Posted on April 27, 2012

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CS Monitor: Ron Paul Beat Mitt Romney In Campaign Contributions In At Least 10 States! 20:39:53
Jack Hunter: The Delegate Strategy 16:51:49
Weekend Watching: Rope-a-Dope 16:51:06
Arkansas Super Brochure Mailings are up 15:56:20
The Ron Paul Effect: Liberty Candidates Make Bloomberg Businessweek Again! 11:15:52
CISPA worse than thought! Last minute provisions are chilling! 08:44:53
Ron Paul FLIX Daily News - Apr 26, 2012 - Warren G. Harding - Marco Rubio 07:37:47
Saturday: Liberty LOVE Fest, Worcester, MA 23:08:22
Ron Paul Announces Visits To UC Davis and UC San Diego 16:05:55
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Shanghai Futures exchange to offer contracts for silver 23:58:47
Ron Paul Interview with YNN Austin Before Speech At The University of Texas at Austin 23:30:36
Virginia District Conventions 23:26:46
Intelligence, common sense and the obvious 23:22:06
Minnesota Post: GOP state convention: short of cash but plenty of Paul delegates 23:15:38
All Charges of Election Fraud in One Article 23:09:42
Mississippi Precinct and county conventions April 28 @ 10am at your local voting place 23:09:26
Line for Ron Paul Rally U of H 23:09:02
New US Stealth Fighters Now at Iran’s Back Door 23:05:38
JFK : The President Who Told The Truth About "The Illuminati" (Video) 23:04:51
Fukishima: One minor earthquake away from a mass extinction. 23:04:43
Romney vs Paul Debate Petition COMPLETED - 1000 Signatures! 22:59:10
Going to see Ron Paul for cocktails and dinner in Cali 22:56:47
MADNESS! Baby Security Breach Closes NJ Airport Terminal For One Hour 22:46:15
Yes, Slate #7 for All of Louisiana 22:38:21
Ron Paul - Constitution Facebook Timeline Banner! 22:36:21
Prelude To "False Flag ?" Iranian Admiral : "If Needed, We Can Move To Within 3 Miles Of New York" 22:34:42
CONFIRMED ! Russian Elite Airborne Forces To Train On US Soil 22:28:02
Daily Paul Mini Bomb 22:27:35
Ron Paul Attracts 3,000-plus Voters to Town Hall Meeting in Houston 22:21:26
Outrageous! City Wants Executive Order To Ban 'Concealed Carry' In Tampa During RNC 22:14:55
Holy Cow Batman! Ron Paul Attracts More Than 3,000 Fired Up Voters In Houston 22:07:09
Georgia Delegate News 22:00:18
Ron Paul, Interim President? 21:53:28
Big Banks Take Aim at Low-Income Americans with Hidden Fees 21:47:54
Romney Money Bomb Robo Calls 21:46:54
Louisiana Caucus Locations 21:43:00
Virgil Goode: Constitution Party Nominee - Not Good News 21:39:34
let's all say we will NOT vote unless the GOP has three 90 minute debates. 21:29:15
YES you can Abstain 21:16:30
3,000 head to Houston to see Ron Paul (with slideshow) 21:08:44
Don't forget to donate to FBN 21:01:25
Winning California and Texas. What are you doing? 20:51:55
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 20:51:47
Write Your Senator - CISPA (Cut & Paste Template + Links) 20:38:33
Whatever happened to the Alaskan disenfranchised delegates? 20:23:30
"Red Dawn"? DOD Confirms Russian Troops Perform Terror Drills on US Soil 20:11:53
Almost nobody answers Phone From Home? 19:57:51
CBS: Military Shifting Campaign Donations To Obama Over Ron Paul 19:57:30
Romney Snubs Texas GOP – Gets Stern Warning From State Chairman 19:47:27
Campaign Job Opening - Apply Now! 19:43:56
"Ask me anything" facebook page? 19:35:53
We Can Win: Great Success In Louisiana With Just A Few Calls 19:35:12
★ Paul/Napolitano 2012 ★ Freedom Is Our Only Hope for Change 19:27:56
CSM: Ron Paul beat Romney in 10 states! Kind of. 19:24:49
CISPA: the controversy surrounding it and how it might affect you 19:13:58
Ron Paul: Stealing the election 19:05:44
Pat Buchanan's Marco Rubio Warning (Hint: He's a neocon) 19:02:21
Do Not Worry 18:35:30
HELP - How do I get names of RP Delegates in my county? 18:22:22
If I Wanted to Make America Prosperous Again 18:08:56
Karl Rove Now Says Mitty Will Lose To Obama! 17:47:45
"If I wanted America to fail" 17:41:13
There is Buzz around Alaska State GOP Convention Chairman may be Stepping Down 17:31:30
What is liberty? 17:17:24
Memo from the Central Committee 17:12:26
James Madison was a flip-flopper 17:06:36
Has a tv commercial showcasing the large crowds been made yet? 16:56:58
Ron Paul or None At All... But why? 16:53:18
Their Sights Set on the California Assembly, Tea Party Organizers Swing Through Elk Grove 16:51:42
Doug Wead: Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update 16:44:55
Ron Paul on KTRH "Morning Show" with Matt Patrick 4/27/12 16:38:00
Call To Arms - Paulistas, Arise And Occupy 2012 16:27:50
Robert Wenzel's 'David' Speech Crushes Federal Reserve's 'Goliath' Dream 16:25:22
Heads Up on the Next Step 16:24:23
Explanation of CISPA, Dr. Paul on front page 16:19:57
Blue 'i'm voting for peace' yard sign - correctly sized for Facebook Timeline Banner 16:11:39
A Call to Arms 16:06:24
Give up Rush Limbaugh, you've already lost-we need to get the message to him. 15:47:23
Mitt Romney is Gorgeous. 15:38:43
Silver to Break Out to Upside this Monday 15:14:50
Spain - Madrid Endorses Ron Paul 2012 ! - Must See ! 15:05:48
Can the Power of the People Stop CISPA? 14:58:46
Newt's bogus campaign is costing taxpayer money 14:56:32
CISPA Should Prompt Shutdown 14:39:08
Petition for the Removal of King County Republican Party Chairman Lori Sotelo 14:38:14
New HORRIBLE Amendments Added Last Minute To CISPA - Passed In House 14:36:18
Obama Administration Caves on New Child Labor Farm Laws 14:29:19
Of Course The Daily Paul & All Other Liberty Sites Will Be Infiltrated By Opponents Of Liberty..Use Discernment Here.. 14:10:18
Voter Registration in California 14:00:33
AUSTIN Speech Now On Youtube! 13:57:39
The only reason we have 2nd amendment is to enable slavery !? 13:54:09
Gun Control explained *video* 13:50:46
Ron Paul Loyalists Stepping Up to Fill Campaign Agenda 13:40:59
US House Drafts 'Contempt Citation' Against Eric Holder 13:32:54
Torturing the “Necessary and Proper” Clause-Part 2 13:26:46
Just Say No to GOP and their Election Fraud 13:17:16
David Bowie song - "It's no Game" 13:14:41
CISPA: Let Congress Know You Will Not Let Them Trash the Fourth Amendment 13:04:59
They Hate us for Our Freedom! 12:59:01
I almost threw up in Calais, Maine this morning...also see a pic on the CROTCH Salute 12:43:36
Video of Peter Schiff on CNBC: Borrowing Spending Inflation? The Answer: Vote Ron Paul! 12:42:27
Sowing Seeds - An Iowa Success Story 12:39:25
The Alarm Is Now Blaring and It's Time We Know the Truth! 12:35:35
Need Help! Local Cops Caught stealing from and framing a friend 12:31:46
The next Ron Paul: Thomas Massie 12:30:18
Bill outlaws taxing Internet access in NH 12:29:27
Rubio - Another Lieberman Republican 12:27:26
GOP hack and anti-Ron Paul blogger Orrin Johnson is a stupid, silly turd 12:23:06
▶ Needs Discussion. Brokered Convention At Round One Instead Of Two. Is It Possible?! 12:20:03
No One But Paul 12:19:53
Why do people willingly support tyranny? 12:18:29
Campaign no longer updating Google + Page? 12:11:25
CISPA: Like SOPA, only far worse 11:59:59
Goodbye DP or "Should I stay or should I go"? 11:52:36
Did Ron Paul Just Win Washington State?! 11:52:30
If I Wanted America to Fail 11:46:52
Peter Schiff just proclaimed answer to "What will save the economy?" - " Vote Ron Paul" 11:45:44
The dangerous GW Bush clone-Marco Rubio 11:41:56
A Little Suggestion for the Paul Campaign 11:39:47
Continue the rEVOLution! 11:38:26
Get To The Voting Polls And Do Your Part To "HELP Ron Paul Win! " We Can Do This...It's EASY! 11:22:46
is there any way we can stop spain from counting our votes? 11:22:07
Top Research Firm Says Silver to Reach $40+ in 2012 11:18:01
SSG. Williams is mad this morning and wants an explanation... 11:14:43
Please will someone make a digital photo of 'Baritt Obomney'? 10:59:49
Donating today and every Friday til the convention 10:57:33
What if we Texans ALL demanded paper ballots? 10:56:49
RP signs 10:31:23
Indiana needs some help 10:20:07
Can someone create me an RP slideshow using the music from this clip? 10:12:48
Ron Paul Force In Nevada 10:08:44
CONSPIRACY - The Trailer from my new show! 09:55:47
Last One Standing Money Bomb! 09:25:29
Food and Energy Prices vs. Gold Standard/Money Supply 09:18:50
Gingrich delaying campaign exit to tour North Carolina Zoo 09:17:28
Victory For America? : Labor Department Withdraws Farm Child Labor Rules After Daily Caller Report Goes Viral 09:16:14
The Louisiana Purchase was Constitutional 09:07:17
After so much booing at the GOP debates, Ron Paul is correct again on torture. 09:06:18
Are Americas Waking Up? : Houstonians Revolt Over TSA on Buses (VIDEO) 09:04:18
Idea: National Ride for LIBERTY 08:01:48
...delegates...delegates DELEGATES! 07:46:26
Falling home prices drag new buyers under water 07:38:12
Let's consider Pony Expressing used signs. 07:27:08
Anonymous joins forces with OWS against NDAA-supporting politicians 07:21:13
Indicator of coming fraud in TX 07:15:57
This Texas ad is GREAT... 07:10:08
Americans Elect: 3 Days Remaining for Ron Paul to be ONLY candidate to qualify 07:07:05
Ron Paul speaks to 6,000 at University of Texas in Austin 4/26/12 (Full Speech) 06:58:25
Making a Mark in the Mainstream 06:56:42
Ron Paul was right again. This time the subject is the 8th Amendment 06:52:58
Possible silver lining in the Cavuto interview: 3rd party? 06:51:01
Ron Paul's Accomplishments 06:45:30
Obama Administration Seeks National Ban on Cell Phone Use While Driving 06:21:02
Deleted 06:20:35
Epic Picture of Dr Paul 05:32:11
More proof that Romney is Obama's clone (Video) 04:32:19
"Reality Check: The Truth About Delegate Numbers In Iowa and Minnesota" 04:24:25
Doug Wead: Scientists reveal Romney and Obama are actually clones 03:46:32
CISPA passes House. Here is the list of traitors who voted for it. 03:41:15
Ron Paul Revolution In Austin Texas - Local News Mashup 4-26-12 03:28:36
TEXAS - 1.5 days to WIN - Deadline April 29th 03:21:24
Paul soldiers on as race comes to Texas - 03:06:11
Young People May Not Bother to Vote for Obama: Poll 02:55:45
Intention Plants The Seeds Of Manifestation…world Liberation Day, May 5! 02:52:35
Funk The Am Talk Show Hosts! All Of G.O.P. Hacks! Ron Paul 2012! 02:43:00
Bound delegates cannot abstain 02:41:33
a drunken hermits take. 02:39:36
Important! From the poll numbers, Romney vs. Paul... if undecided, Santorum and Gingrich voters vote for Ron 02:36:05
Mitt Romney the Flip-Flopper: Should We Rip Politicians For Changing Sides? 02:31:51
NORAD and US Northern Command to conduct simulated nuclear attack 02:28:16
South Park blasts Kony filmmaker (warning: explicit lyrics) 02:21:59
Dr. Jerome Corsi on Alex Jones: Obama may spend election and civil war brewing. 02:10:14
Reality Check: The Truth About Delegates 02:07:22
RT - interview with Mary from CA, says Romney = Obama. 01:43:33
Gi Joe 2 Trailer 01:21:10
March Military contributions Paul vs Obama 01:12:39
Let's hold an "Enforce The Rules" Legal Fund Money Bomb! 01:07:29
No events in Oregon scheduled yet? :( 00:57:53
Rally in Austin - Pictures and More! 00:52:37
Is Michigan a proportional primary? 00:40:27
You Can't Stop Now 00:32:54
One-on-One Austin Interview on YNN 00:25:35
Ron Paul's campaign finance reports list numerous expenses of less than a dollar 00:25:31
delete 00:18:36
President Paul: What Could He Really Achieve? 00:14:09
House of Reprentatives just passed CISPA! This should be headline news! 00:08:56
Deleted my Facebook account today... 09:02:11
Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era 12:24:59