Posted on March 8, 2012

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☛ Ron Paul: "My Status as a Candidate ~ Pledge to Stand With Me" 22:14:38
Ron Paul is on the Montana ballot as of today! rEVOLution ON! 15:27:21
Removed 16:33:36
Panetta States To Congress That He Gets His Authority From International Powers! 14:15:18
Pat Robertson: The War on Drugs Has Failed; Legalize Marijuana! 22:01:03
Excellent: Super Tuesday Breakdown by Doug Wead 11:01:29
New and Improved! Inflation-free Inflation, from the Federal Reserve 12:03:46
Doug Wead, Jesse Benton & Brian Doherty's Take on Super Tuesday [Video + Articles] 08:33:50
Forty+ Years vs. 8 Months: An Open Letter to ALL DailyPaulers & r3VOL on Post-Super Tuesday 09:02:42
Sometimes it is not enough to do our best; we must do what is required. 19:03:49
The Revolution Diet 07:00:00
Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff says 'Ron Paul is a rarity and can't be bought'! 19:11:26
Radio Host Michael Medved says Russia does not have international interests. 01:05:01
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Most Important Right Now : Precinct Delegates Follow Through To The Next Delegate Round Click For Details 23:59:17
Mitt Romney Just Jinxed Himself 23:47:27
Congress Shall Pass No Laws 23:38:07
Rick Santorum’s delegate woes: Trying hard in some states; in others, not so much 23:37:35
Does the establishment think we are just going to go back to sleep? (PEP TALK) 23:34:48
How to yank pro-lifers away from Santorum 23:34:35
Death of the 1ST Ammendment: House Passes “Trespass Bill” That Makes Protests Illegal 23:24:34
Sign Ron Paul's Carry On Pledge! 23:23:06
Rise Against Tyranny! 23:22:28
Bring My Gun And A Handful Of Silver 23:13:50
Discount Window,Secret Agreement to war and Round table Group/Council on Foreign relations 23:12:33
Doug Wead: "Of course there's voter fraud!" 23:12:08
So corruption in Alaska too?! 23:10:06
CONFIRMED! (A Follow Up to "Giving Up!".) 23:03:28
When Romney Died... 23:01:45
College Voters Disenfranchised In Super Tuesday Primary States Except For Ron Paul Voters (VIDEO) 22:55:48
Anti-government, hate groups growing: report; propaganda from the SPLC 22:55:32
Liberty in Paradise! Support Mike Greco for Hawaii State Senate in 2012! 22:53:17
Federal Reserve Cartel 22:52:37
We would already be screwed if we all weren't here 22:45:41
Alaska Dispatch : How Did Ron Paul Lose Alaska? 22:39:33
Here's some good news 22:38:52
'Coup D'etat' : Pentagon Declare Congress Ceremonial 22:32:07
The best food ever vs. The Monsanto beast 22:15:22
Why is Kansas Gov. Brownback joining Ron Paul in a town hall meeting? 22:10:43
Poll Bomb Mississippi TV Station Primary Tuesday 22:08:31
Lakota Indians cancel Treaties with US Government! 22:07:57
Jon Stewart On CNN's Virtual Republican Convention 22:05:36
Ron Paul is ON the Montana Ballot! 22:05:23
Your laugh for the next century... 22:05:21
Money Bomb For Jesus and Ron Paul? 22:03:05
A thought about Missouri 22:01:35
Congress considers repeal of indefinite detention and torture 21:54:04
XKCD for Paul 21:53:26
A wise man once said: "You can stock up on your gold, your food, plant your gardens & buy your guns, 21:51:27
New bill submitted to congress on 3/5/2012 allows Israel to train jets fighters in US 21:47:22
Awesome icebreaker! - Ron Paul copper coins 21:44:28
The Tampa Bay Project: A Video To Show Delegates On The Convention Floor 21:41:17
$15 Trillion Of Fraud Exposed In UK House Of Commons? 21:40:31
Starship that makes the Enterprise look like a "Model T". 21:34:04
Kony 2012 Dismantled 21:27:33
Dr. Ron Paul and the True American Dream 21:22:57
We Are In A Good Spot! You Should Do The OPPOSITE of Quitting...Now is the time to.. 21:06:06
US Budget Deficit Hits All Time High In February 21:05:27
Kony 2012 The Liberals are all Neocons 21:04:30
Germany to Review Bundesbank Gold Reserves at New York Fed 20:55:48
Rachel Maddow has given us a gold nugget. In her recent show she gives 20:54:41
SEIU secretly using dozens of fronts, Occupy groups for political attacks 20:47:54
REALY trustworthy voting-counts available? 20:45:24
Kelly Clarkson on Ron Paul: ‘I didn’t even endorse him’ 20:45:17
Romney, Santorum Pledged Delegates For Paul? MUST READ! 20:26:39
Youth voter analysis + where to head now..(get the 50+) 20:26:29
FALSE FLAG USS LIBERTY – Israel’s forgotten war crime - 2 vids 20:23:44
Jones Bill: Offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress Impeachable 20:23:16
Inflation nation - excellent article! Must read! 20:20:54
Representative Walter Jones R-NC Bill to make it an Impeachable offense to declare war without congress approval. 20:19:37
Marine's Facebook page tests military rules 20:18:57
Be Very Wary of: "Liberty Movement Leeches" 20:16:51
Be civil when trying to convince people 20:08:03
Why Israel BENEFITS with Ron Paul, and Why Jews and Minorities Should Embrace Him 20:03:44
The GOP Wants Our Vote!? 20:01:43
Rachel Maddow On Santorum/Iowa 19:58:26
The Amazing Dr. Walter E. Williams! 19:55:57
Election Business Venture 19:47:02
Former Marine Protests TN Voter ID Law at Poll 19:35:57
This Is Why Occupy Going Viral Globally! ECB elusive 2 Trillion Euro Bailout -Nigel Farage Rant 19:34:42
Email : Ron Paul Campaign I am this to win the nomination we go all the way to Tampa 19:34:09
Hebrew Nationalist The Republican candidates love Israel - APIAC - Daily Show with Jon Stewart 19:33:30
Smudge's Sack Cloth & Ash Boutique Now Open! 19:31:35
Hawaii March 13th...first win too easy! 19:26:03
Pat Robertson: Pot should be legal like alcohol (RP not mentioned once...) 19:25:36
I am boxing in NYC on JUNE 1st I will be wearing Ron Paul Revolution on my shorts 19:07:05
Did Ron Paul visit the Virgin Islands? 18:56:24
Jack Hunter: The GOP Must Embrace Ron Paul or Lose 18:55:01
What Senior Citizen would not want this: 18:47:04
Diebold releases November 2012 results they are:; 18:40:17
Breaking: Heffernan announces Ron Paul : president of the internet ! So it written, so let it be done! 18:29:41
Pledge to Carry On! - Campaign email 18:24:41
Fox 31 Lies: "Ron Paul is the only candidate saying he is considering calling it quits" 18:10:57
Romney is sending sons to Guam & American Samoa to campaign 17:54:37
Ron Paul Footage 17:45:00
153 Resignations From World Banks And Counting… 17:38:17
Global Illuminati Witch Hunt Nets Big Fish (with video) 17:33:40
I found something that all need to see! 17:30:40
Lobby KING, Jack Abramoff confesses: Ron Paul could NOT be bought ! 17:22:46
To Ron Paul's Youth supporters 17:13:17
An idea on how to thank the troops for their service. 17:06:10
153 Resignations From World Banks And Counting… 17:01:06
Gold and Silver American Eagles 16:57:06
AIPAC Campaign Contributions to US Congressmen & Senators 16:51:05
Billionaire Promises to Back any Republican Except Ron Paul 16:48:04
Mysterious Flu deaths spark internet speculation over airborne bioweapons 16:47:19
Sale Extra Stuff for Ron Paul 16:45:42
Stop KONY 2012, LulzSec FBI, Fukushima Anniversary - New World Next Week 16:44:49
To The Republican Party.: Revolution! 16:42:14
How Ron Paul inspired me to run for City Council 16:41:21
Liberty Moving Forward 16:39:15
Worst smear article in awhile and it is the featured story on Yahoo News! - Ron Paul's pointless Internet presidency 16:38:53
Freedom Rally 2012 16:35:15
Jack Hunter: Stupid Tuesday, The GOP Must Embrace Ron Paul or Lose! 16:33:18
Obama At It Again..Call Your Senator 16:15:46
I am SICK of Yahoo! 16:14:19
Keep the Ron Paul Roadies Going! 16:13:08
Gotta love Tucker Carlson mentioning how not to ignore Ron Paul supporters on Fox News ... 16:06:49
Poll on my local radio station site 16:01:51
US offers bigger bombs to convince Israel to delay Iran attack until after election 16:00:37
Hidden Mic Obama Caught Saying Rick Is Done - They Wanted Ron Paul Out Quick . 15:48:36
LBMA - Gold and Silver 15:46:48
Yahoo News: "Ron Paul, President of the Internet!" 15:43:22
Dear Curmudgeons: Did You All Forget What the Plan Is? 15:42:29
Ron Paul Events in Missouri Today 15:39:35
Irrefutable Evidence that RON PAUL will Win General Election - Unscientific Poll Confirms 15:31:45
Gold and Silver: Crisis of the Fractional Banking System 15:18:08
Adam Kokesh's SuperPAC on Yahoo News! 15:17:33
Encouraging Poll. Vote! 15:13:07
Obama wants to delay Iran-Israel conflict until after elections... 15:12:39
Loaded Guns and an Empty Fort Knox 15:04:31
Oppose Dangerous Global Internet Treaty 15:02:25
Horrible Slampiece: Virginia Heffernan 15:01:26
Panetta: UN is all we require for a war declaration 15:01:00
The Most Vitriolic Article on the Paul Campaign I have Seen yet 14:54:41
Live video Q&A March 13th w/ Ben Swann, Tom Woods, Walter Block & myself! 14:51:26
Only a REAL Journalist would ask this question: Is America playing with a Full Deck? 14:50:13
Ron Paul's pointless Internet Presidency 14:47:03
Kony 2012 FRAUD? Watch this and QUESTION! 14:42:50
Ron Paul Supporter Manual 14:38:37
Ron Paul’s In-It-To-Win-It Strategy Is ‘Not Far-Fetched’ 14:21:52
Ron Paul Supporters "NO SHOW" 14:20:42
To Those Who Perceive Moving On As "Quitting" 14:18:27
It's All About Attitude : This Man Doesn't Know The Meaning Of Quit (Video) 14:16:11
Best Supreme Court Justice-Ever? 14:07:21
True delegate count estimate - UPDATED 14:06:37
MA Caucus/Delegate Training this Saturday. 14:06:28
Marine Gary Stein Frontpage Yahoo News - Facebook Flap - He was in Iowa Supporting Ron Paul 14:03:44
Yesterday Rep. Walter Jones, Republican of North Carolina warns of Impeachment! 14:02:56
Unbelievable Congressional Confrontation 13:51:22
Real HOPE - the math doesn't lie, here's proof keep in the fight! 13:48:57
Ron Paul Volunteer Website 13:39:44
1 13:39:38
We hold the fate of the nation in our hands. 13:30:37
Courage Found 13:30:36
Ron Paul PROMOTIONAL FLYER for the media brainwashed VERSION FOR Non-Paul PEOPLE OVER 50! 13:24:04
Marine's Facebook page tests military rules 13:19:54
A new debate opportunity before Alabama primary on Tuesday 3/13 13:19:40
Ron Paul TV Ad to Air in Hawaii "Plan". 13:12:57
A Veteran's call to fight for Liberty...get down to TAMPA 13:11:03
FREEDOM ! This is the simple truth, Wake up 13:09:01
Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria 12:58:01
Obama Caught on Hot Mic Admitting Election Fraud by TPTB *UNCONFIRMED* 12:52:27
The Sound Money Project Video Contest 12:51:44
The Deal with Jack Hunter: STUPID TUESDAY 12:46:17
Pretty good Facebook conversation going with my cousin on foreign policy 12:46:09
Evidence of installations on the Moon and Mars...Alien or Secret Space Program? 12:43:06
Open GOP Convention a Strong Possibility: No Clear Path to Victory for Romney 12:35:02
Injunction: GA SoS being asked not to certify Obama on Dem Ballot 12:31:15
Here we go ... the NDAA propaganda is really starting to ramp up ... 12:26:40
is santorum eligible to be president ? 12:25:18
Why doesn't Ron air the Romney footage? 12:22:31
The Only Way to Win: Become Part of the 1% 12:22:30
1984 v. Brave New World. Aldous Huxley's Letter To George Orwell (Eric Blair)... 12:18:12
Why is Paul NOT getting the Christian Evangelical Voter? 12:15:30
WSJ: How Rick is winning on Freedom 12:08:29
Drudge Bomb Ron Paul Only Candidate Who Disagrees With Panetta On Congressional Approval 12:05:51
Paul Sees Convention Fight as Best Bet 12:02:51
Iowa District Convention is this Saturday (10 March) 11:57:35
Things That Suck Energy From Our Effort Pt 2: Camp Followers 11:54:00
Does anyone really believe that Obama's college video is the one Breitbart was talking about? 11:51:46
Can gold confiscation happen again? Part 2 11:50:11
Reagan Budget Director Keeps Talking Like Dr. Paul 11:43:46
Coming home from war and seeing people simply living their regular lives. 11:37:52
We use Ray's Arithmetic... 11:19:17
Adam Kokesh Meets Josh Tolley 11:18:36
Ed Harris as John McCain 11:08:15
ND r3VOL Robert Wanek: Was Ron Paul Robbed of ND Caucus Win?! 10:59:28
Michael, welcome to your new city (the least Republican city) 10:53:32
NH leads on % of RP support of total population 10:41:54
The real threat to Lindsey Graham and company is simply Iran remaining a sovereign nation 10:37:37
How the delegate count is shaping up 10:35:22
The Terminal Constitution 10:32:51
Student Loans Can Win This for Ron Paul 10:30:16
a Video Lullaby strictly for JWhitmore & All New Trolls joining Us This Evening, Welcome. 10:30:11
National "back -up" internet 10:23:23
the real problem is fascism. 10:22:56
Did anyone see this last night? Watch this clip. 10:16:26
jwhitmore 10:02:38
The deep South, why no traction for the good Dr? 09:56:07
Why didn't Sherriff Arpaio cold case posse on Obama eligibility not made it on TV? Obama threatened 09:45:17
1 Million Voters for Ron Paul 09:42:39
In every state Ron Paul has gained big vote over 2008, Mitt has lost vote in every state. 09:32:35
October surprise? 09:19:57
Obama & Paul: Candidates Too 'Casual' About War 09:11:57
Danny de Gracia, WashTimes: How to WIN the upcoming Hawaii GOP caucus! - March 7, 2012 09:11:37
Raw milk consumers trust farmers over health officials 09:04:35
Illinois Poses Next Big Prize in Republican Primary Battle 08:54:03
ATTENTION ILLINOIS VOTERS Important voting information for early and primary day vote 08:42:08
"There Is No Path 08:39:50
Ron Paul: Greatest Threat Is Another Financial Crisis 08:12:26
Keep spreading the message for these upcoming primaries/caucuses. 07:55:52
Vote fraud in Alaska? 07:54:52
The 'Three of a Kind' TV ad vs. a new strategy. 07:40:12
Kony 2012 07:36:29
It's time to take the gloves off on Romney in the next debate on Feb. 19th. 07:36:23
Romney campaign urges rivals to back out 07:18:15
Eat this GOP 04:57:24
Are Delegates easier to get later in the convention? 04:53:23
Great the RP has delegates, but really, what kind of f'd up system do we have? 04:28:57
Please help me understand 04:28:34
Bailout! (Ron Paul Rap Party 2012) [Pretty Awesome Music Video] 04:19:06
The TRUTH behind the KONY 2012 movement 03:41:33
In it to the End 03:12:26
Understanding the Complacent mentality, and winning it over! 03:05:04
Post Super Tuesday Delegate Roundup 02:57:24
VIRGINIA NDAA Nullification in trouble. Just called all 40 state senators with this message: 02:56:12
Leaving Romneyland... 02:35:18
Kony 2012 (Concerning) 02:30:18
Rise against Tyranny! 02:15:45
Yes I Have Given Up On The Gop! 02:15:37
Lies; Damn Lies and Statistics 02:12:23
Alaska Dispatch: How did Ron Paul lose Alaska? 02:06:22
Boycott Endorse Liberty PAC! 02:00:17
This is what Ron Paul is talking about in the Economy 01:51:13
How Ron Paul Can Win Hawaii 01:49:53
RP friendly candidates?o 01:43:46
California primary could matter in GOP race 01:41:41
Ron Paul Picks Up Arab-American Endorsements 01:38:24
Super Brochure for New York. 55 cents to win! We can do it. 01:35:27
Reality Check: The real Republican delegate numbers 01:32:43
Idea. Buy a Ron paul cardboard cutout standee standup for only $49.00 was $50.00 01:30:26
My experience at the voting polls 01:29:29
Coloring Ron Paul from the Coloring Book, Vote 2012 Presidential Election 01:26:48
Don't Give up! Keep working, it's not in vain, here's some proof! 01:23:05
Is Ron Paul Jesus? 01:18:19
A Report From Idaho 01:18:05
Something to think about RE delegates 01:12:11
Reforge The Sword! 01:05:12
Panetta: 'international Permission’ Trumps Congressional Permission For Military Actions 01:04:02
Flyers: You pick, print and place; the message spreads 00:56:45
Obama /Breitbart 00:54:49
Ron Paul, the Only True republican Running for Republican Nomination 00:54:02
My experience at Idaho Caucus 00:51:28
URGENT for Texas supporters! 00:44:47
I was reading the article "A DEFIANT PAUL FACES A WINLESS DAY OF PRIMARIES" and then 00:44:39
Status Quo Has To Go By Chuck Baldwin 00:39:43
Ralph Nader Mentions Ron Paul on Foreign Policy 00:38:55
TSA Naked Body Scanners PROVEN completely ineffective (VIDEO) 00:36:19
We have already won. They just don't know it yet. 00:31:19
Watch Napolitano find out there's a video to beat TSA scanners 00:28:35
Liberty Candidate US House (CD-35, Tx) 00:27:56
Reality Check: What do the 'real' Republican delegate numbers look like? 00:25:14
How to Get Millions of Supporters OVERNIGHT? Have a Professional make a KONY2012-esq video for RON PAUL 00:24:22
Ron Paul could win Hawaii 00:22:48
Aipac Founder Identified As Communist Party Member 00:20:46
Rand Paul in 2016? Are You Kidding Me? 00:20:20
Real delegate numbers (Ben Swann) 00:18:06
Drudge: Gas hit $6 at CA station 00:05:14
Young people stayed home-the reason Paul lost on Super Tuesday 00:00:21
Ron Paul, The George Washington of 2012 Presidential Politics 00:00:00
Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race 00:08:06