Posted on April 4, 2012

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Ron Paul interview on Jerry Doyle; 4-4-12 22:09:44
May future generations... 22:05:34
Monsanto Threatens To Sue Vermont If Legislators Pass A Bill Requiring Food To Be Labeled 18:45:57
Ron Paul Named 'Taxpayers Best Friend' For 2011 16:34:44
Record Crowd!-UCLA- Video: Full Speech and More-Plus Many Pics 23:07:37
9/11: A Conspiracy Theory* 04:02:11
FREE Irwin Schiff! 22:32:51
Videos: Ron Paul Breaks Another Record with 6,200 in CA 05:15:55
Paul Camp Claims: 6,200 — Newspaper: 3,000 — Chico Headcount! 15:42:49
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Bradley Manning's treatment is just a preview of the NDAA main game 23:59:57
A Century of Genocide: Only Mao Killed more than the Mill.Ind.Complex Hijackers of the US Govt! 23:43:56
Paul People - Why San Diegans like Ron Paul nice article + funny pic 23:36:46
Peter Schiff vs Stefan Molyneux 23:34:51
URGENT! need help NC 23:33:31
AMNESTY ALERT: New Obama Amnesty rule gives 1 million illegals fast-track to legal status. 23:27:28
Remember the gal in Iowa who started her own grassroots campaign office? Please chip-in! 23:03:54
George Soros Endorses Mitt Romney ! 23:02:53
Ron paul needs to attack obama 22:58:45
Litmus Test 22:28:34
Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in FL... 22:28:26
Interesting GOP strategy to put the brakes on Obama's campaign. 22:27:57
Rudy Giuliani - Gun Control Hypocrite 22:26:50
There is one industry in California., Ron Paul has to cater to in order to win that state 22:19:04
Last Chance to Document and Expose Election Fraud 22:04:53
Reflections on My Loss Running For Local Office in Wisconsin 21:56:23
We Need 10,000 more signatures for 60 minutes. 22:16:34
Bruce Fein IDENTIFIED as the RUMORMONGER on Romney/Paul lie 21:43:15
What California Democrats can do 21:22:42
Ron Paul needs to hire some good oppo researchers! 21:20:58
Bruce Fein behind Romney/Paul alliance rumors? Thoughts? 20:45:17
Ron Paul Campaign Sweeps Coveted Contest Recognizing Best Ads of 2012 Election Cycle 20:45:12
Ron Paul rEVOLution Overview 20:39:54
NLE 2012 - Possible False Flag Cyber Attack? 20:34:47
I have been all over the country for Ron Paul! 20:28:41
Alert: New Bill H.R. 3523 Is Worse Than Sopa! Must Stop! 20:15:00
POLL: Who has the best chance of defeating President Obama? 20:02:15
Upcoming April Events 19:50:31
New York Cops Break Into Marine Veteran's Home And Taser Him To Death 19:37:34
I just received a telephone survey 19:37:12
Please "Like" the April 15 Money Bomb Page 19:29:57
GOP forcing Rick out ? 19:28:46
The gracious, the noble Dr. Ron Paul wants . . . 19:18:32
Ron Paul Supporters : Never Prematurely Hand Over Victory To Mitt Romney And Neo Cons Until Fight Is Over! 19:13:40
It's Working! Josh Tolley Picked Up By Another Station! Please Call Your Local Talk Radio Station! 18:51:21
Neil Cavuto interview with Dr. Paul is at the bottom. 18:50:05
Indiana: TODAY is deadline to register to vote 18:47:20
Going To UCLA 18:44:19
A Love Story, Why Doctor Paul Changed my Life. 18:42:44
Even Congress Wants To Know What The NSA Is Doing With This $2 Billion Utah Spy Center 18:27:15
Holder: Justice Department will respond to judge 18:21:28
5 ex-cops sentenced in Katrina killings case 18:05:51
Why Does DHS Need 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets? 18:00:31
Gold & Silver is NOT the currency of the future! 17:57:59
Does anyone have any info on how the caucuses turned out in VT last night? 17:50:58
Senior Citizens Still Paying Off Student Loans 17:50:41
Nye County needs to be taught a lesson, again. 17:43:06
Dow 13,074.75 -124.80 Is this the start of the crash with BRICS leaving US$ 17:41:21
Ron Paul Sign on the Show "Doomsday Preppers" 17:35:12
The World Over Live 17:34:12
NEW Obama 2012 ad: Keep Hoping 17:32:17
~Petition To Bring Ron Paul To West Chester University~ 17:25:37
Audio - Ron Paul Interview on The Jerry Doyle Show 4/4/12 17:20:09
Biden Charges Taxpayers to Get a Fake Crowd-Paul Still Outdraws the Bum 17:13:24
VIDEO: Dallas City Wide Sign Wave/National Promote Ron Paul Day! 17:12:21
VIDEO: "Ignorant [Stuff] People Say About Foreign Policy" 17:11:59
The Cancer Report 17:11:02
Pelosi to GOP "Take back your party from extremists" 17:09:15
Texas legislator to Mexico: Pay us back! 16:44:56
Ron Paul : The Most Transparent Candidate 16:44:40
Ron Paul named ‘taxpayer friend’ for 2011 by the National Taxpayers Union 16:40:55
Free books explaining how Christianity promotes the free market 16:40:42
Red Eye RIPS INTO Van Jones For Trashing Libertarians As Homophobes And Racists (VIDEO) 16:36:50
TMOT has his own show on FreedomNetwork TV 16:29:36
How much is the Secret Service costing us for Romney and the others? 16:28:55
Survey: just 4 percent of Jewish voters rank Israel as top voting priority 16:27:40
Ron Paul on KQMS Radio - April 03 2012 16:16:28
Ron Paul on Neil Cavuto @4pm ET today 4/4/12 16:02:02
No Spin: Romney and 1,144 - June 5th he will have it UNLESS.. 15:54:29
14 State Governors : Prepare State Militia Defenses To Be Ready Against Obama's Rogue Federal Forces 15:48:46
Help Send CA Activist to LA to Meet Ron Paul and Nassim Taleb [Chip-In] 15:47:05
Choose Your Words Wisely 15:42:19
Tom Woods & Stefan Molyneux take your questions LIVE online 15:37:35
Rick Santorum Must Stay In The GOP Race For There To Be A 'Brokered Convention' 15:30:29
Jerry Doyle radio show 15:25:04
SOPA changes name to CISPA 15:24:06
romney supporters paid to be romney supporters 15:24:04
hacking democracy video must see 15:11:38
School Children Forced To participate In Kony 2012 Activism 15:07:47
Question About the Role of Local Government. Sunday Closing law? 15:04:07
Micheal Savage: Romney says nothing, Santorum is nauseating, Gingrich is physically repulsive. 15:02:40
UCLA attendees, please read 15:01:44
FLASH! - EPIC FAIL : Worlds largest Solar Plant, 2.1 Billion Energy Dept. Loan Guarantee, Files Bankruptcy 14:59:13
FREE Movie: The Nazi Banksters' Crimes - Ripple Effect 14:55:57
Ron Paul Crowds! See them all in one place! 14:55:35
Sen. James DeMint, (R-SC): Nincompoop, Waffler & Police Statist 14:45:08
FEMA Camps Activated and on 72 Hour Notice 14:36:31
Judicial Branch Strikes Back At Attempted Dictatorship: Appeals Court Calls President's Bluff on Obamacare 14:35:54
The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) 14:29:56
Rally coverage 14:29:51
Don't EXPECT a Miracle...Be the Miracle 14:25:53
North American Union Will Attempt To Disarm The People Of The United States 14:22:11
Largest Ever Ron Paul Event? - UCLA 14:18:52
USDA Orders 326,000 Rounds of Ammunition As Homeland Security Stays Quiet Over 450 Million Round Order 14:12:53
Justice Scalia Says Nope When Asked If He'd Comment On Obama Judicial Activism Warning 14:11:33
The UN's IPCC reverses man made climate change stance? 14:10:31
According to the New Yorker, Romney will get 1,122 delegates 14:09:00
The Dangers Of Direct Democracy 13:55:09
At least 4,900 expected to attend Ron Paul visit at UCLA 13:51:04
What are your opinions about Bitcoins? 13:48:48
VIDEO : Out Of Control Cops Spray Students Demanding 'FREE' Education 13:48:17
At Least 4900 Expected To Attend Ron Paul Visit At UCLA 13:43:07
750,000,000 rounds of ammo 13:37:55
U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jerry Smith addresses P.Obama's comments in no uncertain terms! 13:36:24
VIDEO : Awesome 'UNBIASED' Local TV Coverage Of Ron Paul In Chico, CA. From CBS Affiliate 13:35:59
UCLA - Ron Paul (Venue Change): Now @ Straus Stadium (LA Tennis Center) 13:28:28
At what level do the Rothchild's / Establishment / Cabal go to influence? 13:23:00
ATTENTION Nueces County Texas Ron Paul Supporters 13:08:11
Jefferson County, IA Convention. What Happened, What We Learned 12:59:55
6200 in Chico and Romney is winning? Good story 12:56:50
SOPA, CISPA Whats the difference? 12:54:09
Why do DHS and ICE Need to Stockpile 450Million 'Dumb-Dumb' Bullets? -vid 12:45:44
Fox News article - Where's Ron Paul? - Campaign slows 12:12:38
Greet Ron Paul In San Francisco 12:08:07
I'm going to a Gingrich rally today 12:05:59
Supreme Court Says It's Ok For Government Witnesses To Lie To Grand Jury 12:05:25
Video: Ron Paul in Chico. UCLA Tonight. 11:55:59
Our Message to the GOP - Ron Paul or No One At All! 11:55:07
(VIDEO) Hilarious! Scott Brown Tied To Mitt Romney In New Democratic Ad 11:55:06
The FED attacks Ron Paul 11:49:20
RT - Lou Rockwell : Obama Is Just GWB With A Different 'Haircut' 11:48:31
VIDEO : Young Americans Vote Ron Paul 11:43:06
Who are all these Romney supporters and how come we never see them? 11:38:44
CHEAP Ron Paul GI JOE Shirts 11:30:18
Ron Paul Campaign Sweeps Coveted Contest Recognizing Best Ads of 2012 Election Cycle 11:27:12
A Really Stupid Criticism of Paul 11:23:28
Yahoo new CEO Scott Thompson laying off 2000 employees good or bad for RP media? 11:08:03
A Thought Experiment: Why Not Just Print, Print, Print And Then Print Some More? 11:04:13
good explanation of inflation, deflation, central market manipulation vs. free market exchange between individuals 11:00:46
UN Must Act Against Syria After April 10 Deadline 10:28:25
Even Congress Wants To Know What The NSA Is Doing With This 2 Billion Utah Spy Center 10:19:11
Video from 2008 campaign, makes me cry every time. 10:19:08
ObamaCare is 2700 pages long. IF 2700 people agreed to read one page 09:55:05
Democrat rampant election fraud - Michele Malkin 09:53:55
I voted for Obama last time but now I am voting for Ron Paul! 09:33:32
Harry Browne's How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World re-published in Kindle format 09:19:43
Manure Spreader for sale (humor) 09:19:11
Why is US Govt Giving Barrett M82A1 .50BMG Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle to Alqaeda in Libya? 09:13:02
John Dennis Running for Congress in SF (Against Pelosi) 09:12:00
Ron Paul guests on Cavuto today, 4:00 PM EDT 09:08:53
Sugar regulation ? 09:00:53
Video Needed! - Ron Paul Money Bomb Contest - In-It-To-Win-It - Help Promote the Contest 08:56:43
lew-rockwell-ron-paul-already-won-the-election.html 08:10:17
Statement on Bradley Manning Case 07:23:13
Romney quote, "The economy is all the businesses put together... 07:09:15
Ron Paul Draws 6,200+ in Chico, California Rally - Media Lies and Says Only 100's! 06:53:29
Only 535 voted for Paul in D.C.? 06:29:35
Thank You War On Drugs~Mexican DrugLord *video* 06:16:54
TIME Magazines's 100 most influential people: Let's make Ron Paul #1 by voting on their site! 05:23:49
Constitutionalists To Educate/Comment on Each Article/Section/Amendment of the Constitution - New Talkshoe 05:09:35
Minarchism vs Anarchism - Stefan Molyneux vs Peter Schiff 04:48:41
Court System Fraud: All Courts Are Under Federal Jurisdiction - Yes even "State" Courts 04:45:03
How much really is a Trillion Dollars? 04:03:28
.. 03:42:21
Video: RT interview Lew Rockwell & Julie Borowski on Today's Primary + CSM: Should RP be a Super HungerGames Fan? 03:11:22
Why I Want To Be A Nevada Delegate To Tampa 03:10:36
Ron Paul: 6,200 at Calif. town hall, but Romney is winning? (Video) 03:05:43
Tom Woods at Nullify Now! Philadelphia on March 31, 2012 03:05:16
Election Fraud, Intimidation, This is a Revolution...Stop Running From Battle! 02:15:18
Just went to 02:07:23
Ron Paul fighting for Us When Everyone Was Against Him 01:57:43
Ann Barnhardt Says Brokerages Are Fundamentally Unsafe 01:55:52
Can you trade gold for something? 01:42:44
Congratulations Fellow Maryland Ron Paulers! 01:30:01
Strip Search Nation 01:25:53
"Listen" Jordan Page 01:23:15
Ron Paul breaks another record with 6,200 people attending a town hall in CA 01:20:45
MUST SEE: Dr. Paul WON Both Exit Polls in WI: Forced to Leave By Security. 01:09:02
Why We Shouldn’t Want the Media’s Help 15:14:13
North Carolina Emergency Powers Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional 00:34:32
A message to the GOP from Ron Paul Supporters 00:28:25
Election Results From The 2012 Maryland, Wisconsin, and DC Primaries 00:22:21
Public Servant? 00:19:06
Amway Arena implosion! 00:18:16
Obama caught communicating something interesting while mic is on 00:14:43
US Rep. Steve King says all payments are redistribution of wealth. 15:15:22