Posted on April 1, 2012

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Interesting CT Meeting with Legislators About GMO Foods 23:41:13
Ron Paul: the Road to Revolution Video Game 23:38:13
Pack Union Square for Ron Paul-San Francisco Event 14:08:23
Global Monetary Reform: BRICS Say "Bye, Bye" To US Dollar, 23:08:46
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Gov. Rick Perry flys to Nebraska to nosh on "delicious pink slime" 23:55:49
Meanwhile, back in Texas 23:41:43
All of us should pay attention to this 23:38:42
Possible Tebow endorsement? 23:33:08
Rino Santorum to CNN: “I’m Proud of My Earmarks” (Video) 23:20:39
I want to get interviewed by Jan Helfeld! 22:45:10
Please Help Me! (Again!) (: 22:40:11
Gingrich Supported Romneycare 22:38:16
National Convention Delegate Money Bomb? 22:34:51
Huffington Post's Election Dashboard Shows Every Candidate's Chances of Beating Obama Except for Ron Paul 22:33:36
April 16th Omaha, Nebraska Ron Paul Sign Bomb 22:30:10
Official RP2012 Campaign: The Future + Why Dr. Paul CONTINUES to Pack Houses, in spite of MSM Propaganda! 22:26:14
How Romney’s Salt Lake City Olympics was an Obama-Style Treasury Scam 22:20:29
Gatso Hunting. What Is It? 22:17:32
No 1144 22:12:54
Confirmed: CIA Secret Prison In Poland 22:04:00
Obamadontcare-We’re No. 1: In highest corporate taxes 21:41:46
Stunning Finding: President's Health Law Creates $17 Trillion In Unfunded Financial Obligations 21:29:13
CLASSIC - Ron Paul : Don't Cross Ron Paul If You're FAT! (Video) 20:54:33
"Thrive" goes free april 5th 20:39:40
These 4 videos are why Arpaio knows he has a case. What are you willing to do about it? 20:20:49
It's time to cling to our guns and religion 19:56:26
Hey fellow liberty minded friends, would you help me get my project off the ground? 19:44:28
Tell me what you think of this song! 19:43:17
Sheriff Arpaio holds press conf 3/31/12 - video & Petition link 19:42:20
U.S. pledges $12M to Syrian rebels 19:31:18
Native American goes to London to try to arrest the Queen. 19:27:10
Delegate Going to WA state convention 19:25:46
Rick Falkvinge on Liberty and the Internet 19:20:41
"There's NO WAY I'm gonna quit speaking out on this." 19:04:17
[HUGE] Delegate Vote Anomaly In Alabama VERIFIED! 18:58:42
The Republic Will Rise Again! 18:52:47
A Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Is Underway Globally 18:46:04
2 more votes for Ron Paul in WI! 18:43:48
Romney AND O'Bama Tap Square for Donations 18:24:02
Ron Paul : Romney - Paul Ticket Not Happening 18:17:11
CS Monitor - Ron Paul : Most Americans Agree With Him On Afghanistan Pullout 18:12:19
April is here! - This will pick you up... 18:06:43
For all you Doomsday preppers: 18:05:44
I am running for State Representative in New Mexico House District 17. Help appreciated. 17:58:29
What Ron Paul and Mega Millions Teach Us About the Federal Budget 17:48:11
Reviving the Constitutionalism of the Jeffersonian Republic 17:43:07
Michelle gets slimed: First Lady caught in green goo attack at children's awards 17:35:22
Does the establishments theft of the presidency ensure a civil war? 17:28:48
Houston Policeman Walmart Video 17:22:58 17:11:04
Paul's Record As Dr. NO Speaks For Itself 17:09:06
Endnotes to Volume 2, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed 17:08:05
Ron Paul Nevada Team Continues Winning Streak In GOP County Conventions 17:02:49
Come Home America at Nullify Now! Philadelphia 17:01:43
☛ End The Fed T-Shirt 16:57:30
Endnotes to Volume 1, The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed 16:57:23
☮CALIFORNIANS☮ Ron Paul Town Halls @ UC Berkeley, UCLA, Chico State THIS WEEK! Times, Maps, & RSVP's Enclosed 16:54:44
WaPo : Why Ron Paul Draws Large Crowds But Fails To Catch On? 16:48:13
50 year-old cartoon explains Ron Paul's message! 16:47:46
Ron Paul will be in Los Angeles this Wednesday! 16:47:01
Let Mitt Romney run against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Ron Paul should have your vote to run against Barack Obama. 16:38:48
My Open Letter To Delegates 16:34:03
Unrest over ND GOP national convention delegates 16:27:24
The "Big Bang" never happened. 16:21:45
Republican Party New Oath Disqualifies Americans' Elect signers? 16:18:44
Get Ready! Paul Festival 2012 is taking place in Tampa in August! See Ronvoy Info Below! 16:17:59
Federal Judge hears suit on NDAA 16:16:05
Agents provocateur @ MN SD54 BPOU (clearly a plant) 15:42:28
The PPP Polls Confirm: The Republicrats are Losers 15:18:21
Ron Paul at UCLA Wed., 4/4/12 @ 8;30 pm - Reserve your seats here! 15:16:40
Afghan al-Qaeda 'plotting' another 9/11? 15:12:52
Reddit Timeline 2013: I am President Ron Paul AMA! 14:58:22
Palm Beach Elections Overturned After Hand-Count Reveals Op-Scans Mistallied Results 14:38:02
Nassim Taleb Fundraiser For Ron Paul On May 1st 14:31:21
Ron's Campaign Should Sell Tickets @ $10 Each For Events 14:12:52
Ron Paul : "I'm Trying To Save The Republican Party (Video) 13:47:42
Hospital workers call police to seize newborn baby, throw momma out of the building, assault child with dangerous vaccines 13:46:28
Even if you're unsuccesful converting someone to Dr. Paul... 13:38:08
Ron Paul Face the Nation 13:25:28
No browsing for me today 13:15:19
OFFICIAL* MSM vowed to End PAUL Media Blackout! 13:11:58
BREAKING: Ron drops out, Rand fills in his place! 13:09:46
Mises Institute endorses Obama. 13:03:07
Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes! 12:49:29
Biden wants your gun 12:41:35
Music for the Ron Paul Revolution. Post your favorites here! 12:37:34
Are You/we A Slave? 12:17:27
Rick Santorum Doesn't Like Libertarians In The Tea Party 12:04:09
California - Congressional Districts to Target? 12:02:12
Fox News Issues Statement "We Support Ron Paul For President" 11:55:50
Thus saith the Lord 11:45:35
Ron Paul getting delegates like a boss! Activists don't back down and sweep in Nevada 11:15:22
Ron Paul spending 3 days in CA - can you beat the 5,200 crowd record? 11:11:44
Failure is Not an Option 10:49:39
No 2 "Americans Elect" - Yes 2 LP & CP keeping their conventions Open 10:33:37
ForgeryGate: Congress Knows Obama Is A Fake 10:11:03
Help Organize Businesses For Ron Paul 10:09:16
If you can tune into FOX News Sunday right now, Santorum is about to pass out 10:05:49
Mainstream Media Putting Words In Ron Paul's Mouth... Again [VIDEO] 09:42:44
Man faces 2 felonies for pointing his finger at cops 09:40:30
Entertaining Cartoon on the Fed! Enjoy it like a kid! 09:31:29
Americans Elect 09:13:30
The NDAA Bill - Martial Law and the end of the Republic 08:51:21
The Hutaree Case: Next, Time, They’ll Send in the Drones 08:31:05
Mainstream Media Caught Lying About Ron Paul's Campaign Being Over! 08:06:44
Twitter suspended my account... 07:56:09
Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws 07:33:41
OWS endorses Ron Paul as April Fools' joke...not funny! 07:26:25
Tarrant County TX Precinct Conventions 4/3/12 7PM 05:36:11
Crossover Voting 05:07:43
Skagit County, WA - Legislative Convention Results 04:46:02
Prepare for an election against Biden because no part of Obama's life can be documented. 04:20:24
You are 1/3 of everything you buy 04:02:52
About Trayvon Martin 03:24:27
Is there a way to create our own media? 03:10:41
Ron Paul at ucla April 4 03:06:45
Clark County GOP fails to fill its slate of delegates 03:06:03
China arrests over coup rumours 02:54:35
We Are All Conspiracy Theorists Now: The Mainstreaming of 9/11 Truth 02:52:28
Scientist who led team that measured particle going faster than light quits following doubts from rival team 02:50:45
INS Doc Found: U.S. Certificate Issued To One East African-born Child Of U.S. Citizen In 1961! 02:04:15
Foreign Policy and International Trade 02:03:18
This man needs our help! 01:50:06
Earth Hour at Coca Cola RFID Village 01:42:41
Ron Paul, The Economic Nostradamus- A Prophecy of Oil from 2008 01:00:10
Should the MSN have to post a disclaimer? 00:50:00
Pew Research: Media is now negative in tone- Activism needed. 00:49:10
What happened to North Dakota's national delegates? 00:36:30
Why Not 00:30:26
Ron Paul delegates run head on into North Dakota establishment 00:25:58
Update: War on Terror Over - We are no Longer Free or Prosperous 00:25:07
Afghan police will be sleeping with one eye open.. 00:07:03