Posted on March 25, 2012

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Mitt Romney Questioned on FED, Goldman Sachs, Luke Rudkowski kicked out 17:40:00
Doug Wead - Evidence showing Romney-Santorum-Gingrich unite to stop Ron Paul 21:49:07
Ron Paul Upsets Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout 16:43:50
Ron Paul Featured Speaker at Maine State Convention! (Maybe) 15:57:57
Phil Donahue on Ron Paul: "How Many Wars Do You Want To Have In YOUR Lifetime!" 15:58:15
Jack Hunter: "Let's Take It To 1 Million" 16:51:47
Ron Paul Calls Rick Santorum A "Beauty Queen" 11:08:03
"The Youth Vote is a JOKE!" 11:01:07
Ron Paul Upsets Santorum In Missouri Caucuses Buoyed By Huge Youth Turnout (Great Article) 10:46:28
Texas sized love for Ron Paul 10:21:22
Ron Paul Rally 3-23-12: Pineville, Louisiana 12:33:51
Super Brochure: Mailings for Connecticut, Delaware, and North Carolina 16:48:02
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We should create a billboard super pac 23:57:43
From: AYN RAND To: Daily Paul 23:43:43
The Free State Project: Political Migration in Our Time (Jeffrey Tucker) 23:34:38
Hundreds of Israelis march in Tel Aviv to protest war with Iran 23:15:47
Largest Molecules Yet Behave Like Waves in Quantum Double-Slit Experiment 23:12:47
AWESOME VIDEO - David Ike: "The Change" 23:10:06
Whoa! Major brainstorm! Make privacy of vote optional at the polls. 23:09:09
Ron Paul Backstage Jay Leno The Tonight Show 3/20/12 22:42:47
New position for liberty in county GOP 22:42:19
Hilarious! & redirect to Obama's site 22:38:36
Tithe For Victory 22:35:30
4th Amendment Death Goes Hollywood... Finally! 22:28:39
and if they find newer and more creative ways to steal 22:25:02
[Video] David Icke Says Enough. He NAILS IT at 6:10 ; also, appearance of Dr. Ron Paul at 3:26 (about Blowback) 22:19:47
The Ultimate War - Globalism vs. America 22:03:34
New VIDEO -> 'Freedom's Coming Home' The Ron Paul Anthem, by Robin Koerner, of Blue Republicans 21:59:23
RCP California Poll : Ron Paul Polling 10% In California? 21:55:12
Is there something I don't know? 21:47:42
AP : Ron Paul Wins Majority Of Delegates In Jackson County Missouri 21:45:50
The purpose of all government should be the protection of individual liberty for each and every one of us 21:41:09
Is it too late to become a delegate in New Jersey? PLEASE please help! 21:40:13
Video Idea: Links to clips and seconds of sections 21:38:50
Israelis Debate Ron Paul-Good or Bad for Israel? 21:28:01
:) 21:27:45
My letter to America 21:15:53
I have a bunch of extra slim jims - 21:15:32
Chris Cook, a former oil market regulator, "The oil price mythical, and is manipulated upwards" 21:14:29
Monsanto wants to brainwash your children with 'Biotechnology Basics Activity Book' 20:46:56
[Video] The Great Awakening - Humanity's Finest Hour is unfolding in front of our eyes 20:36:20
Abstention Votes 20:35:36
ECONWAR: Brics’ move to unseat US dollar as trade currency 20:17:58
Ron Paul Copper Rounds are here! Best way to promote Ron Paul! 20:00:19
Wisconsin should be a strong state for Ron 19:59:49
Recent Ron Paul email that is a must read for every supporter and I mean a must read! 19:46:39
Jim DeMint - Recent comments seal fate of Republican Party - remaining conservative credibility lost 19:38:32
The Unbelievable Fed-Read It & Weep! 19:19:18
March Chemtrails in California, How does the sky look where you are? 19:17:58
Brent Stafford on Randy Tobler show 19:15:10
You HAVE TO listen to this latest media shill garbage 19:00:42
Which State Convention is first? 18:57:23
Ron Paul Supporters Take Over the Nevada GOP! 18:56:03
Views You Can Use 25-MAR-2012 18:41:36
Lear Jet Boss Amazing Court Affidavit on 9/11 Revisited 18:35:50
3 Educational FUN VIDEOS: A Ron Paul World: Where people are who they want to be. Two worlds Apart... 18:31:00
Ron Paul in New Hampshire-01/10/2012 18:25:48
Crazy? Should we *not* donate to the campaign? 18:20:28
Forbidden Questions - A 9/11 Parody 18:13:12
How to Sell Ron Paul's Foreign Policy to Republicans 18:07:33
GOP can willingly ensure Dr.Paul the nomination 18:07:07
Daily Paul 5th Most Visited Libertarian Website 18:06:33
Any good documentaries on the fall of the Soviet Union? 17:53:04
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 17:52:51
Ron Paul at SLU, March 23, 2012: Part 1 17:49:54
Where is Doug Wead? 17:46:15
Why Isn't Ron Paul Campaigning In The District Of Columbia? (DC) 17:37:40 Libertarians Can Save The Republican Party...If They Will Get Real! 17:33:18
Ron Paul State Platforms - suggestions, please! 17:15:16
The Scandal of US Troops Remains dumped with Waste (Article from Watching America site) 17:12:40
We Need To Act Now or Lose Supporters! 17:03:22
VIDEO : The Critical Center Prefers Ron Paul 16:56:15
WHY? 16:52:04
Encouraging Caucus Developments from Mark Anthony Jones in Missouri 16:51:13
What Will Ron Paul Squeeze From Mitt Romney? 16:42:09
New Positive Ron Paul article! 16:33:46
Ron Paul's Secret - It's the DELEGATES! 16:02:33
Check Your Math MSM: Mitt Romney Has 481 Delegates At Most, NOT 565 15:55:29
Constitutional Law Hotline: Page for questions, comments, insights, and (I hope) few criticisms 15:50:07
Make the choice to watch this or not 15:46:36
After-birth abortion (RT News) and my opinion 15:46:35
The next time someone says a candidate other than Paul will take care of the deficit 15:45:13
The Ron Paul Revolution: Are You Ready? ft. Jonathan Davis from KORN 15:41:28
Glen Bradley, the Ron Paul of North Carolina 15:33:23
MF’s Corzine Ordered Funds Moved To JP Morgan, Memo Says 15:30:51
Any veterans here from Minnesota? 15:23:28
DE Super Brochure Mailing! 15:19:21
Click, Click to help change ideas about Party Loyalty, Fox Poll 15:13:10
The U.S. issuance of paper money is unconstitutional 15:01:31
FL Zimmerman 911 Call. Can hear the call for help and gun shot in bkgd. Looks like someone was 14:56:23
Recommended reading help 14:38:25
That's funny 14:27:42
Primary Voter's Kit for April 3rd States Voting are: MARYLAND, WASHINGDON D.C. AND WISCONSIN 14:21:24
Free E-book from Bev Harris’s 14:13:53
What Happens When Gingrich Doesn't Get A Plurality Of Delegates In 5 States? 14:11:04
Ron Paul Coming To Madison, Wisconsin! 14:03:19
Rule 40 Explains Ron Paul and Voter Fraud! 14:01:43
The Private Prison Cartel is Monopolizing America with Indentured Slavery - vid 14:00:26
Today! Historian, author, Sr adviser to Ron Paul, Doug Wead talks GOP corruption. 13:58:26
Press TV : Mercury Raises Compounds Tied To Autoimmune Diseases 13:53:18
Archie Bunker's precient rant 13:47:26
Heavyweights In Ron Paul’s Corner – Help Change The MSM Story! 13:42:18
BLOOMBERG : MF Global's Jon Corzine Ordered Funds Moved To JP Morgan, Memo Says.. 13:34:37
How To Introduce The Uninitiated To Ron Paul's Message: TRUTH HOUSE PARTIES 13:33:33
Ron Paul doesn't have a chance! 13:29:15
Laura Trice sticks up for Dr. Paul once again with fantastic article! 13:15:22
VIDEO : Schools Just Became Even More Dangerous - Attack Dogs Waiting For Dissenters 13:10:50
Someone created this flyer you can buy at - Lines up the candidates 13:10:42
Ron Paul Wins Key Victories In Missouri Caucus Ending Today 12:53:26
Boulder County Republican Convention 12:41:33
The federal reserve owns the media? Do we have evidence? 12:29:35
U.S. Soldiers going Unpaid for Months due to Bureaucrats 12:28:04
Romney Conspiracy Against Ron Paul in Tacoma WA 3-24-2012 12:20:10
How "SECRET" will Tampa delegate proceedings be? 12:11:49
BREAKING NEWS: Detailed Report of How Fraud is Committed in Louisiana, Georgia, and More 12:11:46
RP IRS "Trust Account" 12:09:09
Americans Will Need "Black Markets" To Survive 11:49:20
Nanny State On Steroids: City Plans to Outlaw Smoking in Apartments 11:31:25
True Delegate Count to date 10:52:11
Jim Rogers on RT discusses Breaking News on MF Global's Corsine, Bernanke [ooh-la-la], and Gold 10:46:37
Video: 5 minutes w/ Ron Paul in Louisiana 10:34:32
How do you explain why the "ABO" approach is wrong? 10:13:19
Socialist Propaganda on CBS News Sunday Morning 09:52:53
The official MSM view of the GOP primary (Cartoon) 09:50:25
Special Report: Intel shows Iran nuclear threat not imminent 09:36:13
David Pfluff explains how Romney is Obama... 09:34:58
1 08:48:44
A Couple Of Interesting Mark Spitznagel Articles 08:30:18
Jesse Benton on MSNBC 2/23/2012 08:24:23
We Need To Vote For Paul First Vote At NRC ! 07:55:28
OK I feel better now! 07:01:27
Presidential accountability 06:33:01
Liberal Mitt's Greatest Hits 06:29:40
Ron Paul always asks "What is the role of government" 04:51:21
Writing-in Ron Paul in Australia? 04:21:01
Mitt Romney: 1994 Senatorial Race Debate 04:18:42
WooHooo I just got elected as a delegate to the WA state convention 03:53:17
Voting Down Under 03:24:40
Texas will have early voting for their primary. 03:22:16
[VIDEO] KALB5 Story about Pineville Rally 02:40:58
Louisiana Results 02:36:35
Forget the MoneyBomb-It's time for INFOBOMBS to swell our revenue 02:26:32
Great letter to editor in Augusta Chronicle 02:11:55
The Battle in Pierce County 28:434 01:31:46
Jackson County Missouri DELEGATE Update! 00:36:49
"A Tip" for Dana Loesch 00:30:49
Helping newbie supporters to get past the negative propaganda. 00:11:28
Can we really win Texas? 00:01:38