Posted on March 31, 2012

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Ron Paul Sweeps All Delegates From Nye County, Nevada! 19:15:00
Heading to WA County Caucus Today 08:43:22
This national TV ad could end the media blackout for Ron Paul. Are you in? 08:43:21
Ron Paul Draws 5,200 to Wisconsin Rally. Media Deems It NOT Newsworthy! 10:32:29
Medved says Medicaid is not redistribution of wealth! 08:28:15
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Ron Paul To Speak At Univeristy of California - Berkley April 5th (Thursday) 23:48:50
Paul, Santorum, And Gingrich Accept Invite To Texas GOP Debate; Cocky Mitt Romney 'Declines' 23:44:06
URGENT! US Senate candidates debate tomorrow @ 11:30 on NBC10 Philadelphia 23:34:33
Rick Santorum profited from treasonous US missiles sales to Iran [SECRET TEAM!] 23:24:48
F*ck Authority 23:21:30
Hey Guys, did you know that ALL HollowPt/JHP are "Cop-Killer Bullets?" So says "Conservative" Murdoch's NY Post! 23:03:06
I just went off on my sister for supporting Romney and it was not pretty. 22:56:32
Fight Till You Die 22:54:01
Need advice on having children in this economy 22:46:57
Ron Paul Doing Great in Minnesota! 22:46:46
DanConway's End of 1st Quarter Matching Thread 22:41:03
WA Times - Thomas Mullen: Rumors of Ron Paul campaign demise greatly exaggerated 22:38:53
Nice piece of memorabilia! 22:32:12
Anyone else a little offended by the OMG banner? 22:29:56
Doug Wead's blog about what happened in North Dakota-Romney lawyers rig election 22:28:57
My liberty-minded friend arguing for a reduction in the drinking age. 22:09:52
Always Check Your Change 22:08:13
Statement from Steve Munisteri, Texas State GOP Chairman on the Delegate Count 21:59:47
Site somewhat hijacked? 21:55:35
Ron Paul is more republican than his GOP opponents 21:47:12
☛"How Do You Kill 11 Million People?" ☛First There Was Ben Swann. ☛Now There Is Andy Andrews! [VIDEO] 21:40:13
anyone encountered twitter censorship? 21:37:35
Rumors of Ron Paul Campaign Demise Greatly Exaggerated 21:12:12
OK I'm getting sick of my FOX watching uncle shooting down EVERYTHING 21:03:12
Could this work in winning RP Wisconsin? 20:49:07
Ron Paul Snr Advisor Doug Wead Interview with Frost – Mar 31 2012 20:48:30
More delegate disenfranchisement 20:46:08
Missouri House OKs Candidate Birth Records Requirement Must Be Natural Born Citizen 20:39:28
BREAKING : The Spirit Of Ron Paul Is In EVERY Single Oklahoma District 5 Delegate 20:35:39
Santorum calls Obama the "N" word! 20:29:22
Reminder: Ron Paul on Face the Nation tomorrow, April 1. 20:23:19
Thomas Massie for Congress in KY - Endorsed by Ron Paul! 20:19:25
You say you have an idea for a superduper game changing ad? Don't expect a PAC to run with it. 20:18:37
Blacking Out The Pied Piper's Fiddle 19:51:13
Best books and links on the real, unadulterated Constitution 19:24:07
"The LAST thing we want is the United Nations Controlling the Internet" 19:19:49
Paul Supporters SWEEP Nye County, Nevada 19:03:54
We give Israel $3 Trillion 19:03:38
Ron Paul to Speak at Maine GOP Convention on May 5th 19:00:20
Rumors of Ron Paul campaign demise greatly exaggerated 18:46:11
Did Santorum Just Say...The "N Word"? 18:29:02
Best books on the real, unadulterated Constitution 18:27:21
Reuters Agenda to Stop Ron Paul 18:26:47
California , The home of real men, Hard to believe. 18:24:52
Smackdown! We Need More Like Him! - vid 18:23:33
Reuters Agenda to Stop Ron Paul 18:13:35
Question about voting in WI on April 3rd... 18:04:27
If We Went on a Fringe Binge...We'd Win 18:01:12
Ron Paul, the kids’ choice for president (Photo gallery) 17:58:54
Al-Aqsa Mosque - The Reason Iran Would Never Nuke Israel 17:53:25
RT : U.S. Obstructing Investigation In Kandhar Massacre? 17:45:09
"Israel is so tiny all it would take is one..." 17:23:55
Ice Cream Van graphics for Ron Paul 17:20:15
Check Out Our Signage! 16:47:11
Some of the best lessons in libertarian freedom I have ever read ! 16:31:40
The Big List of Failed Predictions 16:23:16
Video: Trayvon Martin Case vs. Stephon Watts Case, It's the State vs. YOU, Stupid! 16:17:33
. 16:05:06
WA 43rd LD Caucus - Paul's "Open Convention Slate" SWEEPS IT, Romney shut out 15:55:20
A Complete Idiot's Guide to Rigging a caucus 15:53:46
April 15, 2012 End the IRS Money Bomb / In it To Win It Money Bomb 15:41:41
Pro-Gun States in Upcoming Primaries 15:41:24
New England Liberty Love Fest 15:41:13
Over 6 Million Views on YouTube - Classic RON PAUL AD - "Awesome!" 15:27:30
Ben Swann: Santorum Delegate Count a Lie? Paul Gaining States? 15:16:55
Rand Paul : GOP Establishment Like 'Sharks Smelling Blood' Who Can't Wait To Close In For The Kill' 15:06:58
Matt Walsh show - An Obama Parable 15:06:42
Prepare ASAP - as in NOW 15:05:13
Freedom Broadcasting Network announces the launch of the Freedom Music & Entertainment channel. 15:03:26
Paul Outdraws the Other 3 COMBINED-Video Proof 14:58:05
Prickly City takes on the NDAA and assassination by drones 14:51:59
We got the congregation now we need a REVOLUTION! 14:49:54
Ron Paul rally in Hammond, La., 3/23/12 14:49:50
George H.W. Bush wore hoodies at White House 14:46:14
Ron Paul's saturday on Korelin Economics Report 14:41:13
Video - Sheriff Arpaio : Obamas Documents Are Amateur Phonies 14:28:52
False Flag Alert: American Ambassador to Kabul Claims al Qaeda Planning 9/11 Style Attacks in Afghanistan 14:13:04
Ron Paul LINUX 14:08:37
I keep getting emails from Santorum's campaign, asking me for money 14:03:55
Disney in the past: Reason vs Emotion 13:55:29
Obama team spending $18 million on a freaking website 13:50:15
Jeff Deist, Chief of Staff for Congressman Ron Paul 13:11:42
Osama Bin Laden's overall strategy 13:11:25
Mass Arrests of Globalists Imminent! 13:10:12
Must Hear: Beautiful Song Invented Just for Ron Paul 12:58:46
Help me be clear on how being a delegate to the state convention in MI makes 12:45:19
NAACP March for Trayvon Martin 12:42:55
[VIDEO] How should I title this brand new video for max views? 12:42:08
Arlington TX 12:35:19
Afghan War Support At Lowest Level Ever But Republicans Love War Hawks Romney And Santorum 12:26:18
The Obamacare $17 Trillion Black Hole 12:08:31
NEW VIDEO PROMO: Freedom Broadcasting Network announces Freedom Music & Entertainment 12:02:38
Minority Report: Era of Total Surveillance Zooms In On US? 12:00:01
Latest polls predict a landslide for Obama 11:55:20
UPDATED: The Super Brochure Wins the Big Island, BIG! Will Win the Rest of the States, Too 11:46:53
Ron Paul on Face the Nation tomorrow, April 1 11:36:30
Whatever happened to the damning Breitbart tapes? 11:23:33
Ron Paul’s A+ Grade @ Gun Owners of America versus the NeoCons ! 11:16:03
NBC Edited Transcripts To Make Zimmerman Look Racist 11:06:07
“"The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes"” 10:52:49
2008 California Primary Results by Congressional District *FOUND* 10:44:43
Remembering Perot election-How letting the "Media Bias" pick Presidents - cost America $10 Trillion in debt. 10:34:14
Take a look at this. 10:29:24
The Libertarian Constitution trumps Libertarian theory–whether on flag burning or other matters 10:25:11
Medved drills Maddow on why she didn't give Ron Paul credit in her book "Drift" 10:16:56
Excellent article-Why We Shouldn’t Want the Media’s Help 10:16:50
Nuclear power is NOT safe. 10:13:41
END of quarter Mini-Bomb anyone? 10:12:09
Straw Poll strategic voting 10:03:43
Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price mentions Ron Paul silver coin on King World News 09:54:11
More Lies From Washington (state of) 09:15:46
Times Poll: Republican turnout higher than 08 only in open primary states 08:54:07
Texas Primary, I want to be a DELEGATE - Please help 08:28:30
Paul Supporters Need to Hear This-'We ARE Losing' 08:28:19
Prayers for my uncle 08:24:34
Exclusive: Iran helps Syria ship oil to China: sources 08:17:11
Max Keiser Talks to Alex Jones About JP Morgan’s Smash and Grab of MF Global 08:11:46
Anti Di Rupo, Pro Ron Paul ! 07:44:46
How to Make Sure Ron Paul Wins in 2012 - PAPER BALLOTS! 07:39:05
NC Representative Glen Bradley, Candidate for NC Senate District 18 iCaucus Endorsed 07:32:19
. 07:24:44
Offering a Reward for Documents from MSM Ordering Exclusion of Ron Paul 05:52:12
(VIDEO) 4409 - Mesa Police Lynch Free Speech 05:41:03
Were Jews ever really slaves in Egypt, or is Passover a myth? 04:47:05
Keith Olbermann get fired for speaking against Gov 04:37:07
The Democrats Plan For Re-Election 04:19:50
Is it me or were we more creative in 2008 04:19:20
The Good And the Bad Of Yesterday 03:50:33
Which Superpac to donate to 02:57:02
Ron Paul rEVOLution Continues...coast2coast...WE ARE WAKING UP! 02:44:19
Romney’s Advisers Met With Obama to Help Craft ‘Obamacare’ - Fox News 02:39:14
For My Fellow Soldiers with Liberty, Behind our Commander in Chief for Liberty : Dr. Ron Paul 02:30:26
Ron Paul Endorses Kurt Bills (MN) 02:17:02
This planet will become a garden! 02:11:21
Here's a flyer to share, with an added bonus 01:26:08
Ron Paul supporter running for Congress in New York's 6th District 00:52:54
Responding to the drug accusations... 00:40:20
Will Obama Defy Supreme Court If ObamaCare Is Ruled Unconstitutional? 00:30:57
Open letter to the Baby Boomer generation 00:23:30
My band's music video 00:01:32
I want to decorate my bike with Ron Paul stuff, need ideas? 00:01:19
Why I am running for National Delegate 10:20:05