Posted on March 3, 2012

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Video or it Didn't Happen 22:40:20
Ron Paul Washington State Post Caucus Speech - March 3, 2012 20:56:43
26 degrees, SNOW? We SIGN BOMBED in Illinois today! 20:28:58
Rawesome Foods' James Stewart Arrested on $1 Million Warrant 18:56:04
DP Eyewitness: Several Hundred People Turned Away-Benton County WA-PHOTOS ADDED! 18:02:27
Beast: How Ron Paul's Minions Plan to Hijack the GOP Convention 09:03:53
Ron Paul Explains Why He's Not Winning Primary States 09:03:15
Video: Dr. Paul's TownHall @ Spokane, Ridgefield/Vancouver, & Seattle WA - March 2nd 02:42:14
I'm Sick and Tired of the Blackout! I’ll put another $2,000 dollars on the table if someone will help me! 23:03:03
NEW VIDEO: Imagine America Restored! 13:13:13
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The R3VOLution Is Just Beginning! 23:56:30
I need more Wead please 23:55:26
Who Controls the Media? 23:50:59
Great Article by GQ Magazine/ Interview with Soldier and Marine 23:42:38
Potatoland: Our Key to 2012 23:39:27
Voting fraud against Ron Paul is AWESOME! 23:26:53
The Real Deal 23:18:29
This is How you Protest ELECTION FRAUD 23:16:06
Romney Delegate Strength only 1.99 out of 100 23:15:56
Ron Paul coming up on FOX 23:13:17
Peace officers 23:12:23
Ron Paul's Post Washington Caucus Speech - 3/3/2012 23:09:46
CNN Mobile omits Ron Paul from delegate score count! 23:06:50
Strategy 23:01:05
NPR: Ron Paul Is The Only Candidate That Will Cut The Budget 23:00:42
Ron Paul Draws Crowds of 1,000 plus Voters in Washington 22:58:16
Genesis 47:13-27 Recent Virginia Church Service - Stimulus Sermon 22:50:16
Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano at The Ohio State University 2010 22:40:37
Calling All NorCal SupportersCupertino Sign Wave 22:36:23
CNN - Ron Paul 2012 : The Jolt America Needs (Video) 22:31:21
Wish Paul would have done Huck Forum 22:30:05
Ron Paul vs Limbaugh-Gentleman vs Vulgarian 22:28:28
Need Help in Pennsylvania 22:23:26
Douglas A.Macgregor DON'T DO IT! Attacking Iran is Not the Way towards Stability 22:07:35
Where is REV PAC's Army of poll watchers tonight? 22:07:31
All this fraud is not good for my health! 22:01:08
NC GOP Precinct and County Conventions Today: My Experience 21:55:41
Michael Scheuer: When war comes, Dr Paul can say, "George Washington and I tried to warn you!" 21:51:01
Paul-N-it 21:26:23
CNN showing Paul & Santorum tied for 2nd... 21:22:37
Homebrewers for Ron Paul! 21:16:20
WA caucus: Ron Paul wins exit poll for 2nd Legislative District 21:04:43
Car and Driver excludes RP 21:01:54
Europe for Ron Paul: answer questionnaire for school please 21:00:18
Ron Paul: Decriminalize commerce! 20:48:47
Ron Paul wins Massachusetts straw poll with more than fifty percent 20:46:52
Daily Paul is the only website that doesn´t follow me online 20:26:34
Trolls are Trolling! 20:22:20
Please post all of the Mainstream Media Lies you find 20:20:11
Why “Normal” People May Not Run for Congress 20:06:03
Washington Delegates 20:01:06
The efforts here to capture the Republican nomination should cease 19:53:29
[VIDEO] 17 minutes of media bias against Ron Paul. Irrefutable evidence. 19:27:09
Stupid Wolf Blubberitz just asked Newt 19:09:57
Scientific Evidence: Why Americans Don't Vote For Ron Paul 19:06:05
BREAKING: Ron Paul After-caucus Party Announced 18:55:01
MSNBC: Ron Paul's message is Pure NO BS ! 18:46:33
I Demand Free Condoms! 18:40:59
Rush Caves or How the Right Gets Played by the Left 18:09:44
Ron Paul: Alone but not lonely at Washington caucuses 18:05:21
Washington GOP chair predicts Romney, Paul win in state's caucuses 17:54:50
Leaked Stratfor Emails: Osama Bin Laden’s Body Flown to Delaware, Not Buried at Sea 17:49:42
IMPORTANT: 1500 Voters Turned Away In Kennewick, Washington! 17:41:38
CNN Caught Faking Syrian "Danny" Footage? 17:37:40
Market Crash of 1929 - video - 8mins. 17:24:28
Michael Scheuer - Israel owns Congress 17:19:47
Proposed Declaration Of Independence From The Republican Party 17:17:34
DRUDGE : TSA Humiliates Woman : "Prove Your Breast Pump Is Real ! " (Video) 17:13:00
PSALMS 73 (It gets interesting from verse 12 on) This Chapter Endorses Paul's Ideas. 17:04:46
LA Times : In Washington State, Ron Paul Has a Shot At First Win.. 16:57:48
Mainstream Media Lies 16:43:02
Ron Paul vs. The Fed: What's the Real Inflation Rate? 16:28:39
Ron Paul vs. The Fed: What's the Real Inflation Rate? 16:27:52
Ron Paul Super Brochure Hi-Res Graphic? 16:27:39
WA Votes Tallied Long After The Caucus Today! 16:20:45
Newt Leads Georgia with 38%... Ron Paul at 3% ? 16:19:44
Christie Cristie-I'd Roll with Mitt 16:17:37
Wall Street, Fed face off over physical commodities 16:09:25
So Much for Santorum's Advantage in Ohio... 16:08:51
Song for our brave military men and women 16:06:17
Govrnment Gone Wild 15:53:52
Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Withdrawal and Side Effects Explained - Here's How to Protect Yourself 15:31:28
4 letter word for "rising gas prices" - IRAN! (clip) 15:22:47
Ron Paul Super Brochure Hi-Res Graphic? 15:10:36
Only the government could get away with this 15:01:57
Andrew Breitbart's unexpected death sparks wild conspiracy theories 14:50:29
Take to flight 2012 (two thousand twelve) Ron Paul BLIMPS! 14:46:57
Oklahoma GOP convention question 14:41:13
MYFOX ORLANDO : Japan Invents 'Speech Jamming' Gun That Silences People in Mid Sentence 14:39:08
"Chaos" in WA; Attendance Beyond Capacity-Update: Fraud Reported-Google Has Results 21:20:00
Mitt Romney Confronted on NDAA, Bailouts and Tarp. Secret Service Gets Upset (Video) 14:28:35
Is there a Ron Paul Slate for Ohio State Central Committee? 14:17:49
Ron Paul Kicks Laura Ingraham's Ass '08 14:16:03
BRILLIANT ! Must Read : Commentary about Current Events, Written by a Pastors Wife 14:14:38
This just in from Thurston County Washington, per Washinton for Ron Paul 14:11:31
"I Like Ron Paul, But..." 14:05:13
Groove Bomb! SUPPORT Music for PEACE & RON PAUL In 2012* 13:54:37
Forty-eighter Mindset: “…cause a bloodbath to destroy the party of barbarism” - (video) 13:53:31
Photo: Redmond Caucus-Lots of Ron Paul Bumper Stickers 13:30:55
Doug Wead - Video Clips 13:25:51
Report: Santorum could be ineligible for 18 Ohio delegates 13:18:03
The speech I'm prepared to make this morning in Washington 13:15:02
I made a great handout 13:13:12
Energy Secretary Chu Admits Administration OK with High Gas Prices 13:10:46
Friends in Washington, Maine, Nevada,.. Take Over the GOP. 13:08:37
Santorum Meets the Enemy on the Battleground of Ideas: After Soft- Attack on Limbaugh "It's Himself." 13:07:04
Where are the Castine results from today's Maine caucus? 12:57:27
Warren Buffett Paradigm Puppet 12:57:12
newt 12:56:13 "Yes, Ron Paul Gets More Military Donations Than All Other Candidates Combined" 12:54:00
The GOP chair of Washington Predicts win for Paul or Romney 12:49:04
Delete 12:45:32
Liberty Tax Service. Oxymoron of the day? 12:35:42
Romney's Finished...Just Watch This Video 12:31:35
Ron Paul at Boise Kibbie Dome 12:04:45
Powerful, powerful article on how we have lost our freedoms forever under NDAA! 11:57:38
We can't win Washington State if... 11:55:59
I Have A Dream 11:50:36
IRONIC, Arlen Specter forewarns us of Rick Santorum (The Hypocrite) @ 15:00 11:38:04
Rand Paul Introduces Ron Paul to 2,000+ Freedom-Loving Supporters in Springfield, VA (VIDEO) 11:36:46
How To Win Washington TODAY. Guaranteed! 17:25:51
I can't stop watching the news. 11:17:14
The Short, Unhappy Lives of Fiat Currencies (about 27 years) 11:03:28
Video: Hidden Camera Shows Romney Knows How To Get His Hands On Washington Insider Money 10:54:30
Nate Silver Thinks Ron Paul Could Win Washington 10:51:28
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Situation in Zimbabwe 10:46:56
R3volution Party 2014! We Can Do This! *please Read* 09:57:33
Watch Washington Caucus Results Here 09:49:37
BI: Ron Paul Believes in an Inflation Consipracy Theory: And Here's Why It's Totally Wrong 09:17:43
Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Stop In Washington State The Night Before Republican Caucus 09:15:54
What were they thinking! 09:15:49
Counterfeit Romney 09:07:58
Think about THIS...old people MATTER 08:54:05
Fractal Analysis: Gold to $3,500 this year still likely despite crash 08:15:52
Earth's True Birth 07:28:34
PROMOTIONAL FLYERS Comparison Chart of the 4 GOP Candidates to give to People Brainwashed by the Mainstream 07:04:37
Ron Paul's Financial Army 07:01:48
South Park and Ron Paul - LOL! 10:44:55
[Totally Random... sort of] Time For Laugh 06:51:05
Is the cat outta the bag, too early? RINOs Nationwide Apoplectic at Prospect of Total R3VOL TakeOver! 06:47:02
H&R Block analyze GOP Candidates' Tax Plans & the Winner Is... 06:27:03
Give me Liberty or give me DEBTH 06:04:29
Severe Weather 3/02/2012 04:59:27
"Imagine There's No Limbaugh..." 04:55:06
Attention Washington Caucus goers: Print these Comparison sheets and hand it out at your Caucus sites 04:41:33
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joins Don & Roma (AUDIO) 04:07:36
Video: Dr. Paul's TownHall @ Clark County Event Center, Ridgefield WA - Friday, March 2, 2012 03:58:35
Video: Brush Fires of Liberty 03:56:08
CNN Admits Ron Paul Might Be What America Needs! 03:32:00
Replace Operation Hilarity with Operation Coup 03:28:46
Iowa’s delegate seats for sale: Sources 03:16:25
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul calls for increasing U.S. oil supply (VIDEO) 03:14:30
Ron Paul on Corporate Welfare 03:03:22
We are slaves here 02:54:23
Look At This! Brilliant! 02:38:07
★Live Stream Of Grass Roots Event in SANTA MONICA Now!★ 02:30:19
Live Stream Of Fort Worth Town Hall After interviews! 02:29:03
Wow, game over for Romney? 02:27:07
Mormons for Ron Paul chart: Romney vs. Paul 01:57:44
Open forum on Romney/Paul Ticket 01:45:36
Video All These Things That I've Done : Ron Paul 2012 01:43:14
BREAKING: Mitt Romney Urged Obama to Embrace the Individual Mandate 01:41:41
Meet The Real Mittrack Obamney 01:38:47
[Video] Ron Paul Song - Truth & Liberty by Shine Nine 01:28:36
"Rick Santorum: Frothing Mad?" A Fact-Check 01:15:44
Andrew Breitbart v. The Arrogant Bastards 01:06:27
Moneybomb/AD idea TOP 3 DONORS 00:51:16
Peyton Hillis ...Retiring? 00:30:49
Declaration of Food Independence! 00:24:00
Breaking Through the Misinformation and Ignorance 00:09:53
New Youtube Video - Tennessee for Ron Paul! 00:07:50
Rick's DONE! May run away from Words, but NOT Video: CSPAN 1996 w/Specter “Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose” 07:28:58