Posted on April 30, 2012

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Ben Swann / Reality Check 30 Minute Delegate Special! 4/27/12 22:26:14
So I ran into a local reporter today 23:57:00
Ron Paul Sweeps Louisiana and Keeps On Winning! - Doug Wead On The Robert Scott Bell Show 14:14:32
Romney's former Lt Gov denied delegate slot by RP supporters 15:49:24
“Thank you for wearing that.” 15:00:56
Ron & Rand Paul to Hold Major Tea Party Rally in Austin, Texas 10:48:02
GOP Strategist Video: "Ron Paul Has Strongest Base. He Can Beat Romney & Obama." 07:24:55
$50,000,000 Each in Federal Money for RNC & DNC Police State Security 08:08:38
“A rogue convention? How GOP party rules may surprise in 2012” 09:26:40
Steve Forbes: Romney Should Listen to Paul on Monetary Policy 09:09:09
Let’s Win Arkansas: Anonymous Donor Pledges $2500! 17:41:46
A New Video Ron Paul In Austin... 21:14:50
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Ron Paul Embarrasses Romney 23:59:46
RonPaul2008dotcom account closed by YouTube 23:55:51
Vote Now! Online Poll For Limited Gov't Liberty Senator In Sc! 23:49:47
Call for May Day Offensive Reveals Communist Direction of Occupy Wall Street Movement 23:25:44
The Government Can! 23:00:40
I won't be able to make the Luncheons or Dinner for Dr. Paul, but would like to challenge others... 22:58:04
BI: Ron Paul Is Secretly Winning A Lot More Delegates Than You Think 22:54:40
Obama=RomneySimple Math 22:53:24
Tampa Peace Army 22:51:21
Missouri politicians aim to simplify use of gold as money 22:33:40
If you're a Florida delegates, you're staying with me... 22:30:47
The Largest Ron Paul Channel On Youtube.. Removed?! 22:19:58
Video: "The Key To Getting Ron Paul Elected: Abstain From 1st Ballot" 22:05:08
Ron Paul song 22:04:11
Definition of Moral Hazard - A Bottomless Bag of Cookies. 22:03:38
Dallas Fed. Pres. Fisher sounds like RP-video 22:01:53
Pretend Ron Paul Delegates Amongst Us? 21:59:47
Who ARE the Green Papers? 21:57:05
John Pilger: You are ALL Suspects Now! So, What are you going to do about It? 21:56:34
Want to get MSM attention on Paul? Solution! 21:42:51
*UPDATE* Operation Signs to Texas is working! 21:42:19
Video: Reality Check - 30 minutes 4/30/12 21:41:34
URGENT: "Ron Paul delegates may have found a way to even the odds with abstention" 21:37:04
Bachmann and other Tea Party sellouts pushing CISPA 21:36:33
Know your rights, FlyRights 21:33:46
Canada Introduces Plastic Cash 21:32:47
DRUDGE- Ron is on the Front page 21:32:26
Poll @ has Ron Paul winning, Romney 3rd 21:24:30
Save the bees (important!) 21:21:24
Why is Ron Paul the choice of the troops? 21:15:50
Ralph Nader - The Ghost of Osama bin Laden quotes Ron Paul to Obama 21:11:45
WSJ today on Ron Paul. The comments are PRICELESS! 21:08:25
Fake Conservatives Now Support Romney? Jerry Doyle Seriously Blasts Them 21:08:16
Help For NY - Does Anyone Know Anything About Delegate Selection In NY 21:02:08's Top 10 Most Conservative Recent Congressmen: No.1 = Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul! 20:47:24
Gathering Twitter legion 20:44:20
Ron Paul Not Dropping Out Until All Votes are In 20:44:18
Ron Paul: I'll Stay in Race Until Votes Are Counted 20:42:39
Any Way To Change the DailyPaul Picture Link When Posting on Other Sites? 20:41:37
Look at the attendance tonight on this site. Well over 500 - sustained! I'm suspicious 20:41:20
Ron Paul Supporters should all know about 20:37:38
Arlen Specter's magic bullet theory and Kennedy Cover up? 20:30:31
Il State Gop Convention 20:29:17
Just got a call from Romney Campaign begging me to be a national delegate for him - HA! 20:25:00
CISPA 20:23:51
Ron Paul: I’ll Stay in Race Until Votes Are Counted 4/30/12 20:22:35
Is youtube thuggery towards Ron Paul going on? 20:22:18
Romney and his Chinese Investments 20:03:27
"All Citizen Cameras, Always On, From Now On." This is the now the new imperative. 19:58:23
Excellent Forbes Article! : "America Needs A Ron Paul-Gary Johnson Presidential Ticket" 19:49:26
Ron Paul Ads in Texas 19:46:13
Krugman blogs about debate with Paul 19:41:54
Superdelegates 19:39:48
Here are the PRECINCTS in West Virginia! Let's have a poll worker at every one! 19:39:13
‘Revolution’ comes to UH ! 19:33:29
Man Shoots Unmanned Police 'Speed Enforcement' Vehicle In Sante Fe 19:27:16
Ron Paul Vows To Stay In 2012 Race Until 'All the Votes Are Counted' 19:24:04
Will match up to $1000 - we can reach 1,000,000 people! 19:14:16
Poll: Who would the DEMs rather face in the general election... Romney or Paul? 19:13:32
If I wanted America to fail... 19:04:35
America Needs a Ron Paul-Gary Johnson Presidential Ticket 19:01:28
LISTEN - Jerry Doyle Was On Fire Last Week Supporting Ron Paul and Blasting Fake Conservatives 19:00:35
Why was Paul allowed back into the Republican Party? 18:53:14
Ron is feeling GREAT! 18:49:20
Florida delegates to be placed in hotel 32 miles from convention 18:46:44
Why Can't Ron Paul Win Texas and California? 18:46:33
Where the heck is Ron Paul's sugar daddy? 18:32:05
A Question For Law Enforcement 18:30:47
Forbes: America Needs A Ron Paul-Gary Johnson Presidential Ticket 18:27:32
"Ron Paul Battles Paul Krugman On Bloomberg Tv" (Full Video) 18:21:55
Kentucky Conventions Live Stream or Full Audio/Video Results 17:57:01
Ground troops are in Africa without congressional approval 17:45:45
Requesting help answering a Santorum supporter 17:41:55
I Wish 17:40:20
Democrat comic scorches Obama again 17:32:54
Paul cleans up in Massachusetts and Alaska 17:22:05
Massachusetts & Alaska conventions go Paul's way 17:21:13
Coins & Precious Metals Inventory Software 17:20:50
Ron Paul rolling through Massachusetts & Alaska, stacking delegates along the way 17:20:16
Ron Paul keeps on rolling, now amassing delegates in Massachusetts & Alaska 17:19:15
Ron Pauls secret weapon-the delegates 17:15:44
This Post Should Be On The Front Page 17:14:04
Ron Pau vs Paul Krugman (Video) 17:11:28
Video: Ron Paul 2012: Winning States and Drawing Huge Crowds 17:10:55
4409 - Si Señor < - - - - - - 17:04:27
4409 - Si Señor <- - - - - 17:00:31
Since we are talking too much about abstaining and rule #38 16:46:48
Fun With Anagrams (Normally Weird) 16:37:21
Where is Romney... 16:24:23
Romney Should Strategically Drop Out To Save Face And Avoid GOP And Media Embarrassment 16:21:17
The Romney cake-too cute and easy, we need to do something with this! 16:11:48
Stuff for kids? 15:56:15
Awesome R3VOL Ad: Why is Ron Paul the Choice of the Troops? 15:51:54
Dr. Paul Is A Statesman so Why Do They Hate Him? 15:44:46
Texas for Ron Paul - May 18/19/20 15:43:59
Paul vs Paul: Watch Paul Krugman Debate Ron Paul Live 15:27:00
Paul Krugman and Ron Paul discuss economics – live updates 15:14:06
Abstention is a form of protest, and it could work 15:13:22
Doug Wead says it costs them $8 to process Credit Cards 15:08:41
Ron Paul to Debate Krugman on Bloomberg TV 4pm ET today. 15:05:49
Should my attitude change to conform to a broken system? 15:01:35
"Real Romney: real scary" / how vulnerable this guy is ! 14:57:00
I like Mitt Romney...except on Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy and everywhere else he is like Obama 14:53:17
Ron Paul RNC Delegates 14:52:21
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV Today 14:49:59
Brand new Liberty Tour shirts, check them out and spread it around. 14:48:01
Interview with a Ron Paul Activist 14:45:57
Only one of each could make a difference 14:44:20
The Extinction of Private Property: On Marx, Democrats, & Republicans 14:43:57
"5 Ways to Spot a B.S. Political Story in Under 10 Seconds" 14:30:44
New Video about Ron Paul, Israel, & Middle East foreign policy 14:22:21
Reddit: Ask Paul Krugman a Question. May 1st, 4:45 ET 13:48:57
Second Amendment Supporters: 13:38:54
No Ron Paul Statement for the Primary on California Secretary of State Website? 13:37:35
Alex Jones Is Back On Board! 13:28:07
Mitt Romney Almost Certainly Committed Voter Fraud in 2008 – 13:21:33
Andrew Breitbart's Coroner Poisoned 13:17:31
Team America (not the movie) 13:14:13
NC primaries coming up May 8. 13:13:51
Ron Paul's Foreign Policy - My Understanding of It! 13:03:27
And we think we have it bad... 13:01:42
Spainish blackout of RP , and SCYTL is counting the 2012 Vote ? 12:38:27
Incognito Delegates 12:37:55
How a Ron Paul "moment" helped me find my car. 12:35:48
The Black-Scholes formula 12:28:04
New 7 minute Obama campaign video 12:21:57
Romney Nomination by Acclamation? 12:20:05
Remaining delegate caucus schedule / Get out the caucus! 12:20:04
Petition for Romney vs. Paul debate in texas 12:19:25
State Gop’s Caucus Picks Leave Romney Slate Slighted - Boston Globe 12:14:19
Important information from the opposition about stealth delegates. 12:03:16
WSJ: Ron Paul Supporters Focus on State Delegations 11:59:59
Surface to Air Missiles for 2012 Olympics Site 11:53:05
WWIII: The Petrodollar war 11:43:17
Americans Elect Update: Ron Paul Needs More Votes! 11:39:50
Romney's former Lt. Gov loses delegate bid in his home state! 11:37:55
Video Feeds from Tampa - Might be Important 11:33:58
America. Pledge allegiance? OK. Blindly follow? No! 11:32:29
Campaign materials 11:27:30
Are There Pro-Gingrich/Santorum Stealth Delegates Pledged to Romney? 11:20:55
TMOT Gives Preview of Excellent Ron Paul Rap 11:20:50
Summary of Change; Including Retained Personnel, Civilian Internees, and other detainees 11:18:41
Feds Sue to Keep South Mountain Creamery’s “Structured” Cash Deposits 11:16:28
Tea Party Express to hold gigantic Ron Paul rally 11:08:21
POLITICO Florida Wants It Delegates Back 11:04:55
Ron Paul and Tea Party Express to hold rally in Austin on May 6th 10:56:49
Pro-pot judge will be Gary Johnson's VP pick 10:56:17
Bilderberg 2012 lets crash the party 10:53:49
Tampa Bay wants to Ban Concealed Carry at RNC 10:46:09
Veteran threatened by Police at VA for giving out DVDs 10:40:39
Trying to convince someone to vote for Paul?Show them this and you'll have them(GUARANTEED) 10:39:44
FDA may let patients buy drugs without prescription 10:36:41
How many of you are going to Tampa? 10:36:31
Huffington: President's Bin Laden Ad "Despicable" 10:29:47
Did anyone get a recording of the 1200 AM show here in MA? 10:29:11
LOTS of Ron Paul Supporters at the Lafayette, LA Caucus! 10:24:31
Libertarian Party Proposal 10:23:50
deleted 10:22:17
Maine State Convention: May 5 and 6. Webster already attempting thuggery. 10:20:37
Ron Paul Interview On Bloomberg TV - 4pm ET 10:20:16
Cenk Uygur: WHCD is the Empire's distraction from our real problems 10:17:05
Ron Paul Continues Adding Convention Delegates 10:03:04
New Mexico : City Shuts Shuts Down Water, Sewer For Photo Ticket Non Payment 09:52:05
Force Romney To Debate: Sign Petition. 09:48:10
A great letter about the old media. 09:47:26
Ron Paul Scores Massachusetts Delegates 09:47:17
My Broker Is Advertising On Daily Paul! 09:21:40
The Official 2012 “Pin-Ups for Ron Paul Calendar” Now Just $4.95! 09:13:18
Ron Paul is the Only Honest Candidate in 2012 - Policymic article 09:10:19
Romney IS Obama. Finally, Americans Are Waking Up to Ron Paul! VIDEO 08:59:23
Free Signs, Slim Jims and Bumper Stickers for Texans 08:44:04
Romney's Waterloo? I can hope ! 08:30:39
Tampa is going to be massive 08:25:52
Ron Paul vs The Media 08:21:14
The Key To Getting Ron Paul Elected: Abstain From 1st Ballot Voting! 07:52:51
The facts about delegates in California 06:52:38
Due Diligence and Investigatory Skills Reap Huge Profits for Short Sellers 06:46:29
Give Me Liberty Petitions 06:41:28
Unlike Democrats, Republicans are not obsessed by race and gender 06:41:19
The Family Farm Is Being Systematically Wiped Out Of Existence In America 06:39:54
CISPA passes the House; epic privacy battle moves to the Senate 06:36:37
Washington State GOP changing the state convention rules? 04:14:21
Seattle Documentary Filmmaker seeks Infowars post 02:52:29
What's the plan from here? 02:39:39
Sign the petition to get a Romney v. Paul debate! 02:17:35
Shhh.. Planning epic GOP takeover in WA. 02:00:06
Don't know if this band has been posted before. 01:57:20
Co-Chairman of Obama's Budget Deficit Commision Warns Members of the CFR That the Government Will Collapse 01:45:55
Mass Post-Primary Exodus from GOP? 01:37:47
BIG event coming! 01:33:09
Great Jon Stossel tonight "No- They Can't" How Big government gets in the way when it tries to help us. 01:31:34
why access denied on URL for "important information concerning our hero" ? 01:30:53
Green Papers Commentary on Stealth Delegates (of value?) 01:13:05
The Voluntary State 00:55:29
Peace Gold Liberty 00:46:13
CONFUSED Aussie Paulite Needs Help Understanding This Mess! Plz Help! 00:39:46
Russell’s Return Home 00:37:43
Delegate Abstention - need clarification 00:32:54
Romney - Obama...the same guy... 00:31:36
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 4-30-12 00:29:13
Something To Cheer You Up: No Matter What...There's Always 2016 00:09:41
CBS Caved into the Zionist Lobby 00:05:04
War with Iran? A nice video for undecided or neocons 09:28:15
*Update 2.0*How many of you in here pledge to Never back Romney? *UPDATE 2.0* 15:29:59