Posted on April 24, 2012

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Mitt can't crack 70% in his own party even after being declared the "winner" 20:47:13
King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after losing vote to Ron Paul supporters. 20:12:02
CNN Election Center Drops Ron Paul! 19:56:38
Attention To Newt & Santorum Voters: Come On Over! 19:14:54
Unbelievably Low Turnout In Upstate New York 18:56:19
Marc Scaringi is the No. 1 Conservative PA Senate Candidate and Supports Ron Paul 17:06:57
What the Laws of War Allow 13:44:46
"I just voted for the only politician I ever cared about" 14:09:14
Ron Paul to Hold Three Additional Town Hall Meetings in His Home State of Texas 09:14:23
Hey Ron, can I get your autograph... On my truck? 09:43:00
Gingrich may drop this week. Leaving only Paul and Romney. 10:28:05
April 24 GOP Primaries: Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island - Results Open Thread 21:12:39
Rachel Maddow Talks About Ron Paul Winning Iowa! 11:24:58
Ron Paul fans will love Charles Goyette's Red and Blue and Broke All Over 09:36:40
10 Years Ago Today: Ron Paul's Predictions For A Not So Distant Future 10:01:31
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Mitt can't crack 70% in his own party even after being declared the "winner" 23:59:23
Someone get me motivated again! 23:47:58
Update on Vet I Hired last week. 23:42:16
finally talk my gf into voting for RP and the voter site is down! 23:29:19
China and India ditching the US Dollar to buy Iranian Oil 23:26:35
Rockland County Republican Chairman Lies on robo call to republicans 23:23:55
Ron Paul's 29 back-up options 23:05:00
Delegates abstaining 23:00:22
U/FOUO 4-24-12 Civilian Police and Security Guard Program 22:35:50
Election fraud? 22:31:13
Why Romney Will Lose the Republican Nomination! 22:27:01
Suing the city of Tampa 22:13:07
Public Television pitching heat about the bailouts tonight- Propaganda flying 22:12:57
Penn District Delegates doing well 22:03:04
@ Ron Paul - Unqualified to Govern AmeriKuns 22:00:46
Catholic Bishops Call For Two Weeks of Action Against Obama 21:54:33
Look at what I found at the Southern Poverty Law Center from 2003 21:51:53
Ron Paul All Set to Win Iowa and Minnesota 21:46:47
It doesn't matter if you vote. 21:46:35
Reward for exposing the Fraud. 21:45:17
Mitt Romney: "Real Human Being"? 21:35:07
Obama Stimulus Dollars Funded Soros Empire 21:34:49
Romney = George Bush 21:24:21
King County Convention WA State Precinct Delegate Chip-In Needs Your Help ASAP! 21:16:33
What is going on in Pennsylvania? 21:16:32
Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely 21:12:45
The GOP Forcing Romney On The People Is Violating, Like RAPE. We Dont Want Romney Who Is Identical To Obama! Stop 21:12:38
Need Help In New Jersey~ 21:11:22
Mitt Romney - "A Real Human Being" ? 21:01:11
Max Keiser Report: Beggars Without Borders *vid* 20:59:21
IS there a presidential DEBATE Tonight? April 24, 2012 20:43:43
Stefan Molyneux & Dave Nalle Debate - April 25th 9:PM ET. - 20:40:28
With zero percent of precincts reporting Politico has called it for Romney 20:37:26
Follow PA Delegate Results 20:34:10
Jon Lovitz Blasts Obama and Occupy (Contains Many Obscenities) 20:28:45
James Turk gives his timeline on the Dollar's Collapse and Gold's role as the messenger! *vid* 20:26:49
I voted for Ron Paul today in CT...West Side Middle School in Groton...and when I put it in the slot... 20:23:32
Wait a second... is this all a trick? 20:19:10
Incredible Friedrich Nietzsche quote on WAR! 20:14:26
1988 Video: Ron Paul on Morton Downey Jr. 20:02:09
Is Mia Love for Liberty? 20:01:43
104 delegates for Paul 19:55:30
Is your College spying on you? Because Mine IS! 19:54:24
New Alloy Can Convert Heat Directly Into Electricity 19:51:40
Victory Gift: I Have 20,000 Bumper Stickers Plus 4000 Slim Jims To Give Away: Need Your Help 19:49:14
New Video: GOP Race Far From Over! 19:32:59
Rockland County GOP Chair Robocall Lying for Romney 19:31:49
Obama, "I'll cut the deficit by half my first term" Clip from 2008 19:30:05
Newt Coming Here?...Why? 19:28:40
The World Is Cornering The Elite *Video* 19:05:53
Who is Behind the Mexican Drug Cartels 18:52:15
Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely 18:51:06
Should Ron Paul grow a beard? 18:50:28
Bank of America Tells Gun Manufacturer We no Longer Want Your Business 18:49:24
Near-Total RP Blackout on Fox Website 18:47:50
TSA Declares 4 Year Old High Security Threat 18:47:38
The R3volution Must Be A Hydra! 18:47:06
Awesome video from PA! 18:41:55
Donate NOW 18:40:03
Rick Santorum, still asking for money 18:32:18
Will Mitt Romney Follow Santorum's Footsteps? 18:31:05
Ron Paul Song - You Will Love This Video! 18:18:25
Half of College Grads Find Either No Work or No Degree-Related Work 18:14:23
Best Second Amendment Video Goes Viral ( 17:48:43
Criminal Fed Inflation Clearly Explained 50 Years Ago 17:43:42
Newt Gingrich Considering Dropping Out - Who Will He Endorse?! 17:36:48
Tampa Clean Zone 2012 RNC Republican National Convention and HR 347 suspend the Constitution 17:32:27
Great Philly Interview - 50K Watt WPHT - Chris Stigall Interviewing Ron Paul 17:08:43
Why Most Christian Republicans Will Support Ron Paul at the National Convention, and the Reasons they Don’t...Yet. 17:08:33
Pennsylvania delegation 17:04:59
Do you know what is at stake? 16:58:46
Ah... The Golden Age of America, when Parents were urged to let Kids build their own DiY SubMachineGuns! 16:55:48
Sign Your Voter Affidavits For Today's Primaries! 16:47:40
World Premiere- "Talking Liberty w/Tracy Diaz" 16:41:06
Surprise Surprise! Ron Paul winning the GOP nomination! 16:40:02
Why Paul Krugman is Full of... 16:34:57
HAARP for Dummies 16:27:56
New Video: Support The Troops...Hate The War 16:27:16
The Duty Of The Military In A Militarized Empire 16:25:33
New York Voters 16:18:51
Question: How could we do so poorly in the primaries & caucuses & have landslides in the delegate elections? Hmmmmm 16:15:13
Guardian UK: Ron Paul says CISPA CyberTerrorism Bill would create 'Big Brother' 16:10:00
BSE (mad cow disease) found in Central California 16:07:55
Protesters to Greet Romney in NH 16:07:26
I'm Opening My NORCAL Party Invitation to Include ALL of YOU 16:06:46
Please Don't Forget! 16:03:44
Not A Money Bomb ,but A Phone Bomb! 16:03:08
Sen. Rand Paul considers endorsing Thomas Massie 16:02:55
Romney & Obama High-Tech Campaign Tools 16:00:17
2012 Bilderberg Meeting near Washington DC - be there! 15:46:35
Companies Can Keep the Taxes Deducted from their Own Employees' Paychecks! 15:42:44
April 24 GOP Primaries: Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island - Open Thread 15:36:35
If I wanted America to fail. 15:34:19
Flashback: A Decade Ago, Paul Predicted It All 15:33:07
Romney Nomination in doubt – Brokered Convention likely 15:32:35
Apple Earnings Released After the Close 15:32:19
Rush Limbaugh brags 'young voters trend Republican' with no mention of Ron Paul 15:31:23
World r3VOLution Well Underway 15:20:32
Texas State Convention Registration! Pay Or You Can't Play! 15:17:16
560 Sovereign Nations Budding Inside the U.S. 15:00:51
Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a GUN by TSA officers after she hugged her grandma while passing through security 14:53:49
My experience with the Texas GOP Republican Conventions held on April 14, 2012 in San Antonio and Converse, TX. 14:42:12
Anyone seen this? "We have an opponent" Democrats seem to already know... 14:40:49
Garage Sale Stories 14:34:16
Romney Stumbling, Gingrich Quitting, Ron Paul? 14:33:44
Okay, I'm A Delegate... Now What? 14:20:33
Lew Rockwell guest on Alex Jones: 4/24/12, 2pm EDT 14:15:27
Please help me convert some Gingrich/Santorum people on this comment section! 14:07:49
Is History repeating itself? NERO debased the currency of the day, look what happened, 13:52:44 chat - To get around being banned. 13:50:54
"The Root Word in Gun-Fight is Fight, NOT Gun": 57yo GA Grandma fends off TWO would be CarJackers! 13:47:45
Since All Polling Has Stopped: Can We Do Our Own? 13:46:19
DRONES 13:45:35
Ron Paul Has Iowa and Minnesota Delegates Locked Up. He Can Still Win This Thing 13:40:30
Ron Paul Secures Half the Delegates in Iowa and Minnesota, Paving the Way to the GOP Nomination 13:38:46
Ron Paul Has Majority of Delegates in Iowa and Minnesota. He's Headed to the White House While the Media Ignores It 13:37:36
Planetary Resources Plans to Mine Asteroids - Press Release 13:32:18
USA Today has feature in Money Section on The Gold Standard 13:28:47
Ron Paul to hold Town Halls at Texas Colleges 13:08:05
Political Kombat 12:55:57
Today is THE Day 12:55:23
Ron Paul says Cispa cyberterrorism bill would create 'Big Brother' culture 12:46:48
Obama’s plan to bypass Congress with Executive power 12:42:10
UPDATE: Precinct Results - Video: NY - Educated Poll Watchers on Voting Machines 12:25:05
World Govt Coming to America NOW - U.N. to Investigate Conditions of Native Americans 12:25:03
Militarized Police - How far will this go? 12:21:16
Gingrich tricks people into attending campaign events in Delaware 12:20:16
Focus: Today's Presidential Primaries In CT, DE, NY, PA, RI; MSNBC: Ron Paul Won Iowa & Minnesota 12:17:25
Obama Says That 'War On Terror' Is Over - Now Can We Fire The TSA, Repeal The Patriot Act? 12:15:21
~new~ Paul Vs. Romney Moneybomb - May 13 12:08:22
Liberal Death Watch: TV Viewers Are Bailing Out. Big time. 12:08:22
I just voted I took my dad with me... curveballs ahead. 12:08:01
Will America's Revolution be Non-Violent as urged by Ron Paul or will the Communists Goad us into another French Terror? 12:05:16
Serious California Grassroots 12:04:47
Lemonade Freedom for Ron Paul - Philly Phreedom 2012 11:56:24
Brady Campaign Scorecard 11:43:59
Another Crossroads of the West Opportunity here in Sunny San Diego! 11:37:14
King County Convention April 28th starts 7:30 am 11:35:19
How I got Greenpapers to update their totals sooner than they planned 11:33:16
Ron Paul is winning the delegate fight if we show up! Why a Ron Paul 3rd party bid would be an epic fail! 11:31:48
► ATTENTION Some States don't identify who their delegates represent on the ballot. Bring our delegate's names with you! UPDATED 11:19:28
+ USA Today front page 11am est Tues: Should we return to the gold standard? 11:16:09
Head Climate Monger jumps ship, "We don't know what the climate is doing" 11:03:31
HotAir runs article about Minnesota win 11:02:21
Constantinople reigned 1,000 years, w/ Gold & Silver... After Rome fell. 11:01:17
10 the Anniversary of Ron Paul Predictions Video ! Make it Viral ! 10:57:09
Let's get to work! Some things to get your collective blood boiling! 10:50:03
FOX omits Paul from segment about media bias 10:48:07
Ron Paul Speech In Philadelphia (Video Here) 10:28:59
NY Turnout Low - Urgent That You Vote 10:02:01
Ron Paul Draws Large Crowds in Rhode Island, Looks to Capitalize With a Win 10:00:03
Libertarian Party: Here Are Your Options... 09:58:02
Rubio VP Watch : Will Deliver Major Speech On Foreign Policy 09:55:21
Video - This is Justice for Trayvon? : Man beaten By Mob, In Critical Condidtion 09:32:15
Austin Texas Ron Paul @ UT April 26: Pre-Register Now 09:27:26
Video : Veteran Survives 3 Tours Of Duty At War But He's Gunned Down & Murdered In Lancaster, CA. 09:22:36
Interventionist: What is it and who are they? 09:14:46
UPDATE - Ron Paul To Hold Three Additional 'Town Hall' Meetings in His Home State 09:10:18
Attn: El Paso, Texas-voter Rgistration Ends April 29th 09:09:16
US Army: Take only the drugs we push, please 08:58:06
Via Drudge: 63 Active Drone Sites in U.S. Maps & Pictures 13:44:58
Get The College Vote! 08:38:43
Dreaded IPO Crash Signal Flashes Bear Warnings 08:27:41
FIAT Money - How it works 08:22:48
Pew Study Confirms Media Bias Against Paul 08:18:27
► NEW Free Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout "Honest Ron" Paul vs Mitt Romney 4th Edition 08:16:18
How Liberty Was Lost by Paul Craig Roberts 07:47:54
Tonight's primaries will end speculation by some that massive fraud doesn't exist ... 07:34:26
USA Today Slams the Gold Standard - says it would hurt Government 07:06:05
► PROOF that Honest Ron Paul can go into the Convention with the least amount of delegates and still become the nominee 06:59:20
Fox News attempting to pick the nominee for their viewers... Business as usual. 05:25:45
Help Rand Paul Save the Second Amendment and Defeat Any Effort to take that RIGHT 00:23:09
Stop Slave Mentality This Radio Talk Show Hit's it right in the Nail. 05:05:13
My trip to Pennsylvania to see Dr. Paul 04:57:03
Obama tries to recapture youth vote by visiting three college campuses 04:55:13
Ron Paul Wins Iowa! 04:54:54
Honest Ron - Coming up from behind! 04:04:04
Gingrich hints he may quit race 03:32:39
How to Stop Wars 03:03:26
Iowa, Minnesota and USMC Major Chris Miller 03:01:13
Double Checked Dr. Pauls claim from squawk box. 03:00:53
Ron Paul has been fighting the FED since GreenSpan 02:55:10
UPDATEs: Battle at Seattle & beyond as Abrantes Catches Republican Cheating in King County 02:33:51
Super Bain Romney...Here is some Kryptonite for ya! 02:28:09
MSM running out of distractions 02:12:35
Competing currencies should be legalized 02:03:15
Young Girl Exposes Corrupt Canadian Banking System (link fixed) 02:03:09
Rubio is Ineligable 01:51:37
Newt Hints at Dropping Out This Week! 01:46:20
Three Questions for Dr. Paul 01:33:01
Amazing Ene Fed Speech at Utah State convention! 01:26:24
End the Fed speech at Utah state convention! 01:24:21
Vote Count Transparency Tomorrow 00:56:22
Ron Paul Video Game! 00:45:39
Misleading Robo Calls 00:44:44
Can't Say Ron Paul Hasn't Won Any States Now! Push This Everywhere 00:44:23
Two Dollars! Two Dollars! Two Dollars! 00:43:28
District 2 AR County delegates 00:42:17
Oregon, Deschutes County Precinct 6 00:41:55
April 24 Primaries CT, DE, NY, PA, RI Today! MSNBC Announces Ron Paul Won Iowa And Minnesota! 00:36:34
Ron Paul - U.S. w/ Nigel Farage - UK 00:32:58
"I Think Ron Paul Just Won Iowa!" Rachel Maddow April 23, 2012 00:28:58
4/24 Presidential Primaries Ct De Ny Pa Ri Tuesday! Msnbc Announces Ron Paul Won Iowa & Minnesota! We Got 2 Ws! Ne 00:22:11
Gary Johnson is, so far, the only republican who is consistently pro choice 00:13:20
What to Say When Someone Says A Vote for Paul is a Wasted Vote 00:10:48
Looking for the video that was up this weekend with the circles around RP 00:06:13
Russian Stock Market Closed Indefinitely - Will Not Reopen: "the Situation Has Been Recognized As An Emergency" 00:01:23