 11:45:46
St Charles...NEW CAUCUS! 11:41:34
New Ron Paul Ad: Etch A Sketch 13:31:54
Ron Paul to Hold Two Large Town Hall Meetings in Louisiana - March 23 09:31:06
Katniss, Peeta & Gale Would Support Ron Paul! Hunger Games Opens This Weekend 18:26:16
Michael Steele interview grabs the attention of journalists 10:56:51
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Breaking: Santorum Ends Campaign! 3 Left! 23:48:24
Mitt ADMITS he's a RINO! 23:43:50
E Bay Auction Bomb! 23:42:59
A bold idea that could really open up the debate. 23:30:26
Missouri's Largest Caucus' Tomorrow 23:24:00
Voter Fraud Declared at Christian County, Missouri Republican Caucus: Rick Santorum Wins Fraudulent Caucus 23:19:15
Bruce Lee quotes and winning the Presidency for Paul 23:13:27
Heads up! Faulty ballets in Milwuakee, need to re-print 23:03:05
Reporter clarifies MO GOP caucus fraud, chairman confesses 22:57:47
A worthy libertarian role model! 22:55:15
Rick Santorum Has Disqualified Himself for Elected Office 22:46:22
Ron Paul Yard Sale 22:34:59
Meet Dick Scaife - Funder of Fake Conservatism 22:19:10
Ron Paul was Right! The TSA is out of Control (Video) 22:17:06
Tom Woods: Seven Signs of a Sociopath 22:14:15
Gingrich ad on the Daily Paul?! 22:08:57
Just tucked my 6 year old into bed and she read me this nursrey rhyme. 22:06:36
The world supports the good doctor 22:01:43
*Final Push for the Quarter* Money Bomb Game - Play Now for Liberty! 21:46:01
Ron Paul excites mostly young crowd at Louisiana College 21:36:36
Everything Helps..Check this out ! 21:22:04
Va. middle-schoolers assigned OPPOSITION research on GOP candidates 21:19:48
The Subversion of America by Corporate Rule: Microsoft's Bill Gates 21:14:34
Ron Paul is Right! Media Admits Iran is Years Away From Nuclear Bomb! 21:07:59
1000 Copper Rounds, You create one side, maybe Ron Paul or Daily Paul 21:05:50
email to Rachel Maddow 20:58:26
View count of 'Rigging of St Charles' video on YouTube not changing for hours 20:54:22
A Tribute To Todays Give Me Liberty Money Bomb! Golden State -Bombs 20:23:04
Our Hero 20:15:45
Where was Al Sharpton when police killed this Hispanic Marine? 20:08:11
My chat with an OBAMA SUPPORTER 19:57:19
Are You Maxed Out In Contributions? $2500 Per Individual, $5k Per Couple But Still Want To GIVE? Heres What You Can Do.. 19:56:17
Someone from Kansas help me real quick... 19:52:46
Bryan Spencer Speaks about Rigging St. Charles Caucus 19:50:13
Opinions 19:47:10
Delegate results start to roll in 19:44:51
Gold and Silver purchase to support Ron Paul 19:31:06
Why donate now? 19:09:07
OMG! Want to see a Non-.45ACP Luger that costs $1Mil+? Try $5.87 MILLION! 19:07:38
I think a Ron Paul Rally could bring in BIG $bucks$ using wireless card readers 19:06:33
Social Media Impression 19:05:23
Wow, Jesse Benton really took it to MSNBC today ... It was AWESOME! 18:56:41
St. Charles MO Caucus Conspiracy Confession on Hidden Camera...WHAT!? 18:54:28
Ron Paul Word Cloud Survey 18:52:47
Ron Paul Spokesman: Campaign ‘Hoarding Cash’ :Video Update 18:44:03
Benton says campaign is hoarding cash for CA/TX 18:42:19
Judge to FDA: Remove Superbug-Breeding Antibiotics from Animal Feed 18:37:29
Don't Deny It CA, You ARE a Communist State! LATimes: CA seeks Limits on Small-Biz Self-Insurance! 18:25:22
BS ing like a pro- Watch how genuine he comes across each time. 18:22:35
I must assume with the moneybomb being only at $357,000 that alot of people's money is being saved for Tampa and being a delegat 18:06:59
Email to Republican Congressional Candidate 18:05:36
Obama's Fake Birth Certificate - Wow 17:52:56
Rand Paul: Reining in the EPA 17:29:02
New Article About Ron Paul's "Nepotism" 17:17:30
Black Friday Shopping List (includes a Ron Paul moment) 17:04:50
Rick Santorum Flip Flop Parody The Remix 16:46:42
Jenny Worman For Congress in California Liberty Candidate and Paul supporter FYI 16:45:21
Missouri NEEDS help! Can you? 16:41:38
The Etch-a-Sketch incident and the Art of the Political Gaffe-WaPo 16:41:03
This Is How We Fix Congress! 16:37:38
Video: Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins sits down w/ Alex Jones for an EXCLUSIVE Interview! -Mon, Mar. 23, 2012 16:25:04
Obama outlaws Freedom of Protest 16:22:30
How much is in the campaign kitty? 16:16:40
Make This Go Viral! : Inspiring Grassroots, "Give Me Liberty Money Bomb Video" 16:09:51
The Hunger Games opens today 16:06:38
Another twist on Rule 40: Most of a state's delegates bound to Mitt Santingrich may support RP. 16:06:06
ARE you Paul Supporters a Bunch of SHEEP After all? 16:02:00
More vague stuff about indians and how you are one 16:00:23
Ron Paul to hold hearings with Fed over dollar intervention in Eurozone crisis 15:51:13
What's a $100 worth? and the "Give Me Liberty" money bomb 15:45:27
Ron Paul to hold hearings with Fed over dollar intervention in Eurozone crisis 15:39:58
Santorum Endorses Obama over Romney 15:33:58
U.S. Approves Insider Trading Bill 15:32:11
Massacre Cover Up : The Beginning Of The End For The U.S. In Afghanistan 15:27:43
Hilarious Political Cartoon! 15:27:18
Come see Dr. Paul at UW-Madison next Thursday 15:26:42
2012 Top Baby Names 15:26:03
Ron Paul To Hold Giant Townhall Meeting In Wisconsin 15:22:21
I Want to Be a Delegate in Wisconsin, What Do I Do? 15:11:19
UPDATE! 3PM Eastern Daylight Time - Money Bomb Hasn't Hit $250,000 Yet - Now It's 6:15PM EDT 15:08:57
Suggestions for this website layout 15:03:55
To My Sisters & My Brothers 14:59:01
A Conversation on Iran That Actually Contains Logic 14:46:27
Snohomish County: Pre-convention meeting thoughts. 14:42:38
The argument that ObamaCare is a valid exercise of the Federal Commerce Power is preposterous 14:41:57
American's Elect - Buddy Roemer tweet... 14:41:42
Shake it Up! 14:39:24
DRUDGE: "Santorum claims his 'Google' Problem is fixed 14:37:31
St Charles Caucus Watch Live April 10th 14:35:34
Newt's Gonna Go Out Classy-Says Obama Makes People Think He's Muslim 14:25:23
The Greeks Plan to Save Humanity 14:11:13
Free Food, Free Rent in exchange for Free Help 13:49:06
Charley Reese's final colomn for the Orlando Sentinal 13:47:06
RON PAUL Money Bomb Video! Major Endorsement Included :) 13:39:54
This website has $12-14 Ron Paul shirts 13:32:33
Find real patriots in your area. 13:31:33
Jack Hunter: It’s No Secret Why Ron Paul is So Popular with Independents 13:23:20
Ron Paul Campaign Releases Web Ad ‘Etch A Sketch’ 13:17:38
Sick & Sicker (AAPS Movie) 13:12:18
How does " limited" government become SO unlimited?! 13:06:24
New Ron Paul Ad - Etch A Sketch 12:53:58
+ve yahoo piece on Etch-a-sketch Ad 12:45:05
Pennsylvania Newspapers Gang up To Trash Santorum 12:41:30
Kucinich packs bags for Washington state 12:30:29
Romney voter fraud allegations loom as general election liability 12:17:32
Where's the money going? 12:16:57
Is Ron Paul's Libertarian platform built upon Biblical precepts? 11:48:39
SITE Lists all States Repub. primary and caucus dates & delegate values 11:31:12
CIA confesses to media manipulation to control gov't agenda- yawn... 11:23:02
(Reuters) - India will continue to import oil from Iran 11:10:13
Idea for a Foreign Policy Ad 10:53:59
Delete 10:51:16
We Know the Problem … What’s the Answer? 10:43:50
Mexican Earthquake 10:39:51
Personal Data of Non-Terrorists No Longer Off-Limits... 10:23:11
Ron Paul Give Me Liberty Money Bomb TODAY! 10:00:11
Source, Phone Message Revealed in St. Charles County Republican Central Committee Scandal 09:59:56
Fox News Admits Ron Paul Is Right! Bankers Control America! 09:58:31
Undercover Plan to Disqualify Ron Paul Delegates Exposed! 09:56:39
We need to raise MILLIONS for the money bomb 09:51:39
U.S. Relaxes Limits on Use of YOUR Data in Terror Analysis 09:50:41
New Ron Paul Etch-A-Sketch Web Ad 09:49:02
New Ron Paul ETCH A SKETCH Ad! 09:48:18
Paul MaCaw Birds 09:45:13
Jim Yong Kim For World Bank Head: Obama Nominates Dartmouth College President 09:34:08
Motivation for those that want to quit 09:12:27
We have made this race IRRESISTIBLE for Ron Paul. 09:07:18
Obama Administration Tries To Shut Down Rush Limbaugh 08:55:36
American Powerful Technology For Reaching Voters 08:49:35
Hunger Games divided into 12 Districts (like the FED) after American apocolypse. Coincidence or warning? 08:28:52
Ron Paul is too liberal..Ron Paul is too extreme.. NOT 08:10:13
Ron Paul more electable than Mitt 08:08:01
D.L. Crumpton: Caucus? Well Caucu! 08:01:27
Rachel Maddow On Romney Lies - Again! 07:34:17
Robert's Rules of Order Made Simple - Viewing Party Tonight 07:21:27
ECONWAR: Iran oil ban to bring huge spat between US & China’ 06:59:51
"Keep the Revolution Going"- 6 year old explains why she supports Ron Paul 06:55:50
Tom Woods On The General Welfare Clause 05:51:55
Nielsen Web Traffic Report - Dr. Ron leads Republican field 05:37:33
Targeting waiters/waitresses and bartenders 05:36:21
Let's say Santorum and Gingrich flop over all the sudden and endorse... 05:34:35
Obama Administration Authorizes More Surveillance and Data Mining on Citizens 05:28:56
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HELP! Can Someone Share Golden State Bombs Lyrics, That song will outlive us all. 03:44:03
Economics for Dummies...Do you get it? 03:28:32
Why We Need a Brokered Convention 03:14:51
Ron Paul is winning the Republican nomination? 02:41:28
I want Ron Paul to go home. 02:37:50
Every Person with an Email List Needs to Send and Email on the Money Bomb 02:32:19
MODS you need to Email the Entire DP Email List 02:30:34
No glowing endorsement for RP from the Judge tonight on the Bret Baier 02:25:37
We need celebrity endorsements! 02:20:19
Netanyahu's Term Of Office 02:18:07
More News From Nevada. Paul Delegates Take DECISIVE Majority Of State Central Committee 02:05:28
Lindsey Williams: Crash to happen before end of 2012 01:44:33
Ron Paul More Electable Than Mitt Romney in Latest Poll 01:20:16
Hannity Poll Screenshot. Make it go Viral People 00:56:05
Rick Santorum Parody Video: The New Flip-Flop King 00:32:37
This is painful guys 00:32:09
Raw foods please help! 00:15:51
Rick Does It Again... 00:12:04
"Col. Douglas Macgregor - Vote Ron Paul for Military Security " Josh Tolley Show Interview 00:05:48