Posted on April 17, 2012

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The Deal with Jack Hunter: Ignoring the rEVOLution 22:06:07
Video: TSA To Search Bags, Question Passengers On Houston Buses 21:14:02
Romney Under Felony Investigation for Voter Fraud! 23:59:30
Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul, Round 1: NDAA 23:53:22
John Cusack rips Obama: He ‘continued that imperial presidency of the Bush administration’ [VIDEO] 17:45:14
George Washington's Health Insurance Individual Mandate 17:08:46
Texas Establishment Republicans are scared to death! 15:25:04
MN: After decrying "Ron Paul Libertarians," Lynne Torgerson drops out 14:56:23
Liberty Candidate Series: John Dennis for US Congress 13:03:16
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/16/12: Professor Obama Gets an F in Constitutional Law 07:59:02
High Taxes Cause More Americans to Renounce Citizenship 10:20:50
Taxpayer Freedom / In To Win Money Bomb Raises Over $1.9M 23:23:22
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Ron Paul only candidate able to defeat Obama in new Rasmussen poll 23:53:52
If you owe taxes to IRS, you cannot leave the country: Fox Biz (Dr.Paul right again) 23:42:36
Santorum delegates begin flocking to Ron Paul 23:40:20
Ron Paul Supporter Training for Texas County Conventions THIS SATURDAY! 23:34:59
VIDEO: Josh Tolley gets kicked off stage at tea party rally 23:30:21
Stossel Regrets Harsh Criticism of ABC News 23:28:28
google is screwing this site 23:13:02
Tim Thomas, Hockey Star Of The Boston Bruins [Goalie], Supports Ron Paul 23:09:09
Dylan Ratigan Tries to Uncover FED Actions. Gets Frustrated 23:07:42
Ron Paul Is A Hero On Tax Day For All Americans 23:03:42
Mitt Romney Profited On Company Tied To Medicare Fraud During His Tenure 22:58:55
Give the Pollsters an Earful 22:55:54
New Yorkers Line Up For Fake Obama Stimulus Cards 22:50:30
Kenya Sees Spike in Obama Administration-Funded Projects 22:42:26
Did you know John Dennis is having a money bomb? 22:32:43
Herman Cain no longer endorses Newt Gingrich 22:18:16
Video: Federal Reserve Transparency Acts! Stuck in Committee 22:16:44
I'm going to Hell from laughing so hard. Santorum: Bella is now an NRA life member 22:16:16
Romney's "I.O.U." to the U.S. 22:08:34
[VIDEO] Jan Brewer, Arizona Governor, [VETOES] Bill Allowing Guns In Government Buildings 22:07:59
Pro-taxation vandal deface signs at Ron Paul 2012 Louisiana campaign headquarter 22:07:36
Video: NDAA - America Moves Towards Totalitarianism 21:57:26
New LIberty Blog 21:45:20
Ron Paul should NOT accept AmericansElect nomination 21:41:18
The Electoral College was not a freak of nature 21:33:48
FOX NEWS : Appeals Court Upholds Arizona ID Requirement 21:23:35
Anyone Doing that Diaspora Thingy? 21:22:20
Tax Day Penalizing Producers 21:21:56
The Anatomy of Sovereign Debt Default 21:11:43
On a Lighter Note 20:48:58
Possible Santorum endorsement? 20:44:23
Alaska Delegates Need Your Help! 20:38:44
Independent Lynne Torgerson turned Republican and dislikes Ron Paul Libertarians, then drops out of the race 20:32:46
REQUEST: In It To Win Money Bomb On Top Of The Page 20:26:33
I Have a Theory: Obama Will Be Thrown Under The Bus, We Will Go Against Hillary 20:16:05
Black Helicopters and Armed Soldiers Conduct Drills in Chicago 20:11:46
Does Santorum still want a brokered convention? 19:57:48
The Word In Wyoming Delegates 19:55:43
Ron Paul Wants Protection for Bradley Manning and Other Whistleblowers 19:55:27
Ron Paul: Ignored, Mocked, and Marginalized AGAIN! 19:53:06
Open Letter To Dana Loesch - A Simple Plea 19:44:50
Do You Own Yourself ? 19:42:28
All SC Ron Paulers! 19:36:10
Get Rich Quick! (alleged humor) 19:29:05
Punk rock song for the good Dr. 19:28:29
Unarmed Man Stun Gunned, Shot To Death By Deputy 19:26:51
RON PAUL Sign Holders In Havasu? 18:58:31
You won't find this on Fox 18:54:54
Lake Tahoe Sign Bomb 18:52:31
Gestapo aka TSA Launch Undercover Spy Scheme on Houston Metro Buses 18:50:39
Who Will Build The Roads? We, The People, Will. As We Always Have 18:29:03
Attn OR voters, deadline fast approaching! 18:12:10
How Ron Paul Can Win 18:11:12
For the next moneybomb 18:09:05
Obama's Favorite Color Compromised 18:03:40
Delegate wins - Pro-Israel - Donations - winning nomination 17:57:42
The Tea Party is "not educated enough" to support Ron Paul, going for Gingrich 17:51:16
A POSITIVE THINKING Exercise for Supporters 17:42:34
Ron Paul is electable! Ad 17:40:06
How do I know we are winning? The hit pieces are back! Ah, the bittersweet taste of OUR success. 17:33:21
Colonel Douglas Macgregor on Two Failed Wars and Why He Supports Ron Paul for President 17:29:34
Ron Paul and the Politics of Thinking 17:24:09
Donations for a Veteran to go to Tampa Convention. 17:13:33
I Just stopped watching CONAN on TBS 17:09:14
British Lord Announces $16 Million Bounty on Barack Obama and George W Bush 16:44:40
Fw: Speech worthy of rememberance - Sent by Colonel Doug Macgregor 16:13:42
Need banners for my Desert Storm Military Cargo/ Personal Carrier! 16:00:44
Simple Advice for Would-Be Delegates 15:58:57
Joy Behar LOVES Ron Paul! 15:52:55
Calling all Dallas and Ft. Worth area supporters! 15:43:56
Santorum Supporters Are Sitting Ducks, Not For Long 15:43:19
Paul/Romney ticket? 15:40:03
Do you see your self in this Video? 15:35:06
Excellent Article! Ron Paul Proves Election Myths False 15:24:01
Ron Paul a 'Taxpayers' Best Friend' vows to end the tyranny of the IRS 15:18:45
Ron Paul is the only option! NO MORE WARS! 15:11:03
No Romney No Obama *Re-Edit 15:04:57
ROMNEY endorses PAUL 15:04:33
Josh Tolley Kicked Off Tea Party Stage For Supporting Ron Paul! 15:01:37
Ron Paul Sweeps Minnesota Delegates! 15:00:38
Ted Nugent: Armed robber and intellectual monopoly fascist 14:56:25
Secret Service Scandal reveals culture of elite privilege 14:46:48
U.S. wanted Taliban attacks to happen in Kabul 14:43:21
Video: What's Wrong w/Amerika - NC Tea-o-CON who can discern Jefferson vs. Hamilton, yet is a Newtie 14:37:02
Missouri liberty candidate: Matt Block - simple thing you can do to help him! 14:32:46
Ron Paul: College should refund any students taught the Constitution by Obama 14:29:50
Ron Paul Statement on Tax Freedom Day 14:15:54
Nader "Far Too Little Difference Between Obama and Romney 14:13:27
Finally agree with Lawrence O'Donnell: The stupid War on Drugs. BUT... 14:11:45
DOD/ DARPA seeks to recruit students to test apps, create robots. 14:08:23
Ron Paul and We The People/Revolution want to BE the table,not merely have a seat at the table! 14:05:57
Penguin Bite Lands Newt on Drudge Report 13:58:14
delete now 13:57:00
Anecdotal Evidence that Monetary Policy is a Mainstream Issue 13:45:06
Freedom Friend Finder! 13:42:06
Top article of the day written by 13:31:14
The New American - The Successes Of Ron Paul's Campaign 13:29:46
Ann Barnhardt rips Romney on youtube 13:28:35
and music for Paul 13:23:30
Mitt Romney Commits Election Bribery Felony In Wisconsin - Will He Be Charged? 13:22:28
Dallas Baptist Pastor Robert Jeffress now supports Mitt Romney 13:21:53
Trump Hosted Ann Romney Birthday Luncheon To Net [$600,000] For Campaign 13:20:59
[BIG SIS] Needs More Ammunition - This Time For Training 13:12:15
Looks like someone at CBS is reading DP... 13:00:00
Converting the masses one by one! 12:50:03
[AWESOME VIDEO] John Stewart Exposes The Fraud Of The Federal Reserve 12:44:21
Mormon "Hanging Gardens of Babylon" Damaged by Fire 12:43:18
The Financial Power of Social Support from the Daily Paul 12:42:25
IRS To Revoke Passports of 30,000 U.S. Troops? 12:41:57
Things just keep getting crazier-entertainment 12:40:19
[6 YEAR OLD GIRL HANCUFFED] After Throwing Tantrum At School (VIDEO) 12:38:52
Win the Upcoming Primaries by Winning Over Pro-Life Organizations! 12:36:24
Ben Bernanke [Full Unredacted Frontal] 12:29:38
Orrin Hatch ‘doggone offended’ by ‘radical libertarians’ trying to take away his Senate seat 12:27:23
[BLACK HELICOPTERS] Conduct COVERT Exercises Over Chicago [VIDEOS] 12:21:37
Abraham Lincoln, the Mormons, and the Civil War 12:19:40
Matching Donations Thread (Game) 12:19:01
The Tea Party is "not educated enough" to support Ron Paul, going for Gingrich 12:13:10
[VIDEO] Rand Paul Re-introduces Amendment To Eliminate Foreign Aid To Egypt 11:51:54
The Christian Argument Against Debt / for Ron Paul 11:51:13
Christian Theologian Annoyed by Many Politicians' Use of the Bible 11:48:34
The Ron Paul Revolution: Not Televised, But Alive and Well 11:44:38
Video: Ron Paul on stem cell research and abortion to save life of mother 11:33:54
American Income Tax Tyranny 11:32:51
Defeat Pelosi. Defend Liberty. John Dennis 2012! 11:31:12
Why I Am Not A Conservative 11:27:40
Missouri to arrest any federal officials who attempt to enforce Obamacare 11:27:38
H.R. 1098, the Free Competition in Currency Act 11:20:35
When gold equities reverse their fall it will be quick 10:55:19
SGT Report: Use of Gold and Silver coins go viral in Malaysia 10:51:08
California finds dangerous chemicals in nail polishes advertised as nontoxic 10:47:52
Quake Expert: Earth Is Cracking Up 10:43:43
My daughter being beat up 10:43:34
Dr. Paul's Tax Freedom Day message: 10:36:25
[FLASH!] IRS To Revoke passports of 30,000 U.S. Troops 10:33:25
Lawyer demonstrates birth certificate not required to appear on NJ ballot 10:28:07
Texas GOP trying to make the primary "winner take all" 10:26:36
Josh Tolley covers the Ron Paul win of the Tax Day Tea Party Rally Straw Poll 10:23:16
Pigs are going to die 10:18:33
DoD awards 6.9 Trillion for Global Information Grid 10:17:56
Earthquake Warning - April 21 - 24 10:15:11
Ron Paul VS Mitt Romney: And Then There Were Two 10:07:06
CNN Slip Up: Ron Paul Only One Able To Beat Obama! 10:05:52
A Former Santorum Supporter Explains His Switch to Paul 09:52:21
Delegate Slate Template 09:38:38
Peter Schiff endorsed Evan Feinberg for Congress from PA. Should we support him? 09:36:42
Torturing the "Necessary and Proper" Clause 09:23:56
How States Can Protect Themselves From Financial Collapse 09:17:36
Confession and Petition 09:14:31
Cancer Cure? You Decide. Ron Paul wants to bring back suppressed technology. 09:08:31
Blue Republican banners up again in Los Angeles! 09:03:53
[VIDEO] IRS Implementing "BEAST" [Cashless Society] Control Grid 09:02:06
Ron Paul is One Tough Dude... 09:00:53
Ron Paul Wonderwall Song REMIX 08:59:27
HELP 08:58:51
VIDEO: Reposting the Epic "What If" Video my husband made :) 08:58:32
Call To Action - Demand to investigate Michigan DNR director Rodney Stokes over forced shooting of baby piglets in cold blood 08:50:23
Second American Revolution 08:42:17
Mitt Romney Is Totally Unelectable! Vote Ron Paul 2012! 08:36:51
Important! Question about Colorado unpledged delegates ! 07:57:47
Lock 'em up early, Lock 'em up often. The Prison Industrial Complex at work- Judges getting kickbacks for sentencing kids 07:57:37
Who would you Vote For? 07:47:51
Ron Paul is NO quitter 05:17:50
FEMA CAMPS now holding families run by DHS autonomously. 05:15:12
Ron Paul Sweeps Minnesota Delegates! 04:50:37
New Poll 04:24:34
"Ben Jealous", "Bill Maher", and "David Brock" Offered Ballot 04:17:06
Poll: Are quantitative easing policies working? 04:01:02
Abraham Lincoln: "Let none falter..." 03:50:58
Would you mind if Ron Paul held '$1,000/plate dinners with Ron Paul'? 03:03:45
Liberty Iowa PAC (NEW!) 02:52:41
Minister Farrakhan Blasts Media & Reporters During Interview break, and an outstanding Ron Paul Song. 02:44:34
I own - You decide what I do with it 02:38:39
Bernie Sander 02:20:58
The Looting of Italy: Gold Exports to Switzerland Soaring 02:16:31
What to Do to Protect Ron Paul and the Revolution 01:53:42
The precursor to greed 01:46:12
Help! 01:39:45
Support delegates while RP runs independent 01:15:45
The EXTRACTION Process 09:14:59
Found on fixamerica 01:13:19
Ron Paul is not a Gimmick 01:02:15
Bad Lip Reading ..Joe Biden * Mature audiences only* 00:57:00
Just Donated to the campaign 00:25:09
Rick Santorum declines to endorse Mitt Romney 00:10:43
Ron Paul Supporters Wrongly Banned from the Military, While Neo-Nazis Permitted to Serve 00:09:35
Less like a bomb, more like a river. Time for something different... 00:03:16
Coming Soon: 'Taxmageddon' 09:20:35