Posted on April 15, 2012

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John Stossel Speaks to Former Federal Reserve Employee 21:55:00
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Ron Paul Wins/Romney Should Be Ashamed! FRAUD 23:59:36
PROOF: Mitt Romney Is As Liberal As OBAMA! 23:58:37
"How could we possibly lose?" - GOP '12=DNC '04 23:55:40
2 more fake companies donated millions to Romney 23:53:18
Subs for Votes Scandal: Romney is TOASTED! 23:53:02
Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves 23:50:21
What I'd Like To Hear From Santorum Supporters Visiting This Site 23:50:09
Forum Posts: Daily Paul vs. Mitt Romney Central 23:47:41
Santorum and Paul. The Past and the Future of the GOP 23:41:46
35 Romney endorsers received contributions first 23:40:53
I'm Ecstatic! 23:35:11
This is scary 23:32:42
Washington times - Fair article on recent delegate elections in CO,MI and IO 23:30:57
Ron Paul Revolution: A New Era Of Freedom 23:24:47
Holy Crap! They are trying to dissolve the Trust (Constitution), we are the Executors! 23:23:48
Mitt Romney: The $1.5 Billion Dollar Lobbyist 23:23:05
Ron Paul wins Minnesota, Colorado delegates to Republican National Convention 23:17:37
Ron Paul wins the Tea Party Tax Day Rally Straw Poll in Watkins Glen - Local Media distorts 23:16:26
You are a Revolutionary. (Video) 23:09:47
Colorado? Who won? 23:09:37
Adam Kokesh coming to PA! 23:07:34
Ron Paul's 'Tax Day Money Bomb' has been extended to the actual tax day 23:03:05
Alan Greenspan On S&P Downgrade 22:56:24
Ron Paul "In It To Win It" Moneybomb on April 15, 2012 22:48:04
Call to action - need you to send an email! 22:45:16
Have You Guys Seen This? Pictures From Fort Worth 22:15:33
NJ for Ron Paul 22:05:49
The Iron is Hot 21:47:40
Bill Gates: How to Fix Capitalism LMAO 21:43:55
Videos 21:35:38
LandRights.Com - Do You Really Know Your Rights? 21:33:20
John Stossel - The War On Medical Marijuana 21:24:09
Ron Paul Pictionary 21:17:25
Johnson County, TEXAS -JCRP meeting Friday Night to interview to be a delegate to State Convention 20:40:06
The Only Bridge 20:27:01
The UNITED STATES Corporation and Mr. Obama have a REAL BIG PROBLEM: 20:01:51
My local Fox station emailed me back 20:00:05
15 TRILLION reasons NOT to vote for Obamney 2012 19:52:24
Obama~ Who's your daddy? This is a hoot! 19:48:11
I just donated $20.12. Who's going to break the half million mark? 19:36:42
The US Government's Greatest Hits 19:26:28
Colorado further evidence Ron Paul will challenge Romney in Tampa 19:22:21
USG Propaganda Broadcast Plan/Budget 2012 & 2013 19:20:49
Ron Paul Groups on Terrorist Watch List 19:13:45
Petition Asks FBI to Investigate Mitt Romney and Bain Capital 19:03:59
Sheeple Encounters, a true story 18:58:11
Here's An Idea! 18:51:32
Hit Piece on Ron Paul at 18:33:33
Liberty Iowa PAC to launch tonight at 7pm CST! 18:33:06
The United States of Goldman Sachs ~ Goldman/Federal List of Who's Who 18:27:47
Steve Henager - Liberty 18:26:06
Help Support the Revolution. Apply to be a Ron Paul 2012 Intern! http:/ 17:59:53
MEDIA with their COLLECTIVE heads in the sand? My editorial / email to the WASHINGTON POST today. ENJOY! 17:54:43
No lie can live forever 17:48:49
money bomb idea 17:44:37
Romney is lying again...his mouth is moving! 17:38:59
Just spent 7 months on the road! Spreading the word of Liberty! 17:24:48
banned for posting money bomb 17:12:20
Half a million children under the age of 5 died in Iraq and people still vote for this? 17:08:38
PLEASE write to Saturday Night Live & ask Where was Ron? 16:47:55
This video did not get enough views, but I think it's an excellent tool to spread far & wide. 16:25:32
Idea To Surge The Money Bomb! 16:21:26
Anyone Have a Cached Version of Rasmussen Report: Ron Paul beating Obama? - People are not believing it. 16:12:37
72 Delegates Are Up For Grabs in PA on April 24th 2012 16:05:49
Ron Paul, Superhero! 16:01:03
Colorado further evidence Ron Paul will challenge Romney in Tampa 15:58:37
WHAT a JOY to give to this campaign at this MOMENTOUS TIME in our history. 15:46:30
The State of the Race. 15:36:01
Jack Hunter: The Revolution will not be Televised 15:34:08
Ron Paul on Stossel April 13th 15:31:26
Why Liberals (and everyone else) Should Support Ron Paul 15:30:45
Easy money to be made on Intrade (if you think Ron Paul can win) 15:21:10
Maddow's book Drift tops the bestseller list 15:09:40
Government Media Kill-Switch 15:09:34
Win or lose I am with this man! 15:08:39
Internet Protests Next Week Against CISPA 'Cybersecurity' House Bill 15:00:06
A Good Discussion 14:54:55
Shenanigans in Colorado 14:50:23
The road to Tampa: Michigan county victory 14:43:29
Some Ron Paul Money Bomb Banners 14:35:07
U.S. Roads and Bridges Being Built By Chinese 14:34:04
US War on Whistleblowers - Will the "espionage spy crime act" Extend to CitizenSpeak Arrests? *3 videos incl.* 14:32:45
Want a debate on May 24th between Paul/Romney/Gingrich in Texas? 14:29:39
Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 14:28:48
Another View: Ron Paul shows that not all politicians avoid the truth 14:27:43
Calling All Troll Smashers! Wead could use your help! 14:22:27
Question about past money bombs! 14:18:25
CBS Caught Lying About Results of Colorado Caucus! 14:11:18
Senate District ~ 7 ~ N.w. Houston ~ More People Needed ! 14:05:08
A problem with Ron Paul's immigration policy 13:58:01
My Ron Paul experience at my college track meet 13:38:26
50% of the people you meet are below average... 13:37:10
Spanish Monarchy Faces Jumbo Crisis 13:36:53
*President Paul* 13:30:36
Eat Lunch with Ron Paul - Fundraiser April 20th 13:16:27
Banker Left Speechless By Irish Journalist LMAO 13:09:41
Money Bomb... Make it happen! 13:09:01
Drockton: Ron Paul is the New "Anti-Romney" Candidate 13:07:39
Friendly challenge 12:59:58
URGENT everyone with a youtube channel Needs to Feature this video NOW! 12:56:22
Donate to the campaign today and get a free song from Tatiana Moroz! 12:46:58
RP speaks APR 22 Independence Hall Philadelphia 12:39:45
VOTE UP: I sent this email out, and it brought in $350.00 in donations OUT OF NOWHERE!. 12:17:27
Why does the media hate Ron Paul? 12:08:47
Llllllet's get rrrreeeeady to ruuuuummbbllleeeee! 11:56:50
Just heard SNL asked Romney to host show 11:52:57
Let's Make A Deal 11:48:56
Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Two Failed Wars and Why He Supports Ron Paul for President 11:47:53
You must be the change you wish to see in the world 11:38:11
The election of active domestic enemies 11:25:13
ATTN: To all delegates who were at a convention yesterday 11:12:07
"Hunger Games" Movie Review, by David Bay 11:00:29
Donate TODAY! CAUTION: Adults Only ~ Fight on! Fight Hard! [VIDEO Embed Please] 10:43:58
SNL skit featuring GOP 10:25:05
getting ready to break out the credit card for the bomb 10:04:25
Why not INCLUDE Seniors in canvassing for votes ? 09:23:28
Paul delegates sabotaged by last minute campaign slate 09:17:51
Ron Paul Wins Majority of Delegates out of Yakima County, Washington! 08:36:20
Sarah Palin: I don't want Ron Paul to drop out 07:15:13
How many Santorum supporters out there will tell their church members today about the Money Bomb? 07:03:01
New and Final GOP Debate Set For April 24th 06:51:14
I need someone to explain this to me - Santorum delegates?! 06:07:41
Take A Stand And Fight For Ron Paul! NOW IS THE TIME! 05:42:21
Why doesn't DP direct email moneybomb reminders? 05:31:21
☛Ron Paul Is Destroying The Status Quo! Total Upset Underway ~ April 15th [VIDEO] 04:54:33
Ron Paul gets a boost at Yakima County GOP Convention 04:51:09
Grassroots Mini-Moneybomb Today & Monday 04:32:10
Cross Fire 03:53:45
SNL disses Dr. Paul 02:54:22
What happened in Wyoming? 02:46:54
Did J.P Morgan Sink the Titanic? 02:41:24
Tears Shall Flow No More! 02:15:20
How the left Obamanites are smearing Ron Paul 02:09:05
1 01:48:45
The next Christmas Day 01:37:24
The Average GOP Starting To Rally Behind Dr. Paul? 01:23:05
Important: Become A Michigan Delegate Still Time! 01:21:13
April 15th MoneyBomb - John Tate Needs A Lesson in INSPIRATION - How's this? 01:08:38
In it to WIN it! 01:07:30
PNW: give up coffee for Paul ! 00:40:45
My experience at 00:37:51
Funny Money ... off topic humorous story on FB 00:02:58