Posted on April 23, 2012

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Daily Caller Front Page: Romney 'Panic'? 19:00:47
FOX just reported "Ron Paul May Win Iowa!" 18:19:09
Why Are We Drugging Our Soldiers? 17:34:01
Phone From Home New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, And Delaware Primaries Tomorrow 17:19:51
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/23/12: CISPA is the New SOPA: Oppose the Internet Privacy-Destroying Bill 12:00:21
New Video: Romney & Obama the SAME! 11:45:06
Paul Harvey's Warning, Circa 1964 06:08:29
US Marine Major Christopher Miller Speaks Out at Missouri District 3 Convention 08:54:06
Liberty on the rise in Oklahoma 10:51:35
I Hate To See You Go 11:38:59
Freedom Storm: Ron Paul on Independence Mall in Philadelphia 4-12-12 11:41:05
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Ron Paul Rallies List and Sizes - please confirm 23:56:56
Shareholders Say No to Citigroup CEO Pay: A Model for Fighting Crony Capitalism 23:51:31
Looking forward to tomorrow! 23:46:50
Where's the best place to get gold? 23:30:23
All msnbc talk show host 23:18:15
Passing out Super Brochures at North Lake Tahoe California Ski Resort 23:05:02
Free Flyers For All To Disribute Everywhere You Can 23:04:28
There's a storm brewing! Could be a good Tuesday for the Liberty movement in the NE! 23:00:42
*YO* The First Video I Made is about to be blocked 22:40:15
Need help editing a video Tonight 22:32:21
Lemon Global: Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney w/o Santorum - Romney 661, Paul 518 22:24:13
Must check out this Ron Paul page 22:21:40
The Implications Of China Paying In Gold 22:18:52
Roberts rules flaw? 22:09:11
Sinclair: Gold is officially replacing the US dollar June 28th. 22:07:33
My experience at the Ron Paul / End the Fed rally in Philly yesterday. 21:58:55
How Markets Conserve and Allocate Water Peaceably And Efficiently 21:46:24
Ron Paul Won't Quit On Us 21:46:06
Apocalypse Now...The Ride Of The Ron Paul Valkyries 21:39:33
An American Experiment 21:35:38
Survey: What do Swing States Independent Hispanics want in 2012: Myth of the Monolithic voter bloc 21:25:15
LPAC 2012 Just Announced! 21:10:09
Fox News discusses media bias of the 2012 elections and ignores Ron Paul 21:04:52
All New Yorkers Must Read This! 20:55:21
Doug Wead: Romney & Ron Paul in Brutal Battle 20:53:04
Voting in New York, Then What? 20:26:43
Ron Paul Town Halls - are you heading to one? 20:26:27
I Got A Mitt Romney Campaign Fundraiser Phone Call 20:24:54
I Have to Go and Prove my Citizenship; 20:19:50
An Appeal for More Energy and Enthusiasm 20:13:11
Rockland County, NY Republican Chairman call claims all other candidates dropped out 20:08:34
Ron Paul: 'In theory I can still win it' - but where is the mainstream media? 19:58:03
FOX News Admits Ron Paul Could Win Iowa 19:54:23
Russian Stock Market Closed Indefinitely 19:54:05
Ron Paul in El Paso, TX Wednesday 19:46:56
Showed my sister Ron Paul yesterday and she does THIS! love it! 19:38:40
Status of Grinch? 19:28:22
New site prepares the way for legal action against the vote riggers: 19:18:07
"For Liberty" documentary now available on iTunes! 19:11:34
Ron Paul’s Minnesota delegate blowout prompts Romney ‘panic,’ says Paul adviser 19:04:39
GOP Veepstakes - A Different Thought 18:40:50
Mitt Agrees With Obama On Keeping Interest Rates Artificially Low 18:29:19
Infowar Activist facebook feed 18:22:09
Time for a Ron Paul Nor'easter 18:20:54
Sierra Club still attacking Americas power grid 18:16:42
NYPost: The Most Pro-Victim Disarmament Mayor Bloomberg is Anti-Gun, unless Your Bank Acct.=9+ Zeroes 18:15:46
DHS Takeover of National Parks 18:14:16
DHS and TSA to ride on Houston Metro transit 18:12:30
Ron Paul's campaign is all about preventing tyranny 18:07:07
New York State Primary: April, 24 2012 One Final Push 18:04:03
My friends I need just a little (homeopathic) help. 17:50:22
BOOM! Michael Medved Gets Slammed By a Great Caller! 17:48:52
MSNBC: Evidence of Multiple Shooters, Night Raid in Sergeant Bales Case 17:41:31
Romney has nothing to say... 17:40:26
"2016" - An important film exposé about OBAMA in theaters this summer! From Academy Award winning producer of Schindler's List. 17:33:47
Houston, TEXAS - Harris County Convention - EVERYONE in the U.S. ~ READ ! 17:21:32
Ron Paul - Cornell University Local News Coverage 4/19/12 17:02:49
Idea for soon to be Colleg e Grads 17:00:45
ATTN: Texans and bordering states! 16:24:46
Obama's "An $8 billion trick?" 16:13:48
Ron Paul's predictions from 2002 15:48:12
Dropping Knowledge Or Just A Pyscho Walking Around With A Gun? Police Get Confronted When Trying To Arrest For Firearms! 15:37:43
Soldiers & Citizens Defense & Restoration of the Constitution Through Article V-A real plan. 15:33:23
GOP Attempting To Fool The People With "Romney's A Nice Guy Message." 15:00:04
CNBC's Squawk Box with Ron Paul 'he already changed the debate, he wants to win' 14:58:29
DEADLINE: Oregon April 24th last chance to Register 14:53:12
Undeniable proof of cheating! A story reported weeks ago, clearly defined! 14:46:08
Connect RP's message to the emotions of voters 14:43:32
Ron Paul: Corporations will ‘act as government spies’ under CISPA, an article in the Raw Story 14:25:53
Ron Paul Straight Talk: "CISPA links companies like Facebook with the government" 14:22:42
Gestapo State: Video-12 U.S. Border Guards Taser & Beat to Death Man Trying To Get Back To His Kids 14:11:33
Oregon: TODAY, Tuesday, is deadline to register Republican 13:59:50
Is America a free country? 13:52:54
$770 million program to fix up mosques 13:47:38
FEC/Non-profit regulations 13:44:15
Fox News Report on Media Bias 13:42:20
Ron Paul Slams Internet Control Bill CISPA 13:36:42
The End of America As We Know It? 13:16:25
austrian economics 13:03:18
Isn't it grand the Rockefellers are planning for every "contingency" to benefit the people of the earth? 12:48:50
Ron Paul in El Paso, Texas 4-25-12 + Local convention report 12:28:09
Were you turned away from the Nueces County, TX Convention? 12:23:51
Great News from Iowa Ron Paul supporters have Romney camp on the ropes 12:22:55
A blatant perfect example of anti Ron Paul bias in the Washington State Republican Party 12:01:40
Ron Paul Timeline 11:54:24
Ron Paul: Corporations will ‘act as government spies’ under Internet 'monitoring' bill CISPA: 11:41:37
Why the Federal Reserve is so relevant to the Government. 11:37:17
The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection (a must see) 11:27:12
We can win Pennsylvania! 11:17:57
Ron Paul Wins the IA State Central Committee - Will soon win IA Caucus 10:55:48
Ron Paul Says He'll Continue, Even If Romney Clinches Nomination 10:52:41
Just What in the World is America up to? 10:49:36
STRENGTH: In Every Sense of the word. 10:43:30
You gotta see this MD talking about ongoing mass vaccinations and sterilization! 10:34:33
An EXCLUSIVE inside look at the Republicans’ anti-Obama war room 10:28:54
The US government is paranoid 10:25:13
Pushback for Romney Fund 10:24:50
Dr. Paul's Appearances in Texas this week? 09:57:09
DRAKE: "There will not be fall presidential elections" 09:55:16
Ron Paul Policies 101: National Defense 09:39:59
Mitt Romney unofficially declared GOP nominee by media after Michigan win: study 09:31:40
Alternate delegates are extremely important at this stage in the election 2012 09:15:00
Watching Dr. Paul host on CNBC this morning... 08:46:38
With scam server taken out, victims of DNS-hacking virus may lose internet access without fix 08:40:26
Obama today will be announcing his new plan to impose sanctions on countries that track its citizen’s cell phones 08:34:22
Doug Wead - Ron Paul Pandemic causes Romney split : All hell breaks loose in Alaska 08:32:17
ObamaCare 08:27:58
Santorum or No One 08:10:06
Rp Is Sitting At The Desk On CNBC Now! 08:03:47
Do you think Mitt Romney could get this type of support? I don't think so either! 07:51:07
The Obama Deception HQ Full length version 07:11:13
► Vote for "Honest Ron" 07:00:48
Predictions in due time - 10th ANNIVERSARY! 06:30:23
Ron Paul To Be Endorsed By Pennsylvania State Senator ! 05:59:07
Where do you go for Motivation for Human Action, Good Work Ethic, Productivity? 05:40:36
Israel's prime minister of defense agrees with Dr. Paul: Iran was misquoted. 03:47:17
Idk if anybody has seen this, but Robert Welch makes some very accurate predictions. 02:37:50
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4/23/12: Oppose CISPA 02:37:16
Warning: If A Dictator Ever Took Over, The N.S.A. Could Enable It To Impose Total Tyranny 02:09:50
Anyone need (FREE) "Worker's Rights" Slim Jims for your area? I will pay for shipping 02:03:40
Obama has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers than All Other Presidents COMBINED 02:01:57
'Huge' water resource exists under Africa 01:58:18
Misinformation Campaign Targets Usa Today Reporter, Editor 01:56:08
Is CNN telling the RNC to dump Paul and Gingrich? 01:55:35
National Security Agency Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance 01:52:29
Mitt Romney's Messing With Texas 01:37:55
Department of Homeland Security buying up enough ammo to wage seven-year war against the American people 01:34:02
Tomorrow... IT'S ON! 01:23:37
Help Educate California About Closed Primary 01:21:40
The Media picked Romney to be the nominee after the Michigan primary. 01:19:07
Fully Informed Jury Activist Wins Trial! 01:03:54
Sending out Super Brochure in Nebraska! 00:33:19
The curious case of a disappearing link - am I paranoid? 00:19:48
Texas Tarrant County Convention, Ron Paul supporter interviews 00:07:47
CANDIDATES for Delegate in Pennsylvania 00:04:26
Twitter Banned me? Serriously? 00:02:04
Lars Larson thinks we must give money to Egypt to be protected? 11:47:22