Posted on April 13, 2012

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Doug Wead: Ron Paul to Obama and Romney: “Jerusalem is the capital of Israel” 20:57:16
May 24, 2012 Texas Republican Presidential Debate! 18:36:14
Orrin Hatch 'doggone offended' by 'radical libertarians' trying to take away his Senate seat 11:32:44
Perfect Video: Ron Paul At Texas A&M Black This Out 08:28:51
Ron Paul Needs Your Help! MSM Talks of Campaign Ending 18:44:21
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Ron Paul Needs To Close The Door On Running Third Party If He Wants To Be Embraced As The Romney Alternative 23:47:42
Converting Evangelicals 23:34:59
$10 Please Donate $10 23:28:31
put up signs on the 14th 23:23:14
[VIDEO] “The New Debate in the Republican Party Needs to be Between Conservatives and Libertarians” 23:21:11
What if Ron Paul is here not to win an election, but to win your soul... 23:15:14
Less than 24 hours to go, It's Up To You! 23:11:37
Bernanke to Congress: We're Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think 23:01:53
"The r3VOLution Is Not Being Televised" T-Shirt 22:19:32
Are you guys focusing on the wrong digit in your delegate math? 22:00:47
Ron Paul finally defeats the Federal Reserve... in a new video game 21:56:06
Obama finally openly admits to aiding Syrian Rebels 21:46:29
7 Reasons to Donate to Ron Paul's Tax Day Money Bomb 21:43:59
How did Ron Paul do in 2008 Texas primary? 21:25:46
Ron Paul on WOAI 1200 San Antonio NewsRadio 4/12/12 21:01:34
The best Dr. Paul interview you will ever see. William F. Buckley the arrogant arsch puts Dr. Paul to the test 20:50:14
Dr Paul charms evangelical leaders 20:48:02
Human Nature: Ron Paul's biggest opponent 20:40:34
36% of Americans Agree with Ron Paul on Military Spending 20:39:40
High-frequency trading... on acid! 20:37:07
Presidential candidates vs. your local state candidates. Do you have tunnel vision? 20:32:28
Ron Paul supporters you must see this! 20:28:16
Judge Rules Police Dash Cam Videos Can Be Kept Secret / COP CAUGHT MASTURBATING ON DASHCAM 20:25:09
If you live in Travis County, TX, please find the Austin for Ron Paul meetup. 20:21:10
There are No Communists - but a Heck of a lot of Fascists in Congress! 20:18:51
Rick Santelli on the Buffett Rule 20:11:36
The Heart of the Problem is in the Heart 20:09:46
Delegate count: Actual statistical analysis 20:09:08
10th district in VA. Need help 20:08:54
This is how I explained delegates...correct? 20:02:31
How Secure is Mitt Romney? 19:52:04
Ron Paul is the most powerful man in the nation 19:40:19
The COOLEST Ron Paul TWEETS of The Week 19:32:00
"We don't need the Euro anymore." Greek town develops bartering system without euro 19:22:18
Tepco Press Conference: Fukishima Temperature rises at No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool, now around 50°C 19:20:57
Rachel Maddow, "How do you solve a nuclear disaster?" 19:13:15
Meet Lee Whitnum AIPAC's worst nightmare. 19:13:10
Business Insider makes slam piece on Dr Paul's position on Isreal. Misleading article! 19:07:39
Brilliant! Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population 19:06:49
'Monolith' Object on Mars? You Could Call It Tha 19:02:39
New CISPA Bill Isn't SOPA, But Still Attacks Constitutional Rights 18:22:12
Rp ever coming to arkansas? 18:16:49
Minnesota CD 1 Convention call 18:09:02
BREAKING! Voters Registered Anywhere in Texas Can Vote in Current County of Residence! Rule 25a. Clarified! 18:00:08
24 Outrageous Facts About Taxes In The United States That Will Blow Your Mind 17:58:23
Newt History Timeline 17:34:32
Michigan: URGENT - Precinct Delegate deadline 5/15 17:34:01
Ron Paul : 'I Get Very Grouchy' When I Don't Exercise" 17:33:46
Banks Have Us By the U Know What - Or do they? 17:33:32
Republican Presidential Candidates Speak at Annual NRA Meeting (INCLUDING: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Cantor, Walker) 17:06:05
Ron Paul Gains Huge Evangelical Endorsement! 17:04:10
Mitt Romney Watch Thread 17:00:56
An open letter to my parents 16:56:16
☛CNBC: "Financial Crisis: Myths vs. Realities" ~ "They" STILL Don't Know What Happened! [VIDEO] 16:54:54
Great Wall Motors - Chinese Auto Maker 16:51:30
World of Warcraft nostalgia from '08 16:40:01
Too bad matt damon isn't as smart as some of his characters. 16:39:27
Jim Robinson Won't Support Romney in General Election (Freerepublic) 16:34:08
I'VE GOT IT! - How Ron Paul Can Win! 16:32:36
Musician and Liberty Activist, Jordan Page, Endorses RJ Harris for Congress! 16:23:04
New Ron Paul Forum 16:20:16
Chaplin, The Great Dictator, Final 16:17:27
Marc Scaringi at PA GOP Senate Debate Part 2, says, "End the Fed!" 16:14:04
Video: Lew Rockwell great explanation of exactly what Warren Buffett hopes to achieve with higher taxes on rich 16:00:03
Second Amendment 15:39:25
Condi Rice: ‘Fortune,’ not ‘skill,’ protected America post-9/11 [VIDEO] 15:28:42
Liberty Candidates Money Bomb and LibertyChat Extravaganza! 15:23:57
Ron Paul coming to Cornell University 15:16:17
Jack Hunter : Why Santorum Supporters Should Switch To Ron Paul 15:10:44
Romney Pitches NRA Today 15:09:53
Campaign Donation Number: 703-563-6620 15:08:47
Don’t let Obama get a Nixon pardon, Ron Paul 2012 - Impeach Obama 2012 15:06:44
WE THE PEOPLE PARTY (Super PAC). Someone Please help start 15:02:13
Alex Wagner on MSNBC’s “NOW” Interviews Jesse Benton 14:47:35
RT Reports On 'Ron Paul: The Road To Revolution' Video Game 14:42:36
Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation 14:40:16
Gary Johnson – “Libertarian” Candidate – is Out of His Element 14:38:13
Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Must see. 14:33:25
John Stossel: Speaks To Ex-federal Reserve Employee 14:28:33
Health Freedom Alliance: Ron Paul’s In It To Win In Money Bomb April 15 14:25:09
Flip floppin' Romney on your 2nd amendment right. 14:19:38
RJ Harris, Libertarian candidate drops Presidential bid to run for Congress! 14:18:47
Got This Ron Paul Letter To Editor In Today 14:14:18
Why isn't the Money-Bomb on the RonPaul2012 site! 14:06:34
Senate Bill 1813 includes amendment giving power to the IRS to revoke or suspend passports 14:05:23
Charges still pending against Brent Stafford and Kenny Suitter 14:04:01
Ron Paul gathered almost 10,000 supporters in Texas with slideshow 13:58:36
We're gonna do what they say can't be done...EAST BOUND AND DOWN! 13:57:42
Pull out the stops - get some money to the campaign... any way possible! 13:51:52
Rally Criticism 13:51:15
☛ Cut and Paste This List of Media Email Addresses 13:43:41
*IMPORTANT* New PA CD-18 Contact Info for Volunteering, Delegate Info, etc. 13:41:18
US Government Manual: Guidebook for Torture -*VIDEO* 13:40:59
The Red Cross on STRIKE...really? 13:38:43
Why is it better to Give than to Receive ...? 13:33:54
Pass the Torch! We Need all the Reinforcements we can get on the West Coast! 13:29:50
RT: Ron Paul fights the Fed in new video game 13:29:09
Briefing for all Elected and Government Officials 13:27:46
About abstaining at the convention and the 1144 13:25:37
Ron Paul's Definition of Liberty 13:08:09
New Rassmussen Poll: Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama - Business Wire 13:04:48
Michael Scheuer On Obama's Leak Of Azeri Airfields Data 13:01:31
*Attention All Paul Supporters!* 12:58:36
Newest Poll: Ron Paul Only One To Beat Obama (Video) 12:48:14
Grandpas Against Ron Paul 12:44:35
What if the government rejects the Constitution? Article by Judge Napolitano on Fox News. 12:43:27
Can We Please Have the Most Crucial MONEYBOMB Yet on the Top of DP 12:42:27
A Hypothetical Question 12:41:06
Insider Drake: After Mass Arrests, Ron Paul Might Be Our New President! 12:40:10
AWESOME! Iceland 'FORGIVES' Mortgage Debt For Population (VIDEO) 12:37:20
Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills 12:35:33
The Paul Party 12:27:24
Behind the Mask: Who Really Funds the Candidates! 12:18:23
Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America 12:18:15
Awesome: why the GOP wants Romney (to lose) 12:17:40
Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama in New Poll 12:16:02
World’s Apex Bully Leads World Into Lawlessness 12:15:13
'Cultural Barometer' at Cafepress 12:11:41
The Hill : What Hilary Rosen, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Ayn Rand Have In Common 12:07:28
POWER IN OUR NUMBERS - we all don't need to donate large sums of money - BUT WE ALL NEED TO DONATE 11:59:11
RON PAUL finally defeats the FED in new video game! 11:44:26
Somebody up their likes us? Are higher powers preventing Armageddon? 11:35:12
Sentencing statement of Tarek Mehanna, 4/12/12 11:34:40
Dr.Ron Paul in San Antonio, Texas 4-12-2012 (Video) 11:34:32
Quick! Send the Ron Paul pro-life video to every pro-life person/church/institution that you know. 11:02:37
Independence Mall 11:01:27
Ron Paul Republican Marc Scaringi at the Pennsylvania GOP Senate Debate 10:21:24
Fox Nation Is At It Again 10:15:12
Marine Faces Boot for Anti-Obama Facebook Posts 10:07:06
Revolution Travel Management Needs Your Help to Get RP Delegates to Tampa! 10:00:14
Media cheers "humiliating" North Korea incident while silent on American drone crashes 09:52:22
Complex history (flip flopping) of Romney on Gun Issues - Buzzfeed 09:48:52
Chuck Baldwin-The Man Who Should Be President Ron Paul! 09:40:30
FREE: 10,000 Bumper Stickers to Help the Cause 09:32:29
Air Force veteran - why I dropped out of college 09:31:33
MONEY BOMB ALERT! 2012 Campaign Needs @ Least 3 Win Texas! 09:28:30
MSNBC says Ron Paul likely to end campaign if supporters don't raise $2.5 million 08:40:05
Ron Paul 2012: REVOLUTION RISING - The Choice Is Yours 08:37:17
Call talk radio TODAY and alert millions to the IN IT TO WIN IT Money Bomb! 08:34:17
Photos: Dr. Paul & the R3VOLution, and America's REAL Future - R3VOL Kids Greet Dr. Paul! 08:32:30
Ancient Meditation of King David 08:25:43
Video: Obama Supporter Wakes Up To Ron Paul And Reality 08:15:17
You may be a domestic terrorist to the FBI 08:00:42
Song: Won't Fool The Ron Paul Revolution 07:58:55
An Open Letter to Open Letters 07:52:42
A Classical Education in Public Domain or just wishful thinking? 06:40:39
Fox News Poll, Paul jumps into 2nd after Santorum drops out 06:30:58
Aaaaaaah! I missed my 3rd birthday (by one day) 06:23:43
The vote up Tabulator is now on the right? 05:53:44
Romney: My Only Connection To The Republican Party Is That I'm Registered Republican 05:26:33
An open letter to Michael Nystrom and/or the moderators 04:47:53
The Deal with Jack Hunter: Is Ron Paul Right About Everything? 04:44:06
Attention Homeschoolers and autodidacts! 04:39:07
Get Tax Extension And Donate To Ron Paul! 04:16:52
This is how Romney & GOP Establshent took ND 03:20:59
Actual News (Video) Coverage of MO win! 02:56:59
GOP learned it's Alinsky dirty tricks from the Dems 02:34:18
[D-CT] Senate Primary debate: Lee Whitnum calls opponent Chris Murphy "whore" for AIPAC, Israel lobby. She's got my vote! 02:32:33
Your Right to be Wrong Day - When Should We Celebrate? 02:20:01
Best Footage of Dr. Ron Paul Speech at UCLA - HD Compilation 02:17:22
Tomorrow morning will begin a blast to our 3,000,000 members ) 01:49:07
Ron Paul interviewed on Joe Pags Show (San Antonio WOAI) 01:45:58
NEW Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout BARACK OBAMA vs RON PAUL Sway your Democrat friends to register Republican just for Paul 01:45:02
Infobomb Advice and Door to Door Protocol 01:39:14
New Poll Shows Ron Paul The Only One To Beat Obama! 00:54:31
Tea Party Leader Warns Romney : Don't Expect Us To Campaign For You 00:45:01
Latest Rasmussen poll has Dr. Paul winning over Obama. 00:41:18
Barry Goldwater talks about Ron Paul 00:18:44
Which is a better investment: gold or silver 00:06:05
The Anti-Paul Thesis and Rebuttal 00:02:53