Posted on March 30, 2012

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Ron Paul On "Face The Nation" W / Bob Schieffer - CBS 4-1-12 22:35:32
BREAKING: Santorum Directs WA Team to Form Coalition w/ Paul Supporters 22:05:20
Yet ANOTHER Pro-Paul Letter To The Editor In WI Newspaper! 19:18:51
Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War 08:34:48
What to do if local convention rules are violated, Chairman, Police... 09:38:44
Newly Found Ron Paul Speech from 2003 07:56:23
Full Video: Dr. Paul Packs RECORD 5,200+ Crowd @ U of Wisconsin @ Madison, March 29, 2012! 06:38:18
Daily Paul Silver Dime Card Drive by Freedom's Phoenix 10:48:03
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Plz Help! I'm going to cover my entire car with Ron Paul Bumper stickers. 23:49:29
My New Screen Saver-Revolution coming 23:40:35
Secrets Of Prometheus Film Leaked 23:29:51
ViDEO: Health Care Mandates vs Pizza Toppings 23:12:54
We will welcome the next Christmas Day 23:08:01
Philip Defranco- over one million viewers-mentions Ron Paul blackout! 23:06:55
Gingrich Camp Talks Of Shared Ticket With Santorum 22:51:52
ViDEO: How an Economy Grows and Why it Doesn't 22:49:33
Campaign it is time for a new Contract To Restore America with liberty candidates 22:42:17
Students Campaigned for Ron Paul at University of Houston 22:39:51
The Campaign needs to do Some GUN ADDS NOW! 22:33:19
Live Media Bomb 22:18:18
Voters in Upcoming Primaries: Confirm Your Vote with this Court-Tested Affidavit 22:14:46
12 Worst Colleges for Free Speech in 2012 22:14:14
It's getting vetoed! Hallmarks of a Ron Paul Presidency 22:12:59
Tampa Bay Host Committee announces Honorary Co-Chairs 22:08:09
Whole new ballgame 22:02:19
Money Bomb Still Going Mods Get this on Front Page 21:44:30
What would be required to convince me that taxation is not theft. 21:39:31
Silver Advice in light of video 21:36:19
Heal like doctor Ron Paul heals America 21:30:43
Important Message From Congressman Ron Paul 21:14:11
20 Signs That We Are Witnessing The Complete Collapse Of Common Sense In America 21:09:36
4409 says America is a Free Speech Zone & theft is theft 21:07:41
American Elect: Not Independent—a Part of Democrat Party 21:05:39
Pro-Liberty Republican running against Waxman in California’s new 33rd Congressional District 21:03:39
Where Does the Supreme Court Get Its Power? 21:01:38
[UPDATE] - Leak Now Costing 2.5 Million A Day - Oil Firm Races to Plug North Sea Leak 20:51:13
NY Times - UPDATE : Keith Olbermann Fired For 'Serial' Breach Of Contract 20:45:02
Update on NDAA 20:17:26
Video: Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski was on the TV! FOX/WHSV Harrisonburg, VA - March 28, 2012 20:12:06
I Killed The Bank, Join A Credit Union And Kiss Your Bank Goodbye 20:11:38
Cutest Ron Paul Video Ever 20:08:59
Gingrich, Paul, Santorum Accept Texas GOP Debate Invite 20:08:32
RP Gold Standard T-Shirt 20:01:38
Here is a real crime and why Ron Paul is right about decriminalization 19:59:09
New Texas GOP Debate 19:53:57
Shocking! NDAA On Trial! 19:47:15
Mitt Romney: In Your Heart, You Know He’s A Loser 19:44:07
Ultimate Tea Party Truth Bomb! 19:33:34
Your Vacation plans for this year should be in August to Tampa! 19:29:51
NDAA Lawsuit: Hearing commenced in Fed. Court, NY. Hedges, Chomsky, & Ellsberg all testified! 18:51:39
Where Does the Supreme Court Get Its Power? 18:43:06
Keith Olbermann got fired! 18:35:11
Ron Paul Radio 18:32:30
I could only donate $6.00 to Ron Paul... 18:18:02
A way to help Dr. Paul get the senior and religion vote 18:16:44
What would you do if YOU won the 640 million ? 17:43:45
Wisconsin Court of Appeals’ ruling that American Flag may be used as toilet paper 17:42:05
Army Reserve reprimands soldier who backed Paul 17:31:20
Can anybody find me... 17:21:36
Android App With Ron Paul 17:12:07
cool 17:03:03
Ron Paul still losing Time magazine poll by 3x as much compared to #1 16:59:12
Cpl. Jesse Thorsen Officially Reprimanded by US Army: "It was ABSOLUTELY worth It!" 16:56:39
Common Denominator 16:26:09
Ron Paul, The Kid's Choice For President 16:20:04
Signs and symptoms of more war to come 16:16:45
Peter Schiff on The Atlantic's Economic Panel 16:13:01
Concurrent 16:02:50
New for Texas supporters! 15:58:52
The Federal Reserve’s public relations campaign, and why it's doomed to fail 15:58:44
Justice Scalia says reading ObamaCare violates the 8th Ammendment 15:57:07
understanding the free market society - podcasts for 15:50:17
Greenwald on "The most transparent administration ever!" 15:22:47
If I win the $640 million mega millions tonight 15:18:13
Army Reserve Reprimands Soldier Who Backed Ron Paul! 14:54:22
How Utah Could Lose Half Its National Delegates And Why That's Good For Ron Paul 14:14:29
Did Rick Santorum almost call President Obama the N-word? w VID 14:09:36
FLASH! Ron Paul Making Important Announcement on Leland Conway Show 3:30pm ET 14:08:47
Help Rep Justin Amash Celebrate his 32nd Birthday! 14:03:51
Mormons and Ron Paul 13:52:38
Court Hears Arguments In Lawsuit Against Obama Indefinite Detention Law 13:52:14
Ron Paul Ad - Real Change 13:50:04
Army Officially Reprimands Soldier Who Spoke At Ron Paul Rally 13:47:25
Obama Clears Sanctions on Iran 13:42:54
SUPERHERO..Song for Dr.Paul from his Canadian Loyalists...Vote up PLEASE 13:29:28
MUST SEE: Ron Paul Activists Fight and Defeat Tyranny in Madison, WI, Parking Lot Plus More 13:25:14
Unorthodox Situation Requires Unorthodox Solution: "The Odd Couple" 13:23:37
Ron Paul has over 4 times as many votes as President Obama on 13:22:58
Supreme Court’s Decision Allowing Minors to Buy Violent Video Games is Unconstitutional 13:21:43
Ron Paul Woodstock Event! 13:19:22
South Carolina House Panel Ok's Gold-Silver As Legal Currency if business will accept it 13:16:59
VIDEO : Army Officially Reprimands Soldier Who Spoke At Ron Paul Rally 13:02:31
How much of your Mega Millions would you donate to RevPac? 12:50:18
. 12:49:55
Ron Paul Speech at the University of Wisconsin 12:37:30
Old Glory, RIP 12:16:13
Ron Paul Rally at the University of Wisconsin 3/29/2012 (FULL VIDEO) 11:57:17
Michigan US Senate candidate Scotty Boman launches Recall Carl Levin campaign 11:48:55
After the convention... what then? 11:47:49
A Visual Rebuttal to the Media Blackout? 11:40:06
Santorum says the N Word In a Speech? 11:34:07
Time to get back at the media Baba Booey style. 11:33:30
Wow ... we know the establishment/MSM has been throwing everything they have at the Ron Paul wave, but ... 11:15:43
New Texas Convention Website 11:09:21
If Romney's nominated and wins, will Rand challenge in '16? 11:06:24
Another $17 trillion surprise found in Obamacare 10:27:20
Would you please pass this along? 10:04:09
Army Kicks Paul Soldier in the Face 09:58:14
Please someone get the campaign to start video taping these huge rallys! 09:48:56
Roe v. Wade: Worst decision ever 09:48:18
Ron Paul - The Real Fed Has Been Audited !.. 09:31:33
Romney Unhinged...Sweet Justice... 09:19:17
VERY POWERFUL-Dr. Martin Luther King Speaks to The 99% Movement 09:03:36
An Open Letter to the Citizens of the United States of America 08:55:39
The Accelerating Economic Death Spiral 08:50:35
What Did Martin Luther King Jr. Say About War Costs? 08:47:58
Money Speculators 100 Times More Dangerous to Our Liberties Than Enemy's Arms - George Washington, 1779 08:31:00
Bankers Gone Wild - How The Us Government Helped Wall Street 08:17:16
Hypocrisy and the High Court 08:10:45
Where's the beef? 07:55:56
United States to give Tunisia 100 MILLION DOLLARS for “Debt Relief”! 07:28:11
Sheldon Adelson: Gingrich 'At End of His Line' 05:43:24
Radiation blowback: 10 times lethal level registered at Fukushima 05:41:21
1 in 88 Kids Has Autism 05:39:40
Doctor Says Symptoms of Gulf War Illness and Oil Spill Illness Are 'Identical' 05:37:50
Massive Gas Leak Could Be the North Sea's Deepwater Horizon 05:30:33
Ron Paul campaign releases full 10-minute documentary 05:24:41
Bibi: First We’ll Take Tehran, Then We’ll Take Istanbul 05:21:58
Good Night, America, and Good-Bye 05:17:48
Impact of military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities 'unclear,' says U.S. report 05:15:11
Is Your Cell Phone Killing You? 05:13:21
Look at this vile disgusting piece of filth! 04:28:28
US should follow Canada's fiscal policies. Dr Paul would approve. 04:20:12
Earl Scruggs died 04:13:03
Washington Caucus - Santorum Campaign says 'No More Unity Slate' 03:30:01
Why aren't we taking over the Democratic party too. 03:24:52
Student Debt Gets Even Worse 02:57:27
What is the role of Government in a free society? 02:53:30
Capture (repost) Change forum for change times. 02:44:38
Who is the figure in government or public service that you admire most? 02:39:53
The Right to Run Red Lights 02:36:31
The Daily Economist: "Central Banks: And then there were three who remained free 02:22:04
Any information for 43rd district King County caucus Washington state? 01:53:08
Mass Arrests Coming Soon 01:48:45
[Poll] Should Ron Paul Be On TIME ? Please VOTE DEFINITELY ! 01:40:19
Ron Paul Slams Piers Morgan on 3/26/2012 Interview 01:30:36
More Ron Paul Delegate Blocking in Washington State! 01:06:27
Marry Wilson on RUSSIA TODAY: "Ron Paul is NOT giving up" 01:01:56
Ron Paul gathers 5,200 supporters while Joe Biden gathers 150 supporters 00:45:03
2,500? Madison Police Can't Count 00:40:58
Get Ron Paul on the cover of TIME magazine! Vote here! 00:04:23
Not a Single Person Booed 08:27:34