Posted on March 7, 2012

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Ben Swann's Reality Check: The Real Republican Delegate Numbers 20:34:44
Giving Up! 21:34:35
Jack Hunter: Still Winning (Video) 20:03:26
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death 19:03:05
Exclusive: Post Super Tuesday Ron Paul Campaign Update with Jack Hunter 21:30:06
Could a Brokered Convention Still be Possible? Yes! 12:31:09
Must Read: For The Troops 12:17:37
Ron Paul’s Virginia surprise 09:03:51
ATTENTION: Other than taking 1st, the scenario is playing out perfectly! 02:09:02
RON PAUL has the MOST 2nd place finishes to DATE! More than any other candidate 01:45:32
Disappointing BUT the real truth is 00:12:24
Ron Paul North Dakota Super Tuesday Speech 13:04:27
11 Reasons Why The Rest of the Country Should Switch to Caucuses 10:54:08
Super Tuesday Open Thread 16:20:25
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federal reserve 23:51:06
So, tell me again why the GOP keeps insisting that Ron Paul is losing! 23:49:00
In all seriousness, actual projected delegate count.. 23:43:05
Kony 2012, a dangerous pro foreign intervention movie 23:41:22
Ron Paul is in "6th place" in the Democratic Party primaries (beating Romney) 23:40:56
Hawaii Caucus is March 13. Quit Complaining and Get to Work! 23:35:54
Never, Ever Give Up! This Is How I See This Horse Race (Video) 23:34:33
RT Video about Ron Paul super Tuesday Performance 23:33:59
Ted Nugent Backs Romney 23:33:53
Account of RI Ballot Placement Tonight: 23:30:21
What is a Republic? A Democracy? Understanding the American form of government 23:29:52
President Ron Paul North Dakota 23:24:10
Veterans For Liberty Super PAC - By Veterans - In Support of Ron Paul 23:22:56
VIDEO: Mad Mike the Hypnotist on Ron Paul's Foreign Policy 23:22:38
Ron Paul can win Hawaii! 23:22:14
Not Backing Down from Ron Paul Endorsement 23:15:55
Let's Kick Them All OUT! 23:11:37
For Ron 23:06:38
Ron Paul is doing MUCH better than we realize. Here's why... 23:04:07
Love is Like a Rock 23:01:27
The GOP plan 22:59:50
Iran unveils downed US spy drone - US officials do not still want to accept that Iran brought down the plane by a cyberattack 22:57:52
It aint over yet! 22:54:35
Concern about the gold standard... 22:51:50
If We And R P Are Done/not A Threat To The Establishment Then Why Do We Get So Many Trolls? 22:45:43
Ron Paul Campaign to air Television Ad 'Plan' in Hawaii 22:43:21
Ben Swann Critiques Romney's Budget Plan 22:42:51
Ron Paul Jones 22:37:41
Another Pearl from Jim Grant (video interview)... 22:37:00
Ron Paul, The Forrest Gump of 2012 Presidential Politics 22:35:16
North Dakota votes not adding up 22:33:24
This is whom the warmongers want to bomb 22:29:55
We Live In A Time Of Massive, Large Scale Deceit..All One Can Say Is 22:29:30
AIPAC May Have Connections to the 1940s Spy Rings Within the US 22:27:38
Dennis Kucinich Accuses Marcy Kaptur Of Running "Cheap Shot" Campaign 22:25:42
How Ron Paul Wins At The RNC 22:20:38
Dr. Paul needs our support now more than ever. 22:10:14
Europe 22:10:03
How many delegates does Ron Paul have? 21:59:53
Virginia Anti-NDAA Bill HB 1160 Stalls, Calls Needed Now! 21:58:26
Europe 21:56:09
If Super Tuesday Depressed You, You're a Moron... 21:55:33
Economic Policy Journal - Paul Camp : Brokered Convention Best 21:54:03
awsome article on this movement 21:53:26
In cahoots? Republicrats? 21:53:13
Removed 21:51:58
It is Time for a Hostile Takeover of the GOP Nuetralizing the Party Hacks 21:47:07
Find me one legitimate and I mean legitimate 21:40:37
Europe 21:39:05
CANDIDATE COMPARISON SHEET is an excellent tool! 21:37:26
Must Read WSJ article discussing Brokered Convention and Ron Paul! Inspirational! 21:36:10
GA Ron Paul Rally Feb 26, 2012 21:32:16
Don't get discouraged, read this! 21:23:57
Jupiter and Venus, truth and Philosophy (Jupiter) and Passion and Love (Venus) sounds like a Time for Ron Paul 21:13:59
Switzerland Wants Its Gold Back From The New York Fed 21:10:28
Please, let's STOP the complaining and DEFEATIST ATTITUDES! 21:07:44
Eric 'Mancow' Muller : Breitbart Murdered 20:59:46
924,704 votes for Ron Paul so far 20:56:40
In it to the end...BUT 20:53:15
Texas vs. New York? 20:47:29
Beware of heavy Trolling now. Don't waste your time with them. 20:31:59
Subversive push for National ID card happening now. 20:31:02
Ron Paul and Rick Santorum in Springfield, MO this Saturday - Calling Northern Arkansas, SE Kansas 20:22:57
LOL! Sen. Diane Feinstein was asked about military action in Syria 20:16:03
Staying 100% committed to the end! 20:12:53
Speech given to Alaska’s Governor 20:09:07
Did you see the Kony 2012 video on YouTube? Thoughts? 20:04:12
The Ron Paul Silver Rounds Information Thread 20:02:38
WND Humor : RNC To Nominate Netanyahu As Nominee For President? 19:55:55
Denis Kucinich Long Time Warior For Peace... Gone 19:44:36
Some good news! 19:31:07
The Day After Super Tuesday...Jack Hunter 19:31:07
Obama's phone tapped reveals Paul being cheated out of victories! 19:23:11
Ron Paul - Interview in 1998 During Clinton Administration 19:22:59
COME ON! Snap out of it! 19:18:19
IMPORTANT: Iowa County Conventions THIS Saturday 19:15:26
Obama's phone tapped says Ron Paul rigged out of elections ) 19:14:47
Pure Abuse of Social Programs 19:11:49
Time for everyone whose primaries are over to drop the GOP! 19:09:17
Pro-Ron Paul super PAC rethinks spending 19:08:54
Ron Paul's Fed. Res. Chairman Grant: "Capitalism Is An Alternative For What We Have Now" 19:06:16
[I think] Mitt Romney will offer Ron Paul Treasury Secretary... 18:59:05
The Republican Convention: The Final Battle 18:58:32
NEW: Freedom Broadcasting Network Promo Featuring New Brand Now Online! 18:57:11
These are the times that try men's souls 18:51:43
What happens to the delegates of a candidate that dropped out of the race? 18:46:49
Yahoo! News: Jon Stewart Takes On Iran War Drums 18:45:33
If you need something a little positive 18:35:40
A REVOLutionary Challenge ... 18:31:55
To all you quitters, you just started on the DP a couple weeks ago 18:29:12
Rush losing more advertisers. 18:23:46
Why we lost Alaska - and probably every state 18:10:22
Maryland Paulites, Who Needs FREE Signs? We're Done With Them Here In GA. 18:08:50
Delegate count 18:07:49
Ron Paul Won in '08 And is Winning in 2012 18:05:02
CBS LA : Burbank Woman Detained For More Than 10 Hours For Painting Nails on Southwest Flight (Video) 18:01:42
Petition: end voter fraud 18:00:21
S.A.F.E. Accounts (Social Security removal) 17:58:28
Do NOT give up. 17:56:39
No more theories. Here is the real reason we don't win 17:46:44
Washington State Caucuses should be declared NULL AND VOID - Procedures were NOT FOLLOWED. 17:46:39
Barack Obama barely won the primary yesterday in Oklahoma 17:45:54
Modern Republican Motto 17:45:27
Are You a "Sunshine Patriot" or the Real Deal? 17:44:07
My Spin On Super Tuesday Results 17:42:36
Announce 3rd party run at the Tampa convention 17:38:46
Breitbart and The CIA Heart Attack Gun : Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered By CIA Kill Squad 17:38:04
Help needed advising relatives who are delegates WA State 17:32:53
Politico: Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race 17:31:54
The MSM wants to see posts like, "I quit", "I am done", "I have had it" 17:31:35
Politico: Pro-Ron Paul super PAC rethinks spending 17:30:46
Take a knee, drink water, pull security...soldiers of the Revolution Army drive on. 17:27:20
The Love in the R3VOLUTION 17:26:01
Stephen Colbert: "Due or Die" (Eric Holder/Obama admin & assassinations) Must Watch! 17:17:00
Please stop commenting in troll threads to let them die 17:15:03
If the vote is just theater, then what's the solution? 17:11:44
Road to a Brokerd Convention 17:10:12
Road to a Brokerd Convention 17:08:48
Is Ron Paul right? Then the fight goes on! Enough said. 17:06:57
Robert's Rules of Order ~ Crash Course Please keep Bumped! 17:05:48
Where to Start? 16:55:33
Maryland: TODAY is deadline to register Republican 16:52:12
Establishment is fighting hard to force Romney on the people 16:50:07
One Billion Dollars of TSA Nude Body Scanners Made Worthless By Blog — How Anyone Can Get Anything Past The Scanners 16:49:59
Perspective for those feeling despair 16:49:16
callifornia, Texas or ? please help 16:48:49
Will Ron Pull It Off? 16:40:24
Delegate numbers look grim for Romney rivals 16:39:41
So called "President of the United States?" 16:39:37
Start Meet Up Groups in Your Area 16:39:20
The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. Thomas Paine 16:39:00
New Ad-"PLAN"-Official Campaign 16:37:42
Romney: it would take an 'act of God" to not win the Republican nomination 16:36:50
The Revolution 16:35:56
Here it is: "Proof" to *me* of what is happening-what this Mr. Smith learned in "Washington" 16:33:57
How John McCain won American Samoa in 2008...and how Ron Paul can win it this year 16:33:06
Ron Paul Needs to Say ⇒ THIS ⇐ in the GOP Debates [Need Your Input] 16:31:41
You can't win if you quit 16:31:06
Fundraiser car wash for veterans march on the RNC 16:29:22
My delegate speech 16:25:30
Man Demonstrates Why TSA Body Scanners Are Worthless For Security Purposes (Video) 16:24:14
Delegates Coming Up, March 10th! Iowa, Nevada and Georgia County Conventions! 16:22:09
1 16:15:21
Link to Video: Cheer up! Ron Paul can Win! 16:13:41
The Potus 16:05:15
Ron Paul suggests Judge Napolitano as his running mate. 16:03:45
The Ron Paul Creed 16:02:43
FLASH! BREAKING NEWS - Fox News To Air Breitbarts Obama Tape 16:01:36
Video: Can anyone modify this Graphic from CNN? 16:01:16
Ron Paul Answers Reporters' Questions in Anchorage, Alaska 15:59:55
Im done too! Tired of pretending like we are republicans! 15:57:05
We ARE Making a Difference: Keep Calm and Carry On. (video) 15:54:37
How I won my local precinct in Virginia 15:53:21
An Awesome, New R3VOL Site: launched! 15:53:16
Marching Morons 15:52:29
Ron Paul Campaign To Air 30 Sec. TV Ad Tomorrow In Hawaii 15:50:54
I Just Reviewed the Virginia Results 15:48:48
the mudfight 15:46:21
The Proper Motivation 15:44:07
Today on The 'Alex Jones' Show - 3-07-12, 11am - 2pm CT 15:42:42
This is the ZOMBIE Apocalypse! (plus a reference to LOTR) 15:42:38
No one but Dr. Paul money bomb 15:36:04
Full-Length "Obama Race Video" Released Tonight 15:34:01
Breitbart Obama Video Set For Release 15:29:58
Money Bomb for LP Presidential Candidate Today 15:26:35
A Ron Paul supporter needs fellow Ron Paul supporters help! 15:14:19
I need some Love from the r3VOLution... 15:11:14
Expertise needed on Open Convention - We all need to know! 15:10:55
Wow! Look at all these Money Printers! 15:05:28
NO EXCUSE! Vote Fraud or RP Campaign Incompetence 15:02:08
Well! the hell with em let's keep this going and piss off the NEO CONS because I am here till the end and then I am here for 14:58:07
I still feel good about RON PAUL 14:54:19
Tennessee Delegates 14:53:34
Any Silver investors out there who are willing to offer advice to a newb? 14:50:02
Oil Implications and FED Policy 14:45:48
Gas Prices Explained - video 14:44:54
Direct Military Intervention and Kony 2012 14:43:11
A 30 to 32 percent pattern. 14:41:11
Ron Paul column in Daily Mississippian 14:37:52
Report From Idaho 12:51:20
A Litte Inspiration for the Phone From Home 12:50:56
True Delegate Count 12:41:39
The lie of momentum politics and the false narrative of the horse race in this GOP primary 12:36:23
The Last Real Republican and His Supernatural “Super-Pac” 12:32:28
Lobbying Returns 22,000% on Investment 12:31:55
IF I could I would ! 12:30:17
What matters during a managed election is not the election but the management... 12:29:01
spread the word through radio shows? 12:28:52
Romney's Veep pick? 12:18:04
Will the MSM try to call it for Romney based on the phony "delegates to date" count we always see? 12:17:50
How an idea spreads. 12:13:00
Still Voting Ron Paul in Indiana 12:09:46
Ughhhh...Drudge headline says "Paul: 0 for 23" 12:04:39
Yes we already know this, but thought it was a good video 12:01:54
Please. Don't give up the ship! 11:59:20
"Just The Basic Facts" 11:54:50
Judge for yourself , North Dakota do we have a problem? 11:51:34
I am ashamed of you 11:43:22
Strategy to WIN - keep this on the front 11:41:34
1 11:33:29
How to easily get the 50+ Votes and Rock the Establishment? 11:31:38
Actor Darren Burrows (Northern Exposure) / Son of Billy Drago (UnTouchables) & Wife Melinda Officially Endorse RP! 11:31:30
For all the young ones and disparaged ones out there, a quick tip! 11:27:11
Be the Change 11:23:26
Ron Paul Republican Wins In Ohio 11:13:30
Nancy Pelosi Pushes Agenda 21 On House Floor 11:11:45
A call to Action 11:09:10
Time to ditch Republican party for independent run 11:08:01
It Is V For VENDETTA Time! 11:06:07
Don't get discouraged 11:05:53
Why it is time to act NOW 11:05:01
How to get anything past TSA full-body scanners 11:02:17
Help me understand the 'democratic' election process 11:01:42
GOP I Am With You! 10:53:44
The convention is only a few months away, how about a 1 million man march to Tampa?! 10:49:05
Congrats to VT! 10:48:57
GEORGE WASHINGTON farewell address : Warning against politcal parties 10:46:09
Want Your Opinion About These Statistics In My TN Precinct 10:45:26
Strange Idaho County Results 10:40:13
Ron Paul peeps in DC 10:38:12
Always spending millions "to protect us" Government has killed 250 million in the past century. 10:37:53
Dismantle the GOP! 10:30:30
Veterans for Ron Paul ... FALL IN! 10:29:50
Liberty Wins on Super Tuesday! 10:27:18
Obama criticizes GOP rivals for 'beating drums of war-Ignores Ron Paul position 10:26:09
Got to do Something Different and Big Now! 10:18:56
Political Clubbing VS FREE elections: YOU decide 10:14:07
Iran is 1 of 3 countries left in the world whose central bank is not under Rothschild control 10:11:59
Candidate Comparison Sheet IS an excellent tool 10:11:47
I'm Done. 10:08:50
Northern Exposure's Ed Chigliak Endorses Ron Paul 10:08:04
Why You Should Never Remove Your Tonsils 10:07:49
Statistics By Professionals Needed 10:07:26
The real reason Ron Paul is not winning any state primaries and caucus votes. 10:02:36
What is Ron Paul's delegate count? 09:52:28
Christians, Israel, and Iran 09:49:16
Ron Paul: Federal Government Fails at Running D.C. School System (with video) 09:48:44
Kingpin 09:45:43
Schoen: Romney’s Invincibility Claim ‘Shaken — Perhaps Irrevocably’ 09:39:43
Don't Trust Electronic Voting Machines 09:31:52
Mitt Romney 09:31:22
Ron Paul is the smartest man I know. 09:31:10
Newt Gingrich lost to Ron Paul in 13 of 22 states 09:28:27
What's Going On Here? 09:18:57
HR 347 - Trespass Bill Threatens First Amendment 09:15:22
OK so you're disappointed about Super Tuesday...join the club! Now let's look for what REALLY went wrong and find some SOLUTIONS 09:05:47
Nascar Points 09:05:18
Why Ron Paul Polls Better Than Mitt Romney 09:04:35
A difference is being made... 08:55:31
Our time might come...but it's not now. 08:52:11
Moneyball Paul, Foreign Policy & Social security 08:37:53
Are we able to know what the delegate count is, the REAL numbers? 08:32:11
Ron Paul supporters must now support Libertarian Party Presidential candidates 08:31:52
My Email and Response from "Quinn and Rose" 08:30:56
NC..Where Are You? 08:23:54
Its time for a third party! its time to let this one crumble to the dust! 08:23:49
Exit Polls: Ron Paul wins youth vote in Virginia - 44 and younger 61% of vote 08:19:10
Iam pissed, not so much on the results, Iam pissed because Ron Paul is up against the power of the FED and IMF, Billionaires who 08:17:48
A little "why you should vote Paul" website 08:15:58
THIS Should Give EVERYONE Hope! 08:11:16
Man, I am ashamed of Tennessee 08:05:07
Are we in a parallel universe? 07:59:10
Time to call Dennis 07:25:26
Sarah Palin: I voted for Newt Gingrich 07:21:38
Petition to end voter fraud 07:10:17
Mock Debate 06:39:39
Mormon Vote 06:34:04
How to prevent war with Iran 06:26:46
Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks 06:24:48
Body Scanners Totally Useless 06:10:17
RP's 41% v. 60% in VA 2-Man Race! Calling All r3VOL Statisticians: help Us analyze Tonight's Numbers! 05:54:06
More proof of Fox Bias against Paul. Now reporting Paul with 0 delegates 05:44:10
Can We Match This? 05:28:45
Why This Is Happening - Super Tuesday 05:22:54
Seems like we need a war mentality! 05:05:30
Idaho should still be in 2nd place column for Paul - PROOF from the last county to turn in votes. 04:59:59
♥ It's Time We Sent Ron Paul A Message! 04:41:34
Kony 2012 04:35:07
Let's take over Congress! 04:27:51
Dr Paul To Have 3 Wins By Week's End 04:22:04
Pick me up Video for Post Election Blues 04:12:10
Stand Up and SHOUT ! 04:11:23
Good performance in Virginia ! 04:03:47
Ron Paul; the Campaign Presses On 04:02:17
A Message To The Young People Here And First Time Voters Here 04:00:52
Paul/Kucinich 2012 - The Party Crashers 03:49:38
GA vote total disgrace! 03:47:43
I'm soooo tired of disappointment! 03:47:35
CNN censors Alaska GOP Chairman ! 03:26:55
What Happened with the Rally that was also a caucus in ND? 03:19:08
SuperTuesday Is Media Hype. Sure it would be nice to win quickly but there is more satisfaction in taking care of party business 03:11:38
Anything can get through TSA security! (Nude body scanners , completely foulable!) 03:09:58
Third Place in Alaska SERIOUSLY?! 03:07:22
What kind of App to help the revolution? 03:04:22
Trying to recall an interview from months ago... 02:56:14
A Thought.. 02:53:44
Kony 2012 02:37:51
Delegates So far for Ron 02:35:01
GOP is a criminal mafia group 02:26:02
I say we move into a new stage in the campaign 02:24:23
Did the First American Revolution Come by Election? 02:15:12
Delegates Are Still What Matters! 02:02:04
An Elevator Pitch for Ron Paul 01:54:17
Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio lost his bid for re-election 01:52:44
Why you should become a delegate even if your state is binding 01:49:13
Everything is going just as the GOP has planned since 2008 01:42:51
This is what went wrong in North Dakota! 01:38:48
What's a "student page" ? 01:35:41
What is the true situation on delegates? 01:29:26
A Biblical Case for Ron Paul-Superbly Done 01:28:42
Ron Paul - The Revolution and The Anti-War Movement EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS_clip1 01:25:16
We Need To Protest! 01:20:14
It begs the question. 01:20:02
Dennis Kucinich Loses 01:19:44
North Dakota fraud 01:16:45
Powerful Mainstream Case for Ending Federal War on Drugs-Law Enforcement Against Prohibition 01:07:59
Round 2 at Tampa - Strategic Voting for Santorum and Gingrich 01:07:00
Here's a way to put Ron Paul on the Libertarian or other 3rd party ballot w/out Ron E. Paul having to give up now. 01:04:06
Strategic Voting for Santorum and Gingrich 01:02:20
Sever Savy Person Needed 01:00:55
What have we done? Why did we fail? 01:00:28
They'll never see Tampa coming. 00:58:09
Paul Will take MOST 2ND Place Finishes Super Tuesday! 00:55:52
One thing's for sure, the media is still capable of fooling most of the people, most of the time 00:50:29
Lots of second place finishes tonight 00:49:40
I'm out of here... 00:49:37
This Revolution Is Here To Stay 00:46:17
Herding Cats, Ugh 00:44:57
Daily Show Error! 00:31:42
We Love You, Dr. Paul! and We Thank You! 00:27:53
Could it be Santorum is winning all because of Democrats 00:25:00
ENOUGH! I Will Not Ever 00:20:49
General public apathy wins in a landslide in Ohio 00:16:06
Now Start A Real Revolution! 00:13:50
Come on, GET REAL. This whole election was a FRAUD from the get-go! 00:02:11
There is no "Left" left 10:35:02