Posted on April 22, 2012

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Ron Paul Wins in Iowa and Minnesota, Romney in a Panic 20:54:59
Help Ron Paul Win the Last Caucus State! Louisiana (Saturday 4/28) 20:23:31
My A&M Video 18:26:55
Report from an Iowa GOP district convention and some helpful suggestions 19:18:20
CNN does a decent article on the Philadelphia speech! "Paul compares campaign to American Revolution at rain-soaked rally" 18:17:24
4,300 supporters flood streets ignoring rain to see Ron Paul speak in Philadelphia 16:04:10
Senator Warned in ’75: “NSA’s Capability Could Be Turned Around On The American People” 17:28:34
Ron Paul Only Candidate Able to Defeat Obama in New Poll 06:59:37
Ron Paul Backers Will Fight to the End 06:54:15
Mrs. Spacehabitats is on the Iowa Nominating Committee! 08:05:11
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Youtube. Ron Paul An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped 23:56:13
King County GOP's Lori Sotelo disrupts caucus, citing Ron Paul ...‎ 23:55:51
How to... 23:47:58
Delegates not showing up for conventions? 23:28:24
Santorum: If You Want Limited Government, Vote for Ron Paul! 23:22:14
WSJ Reports Romney Banker $ MORE than Obama AND Trying to Skirt Rules 23:21:53
Reasons for Revolt: Striking Similarities 23:08:23
If you HATE the drama don't push this button! 23:02:20
Am I being paranoid? 22:54:56
Romney super pac called Accomplish Our Mission out of democratic area of CA surrounded by mystery 22:51:59
NSA Has Copies of Emails of Most Americans 22:47:39
FREE: I have 3500 Gun Cards in Paks of 100 plus Other Campaign Material to Give Away 22:44:45
Postcards for California - Register Republican to Vote for RP - Help 22:34:07
"If I wanted America to fail" 22:33:41
Awesome Real Life Batman Story 22:32:39
If we have a delegate count, why not also have an alternate count? 22:26:09
Mitt Romney Loves The Constitution 22:24:58
Open Carry Hardee's Incident Goes Wrong! 22:21:58
Just got invited to attend a Romney event by Congressman Jeb Bradley (R-NH). 22:20:13
Any Revolution Hope in Europe? 22:13:32
Cold Case: Andrew Breitbart (Never forget) 22:06:00
Big Victory in Texas -Travis County CD 25 22:03:18
HAARP and a scientific explanation for "The Philadelphia Experiment" 21:58:30
TWO, 12 foot high by 25 foot wide Ron Paul Billboards - LIVE 21:50:10
Ron Paul Ad Bomb - give it a shot! 21:46:41
Clearing up a misconception 21:45:09
I Braved the Storm in Philly 21:40:15
Can Delegates Abstain from voting at the National Convention even if they are bound to a certain candidate? 21:34:04
Texas Senate District 7 Convention News 21:28:38
Huh? 21:19:57
Forget WiFi, Connect to the Internet Through Lightbulbs 21:05:53
1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed 21:04:32
Iran threatens to cut oil to "whole Europe", claims to have alternative buyers 21:00:07
The Pope and Obama (humor) 20:56:12
Making outdoor Paul signs on the cheap 20:55:11
Former CIA Officer Warns of Obama or Romney Presidency. Urges Ron Paul Vote! 20:54:01
Ron Paul and Brad Pitt 20:24:22
Oregon : People Don't Know They Need To Register Republican By This Tuesday (24th) To Vote For Ron Paul In Primary 20:10:53
Ron Paul: A man with a vision. 19:43:40
Battle of Athens, Tennesse 1946 19:37:29
MutuaL Leftist-Capitallectivist-Anarcho-Libertarian: Can’t we all just get along? 19:28:12
Delegate = ok so it looks like I will be a RP delegate to state TX 19:16:08
►This is a Post◄ 19:14:50
The National Convention Is The Ultimate Ruling Body. Bound Delegates Can Be Unbound. 19:09:37
Tired of hearing "Sorry to hear Ron Paul is out of the race." 18:46:17
Jack Hunter Comments on Marco Rubio: "Bush Did A Fantastic Job" 18:43:00
Video: Kokesh - Presumption of Guilt - Veteran Showdown 4/21/12 18:39:16
Ron Paul Video Game - Under Development 18:07:53
PPP poll results April 19th, 2012: O 47 - RP 44; O 49 - MR 46 17:55:41
Ron Paul Facts 17:47:58
New Permanent WRH daily show Thread 17:47:09
" corrupted American ‘democracy’ really is." 17:42:29
US Marine Major Christopher Miller - Ron Paul 2012 Delegate 17:40:25
Another frog in the pot example... 17:30:25
White House against CISPA? yeah, right 17:24:42
Paul compares campaign to American Revolution at rain-soaked rally 17:04:47
Wagon Train Campaign for Ron Paul 17:01:34
New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, And Delaware Primaries On Tuesday! 16:58:43
Ron Paul REVOLUTION: Ground Forces Report - Southern California 16:58:14
We need to storm each convention 16:47:36
Circle the Wagon Train Campaign for Ron Paul! 16:40:18
Mitt Romney, American Parasite 16:26:26
Greek Town Implements Revolutionary Barter System Without Euro 16:20:05
Obama makes free speech illegal 16:17:12
Is BP Wreaking Havoc Again? You Decide. 16:04:58
What if abortion were no longer necessary? 15:49:05
Connecticut Bill Would Allow Citizens to Sue Police 15:15:37
Officer May be Fired for Protecting Young Man from Police Brutality 15:12:02
"We can't just fight to the end because to us, there is no end" -Me. 15:07:55
GOP National Convention Rules 15:05:37
The left's lamestream SNL omits Ron Paul in skit of GOP 'front runners'. 15:05:23
Texas SD 9 15:03:47
A Libertarian Case Against Open Immigration 15:01:22
Ron Paul: 'In theory I can still win it' - but where is the mainstream media? 14:58:35
Attack/Expose Romney AND Obama! 14:44:47
Ron Paul Youtube channels 14:34:06
Important Week Ahead of Us 14:31:06
A very cute Email Signature 14:30:13
Bain Capital Owns the Radio 14:22:30
Say this to the Republican Party when they ask you for money! 14:21:40
Ron Paul gets 100% of all delegates from Okanogan county 14:11:59
Black Voting Right's suppressed by the FED's 13:43:29
NJ Grassroots making signs & banners on Tuesday. Got any good slogans we could use? 13:38:39
Trying to Find out Why Marijuana is Illegal? 13:26:06
April polls averages: Paul leads Romney by 2.1 points in GE match ups w/Obama & Politics in RCP 13:23:32
Car Made in Missouri Gets 358 Miles Per Gallon 13:23:23
Ron Paul raises money in PA.. 13:23:03
Harris County (Houston) SD conventions 13:00:00
I am now a Precinct Chairman of the Republican Party 12:55:50
Deception in Pacific County 12:50:19
First Media On Minnesota - Rep. Paul supporters elected to half of Minnesota GOP convention delegation 12:44:35
Confirmed: Ron Paul Won Minnesota! 12:41:40
Ron Paul = Warren Harding 12:38:39
Letter I Wrote To My Congressman Regarding CISPA 12:33:37
Video: RONVOY from SUNY Albany to Cornell University 12:09:51
What Are You Doing To Make Change In Your Local Government? Do You Know That Un Agenda 21 Is Taking Over Across The Nation? 12:08:06
New Mashup: Mitt Flip Romney 11:51:36
Texas Republican County Conventions Yesterday 11:50:59
How RP could respond to POTUS wanting to tax millioniares... 11:48:32
Bad Weather in PA? Check it out. 11:42:47
EXPLOSIVE! This is the great corruption scandal of all time! 11:37:26
"Still Voting for 'Mitt Romney'"? Let's make it viral 11:37:17
congressman John Kline? 11:34:36
FBI: Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July 11:19:15
Gingrich Campaign Steals Word from Ron Paul 11:09:13
Why I've lost faith in the delegate strategy 10:26:24
Let's do It again for the Revolution surge.." Ron Paul Quotes" with a Bold New Idea! 10:13:08
From Here To Tampa 09:37:54
Presidents should be Respectable. No attack on Romney 09:35:33
Ron Paul has been doing it His Way, but some older people don't know is a reminder..VIDEO 09:28:20
Bomb Damage Analysis of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building 08:54:50
Please make sure there is a backup plan... 08:27:01
Questions for Matt Holdridge, Ron Paul Campaign Colorado State Coordinator 08:12:20
Tell The Truth ~ You've Doubted Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy ~ Haven't You? >VIDEO Awaiting Embed< 07:53:22
Obama To Visit Colleges In Three Key States (Iowa, Colorado, N. Carolina) 07:37:08
Missouri D2 Convention...Brent? What happened? 07:22:19
Summer is Coming! Our Mission... 07:20:20
Romney Crowds vs Ron Paul Crowds (Michigan Election 2012) 07:17:43
No More Liars - Ron Paul for President 2012 07:12:42
Tomorrow Victory Day Arrives 07:00:09
VIDEO Inside the FACEBOOK Hoodie! Mission symbol 06:49:53
Texas Delegate help...please 06:40:09
Revolution Worldwide! The Time Has Come. Surprise. 06:29:00
Mini - Moneybomb Sunday April 22nd @ 2:30pm (Just As Ron Paul Is Taking the Stage in Philly) 06:26:34
A great idea for the upcoming primaries! Please seriously consider this! 05:50:23
Pennsylvania(southwest) Delegates 05:03:12
Video - What's Happened Since William Buckley talked with Ron Paul in 1988? 04:55:16
Ron Paul sweeps Minnesota delegates 04:44:01
Ron Paul invited on the Michael Medved show 04:37:47
Why Paul will Still Win Missouri with Map (UPDATED) with new stuff 04:33:42
California and other state's Congress 03:07:23
Ron Paul Backpacker - April 21 03:00:06
Confirmed: Ron Paul Wins Minnesota! 02:35:29
Ron Paul Nearly Sweeps Minnesota District Conventions 02:34:15
What is Ron Paul's stance on members of the military who report what appears to be a war crime? 02:32:13
Contentious Convention 02:08:19
*report From Texas * Sd 12/30 * The Largest District Combo In The Nation! 01:36:41
Money bomb for Dan Liljenquist vs. Hatch in Utah? 01:20:08
Col Macgregor: U.S. Troops Want Ron Paul! 00:57:34
Results from Grays Harbor County in Washington State! 00:41:59
Progressive Changes Mind 00:21:51
Will Christians Really Vote For Romney? 00:20:12
Texas Erath County Convention 00:17:19
The not so SMART grid and why it will fail 00:14:43
13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules For Conservatives 00:11:34
Best Guess For The Delegate Count Anyone ? 00:05:47