Posted on March 29, 2012

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MIT Builds 3D Solar Structures Capable of Generating 20 Times the Power Output of Flat Panels 00:28:34
Ron Paul draws his largest crowd yet - 5,200 people in Wisconsin! 22:22:52
RT: "Rock Star" treatment for Ron Paul 21:44:59
Updated/More Video: 5,200 Attending! Full Audio & Cool Pics from Wisconsin 21:01:07
☛Chief Justice Says States Have Compromised Their Sovereignty. WAIT! WHAT? 18:16:06
HuffPo: Paul's Defense and Foreign Policy Only Humane Options 14:33:31
CNS News : Scalia On ObamaCare Mandate : 'If The Government Can Do This, What Else Can It Not Do?' 13:54:04
Time 100 Poll: Ron Paul Is 3rd 13:45:41
Biden: Attack Iran and I will move to IMPEACH the President 13:34:19
Video: Ron Paul Outdraws Biden! 1000's for Paul/"Almost None" Show for Veep 10:20:00
Ernest Hancock: Silver Dime Cards = Ignore the Fed 11:58:10
BRICS break away from Federal Reserve control. 09:08:27
MUST SEE: Youth Vote DID win Missouri (Jackson County Caucus) 00:15:24
New Hampshire Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Bill 00:07:34
Ron Paul Giant Town Hall Meeting in Wisconsin March 29 00:47:44
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No More Daily Paul? 23:57:29
Someone tell Rick: God's infallible representative on earth has condemned the US trade embargo of Cuba 23:55:36
New Ad: Obama Speaks for Ron Paul – "Real Change!" 3/29 23:55:33
"MSM wants Paul to Win Since He Will Lose to Obama" - GOP Diehards 23:41:02
Vote for Ron Paul at The 2012 TIME 100 Poll 23:39:16
One thing about Ron Paul's free market plan i dont understand fully... 23:38:46
Right now on C-Span full Maryland Video 23:38:18
Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported 23:37:23
Ron Paul on Wisconsin Radio Prior to Madison University Rally 23:30:40
[Video] How Much Sicker Could It Get ? Shocking Face of China's Brutal One Child Policy 23:23:12
C SPAN is airing Ron Paul @ 11:29 PM ET tonight 23:16:46
Ron Paul First GOP Candidate With Ballot Access In All 50 States! 23:16:24
Guess we'll find out now if Benjamin Fulford has any credibility 23:09:15
Reality Check (03/29/2012): Santorum supporters in Washington duped into 'Unity Slate' 23:06:30
Romneycare and Obamacare Are Identical - NewsMax 23:03:11
Spreading the Revolution at Disneyand! ) 23:03:06
On Liquidity And The False Recovery 23:02:31
Paving The Way For A North American Union & United We Fall - Full Film (2) videos 23:00:22
Rapper J Roy really nails it here Epic Performance 22:59:22
Total Chaos In the UK As Gas Stations Run Dry; Efforts to Stop Panic Buying Have Led to… More Panic Buying 22:54:52
It takes Pauls 22:43:17
Ron Paul draws his largest crowd yet - 5,200 people in Wisconsin! 22:38:46
Neonicotinoid Pesticides Tied To Crashing Bee Populations, 2 Studies Find 22:37:10
CNS News : Justices To Meet Friday To Vote On Health Care Case 22:30:46
Chuck Baldwin-What Many Churches And The SPLC Have In Common 22:30:40
MUST READ: A Return to Common Sense - Thomas Mullen 22:13:56
[Video] Six Year Old Ron Paul Supporter 22:12:51
Ben Swann (Reality Check Fox 19) on Josh Tolley Show - Ron Paul is Probably Winning a Plurality of Delegates in 7 States 22:07:56
Spread this news! There is an alarm going off and it getting close to panic time 22:06:21
Wisconsin could be ripe 22:02:11
URGENT: Vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 TIME 100 Poll 22:01:14
PRIORITY : North Dakota State Convention March 30 - April 1st 21:56:33
Ron Paul coming to San Francisco and Berkley 21:54:37
RT Coverage of Ron Paul at University of Maryland Event 21:52:51
Daily Paul Acronyms 21:52:31
How to fund the campaign against the corporations - Ron Paul Lottery Bomb 21:52:16
The main reason a Republican needs to win if Ron Paul doesn't is... 21:49:09
Ron Paul, Rock Star To College Students, Brings His Message To Thousands At The University Of Wisconsin Campus 21:29:48
NDAA go away. SHARE, LIKE and make this go VIRAL! 21:27:25
Newt's Campaign Chief is married to D.A. Who Prosecuted Israel Critics 21:04:42
Romney is shaking Paul's hand and simultaneously stabbing him in the back 21:00:34
what happens with small businesses when Ron Paul is 20:54:40
Tomorrow Slaves Stand Tall 20:52:26
Ben Bernanke Tries To Convince America That The Federal Reserve Is Good And The Gold Standard Is Bad 20:41:24
Mitt Romney's Donkey 20:39:48
LA Liberty Activist on RT 20:34:17
The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says Are Happening At JP Morgan Will Blow Your Mind 20:33:54
Saudi Arabia And China Team Up To Build A Gigantic New Oil Refinery - Is This The Beginning Of The End For The Petrodollar? 20:30:54
The Genius Of Ron Paul 20:16:51
Ron Paul Live Video, Mesa Arizona Breakfast 20:11:07
An Iranian's view on a Nuclear Iran 19:55:39
RT: Ron Paul is not giving up, neither are his supporters 19:49:02
Establishment Effort to Ruin Ron Paul Campaign 2012- Mainstream Media Lies Revealed 19:39:16
Do we have any millionaires or wealthy people on the DP? 19:32:33
The corrupt GOP establishment is truly starting to rear their ugly heads by endorsing Romney. 19:31:48
Western NC Regional Delegates Meeting 19:20:55
Onsite backup for computer 19:05:09
Updated: Crowd at UW Tonight! Paul Radio Interview 18:57:24
Flag of the Republic 18:56:04
The Death Star & Judas Goats: Washington Latest Updates 18:48:09
It's sad when... 18:34:06
Ron Paul's "Wild Ideas" 18:33:19
Is there a live stream of Dr. Paul in Madison tonight? 18:25:25
Army sergeant who gave life to save Afghan child being flown home for burial 18:20:57
Wanna know where we get new supporters and DONORS? 18:12:44
Charge GOP leaders who call the cops with "false reporting." 18:05:42
North Dakota State Convention - March 30-April 1 17:56:33
[VIDEO] Dana Loesch (@Dloesch)...PWNED 17:52:58
Ron Paul on Trayvon Martin Case 17:46:11
RP Time Man of the Year? Vote here! 17:42:07
Dr. Paul officially endorses MN State Rep. Kurt Bills for US Senate! More 'Liberty BackUp' headed Our Way! 17:34:26
Dr. K in Action: Canvassing in St. Charles, MO: Let's Do This Everywhere for the Win! 17:28:28
Oath of Affliation at Texas Precinct Conventions-Experts needed for advise 17:25:29
Gold Price Manipulation: How It's Done, The Evidence & 57-page Report for Download 17:21:36
_ 17:18:47
"Inflation is NOT a problem" says MarketWatch Contributor! 17:16:44
Robo call of the Judge Nap. in Texas 17:05:02
Great Ron Paul Speech 3-28 College Park MD 16:49:52
Discounting the Power of Deception 16:20:36
Jim Grant on CNBC right now (4:16 ET) 16:19:15
Please sign to help Dr. Paul get on SNL 16:16:57
Texas for Ron Paul Rally and Music Fest 16:15:37
Azerbaijan sells Israel an airfield 16:13:30
Need help inviting Utah State Delegates to Events 16:09:05
Goldwater v santorum 16:04:54
Ben Swann (Reality Check) Interview with Josh Tolley on Santorum Delegate Count, and Paul Gaining 16:04:24
Well, I convinced one person 16:00:02
Please add your input to the April 15, 2012 "In it To Win It" MONEYBOMB planning! 15:55:07
End Of The American Dream 15:51:38
Electing Liberty Candidates 15:42:51
Michigan RINO Senator retaliates! 15:35:53
Why Dr. Ron Paul's National Defense Plan and Foreign Policy Are the Only Humane Options 15:31:44
India and China. That`s a lot of young men for armies 15:26:44
The Bible & Ron Paul (video) 15:25:14
IN IT TO WIN IT - April 15th Moneybomb 15:24:48
What the hell are they smoking over there at the Hannity show ... 15:20:02
2016 starts NOW: Is Rand running for president? (he's off to Iowa) 15:17:22
The Establishments LAST weapon against Ron Paul 15:08:58
Ron Paul youth organizer only Republican running in California's new 33rd Congressional District 15:08:53
The Maven - My Post - 48 hrs after exclusive with OpEdNews 14:52:36
USS Enterprise Prepares To Cross Suez Canal, Days Away From Anchor In Arabian Sea 14:48:35
Bay Area Fundraiser 14:47:09
'Walmart of weed' to open in DC Friday 14:44:35
URGENT Help Needed ASAP in New Jersey! 14:32:26
Ron Paul Endorses U.S. Senate Candidate Rep. Kurt Bills of Minnesota 14:31:41
Fox News Poll Completely Misses 14:21:21
WBAL: See Video: "Paul Vows To Stay In Race" 14:10:03
Sheldon Adelson On Newt Gingrich: "He's At The End Of His Line" 14:02:08
Bernanke's on the Loose! Watch the Videos. Know the Enemy. 13:52:04
Obamacare reversal seals Republican fate in November 13:48:01
The U.S. Dollar During WWI and the Recession of 1920 13:45:27
Israeli Relations - GOP of today vs Reagan 13:27:08
Why Does Ron Paul Continue To Pack Houses? 13:15:54
How We Are Different Than Democrats and Republicans 13:08:41
Media lumping Paul in with other Republicans who can't attract young voters 13:07:08
How States, not Courts, will Stop Mandates such as Obamacare & other Statist Nonsense 13:04:08
FBI corruption: Is it Ethical For Paid Informants to be used as Witnesses? 13:01:18
When trying to spread the good word of the doctor, the bottom line is... 13:00:19
Greenwald on 3 congressional challengers 12:57:28
DRUDGE headline newts backer:"He's At The End Of His Line" 12:46:49
HuffPo: Romney Los Angeles fundraiser protested by US. 12:43:10
US Treasury Entertains Ancient Scheme of "Coin Clipping" by Emperors but by Digital Method 12:22:25
Ron Paul Can Save America with a 3rd Party Run! 12:16:14
Santorum in Fairfield, CA today 29 Mar 2012 12:13:06
Let’s punish the promiscuous for increasing health care costs 12:05:28
Grassroots Fundraisers/Brainstorming session 12:00:02
Free speech group lists 12 colleges least willing to respect 1st Amendment 11:59:08
450 million bullets for 311 million Americans. Lousy aim? 11:50:59
Report: 97% of DC Metro operators black, whites passed over for management jobs 11:46:53
2012 Time 100 Poll: Vote your conscience... 11:34:23
Boycott Jelly Belly This Easter - JB supports Santorum 11:32:59
Could the Pope endorse Ron Paul? Write him! 11:15:28
Ron Paul is the first GOP candidate to be on the ballot in all 50 states! 11:06:01
This is probably the most incredible article I've come across yet 10:50:11
Ron Paul and the Ultimate Gold Standard 10:48:45
Eyez, by ZionEyez 10:46:45
Putting your cat's head in bread is a real internet trend 10:39:47
Ron Paul Should Give Ben Swann An Extended Interview 10:32:24
Good Deeds and the Good Doctor 10:30:27
Barack Obama's plan to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserves 10:23:08
Resurrecting Ron Paul '08 threads ... why...?..PR of course 09:54:04
Judge Judy: Here's who you support with Taxes! 09:47:11
Anyone know a U.S. citizen in Norway? Need my absentee ballot signed! 09:41:25
Daily Proverb 09:24:46
Daily Paul: Upstate Ny Needs Your Help! 08:57:46
Doug Wead Blog: A spy’s report from inside the Romney campaign 08:39:58
You can take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill 08:20:31
Funny Jokes 07:58:58
Rubio endorses status quo Romney 07:49:49
Obama State Department set to cede oil-rich Alaska islands to Russia 07:47:22
Healthcare federalization in Supreme Court IV: Cuccinelli comments after day 3 07:46:35
Gingrich revamps campaign to deny Romney delegates 07:38:13
Can I Vote? KY 05:46:43
Ron Paul Considers Running As Independent 05:02:25
Can I Vote? 04:53:55
I called Gov. David patterson made fun of Paul Ryan Budget today... 04:22:47
A Tale of Intrigue (Spying on the Opposition) - MUST READ 03:59:43
New Ron Paul ad: Real Change 03:31:35
VIDEO: House Defeats Bill To Stop Employers Demanding Your Facebook Password 03:07:53
Breaking: Tim DeChristopher Placed in Isolated Confinement 03:04:14
Need a pick-me-up? Watch Ron Paul's NH Primary Speech (video here) 02:47:42
Ron Paul In Maryland Front Page Youtube 02:01:39
Lone Star College 01:43:12
SuperPAC funding for Congress 01:26:51
A Toke A Day Keeps The Stroke Away 01:22:55
CNN is taking a dump. 01:20:58
Government Explained 01:20:47
Global to Local the UN is in your backyard 01:16:14
Ron Paul Ad - Real Change 01:12:11
Ron Paul gets the rock star treament at Univ of Maryland! 00:51:52
Romney poster: "Obamacare, Repeal & Replace" 00:49:14
Establishment Caucus plans 00:45:23
RAY GUN 2.0 "The High Tech Weapon That Does Not Kill! It Seemed Ideal For Controlling Mobs" 00:40:13
3 fun memes that make a point 00:31:48
Christie's Pot Program Delay Is Sabotage 00:26:40
Nigel in 00:07:37