Posted on April 14, 2012

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A Rick Santorum supporter visits a Ron Paul Rally 20:12:53
STOP NAMING DELEGATE NAMES/SLATES - The Campaign Will Get the Information 19:09:47
Ron Paul: There's Still a Strong Anti-Romney Element in the Party 4-13-12 05:18:11
Will Ron Paul Strive to Become a Third Party Loser or a Republican Winner? 10:29:53
Jonathan Karl of ABC News has no position on whether we should have gone to war with Iraq! 10:28:30
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Ron Paul is Right: Government Uses Coercion to Deny Our Pursuit of Happiness 23:51:37
Donate your Tax Return, to the man who will End the Income Tax! 23:28:49
They Speak Lies So We Must Shut the Twits Down 23:24:49
My name is freedom 23:18:38
We Shall Overcome! Donation Motivational Video 23:14:10
Romney Lost Colorado Caucuses, But Gets Most Delegates 23:12:19
Any Consolidated, Continuously Updated Information about Caucus Wins? 22:48:15
Operation: Infiltrate Mitt Romney Forum 22:38:08
Roth IRA...should I pull it? 22:25:43
A democrat voting for Ron Paul 22:24:01
Ron Paul Wins Colorado With 17to18 Delegates 22:04:50
"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - James Madison 22:01:24
3 positions Ron Paul and Obama Differ on. 21:57:47
TRANSLATOR for the Candidate Comparison Sheet Handouts WANTED! 21:45:23
GREAT Week For Ron Paul 21:40:45
Footage Of Boston Teens Tortured With Shock Therapy! (Restrained & Shocked For Hours) 21:36:49
South Seattle area District (LD 11th) Caucus results today: Romney delegates=ZERO! 21:29:32
Debate Challenge 21:29:26
King County, Washington 11th District delegates sweep "Ron Paul" Slate! 21:15:00
What if the government rejects the Constitution? 21:07:12
Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks 20:21:35
With Ron as President - think of all the scandals he would expose 19:57:59
Ron Paul SWEPT Oklahoma's 3rd District, today. 19:16:29
This is a must read for anyone who is a Ron Paul supporter! 19:14:34
Where is the Money Bomb Ticker? 19:09:29
Mark Levin's heroes... 19:06:59
Who are the Key Activists for Ricky Santorum who have no financial interest? 19:02:51
25 Years in Prison if You Offend Someone on the Internet? 18:55:29
The Morning After Ron Paul Defeats Obama 18:54:16
Let's create videos to several themes Ron Paul speaks about - help and share 18:52:51
John Stossel to Roger Ailes: ‘I Can’t Stand ABC Anymore, Please Hire Me’ 18:49:25
This just in from Chatham County, Georgia for Ron Paul 18:25:34
Get the gun owners. Lets reach out and inform them! Call to action! 18:11:25
Help Me Get This Santorum Supporter - Seems Like He Could Help Us A Lot. 18:06:53
Ron Paul's Entire Speech, San Antonio, Texas - 04/12/2012 17:58:10
DHS Introduces Green Police 17:51:54
Real Life Story: How To Turn A Town Libertarian 17:48:37
With Romney's campaign stating they are going to start spending major funds to check on delegates 17:41:14
Freemasonry in Action 17:07:05
Rick Santorum: "Please join me for a $pecial conference call Monday evening at 8 p.m. ET" 17:02:04
Conservatives unite to block Romney’s preferred delegates 17:01:12
A World Free of Cancer by G. Edward Griffin - Is Cancer a Nutritional Deficiency? 16:56:46
Enriched Uranium secrets and Fukushima Radiation with Chris Busby 16:45:59
Need an afternoon chuckle? Ron Paul supporters at their best! 16:43:51
Ron Paul Sweeps Denver County, Colorado Delegates! 16:39:24
ELECTION FRAUD: Ron Paul vs The Savagery of the Opposition 16:09:16
MB Video: Should Ron Paul drop out of the race? 16:08:05
Ron Paul Money Bomb April 15 "In It To Win" 16:01:36
Bernanke to Congress: We’re Much Closer to Total Destruction Than You Think 15:59:58
How much is your freedom worth? 15:47:55
Texas County Convention 15:28:51
Video recording banned, how the deception works 15:21:14
Minnesota cd5 we ran the table 15:20:09
Demolish Romney with the Gun Control Issue...and it's over..We WIN. 15:12:06
Early Facebook Report From Bryan, Texas Convention... "Ron Paul almost has a majority. We REALLY REALLY need your presence here" 15:05:31
Ron Paul Tabletop Folder 15:01:06
Ron Paul Infomercial on Google TV 14:46:36
Ron Paul - See You in Tampa! 14:46:25
Tom Green County Delegate Count 14:41:06
Barack Obama versus Reality - A new ad for Ron Paul 14:40:38
So here is how I think the RNC nomination will play out. Where do you think you go from there ? 14:26:33
To the Moderators: Bar Graph the April 15 Money Bomb 14:23:28
Perfect Theme Song for the Campaign! 14:15:38
My spin on the Money Bomb Video a little more upbeat 14:12:39
The Hill: Rift opens between military brass, GOP lawmakers on defense cuts 13:59:34
URGENT! Please notice the Email sent to all on my list...You may choose to do it too. 13:46:49
Texas Senate District convention for Senate Districts 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, & 18 April 21 13:39:24
MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks 13:36:35
Recording and electric devices BANNED ad County District Convention 13:06:47
The degradation of the American mind is afoot! 13:04:23
Ben Swann creates own YouTube Channel 12:49:48
How Ron Paul Can Beat the GOP Nomination Fix 12:44:58
We Need Santorum. Time For "PONY (up) 2012". 12:41:38
Strike While The Iron Is Hot - Help Me Get Pastor Brian Jacobs Seen And Heard In Christian Media! 12:32:48
An Easy Endorsement! 12:27:50
Ron Paul on 550 KTSA w/ Jack Riccardi 4/12/12 12:26:24
Ron Paul Campaign Takin Over The Gop Nation Wide! 11:57:57
Paul Bigger Than Party 11:55:52
IDEA : Stream the Ron Paul Speeches to LIVINGROOM TAIL GATE PARTIES! 11:46:46
Sniff : Sniff! You smell that? 11:44:01
Wow! Mitt Romney Turned His Back on 911 Widows and Orphans 11:20:08
The Times They are a-Changin' 11:11:06
Is Ron Paul “Off the Rails” On Social Issues? 11:08:41
The man who should be president 11:06:58
Our Men in Iran? 10:59:00
My 8 year old and 6 year are "in it to win it" 10:49:16
U.S.-Israel Deal to Demand Qom Closure Threatens Nuclear Talks Analysis 10:45:43
LESS THAN 24 HOURS TO GO - We all don't need to donate huge sums of money - BUT WE ALL NEED TO DONATE 10:33:42
Washington’s bizarre Kosovo strategy could destroy NATO 10:21:54
"Here's to You Mr. Jefferson" Awesome! by Mike Church 10:20:25
Grassroots Help Needed in Pennsylvania 10:11:43
Ron Paul Wins / Romney Should Be Ashamed - Election Fraud Video 09:56:50
Scumbag Newt to visit Greensboro today 09:42:43
Secret Service sent home from Columbia - didn't pay for prostitute - she went to police 09:09:21
Vital Money Distinctions 08:53:31
The Moral Revolution- Evangelicals for a Born Again America. President Paul and the Soul of the Nation 08:23:43
Real Clear Politics Listened to my Complaint 08:21:41
RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: COPY/PASTE NOW! Facebook! Tweeter! Myspace! 07:45:22
Ron Paul clean sweep of Colorado District 1! 07:40:12
Apocalypse Now 07:31:32
Deadlines for getting Ron Paul's name on ballots 07:28:46
[VIDEO] Romney 2002: " My only connection to the GOP is I'm a registered Republican." 07:24:28
☛These Videos Need to be Embedded STAT 07:16:54
New Mitt Romney Scandal Jeopardizes Campaign! 07:09:26
Competing Currencies. 06:31:54
The ONE thing Ron Paul needs to say in EVERY interview (which would expose the bias in the MSM) 06:31:08
Why isn't Ron Paul doing this? 06:11:13
I'll match $10 for EVERY donation! 04:28:38
Georgia district 11 convention today! 04:17:27
Iceland forces Banks to Foregive Most Home Loan Debt! 03:43:49
No Ron Paul at the NRA convention? 03:43:36
Mitt Romney Talking About the Constitution to NRA 03:21:03
Funny KETK Coverage from February 02:50:00
*URGENT* 8AM tomorrow Help needed in Cheyenne, WY at state convention! 02:41:54
is anyone else having issues with the site or is it just me? 02:41:27
Six Romney Family Members Hit Campaign Trail… For RON PAUL 02:32:18
Timbuktu - Islamic Rule - Video 02:31:14
New Romney Scandal a Major Campaign Threat 02:21:47
I Lost and It Bothers Me 02:18:28
TSA Inspector at Dallas-Fort Worth Accused of Stealing Ipads 02:12:33
Candidate with most Delegates on First Ballot Always Wins at Convention? 02:04:47
Rand Paul VP 01:50:01
*URGENT* 24 Hours Left ! Lets all Step Up To The Plate For Ron Paul People 01:35:49
Any Ex-Neocons Feel Really Disgusted With Themselves? 01:29:55
Liberty: Paul : : Interventionism: Santorum 01:27:43
Dedicated to Our Troops 01:18:36
It's Now Or Never For Ron Paul -Townhall article 01:18:01
Treasury Tries To Bail Out Public Image Of Bailout 01:01:38
"Looking for Ron Paul Pro-Israel Literature" 00:58:29
Sounds like Netflix follows Pauls ideology on personal freedom and says it works! 00:58:13
A Spy’s report from inside the Romney campaign ! 00:53:16
Romney will not have the nomination, even with 1,144 delegates, not even close 00:31:33
Has anybody seen this? 00:31:03
Is Ron Paul wrong? 00:25:09
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