Posted on March 24, 2012

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It works the same in any country. 22:59:05
Ron Paul Press Conference, Pineville Louisiana 22:46:38
"What Does the Fed Do?" with James Grant - Ron Paul Fed Lecture Series 22:39:13
Mutiny of The GOP Mothership 19:14:53
Esmeralda County, Nevada - Caucus March 24th 18:58:25
Doug Wead Update on the GA Caucus Scandal 17:46:12
On Eve Of Primary, Ron Paul Pins Louisiana Hopes On Caucus 04:36:26
How we represent the Ron Paul movement 08:03:13
Louisiana Primary - March 24 - Open Thread 22:32:51
Ben Swann talks Fourth Branch of Government, Free Speech and Delegate Chaos 05:07:44
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OMG! Heartless Darth Vader gets a New Heart! Wonder If the Donor was a Victim of his WARCRIMES! 23:59:04
What will happen to the 5 or so uncommitted delegates coming off of today's LA primary? 23:58:11
Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs 23:57:35
Third party Run Question I've been wondering 23:54:15
An Open Letter to the Athens and Georgia GOP 23:51:50
CALIFORNIA Sign-Bombers! Get your picture taken with ROMNEY & SANTORUM! 23:50:23
A haunting question to Dr. Paul in Louisiana. 23:49:55
Pierce county, WA. today 23:38:41
Video: Ron Paul, the Musical by Cameron Ford, Recorded LIVE@ Gorilla Tango Theater, Chicago, March 23, 2012! 23:22:36
Meet the New Spokesman of Gun Owners For Ron Paul 2012! 23:14:16
Tungsten Filled 1 kilo Gold Bar Discovered in UK 23:08:44
Another Billionaire for Paul 22:31:05
Report from Jackson County - A Lesson for ALL! 22:07:39
Does your last name begin with A or B? Are you in a Primary State? 21:57:51
Trayvon story is Obama psych op 21:39:42
New Idea for the Ron Paul Campaign 21:32:23
Tungsten filled Gold bars 21:28:18
NEW Candidate Comparison Sheet ELECTABILITY VERSION show people why Ron Paul is the most electable. 21:25:04
The Truth About The Trayvon Martin Shooting Covered Up By The Media! 21:25:02
Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix [23-Mar-12] 21:23:32
Meet Me in St. Louie, Louie. 21:20:01
Colorado ROCKING! 21:17:41
Who will think of the American children? 21:16:06
Mitch Daniels Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law 21:03:21
He Finally Got One! 20:55:59
Video : Ron Paul's High School Senior Year Picture 20:45:38
Maybe it's time to move on to the LP nomination! 20:40:07
Election Day - March on the White House 20:36:41
All Your Privacy And All Your Stuff Belong To Us 20:32:50
Dana Loesch cuts off Ron Paul supporter who refuses to vote for fake conservatives 20:31:03
Ron Paul gets most delegates from GOP caucuses in Jackson County, St. Louis 20:18:17
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Contaminated Ocean's Food Chain, Study Finds 20:08:58
Ron Paul WINS Missouri GOP caucuses in Jackson County, St. Louis 20:08:46
Breaking News : St. Charles Missouri Caucus Rescheduled For April 10, Video Taping Allowed 20:01:59
Supreme Court To Hear Obamacare Arguments This Week 19:51:21
Dick Cheney just had a heart transplant 19:36:27
Tough LOVE 19:15:44
Check Out This Ballot From Yesterday's Election In Queensland 19:10:20
Contest: Montana/Paul slogans 18:52:13
You Gotta Check This Guy Out! 18:51:37
Most effective handout? 18:46:15
Hamilton: The False Federalist 18:44:49
Share this Ron Paul Word Search with your friends 18:44:32
Libertarians Issue Warning To Tea Partiers 18:43:12
Jimmy Carter Ranked Best Modern-Day President 18:26:42
Hidden Camera Catches Missouri GOP Admitting They rigged the St. Charles County Caucus *HQ AUDIO* 18:24:22
It seems the Israeli Government has the same disconnect from its people as ours does. 18:07:06
ALL Ron Paul supporters, delegates, potential delegates MUST SEE! 18:00:01
Small World,Looking thru some old baseball stuff from when I was a kid 17:56:16
On eve of primary, Ron Paul pins Louisiana hopes on caucus 17:46:39
Overview of America - Understanding the American form of Government 17:46:37
Science & Libertarianism = Synergy 17:43:55
Ron Paul wins Majority of Jackson CO MO (Kansas City) delegates! 17:38:41
If Any Paid Staff Are Reading These Forums... 17:20:32
AARP back room deal to cut Social Security Benefits 17:17:46
Ron Paul supporters dominate GOP caucus in St. Louis 17:17:44
THE Best Way to Spend $4 Today 17:17:41
Ron Paul Supporters Dominate GOP Caucus In St. Louis 17:13:57
Reality check: Americans Elect 17:03:34
Romney Loses Cool With Reporter That Catches Him In A Lie 16:56:58
Congresswoman Mary Bono-Mack Stand up for the Constitution like you swore to do so!, please! 16:52:13
With numbers I have and Jackson and St. Louis counties crushing it for Paul today, I am calling Missouri for PAUL 16:50:02
How do i get santorum supporters to vote for Ron Paul 16:48:32
Wow, TOTALLY caught red-handed on tape. The GOP is doomed! 16:48:08
Local elections - How much do they mean to you? 16:36:11
"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon": Barack Obama ~ Does This Guy Ever Stop? 16:28:39
Yahoo: 5 ways GOP could finally settle presidential race 16:16:48
Operation Grandma & Ron Paul Family Cookbook 16:10:24
A simple video I made for one of my songs. It's called Freedom 16:10:22
Super delegates Important 16:04:37
Legal Criminals Compete 16:02:44
Daily Caller has a poll. Ron Paul not doing well. Please vote. 15:52:23
Ron Paul Draws Big Crowds At 2 Louisiana Campaign Events 15:38:04
Ron Paul supporters dominate GOP caucus in St. Louis 15:37:50
RON PAUL R3VOLUTION Stickers Promotion 15:32:42
Batman 2 Christopher Walken: Global Warming, Reichstag Fire, & Gulf Of Tonkin 15:23:40
Has Anyone Written a Letter to the Editor? 15:15:37
Oklahoma GOP 15:13:20
Trayvon a thug? 15:11:17
Cupcakes - cough it up 15:03:40
Seems a lot of people in Iran and Israel don't actually hate each other. They Love each other. Video. 15:00:52
Do You Own a Smartphone? and the 'Give Me Liberty' money bomb 14:59:34
Rand Paul : Shrinking Dollar Behind Climb In Gas Prices 14:59:31
Give Me Liberty Moneybomb - Food Freedom Now! 14:58:19
Update: Paul Deals to Win Majority in KC; Many Santorum People Walked Out 14:42:30
Ron Paul vies for limited government and peace 14:36:51
Delegate count 14:31:10
What if it said "Life, Liberty, PROPERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness?" 14:08:12
I got sick of getting email's from Rick Santorum...So I sent him this... 14:03:22
Ron Paul's senior highschool picture mentioned in article about 100 year old past due library books! 13:48:32
Hey guys we can win the majority of the Louisiana Delegates! Suprised? THINK AGAIN! 13:24:10
you-tube political videos? 13:14:44
"Mobocracy: This Is What Democracy Looks Like" - video 13:12:59
Denton Co, Tx Delegates 12:41:26
Israel, the US Elections and the "Jewish Swing Vote" 12:29:34
Feedback from twitter friend at MO caucus giving updates 12:21:43
Updated: Photo: Paul win in St. Louis; KC Caucus Ongoing NOW-LiveBlog 12:21:10
What's Ron Paul's position on "McDonald v. Chicago"? 12:19:21
Maine GOP now behind push for black-box counted primary. 12:13:58
If I was Ron Paul's campaign manager, these are a few crucial things I would consider 12:12:52
Must Read: Overdue book since 1924 returned. 12:05:29
HOPE is alive and well 11:59:26
Keiser Report: Selective Amnesia for Brokers & Murderers (E266) 11:56:34
How the federal banksters got their foothold 11:54:17
Just did a radio interview in Wisconsin yesterday 11:39:08
How can the MSM project Rick santorum the winner via exit polls when there were no exit polls. 11:25:21
Did Ron Paul really win Missouri? 11:10:59
American Romney Breeders Association 10:56:14
Brent Stafford interview on FM NewsTalk 97.1 with Randy Tobler about the St Charles caucus 10:41:48
Can any courageous Lawyer take on the voter fraud? Check this idea: link 09:58:40
The Most Inspiring Speech I Ever Seen for Ron Paul 09:53:29
It's NOW finally the perfect time for WE THE REVOLUTION to lead/feed/nurture a FULL SPECTRUM NATIONAL REVOLT from the Status Quo 09:45:49
3 Democrats Yelled at Me 09:41:33
Hand out voter registration forms wherever you go! 09:35:34
RP Headlines The Dead Pelican along with video of speech at La. College 09:29:47
Another Rockstar endorses freedom 09:12:44
RP - Friend of the PEOPLE! New media to share. 09:09:54
Indiana Friends! 08:59:42
Ron Paul Bicycles? 08:55:31
Help Ben Bernanke Plan the Fed's 100th Birthday Celebration! 08:37:51
Dr. Paul at Louisiana College - Full Video 08:32:46
Crowd at Southeastern Louisiana University for Ron Paul 08:25:45
Letterman: Rick Santorum vs. Ron Paul On Pornography 08:07:26
Ron Paul - Rick Santorum Alliance? 07:52:58
How do you post a picture on the Daily Paul? 07:49:18
The Pain Of War 07:40:30
RP ★ROCKSTAR★ Money Technique 06:35:27
RON PAUL Day todays 06:20:48
Hawaii Gop Refuses to update County Vote counts-UPDATE! 06:00:57
HR 347: Protesting near anyone with Secret Service is a crime with jail time. 05:42:37
The NEXT GOP debate is, 05:39:29
Another Plea for Action 05:38:59
Flash ! Santorum Campaign Caught Trying To Foil Missouri County Convention Re - Do 04:40:57
Freedom Loving Texans Please Join Us 04:13:17
Why no Ron Paul NetTV marathon? 03:42:01
Did anyone else catch this in John Tate's campaign e-mail? WOW! 03:34:30
Special Report: Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent 03:28:20
D.L. Crumpton: Fun with Pundits in the wake of Ron Paul's Rise Part One: Sean Hannity 03:17:01
Joe Perry & Aerosmith in LA on Wednesday, March 28th 03:01:57
Should all the upcoming RNC Caucus be preceded by a trip to a local JUDGE 02:56:29
Our California friend 02:04:33
Jefferson County, Mississippi...WHAT?! 02:02:46
Collecting signatures for an event in Northern California 01:57:29
[Video] Here's How The GOP WILL Fail Against Obama ... without Ron Paul 01:46:01
Ron Paul Flix: Rescheduled St. Charles Caucus (April 10 7PM Tuesday Night) 01:45:03
Pathetic Money Bomb 01:40:44
Emergency! - Ron Paul Revolution - We're in a LOT of TROUBLE! 01:29:12
Spread out! 01:05:57
Why People Aren't Converted Very Easily. 01:02:02
Korn Frontman endorses Paul! AWESOME! 00:43:08
The GOLDen State: Winning California (by District); Texas; heads-up! 00:27:43
SD for Ron Paul 00:26:51