Posted on April 19, 2012

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4,400 for Ron Paul in Ithaca 20:41:32
I just quit the NRA! 16:26:05
No seats left for Ron Paul town hall 15:50:37
USA Today ELIMINATES Ron Paul as a Candidate! 15:01:09
Red and Blue and Broke All Over by Charles Goyette 11:35:17
DoD Awards April 3,4,6,9,10,12,13,16,17,18,&19 & 24 08:59:05
Rand Paul Interviewed by Alex Jones Re: RP Campaign. Are they just his opinions or facts? 07:52:20
BREAKING NEWS: Alaska GOP Cheating Ron Paul In Delegate Process! 09:10:00
Red Alert! The 'Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act' CISPA (HR 3523) Already Has Over 100 Co-sponsors 23:55:47
David Gergen of CNN refuses to answer fundamental questions 09:41:15
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fooseball 23:58:10
Last Call For Freedom In America! Are You In? Donate Again! Money bomb still going! 23:53:02
Please Read: Idea to make money (comments/discussion) 23:50:00
13 amendments for 2013. 23:42:41
Great Defender of Liberty and the Constitution Runs for Senate 23:38:13
Just purchased 4 RP cookbooks for the Tea-o-cons in my life 23:31:14
Ron Paul Proves Election Myths False 23:27:07
Ron Paul stickers- the new "pay it forward" for smart people 23:24:28
Ron Paul supporters, the Media and anti-Semitism 23:21:21
Stadium Tour! (50,000+) 23:11:10
Mitt Romney and WI Rep Paul Ryan Under Investigation by Waukesha, WI District Attorney for Violating Primary Day Election Laws 23:01:20
Ben Swann: "Very Big Story Coming Out..." 23:00:20
Some rEVOLutionist tagged the mens bathroom at work... 22:55:52
FLASH! House Passes 20% Tax Cut For Businesses 22:50:48
ADAM VS THE MAN: RJ Harris, former Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, running for Congress 22:46:28
Trolling and being an AssHat soon to be Illegal in Arizona! 22:42:45
Too Much Copyright 22:39:58
Where is RON PAUL? Let's find out 22:38:08
One Day We All Stand For Love 22:29:30
Need some help with converting my lawyer friend please! 22:28:39
Donate to get John Dennis elected! 22:08:35
Providence Journal GOOD coverage of URI last night 22:08:09
#RonPaul #AutopayFriday ? 22:05:37
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney {Great Video} 22:05:28
Big Blue Banner on Highway today! 21:57:37
Ron Paul Does It Again! Over 4,400 Pack The House In Ithica To See Ron Paul...WOW! 21:47:39
The Eighth Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair 2012 21:35:07
GOP Fraud in Alaska - Video 21:34:09
. 21:29:55
Good article about Alaska GOP Nonsense. This is not Randy's First Offense! 21:25:36
Ron Paul Trending On Google+ Right Now! 21:14:44
Obama Natural Gas Executive Order (DHS Green Police) 21:12:01
Liberty Candidate Glen Bradley Endorsed by Ron Paul! 21:06:16
Words from Woodrow Wilson-Relevant 21:05:29
Nancy Pelosi Wants to Amend the First Amendment 20:57:12
Head Of The Netherlands, Queen Beatrixs' Brother -In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For 'The Unfit' 20:53:35
VIDEO CNN Journalist Calls For Throwing Ted Nugent In Prison 20:45:07
Aid the Alaskan Delegates 20:44:02
Peter Schiff in Westchester, NY April 28th (only $20 and you get a free book!) 20:41:20
{MUST WATCH!} Nancy Pelosi Calls For Amending The 1st Amendment [C- SPAN 3 VIDEO] 20:38:27
Cindy Sheehan Says She Has Court Date For Refusing To {PAY TAXES FOR OBAMA'S WARS} 20:32:11
Ron Paul attracts 4,400-plus voters to Ithaca, New York town hall meeting 20:23:42
Need help with this sign for registering Californians. 20:23:21
Ron in Pennsylvania - SOLD OUT! 20:22:16
USA Today leaves Ron Paul out of candidates, includes Jon Huntsman & Rick Perry 20:18:15
Massachusetts Caucus District 4 20:15:27
Presidential race is still on, but Main Stream Media declaring it over - can you say BLOWBACK! 20:09:37
Security Paradox - A Public Address by General Martin E. Dempsey | Institute of Politics 19:47:35
HELP! My friend is about to get a chance to ask Ari Fleicher a question. 19:44:08
Ron Paul Says He'd Protect Bradley Manning And Other Whistleblowers 19:36:36
Prepayment of the repayment...payable to the United States if this Act was not in effect? 19:31:24
The Battle Ahead. Its Long, Arduous, Dangerous & Large But-. Our Weapons Are Forged In Truth & Our Numbers Are Large. 19:28:18
On now...Shep Smith on Fox... 19:26:32
New Class: Securing Digital Democracy 18:55:17
Cutting Foreign Aid vs Cutting Out Women's Uteruses - The Choice is Clear 18:53:03
INDIANA! Like this Facebook Page for Ron Paul! (DELETE) 18:42:06
Ron Paul Millennial Revolution 18:39:31
Ron on front page of MSN! 18:31:23
Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Obama's official Statement. 18:24:24
Paulista Victory in Georgia GOP District 12 Convention 18:19:08
Maybe it's just me, but, I liked the larger DP logo better than the small one 18:18:48
It's Been Ron Paul Week at Sinclair News! 18:16:29
MSN "Ron Paul video game" 18:14:54
Newt's Secret Service = $45,000/day 18:08:34
TSA installs undercover agents on Texas busses... Could move coast-to-coast. 18:07:06
Need a quick Doug Wead fix? 18:06:32
Ron Paul Endorses Rep. Glen Bradley for North Carolina State Senate 17:59:02
Battle of Athens Tennessee August 1-2 1946: Restoring the Rule of Law 17:50:16
CIA Claims Release of its History of the Bay of Pigs Debacle Would “Confuse the Public.” 17:47:36
Cancer industry total fraud exposed:Published research for other conditions also found to be invalid 17:39:42
Romney is Liberty University Commencement Speaker - University Receives Backlash! 17:37:29
Compassionate Conservatism vs. Libertarianism: A Live Debate TONIGHT 17:19:38
Julian Assange interviews Hezbolla leader Sayyid Nasrallah about Israel and Syria 17:14:04
Doug Wead: Ron Paul Pandemic causes Romney split 17:07:06
Just another reason for me to get pissed about paying taxes... 16:50:51
Israeli TV report shows air force gearing up for Iran attack. Possible false flag attack discussed. 16:49:58
Silver Price Volatility Deters Investors - Putting Prices on Course for a Correction of as Much as 10 Per Cent 16:49:43
You know that awesome Ron Paul game? 16:42:15
From Pittsburgh to PHREEDOM 2012! Live HD coverage 16:37:55
What did you do to save America? 16:33:09
Greenwald on America's drone sickness 16:29:31
Awesome typo on Politico 16:20:25
Evangelicals for Ron Paul - Feedback & Comments Welcome 16:17:06
TIME Magazine cover: Outright Establishment propaganda! 16:14:54
Can history repeat itself in Texas? Reagan 1976 and Paul 2012 16:14:06
Beautiful Ex-Obama Drone begs you to google Ron Paul - Video 16:04:04
Ben Swann's Status Update On Alaska 16:04:04
Check out this badass poll. 16:02:57
Post from Ben Swann on facebook. Looks like something good will happen in AK 16:00:27
CIA seeks to expand drone campaign in Yemen 15:57:46
Positive POLITICO Coverage! 15:56:46
R.I.P. Levon Helm May 26, 1940-April 19, 2012 15:53:18
Ron Paul on Bradley Manning and whistleblowers 15:49:01
In Honor of Today's Date 15:45:39
Tap Your Inner Patriot, Make a Difference 15:44:14
NDAA Nullification Passes Arizona House 15:34:57
InToWin2012 MB Contest - Please Vote for 1 Video and 1 Avatar 15:21:14
Bring Ron Paul to Northern Kentucky! 15:19:15
Dr. Ron Paul Holds Town Meeting at URI WPRI Local News 15:08:45
RP Campaign 15:03:16
Make 2013 The Year Of The Recall? 14:59:33
PA Evening Sun... RP campaign sweep 14:59:08
Happy Patriot's Day 14:46:14
Gallup Blacks Out Ron Paul In New Poll 14:45:35
Ever Been Told Dr. Paul Can't Win? Watch This! 14:44:43
the Gouge solution to banking 14:36:38
Ron Paul event: 4/20 at Golden Gate Park 14:36:23
Gallup Blacks Out Ron Paul In New Poll 14:35:48
NDAA Nullification Becomes Law in Virginia, Effective July 1st 14:31:54
Let's send a message to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats 14:29:55
Fed Release Over 2008 Meltdown Absurdly Redacted: 513 Pages Blacked Out 14:18:57
Senator Bailey on Calhoun's currency 14:18:50
Rise for Liberty, Moneybomb May 17th 14:16:37
Wth? 13:59:29
Help needed with Facebook group. 13:57:54
Secession Again on the Agenda in Missouri 13:57:08
Sometimes I just need to be reminded why I got involved... 13:52:15
Please help the Alaskan delegates now! 13:51:40
Input wanted on the May 17 "Rise Up For Liberty" or "Something's Happening Here" moneybomb 13:44:15
why does it take a genius to be a genius?.. 13:40:38
Agenda 21 in your face 13:40:11
To ARIZONA Ron Paul supporters CALL YOUR STATE REP about NDAA Nullification Act TODAY 13:27:43
Rep. West doubles down on communist 'ideology' of Progressive Caucus 13:22:45
Was Lawrence O'Donnell High as a Kite When He Said That Obama Would Legalize Drugs if Given a Second Term? 13:16:20
FLASH! Marco Rubio's [Oops - 'Slip of Tongue Comment'] : "If I Do A Good Job Of Vice - President" 13:06:47
John Perkins MUST SEE 13:03:50
Anthony Gregory: We're ALL Branch Davidians Now! 12:51:38
MEDIA ADVISORY: Scaringi to Attend Ron Paul Events in Pittsburgh this Friday, April 20 12:48:12
A List Of Of Books About Globalism, World Government.. MUCH of what is written has taken place, or will through UN Agenda 21 12:47:47
Ron Paul To Be Endorsed By Pennsylvania's State Senator Mike Folmer At Philadelphia Rally 12:12:11
Ron Paul Joins {Pro Life Advocates} In Letter Against 'Forced' HHS Mandate 12:07:18
Government Waste - Poll 12:05:54
The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state 12:02:44
Rand Paul Leaves Door Open For VP Slot 11:59:22
Gingrich’s Secret Service Detail Costing Taxpayers Ten$ of Thousand$ Each Day 11:57:31
Rand Paul - Flip Flopper? 11:56:37
Pentagon: We'll be ready if needed for Syria 11:49:27
Busted: GOP Chair Debra Irvine forced to step down. 11:35:59
Ron Paul to Be Endorsed By Pennsylvania State Senator Mike Folmer at Philadelphia Rally 11:34:58
NY Primary April 24 - Anyone know the times? 11:32:00
It's time we clean house 11:26:49
Story: "The American who quit money..." 11:17:45
It's The Spending, Stupid! 11:15:02
Passing of Dick Clark - end of the world? 11:14:14
What are your thoughts on the "In It to Win" Money Bomb? 11:04:27
A faithful following hear Ron Paul at URI 11:01:31
Is it just me or is there not more chat here at the dailypaul? 10:59:05
Gingrich’s Secret Service detail likely costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars a day 10:39:01
Ron Paul The Next Mario? GOP Candidate To Get Own Video Game 10:34:07
2,752 MPG? Take that Chevy Volt! Cancer? MEH 10:32:46
The New American - Some Santorum Supporters Show Interest in Ron Paul 10:32:42
50 Free Super Brochures for a State who needs them 10:18:31
Ron Paul's "trippled" support 10:17:28
Help me understand. 10:07:17
Over 3,300 Show Up For Ron Paul's University of Rhode Island Rally! 10:05:15
Is Israel behind the Push for a Romney Presidency? 09:58:38
The Case for an Independent Run without Disrupting Delegate and Actuarial Coup Strategy 09:50:47
Romney as Audit Chair Saw Marriott Son of BOSS Shelter Defy IRS 09:48:14
What Is Going On In Canada? 09:45:33
Report on Iran's Nuclear Fatwa Distorts Its History 09:45:19
Keep Your Kids Out of the Military! 09:04:30
Blamed For Bee Collapse, {No Problem! } : Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Reaserch Firm 08:57:38
Ron Paul Video Game 08:53:07
(VIDEO) Sen. Rand Paul Confronts Obama Crimes 08:52:43
Open Letter to Tea Party Patriots in NYS from Steven Vasquez 08:49:56
Congress Is About To Pass A Bill With New Restrictions On Traveling, Driving And International Banking 08:46:10
Judge Nap column on LRC today - A Government of Waste 08:34:01
Attending a Texas County / SD Convention this weekend? - Watch this video! 08:29:57
NJ Ron Paul Headquarters 08:27:51
Crazy fun grassroots action (measurable impact). 07:58:56
Connecticut Primary Voters' Kit. Everything You Need To Vote For Ron Paul On April 24th 2012 07:47:02
Read Me if You’re NOT a GOP Delegate! 07:46:41
Certificate not required for ballot access in NJ 12:23:58
Full Video: Dr. Paul speaks to 3,300+ Crowd! @ University of Rhode Island, April 18, 2012! 07:15:36
Fast & Furious 2.0 Mexican customs seized truck trying to sneak in 268,000 rounds of assault rifle ammunition 06:55:02
Oh how fitting! Time Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential cover 'Blacks Out' Ron Paul's face. Wow! 05:30:15
ron paul decoded 05:16:44
☛ REMINDER about UTAH for April 21st 2012! The State Nominating Convention is TODAY. Don't drop the ball! 04:17:41
► Pennsylvania Primary Voters' Kit. Everything You Need To Vote For Ron Paul On April 24th 2012 03:55:10
[VIDEO] @RonPaul supporters don't care anymore 03:41:02
Survey: Marines Give Obama Low Marks 03:34:51
A Santorum Supporter Visits A Ron Paul Rally - His Reaction 03:27:24
► New York Primary Voters' Kit. Everything You Need To Vote For Ron Paul On April 24th 2012 03:02:10
My Response To A Ron Paul Hater, 02:58:57
Ben Swann, Reality Check: U S Credit Rating Downgraded A Second Time In Just 9 Months! 02:43:15
Police State - It's Time To Fight Back! - Here's The Plan 02:03:13
URGENT - Money Bomb Should Remain on Top - URGENT 02:01:00
Why California is Broke! Gov Spends $200,000 To Save a Bush 01:43:07
Peter Thiel criticizes the College Education 01:42:36
Obama: End Drug War; Surrender to Reality - It's Failed and Ron Paul is right 01:38:00
What's the government buying these days? 01:22:17
Rand Paul's Interview With Alex Jones 4/18/12 01:09:01
Boston Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas Is On Board With Ron Paul - In Twit Pic With Fellow Paul Supporter 01:07:13
Certificate not required for ballot access in NJ 01:03:17
Paul Campaign airs TV ads in Rhode Island! 00:46:35
Ron Paul Campaign Condemns Alaska Gop Of Illegal Exclusion Of All Non-romney State Delegates 00:45:16
Mathamatical Proof of Election Fraud 00:40:02
"We're all Branch Davidians now..." 00:20:20
Liberty is Null and Void 00:04:38
DHS preparing for RNC in Tampa 00:01:26