Posted on April 20, 2012

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I want to share this good news... 19:48:37
All Wrapped Up, Right Mitt? Not So Fast! GOP Delegates REFUSE To Sign Romney Pledge 17:24:03
The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America’s Derivatives Universe 20:00:54 4/20 Stirring the Pot:, Could Legalizing Marijuana Save The Economy? 15:14:36
Ron Paul: Quitting is not an option. It ain’t over ’till it’s over! 09:11:39
Politico: Paul Raised $2.6 Million In March 08:38:02
Alt. Cancer & Detox Therapies: Gerson, Henderson, BX Antitoxin, Burzynski, Budwig, IVC, Laetrile, IPT, LifeOne (Video Library) 18:31:38
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Something New Happening in Wyoming? 23:43:35
Important Day Tomorrow (april 21st) 92 delegates UP FOR GRABS TOMORROW! 23:36:59
Ron Paul & Napolitano: Restore the Constitution (video clips) 23:33:39
Can the Delegate Strategy be as simple as this? 23:30:15
Transition from FRN's to real money 23:28:41
Obama plans to win by suing states for voter ID laws 23:12:55
Bernanke Meme Generator 22:57:17
Does Anyone Else Think This is Good News Or Not 22:51:05
Presidential Voting Practices 22:41:13
Ron Paul Brings Out Thousands in Ithaca (WBNG 12 Action News) - A Positive Coverage of the Rally 22:37:49
Grassroots strategy for Ron Paul: let's send E-Fan Mails to Mainstream Marijuana reform organizations 22:37:23
Commercials DIRECTLY attacking Romney 22:36:54
Armed Chinese Troops in the Middle of Texas? 22:28:26
*urgent!* Wrong Address On Minn Cd8 Gop Convention Mailer For Tomorrow 22:27:18
[NATIVE SON COMES HOME] Ron Paul Draws 2300 Voters in His Hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. 22:23:44
Governor Lashes Out Against Cheap Scotch, Poorly Rolled Cigars 22:02:07
Court Gives AZ Partial Victory For Voter ID Law 22:01:56
Ted Newgent: Draft Dodger 21:59:44
Free Enterprise & Space Exploration 21:51:38
That's right! I LOVE RON PAUL! 21:47:59
Bigger Than Ben Hur ! 21:46:36
The US Government Has Become An Obese Fat Pig 21:45:56
USA Today: Pentagon targeted reporters..set up fake twitter and facebook pages on opponents 21:42:58
Ron Paul heads back to Texas - 3 more town halls! 21:40:17
2,300-plus gather for Ron Paul at an event in his former hometown of Pittsburgh 21:34:04
Here's an Idea: Pin Action-Items to the Top of the Homepage 21:30:26
New York City March on 4/21? 21:24:53
Why not? Law of attraction 21:20:53
Troops play a prank on Obama! Priceless! 21:19:49
Philadelphia's 8th Ward GOP declines to endorse Romney 21:19:49
Gingrich cancels trip to North Carolina 20:59:32
Congressman Rogers from Michigan on Obamacare 20:42:46
Youtube put back up my Ron Paul video after 4 years...Check it out! 20:34:54
Coroner : Breitbart Died Of 'Heart failure, [ NO FOUL PLAY] 20:32:24
Ron Paul at Cornell: "We're Doing Better Than I Expected, We're Cautiously Optimistic" 20:28:57
Can I Be Your Bud? Decriminalization Examined 20:24:49
GSA Scandal vs. Romney & Gingrich's Secret Service. Which has STOLEN more taxpayer money? 20:23:00
I Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before 20:21:01
The race is on! Ron Paul 2012 Dodge Charger! 20:16:45
First Look Of Ron Paul Rally At University of Pittsburgh - 2,550 in Attendance! 20:13:51
free market medicine better? 20:12:16
What happened to Carson County, Nevada's Grievance with the State Ex. Board - SCREWED AGAIN! 19:56:00
My Mom's birthday 19:32:47
Exit poll leads to the shutting down of the Milwaukee Board of Elections 19:23:40
France A Great, Great ally,’ White House Says, As Afghan Policy Headache Looms 19:16:46
The best visual explanation of government/ banking system 19:11:27
Nazi-like Teacher in Washburn, MO refuses to allow little girl to go to restroom, makes her sit in her excrement afterwards ! 19:10:05
WOOT! Hold On, Romney! 18:54:41
Republican Oath, learn it. 18:41:53
Anti-NDAA Victory in Georgia 18:27:59
Texas County Conventions Tomorrow (4/21/12) - Delegate And Voting Information 18:20:13
"Thank you" -A letter from Michelle Obama 18:18:58
Vote Rigger’s Nightmare Come True: the Alabama Delegate Debacle 18:17:26
Mother of All InfoGraphics: The INEVITABLE Derivatives Collapse coming to a Universe Near You! 18:15:17
WND Poll: Paul vs Romney - Contact WND and ask why they haven't discussed this! 18:15:12
Greek pensioner kills himself outside parliament 18:08:00
Why I decided to support Ron Paul. Why are you here? 18:02:52
Full Ron Paul Speech at Cornell University 17:54:59
LIVE: Ron Paul tonight at 6:00pm 17:49:06
Ben Swann Wants Ron Paul Rally Pics! 17:47:18
Federal Reserve Corruption Coming To Light 17:44:58
Phone From Home, is it over? 17:38:04
New Music Video - Liberty 17:37:26
Ron Paul Campaign Nets Almost $10.4 million in Q1 Keeping Paul Competitive Ahead of Texas Also cites $2.6 million-plus raised in 17:32:49
Ron Paul Gains Huge Endorsement From Pennsylvania Senator! 17:32:32
Welcome, to crazy town 17:31:24
Liberty Candidate in North Dakota Needs Help 17:29:51
Ron Paul still in the race with millions in funding and zero debt 17:28:09
New Evidence That Catholics Could Seal Obama’s Doom This November 17:23:00
MSNBC’s Bashir “Examines” What Mormonism Says About Romney’s Lying Problem 17:21:15
Challenging viewpoints 17:20:44
★REPLAYING Live Stream in AUSTIN Texas From Freedom Broadcasting Network TONIGHT★ 17:14:37
Why Bernanke And The Federal Reserve Need To Be Stopped Now 17:12:46
[WEEKEND WATCHING] Secrets Of Survival with Joel Skousen [VIDEO] 17:11:52
Ron Paul Brings Out Thousands In Ithaca NY - Local news 17:11:02
RUBIO: "Now that we have a nominee". - Open Mouth insert foot 17:10:51
Ron Paul Pandemic Causes Romney Split 17:06:26
RT : Ron Paul Still In The Race With ['Millions In Funding and Zero Debt'] 17:01:39
Friendly Discussions About Dr. Paul's Policies 16:53:00
Anonymous buyer wants to support Dr. Paul and Glen Bradley with $1,000 Super Brochure Mailings 16:48:30
An Open Letter to Drug Prohibition Enforcers and Supporters 16:47:30
Prosecution of radio caller reveals perils of talking with police 16:39:23
the FED -understanding the ruse - finally ! 16:34:34
Senator Jeff Sessions: “Not Another Dime” Until Dems Pass Budget 16:26:42
A 4/20 ode to medical marijuana 16:12:38
Live in a Liberal California city like San Francisco? There's a sign for that. 16:10:59
Re: USA Today ELIMINATES Ron Paul as a Candidate! (He's on it now) 16:10:00
Wow - Maybe US News is Jumping.. 16:06:26
junk on mitt - you decide 16:05:38
Ron Paul : A 2012 Revolution (Federal Reserve Heist) 15:59:59
My Epiphany 15:56:56
Army Navy Vet Pro-Liberty Candidate Rallies Tea Party in Honolulu 15:26:36
Mitt Romney is an actor! Exposed? 15:22:25
Just a Suggestion... 15:22:10 4/20 Let's Be Blunt: It's Time to End The Drug War 15:18:52
[VIDEO] Ron Paul : "Alaskan GOP Official Pulls Fast One" 15:08:21
Sign The Petition: NO Sales Tax On The Internet 15:05:54
Ben Swann [REALITY CHECK] : Does CISPA Mean 'The End' of Internet Privacy? (VIDEO) 15:04:08
Economists Announce That Legalizing Pot Could Save US $13.7 Billion 14:59:15
What Ron Paul did for me, The Sherry Peel Jackson story 14:45:58
Inform Santorum Supporters @ the polls and conventions! 14:33:51
New Liberty Website 14:32:39
Need Help with Local Poll! Ron Paul is still a choice! 14:30:49
Spy Drones Over America: Lawmakers Demand Answers On Privacy Safeguards 14:21:01
Ron Paul Still Raking in Big Fundraising Bucks 14:14:27
Need Help converting a moderate 14:10:54
This Movement is about the Federal Reserve Abomination, people. Stop drooling over Rand. 14:08:28
Ron Paul: Secret Service is welfare 14:07:28
Newt Gingrich Secret Service Costs Taxpayers Big Money 14:04:19
Video - Official Campaign Blogger Jack Hunter on The Robert Scott Bell Show Today 14:03:59
SC Senators introduce S.1408 - South Carolina Constitutional Carry Act 13:59:54
Alternate's question about WA state convention. 13:59:42
What do we want our Ron Paul Delegates to do once they reach Tampa? 13:44:34
Idea for a money bomb 13:44:31
Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul, Round 3: Medical Marijuana 13:43:27
WSJ Blog: "Although the congressman makes few appearances on the stump these days..." 13:42:11
[Full Video] Ron Paul at Cornell University, Patriots Day April 19th, 2012. 13:36:06
Need an influential FB Cover! Fast! 13:33:36
Active Activism -> Contact and DEMAND fair elections in Alaska! 13:27:35
Don’t Like the Fed? Consider Utah 13:25:09
Virginia nullification of the NDAA 1021-1022 - SIGNED INTO LAW! 13:24:08
Politico Polls: Mass commenting needed 13:22:22
Unplugging Americans From The Matrix 13:02:04
Better California Register Republican for Ron Paul Sign 12:57:06
Do you think Mitt Romney knows that he is losing? 12:52:08
Amazing USA Today actually updated their web-ad article 12:52:03
College Project 12:47:53
A video that can turn this nation around if there is any chance at all. 12:33:27
MSNBC host condemns Mitt Romney to hell, cites the Book of Mormon 12:28:50
3D Modeling? Looking for a 3D Ron Paul graphic or model to print with a Makerbot 12:26:29
Michael Scheuer: Ron Paul is the only choice 12:25:33
Lenin's Birthday Celebration - UN Rio Summit 12:17:21
Spain outlaws cash in transactions over 2,500 euros 12:16:53
[BACK OFF! ] Virginia Will NOT Cooperate With NDAA Detention 12:12:01
Monsanto is at it again in Vermont 12:07:52
OUTRAGE! "The NSA is Lying!" The US Government Has Copies of Most Of Your Emails, Says NSA Whistleblower VIDEO 12:02:55
"Sliders" Tv Show from 1995 12:01:19
JUST OUT! The best video explaining NDAA 12:00:03
Liberty Candidate Series : John Dennis For US Congress 11:57:41
★Ron Paul on Time's "Influential" List★ 11:46:57
Getting ever closer to 1,000,000 'Likes' on Facebook. Let's make it happen on April 23rd. 11:42:44
Roundup Herbicide linked to Parkinsons Related Damage 11:41:30
US News & World Report - positive article 11:41:07
Jon Stewart reveals GOP feelings on Mitt Romney. 11:37:09
Reviewing 'The Baltimore Principles' 11:25:24
Ron Paul coming to Houston! 11:25:01
NEW TERM: "Governet" 11:10:59
GOP establishment wants Newt in race because of Paul 11:06:10
Fun times at the Wyoming State GOP Convention-Doug Wead 11:04:24
Got A National Campaign Mailing To Pennsylvania Supporters with Delegate List 10:53:58
It Ain't Over 10:53:21
I love this Forum 10:51:24
"Elections are rigged" vs "Romney can't win without us." Contradiction? 10:46:05
Rnc Meeting With Mitt Privately 10:41:18
Man strips for TSA at airport 10:39:32
The Ron Paul video game is getting noticed 10:32:05
Doug Wead: An appeal for calm in Alaska 10:30:00
Tarrant County Texas Conventions Tomorrow! (April 21st) SD9, SD10, SD12, SD22 Information here. 10:12:36
IMPORTANT: Collin County District Convention: Time change to 7 a.m. tomorrow 10:05:04
The Daily Paulian/Paulbot/Ronulan - My vote: sovereignjanice 10:04:37
What on earth is wrong with Rand? 10:03:28
Political Climate Change: Ron Paul on the College Campus Circuit 09:52:53
My Post of 11/17/2008 09:52:24
Looks like national sovereignty lost to world government: Our massive taxes to the U.N. 09:49:59
PA for Ron Paul needs help badly (Man a polling place April 24th) 09:46:26
Politico: GOP Secretly Admits Romney Can't Win (This Article Needs Ron Paul Comments!) 09:43:18
New Song: Dr. John - Revolution 09:40:12
Bring the money bomb ticker back! 09:37:52
Has Ron Paul left the country? 09:23:14
How to Control Society: Education and “National Security” 08:52:18
Monsanto threatens Vermont legislature over GMO labeling bill, says it will sue state 08:49:06
RNC close to admitting what they've known from the beginning... 08:36:39
Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney - Who Is The Consistent One? 08:35:47
Eric Holder Getting Even ? Expect Blowback 08:33:52
A small win Downunder against Hollywood 08:16:53
2x Live Stream - Ron Paul Rallies this Weekend (Friday 6:00pm & Sunday Noon EST) 08:10:14
Live Streams - Ron Paul Rallies this Weekend (Friday 6:00pm/ Sunday Noon EST) 08:08:57
International Police given IMMUNITY to operate at will in the USA! 07:43:04
Ithaca crowd gives me hope 07:42:04
Romney Campaign to Mitt: Since we’re having such low turnout at our rallies, we have an idea 07:38:11
☛ MINNESOTA Congressional District Conventions for CD1, CD 2, CD 4, CD 8 are TODAY! April 21, 2012. WE NEED THESE DELEGATES 07:34:13
Former CIA Agent's Message to America 07:12:42
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: At Dormont High School, PA, Dr. Paul voted 'Best All-Around' in 1953! 07:09:13
Longtime city official accused of staggering $30M theft from tiny Illinois city 07:05:36
Now That Obama's Lawyer Has[n't] Admitted Forgery... 06:50:02
☛ Everybody ready in MISSOURI for the Missouri Congressional District Convention TODAY? April 21st 2012 06:33:10
Obama officially ineligible 06:19:43
Ron Paul Gains Huge Endorsement From Pennsylvania Senator! 06:03:43
Big GOV'T Suffering from HAM-THRAX and 2 MUCH PORK. Ron Paul has the RX! 05:11:10
Nj Liberty Money Bomb 04:57:13
Anti-2nd Amend. Bank of America tells famed Custom Rifle & Stock Mfr., McMillan, to take a hike! 04:50:40
Urgent: If Fukushima experiences another 7.0 earthquake, it could lead to the extinction of ALL MANKIND. 04:36:44
$2.5 Million Dollars! :) 03:03:12
Impeachment Bill Now Has 4 Co-Sponsors 02:51:54
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Rhode Island TV Ad Buy 02:02:13
Sniper rifle manufacturer alleges political bias by Bank of America 02:01:44
To really show the media the revolution is alive, help RP win a few states! 01:34:22
Complete Guide to Government Surveillance and Technology 2012 01:32:45
Obama officially Ineligible 00:52:04
VIDEOS Local News Coverage of Ithaca Cornell 00:28:55
Get the buzz going! post banners and signs saying " ron pauls still running..and winning!" 00:09:06
QE To Infinity Certain With European Stabilization Mechanism Treaty 00:07:07