Posted on April 3, 2012

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Ron Paul on WMAL Radio - April 02 2012 21:52:21
Video: Sign Waving and Bullhorning New York with the Ameros! 20:17:01
Pulitzer Winning Reporter Chris Hedges: US Being Transformed Into A Gulag By Military Industrial Complex 17:28:51
Video: Judge Napolitano Slams President Obama's SCOTUS Criticism as Incomprehensible! 08:38:16
Ron Paul Projected to be in 2nd Place with 380 Delegates! 08:37:07
Ron Paul Says, "I'm going where no other Republican can go -" 09:56:26
Ron Paul Winning Delegates: Summary by the Denver Libertarian Examiner 07:57:15
VIDEO: US Draws Up Plans For NUCLEAR Drones 11:32:06
Do Republicans really want to defeat Obama? 11:55:57
Results Open Thread: April 3 Primaries - DC, Maryland, Wisconsin 21:55:52
Ron Paul will speak at UC Berkeley April 5th (Today) 10:25:15
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DHS To Grant Illegal Aliens “Unlawful Presence Waivers” 23:55:49
A River in Egypt 23:55:13
Ron Paul breaks another record with 6,200 people attending a town hall in CA 23:51:45
Opinion Needed: Register to vote in New Jersey or North Carolina? 23:47:26
Evolution of an Obama Dictatorship: Nullifying Congress to Nullifying the Supreme Court 23:46:00
Ron Paul interviewed on the Wall Street Journal's live youtube stream 23:31:53
Ron Paul has 6,200 people at his first town hall in California! Another record broken! 23:30:21
LET'S GIVE THE FED SOME COMPETITION - John Stossel asks: Why should the government have a monopoly on currency? 23:26:56
D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 5 23:23:03
D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 4 23:22:11
D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 3 23:21:12
D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 2 23:18:36
D.L. Crumpton: How to assemble a Paul Bot: Step 1 23:11:49
A Back Up Plan in Case the Current One Fails 23:10:14
DHS preparing for domestic war? 23:03:24
Government Plans To Sue Arizona Sheriff For Targeting Latinos 22:50:40
Court To Obama : Think We Can't Overturn Laws? 22:35:21
CNN's MD Voting anomaly 22:34:32
Young Turks: Ron Paul vs. Romney & Obama 22:31:57
78% Increase In Autism Over Past Decade Coinciding With Latest CDC Vaccine Schedule 22:21:54
Found a verrrry interesting article 22:11:25
Ron Paul Counts Bay Area Tech Companies Among Top Donors 22:11:24
Emotional moment at the voting booth today in Wisconsin 22:10:19
NO JOKE! : Newsweek Calls For Impeaching Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn ObamaCare 22:08:09
Hannity just quoted Marbury vs. Madison...are you kidding 22:03:46
You guys crack me up. Romney will not get enough votes to get the nomination 22:03:37
Grassroots Video 21:47:26
Let's Talk Delegates 21:42:33
Governor Mitch Daniels Signs Law Upholding U.S. and Indiana Constitutions 20:55:52
New Constitutional Amendment: From this Day Forth, any Congressman, Senator ... 20:46:45
TAG's Heather Fazio: Peaceful Dissention is not Terrorism 20:43:04
Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, Man of Truth, Courage, and Compassion,"Sound Familiar?" 20:39:21
To the GOP, Democrats, and the world 20:36:10
Why is it No Plane Theory is Taboo, even in the "truth movement? 20:35:06
Get a Master's Degree in Economic Liberty for free! 20:26:03
encouraging doctor's visit, quick results 20:24:07
United States of Mass Murder: Only Mao Killed More 20:22:57
Just picked up 1000 Voter Registration Forms for the Berkeley Event 20:19:45
TWO Important 10th Amendment cases come up tomorrow 20:14:37
Are you worthy of calling yourself a "Veteran"? 20:05:48
Some Paul supporters are incapable of abstract thought 19:26:19
$26 million for South Kordofan and Blue Nile States of Sudan. 19:11:47
45 Signs That America Will Soon Be A Nation With A Very Few Tiny Elite And The Rest Will Be Poor 18:56:54
Fredinburg Interviews Brian Jacobs: Why Christians Need to Support Ron Paul? 18:38:35
Judges order Justice Department to clarify obama remarks 18:17:21
They're coming for your gold assets 17:56:29
Arizona Passes Bill That Makes Bullying A FELONY! 17:54:21
San Diego Carpool to Dr. Ron Paul at U.C.L.A 17:46:00
Romney seeking donations for general election, setting up joint fundraising with RNC 17:43:01
New slogan: FED UP! 17:42:09
Gold and Silver legal tender in South Carolina? (Plus the message I sent to legislature) 17:35:53
And the Award for Best Ads of 2012 Election Cycle Goes To ... 17:28:31
Introduction to Dr. Joel D. Wallach 17:26:10
The TSA Grope & Pillage 17:24:38
OMG, I just saw Obama OMG bumper sticker ad on Daily Paul 17:15:51
Another Big Lie by MSM: Paul a Tool of Large Corporations 17:10:58
Tarrant County Texas is selecting delegates tonight! Follow my Twitter feed. 17:04:55
Defeating "Support Romney or Keep Obama." 17:04:35
Money Bomb Idea ("Burn Washington D.C.") 17:01:18
We're down to 3 candidates 16:55:10
Response from Sen Feinstein about Fed Audit 16:53:29
Finally, All in one place ! 16:53:13
Federal Reserve Leaning Away From QE3? 16:43:08
Ron Paul not stopping any time soon 16:41:20
Liberty videos. All in one place! Please watch and distribute widely ! 16:34:20
My letter to the Millennial Generation 16:30:57
The Daily Ticker: America’s Biggest National Security Threat: U.S. Debt 16:30:57
VIDEO on US Debt with Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Andrew Napolitano 16:24:08
President Paul Or No One At All! 15:55:48
Pennsylvania 15:55:41
The mystery of the two 13th Amendments 15:48:26
CBS covers "Million Mustache March" on the White House (but still no veterans' march coverage) 15:46:19
Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges: No Outcry Of NDAA Within The Media 15:43:52
Job available for Liberty minded person in San Diego 15:41:38
Ron Paul Owns CNN! 15:34:42
Hey DP member "Jefferson"? You Ok down there Bro? 15:34:36 Money Bomb Site - Rolling Launch 15:32:45
Obama Declares War : The Imperial President vs. Supreme Court, Congress 15:31:47
The Arrogance of Authority 15:31:14
Arizona House Bill 2549: Killing free speech online 15:18:00
A Few Great Ron Paul Posters To Share 14:59:47
Sign for SF and Berkeley rallies 14:53:10
Jim Rickards exposes Bernanke and current Fed policy 14:50:09
TO: Infiltrators and GOP 14:43:52
If Romney Wins (A personal thought) 14:34:46
The disenfranchised GOP voters of Wisconsin 14:34:34
CFR says that DEBT is U.S.'s biggest national security threat 14:33:45
The GOP should fear a possible Paul endorsement of Gary Johnson 14:32:46
Honest Journalism! 14:30:55
VIDEO : 8 Million Lives Threatened By California San Onofre Reactor Problems 14:21:24
The Obama Administration: All Your Privacy And All Your Stuff Belong To Us 14:16:31 Banners near UCLA 14:15:01
Where is the revolution in Southwest PA? 14:10:28
Indiana homeowners can sleep better tonight. Seriously good news! 13:59:40
Pick Your Plunderer ... Or Not! 13:54:19
MEMO To The Supreme Court : HealthCare Is Not A Right 13:39:42
Nassim Taleb fundraiser May 1st? 13:38:15
If You Think Our Situation Sucks...You've Never Seen This 19:18:56
Who Will Be The Next Ron Paul? 13:26:49
Ron Paul Supporters: Beware "Americans Elect" 13:25:31
Middle-aged hipsters take brave stand against ice cream 13:23:42
Van Jones On "So Called Libertarians" : They Say They Love America But They Hate The People, The Brown Folk, The Lesbians" 13:21:40
Ron Paul says Supreme Court has ‘utterly abused’ ...-Houston Chronicle excellent article 13:21:01
Battle for Sunken Treasure Reaches Gibraltar - a Tale of Congressional & US State Department Betrayal 13:18:42
Looking to help the campaign 13:13:42
Attn: Wisconsinites! 13:07:29
2012 rEVOLution Dwarfs 2008 12:40:06
Hey Iowa How are things coming along with your District and State Convention coming up. 12:38:08
Ron Pauls Name Is Not Just The Name Of A Person, But A Symbol Representing... 12:36:50
Not an April fools joke.. 12:21:35
Yesterday, The Day Before the Wisconsin Primary, I emailed this to my entire contacts list.. 12:17:56
need help with a new website I'm making - designed for ron paul haters 12:14:04
The Baltimore Sun: "Ron Paul: The only man who can save America" 12:12:07
'Face The Nation' Host Bob Schieffer : "We Try Every Week To Book Mitt Romney" 12:09:51
another little girl forced to eat school lunch 11:54:25
The First Crack: $270 Billion In Student Loans Are At Least 30 Days Delinquent 11:44:42
Is It Time To Protest The GOP? 11:27:44
Gold and silver-the ultimate anti-fiat currency vs Fed's ‘sophisticated swindle' 11:14:03
District Delegates Need Guidance! 10:40:32
Golden State to perform 'Bombs (The Ron Paul Song)' Tonight 4/3 in Des Moines, Iowa 10:37:31
DOD seeks to dictate instruction in Public Education 10:33:02
Consequences of Paul presidency 10:27:46
TSA Brags About Creating 'Imperious' Security Team 10:02:58
Small Arms Treaty This July 10:00:23
4 Indiana Dems charged with election fraud in 2008 presidential race 09:48:53
The Change 09:23:55
VIDEO - Van Jones : "Obama Wouldn't Lose Black Vote Even If he Came Out As Gay" 09:05:25
Rick Santorum may have just lied to the press and is boycotting Drudge 09:01:30
Media going anti-gun crazy 08:53:58
CFR Media Domination-* Who Really Owns the Mainstream Media? * 08:50:18
12 year old forced to have abortion. 07:49:57
Got another Email From President Paul Today - Want to share it with you! 07:05:26
Washington DC Poll - Ron Paul should get 20%+ 06:14:06
"If Voting Changed Anything They'd Make It Illegal" 06:12:49
Daily Paul facebook TIMELINE COVER creative. 05:46:15
To the people who could be potentially upset with the results Today.. 05:42:32
Communists Sue Democratic Party For Stealing Platform 05:33:22
How can we email the RAT Ron Paul-hater John Gibson? 05:07:35
Paul on Front Page of RT's US News Again 04:52:42
"Red Alert" Apparently the U.S. is expecting a missile attack from North Korea? 04:13:10
Now this is a Ron Paul song 03:46:54
Liberty Assignment 03:24:58
Brain scan foretells who will fold under pressure 03:05:02
Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’? 03:03:14
CNS NEWS interviews Ron Paul. Too early for an Endorsement. 02:52:39
Faber: 'Massive Wealth Destruction' Coming, 'Well-to-Do' May Lose Half 02:48:33
Large Pic of Wisconson 5500 on GiavelliReport 02:07:36
From Wisconsin.. Actual Media Proof They Are Blacking Out Ron Paul! 01:47:58
IRS FRAUD - Do You Have Income? 01:36:59
Press Release from Marc Scaringi for Senate Campaign 01:22:32
Onward! Tom Woods at Nullify Now! Philadelphia 3/31/12 01:20:36
Anyone else think Obama advertising on the DP funny? 01:00:19
When Christ's body came into this world 00:43:30
Rick Santorum Says Horrible Things 00:41:28
Koch Bros. + Santorum & Gingrich Billionaires? 00:27:16
Gary Johnson on the Colbert Report 4/2/2012 15:37:53
My daughter just called to tell me that a FED rep came to her high school to speak. 17:54:37