Posted on April 5, 2012

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OK guys. This could be serious-Santorum camp looks to change Texas delegate rules 20:08:11
Fox News Lies About Ron Paul (Again). Claims he stopped having campaign events 17:13:02
How One Man Has (Almost) Ended Indefinite Detention of Americans (NDAA) 15:28:13
Washington Times compares Paul UCLA speech to Beatlemania 13:47:42
Good people still do exist 09:16:00
Ron Paul Draws 7,800+ at UCLA Rally! Video Clips of Crowd and Speech! 21:31:32
Ben Swann: Supreme Court STRIPS Americans of Their 4th Amendment Rights? 07:29:36
The Power Of The Daily Paul 07:24:07
The Mainstream Media Is Completely Out Of Control 07:01:58
Ron Paul Interview w/ Neil Cavuto - Fox News - Wednesday, April 4th 4pm ET 07:16:01
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VIDEO: Local news commentator endorses Ron 23:57:27
Ron Paul shatters previous record with 8,500 voters attending his town hall 23:52:47
FLASH! UC Berkely BROKE The Campus Record : 8,500 PLUS - WOW! 23:43:53
Ron Paul on KTTV LA Channel 11 News 4/4/12 23:38:53
Planning a trip to TAMPA. 23:32:58
Texas GOP table motion for winner take all in March 1st emergency meeting 23:31:11
Excellent presentation on Agenda 21, UN environmentalism gone mad 23:30:16
Fractional Reserve Banking 23:28:04
A book to help survive being a Ron Paul supporter, political and domestic abuse - A Must Read 23:10:54
Christian Writer Helps Santorum Decide To Quit: "The Great Pretender: Thou Shalt Not Covet What God Does Not Intend You To Have" 23:09:56
Ron Paul is coming to Texas A&M University April 10 @ 7:00pm 23:09:37
Thrive the movie is now available free 23:05:47
Soros Organization to Host Training for Occupy Movement 22:50:29
Breaking Texas GOP considering winner take all 22:46:14
(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? 22:40:34
WND: New Sheriff Calls For Roundup Of Obama Records 22:38:57
This is why you have no Constitutional Rights: The Fraud of the 14th Amendment Exposed! 22:37:30
Live Stream from Berkeley: Ron Paul 22:24:25
I found out what the MD in MD Paul stands for! 22:19:41
2 "YOUTH FOR PAUL" Rallies Next Week : Fort Worth & Texas A&M 22:18:57
INDIANA: April 9 Is The Deadline To Register To Vote. Crossover Voting Is Allowed, Democrats Can Vote Republican On Election Day 22:12:50
Erroneous Biblical Interpretation Leads Christians to Support Mideast Wars-the 70 Weeks of Daniel 9 22:04:30
Don't Believe All the Gold/Silver Confiscation Hype [Video] 22:04:15
One Doctor Paul Gave Birth 22:04:03
Could I get a little help with my reprogramming project?!:) 21:58:14
Texas GOP to Consider becoming Winner-Take-All, Harming Paul DELEGATE Representation - AAAAGAIN! 21:53:56
Will Dr. Paul campaign in NC? 21:48:10
"The rEVOLution Is Alive And Well" 21:40:20
CISPA - HR 3523 : 'The New Sopa' 21:30:42
Republican strategist: Paul supporters 'shout bigger than their size' 21:28:07
Cain just cain't go away, check this out, and he is stealing the term revolution... 21:27:22
ANOTHER 4TH AMENDMENT KILLER : Boxer Bill Allows IRS To Deny Americans The Right To Travel 21:22:56
Why does Reddit hate Ron Paul 21:18:03
Republican Obama Appointee Accused of Passing Government Information to Romney Campaign 21:15:55
A "Rick Just Quit" money bomb? 21:11:29
Arizona Blasted For Oking Jail For 'Annoying Tweets 21:10:38
EVERYONE - Send Berkeley Information to NOW 21:08:55
Rick Santorum Attempting To Change Texas To 'WINNER TAKE ALL' Delegates State! 21:03:45
PRIORITY : Ron Paul In Fort Worth Texas April 11! 20:58:09
Ron Paul Rounds to End the Media Blackout! 20:50:25
Rick Santorum is attempting to change Texas to a winner-take-all delegate state 20:45:29
Ron Paul Song Bonanza! New Torrent Released 20:24:27
Petition: Save the Internet from the US – Stop CISPA 20:06:52
Flash! PRIORITY : Berkely, CA. Event Moved To Memorial Glade From Zellerbach Auditorium 20:02:21
Rep. Dave Camp 19:59:54
Mary from LA Liberty - Money Bomb Contest 19:58:28
Let the people decide. 19:58:13
GOP corruption in Missouri: An update from Pamela Grow via Doug Wead 19:49:47
Video: Ron Paul is "In It To Win It" Moneybomb Contest 19:49:04
Nikki Haley 19:35:26
Video from Tisha Casida on WASTE from the GSA (General Services Administration) 19:34:11
Video from Tisha Casida on Economic Warfare & Economic Terrorism 19:32:31
The True Reason For ObamaCare 19:29:10
☛Conservative Media: Ron Paul Rally at UCLA Draws Record Numbers 19:27:13
CISPA Cybersecurity Bill Will Sensor the Internet! 19:16:17
West Virgina Needs Help! 19:03:52
Newt Gingrich's think tank "Gingrich Group LLC" has filed for bankruptcy 19:01:02
Self Reliance Saves Your Life – Government, MIA, Kills 18:56:47
The Abolition of Property Rights in America 18:54:47
John Dennis Leads Liberty Candidates Back onto the Field vs. Pro-NDAA Pelosi! 18:30:03
Guess what happens when 18:26:40
Newt Bankrupt 18:19:07
Pay It Forward For Paul. The New Campaign. 18:07:37
I dream of the day when all these so called Journalist will have to eat Crow! 18:04:07
GOP Corruption Same As Dems 17:58:32
The phony economic deception machine 17:21:31
I got robbed last night. 17:20:54
Zerohedge: The FED is JP Morgan's client? and Blythe Masters CNBC Interview 17:01:52
Wanting to network with delegates that have had success at their state conventions 16:51:27
Battleing Voter Fraud: Open Source Voting Software 16:43:28
The Best Picture from UCLA 16:36:52
Fox hires Jesse Jackson's Daughter. LOLOLL! 16:11:18
US to sink Japan tsunami ghost ship - pics 16:09:51
Paul's Libertarian Message Heard in Alberta 15:51:22
Name That Dangerous Object-Banned or not Banned. What you can bring inside GOP conv. 15:48:24
Liberty candidate running 15:47:42
Blatantly false article about NV County Conventions! PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS! 15:43:24
Anything going on in NYC for RP? 10,000 at Central Park or Union Square would be great 15:38:16
Strategies for State Conventions: 15:32:21
Obama is Not a Keynesian, He's An American! 15:29:36
It's not just the young people 15:27:48
Liberty Minded News Sites 15:26:45
Ron Paul: UCLA 8000+ Stunning Crowd 15:17:58
Where do you get your Internet News? 15:15:52
Now officially become Structure fires of liberty-the establishment is burning. 15:10:04
Take Back Your Life and Liberty 14:58:54
Gingrich Center for Health Transformation goes the way of Solyndra: Bankrupt 14:58:09
The US secret space program, 14:57:44
A treasury of Jefferson quotes on the Constitution 14:53:29
Scare tactics and diversions 14:49:42
What would the media think about 10,000 picketers? 14:42:37
Of ALL the names I could have thought of to call P. Obama, sorry Jimmy, "Bully" ain't one of 'em! 14:26:38
DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Checkpoint Booths 14:24:45
Tell Your Senators to Support S. 202! 14:24:29
Claim: Obama Campaign Threatened Life of Chelsea Clinton to Keep Parents Silent on Obama's Ineligibility 14:21:07
Ron Paul Rallies Compared to the Rest of the GOP's - Who's the Front Runner?! 14:03:34
Voter Fraud 14:00:02
Truth behind 9/11 will annihilate Israel: Video 13:55:23
Gingrich group files for bankruptcy 13:52:24
I wish some SuperPAC pays for 3 or 4 NBA Stadium sized rallies 13:42:27
A True WOW Article just posted.. 13:41:50
Government Surveillance Crackdown On Internet Goes Into Overdrive 13:31:15
Ron Paul Wins CA Straw Poll 13:21:28
Obama's very bad week / you can't fix arrogant power lust 13:10:50
US Government orders 750 Million Rounds of Ammunition 13:01:11
Ron Paul Probably Won Maine and Nevada GOP Caucuses, and Could Have Won Iowa, too 12:59:37
Will Young People Strapped with Student Loans ever Buy Homes? 12:54:35
MIT - global economic collapse by 2030 12:52:47
The Diversion of US Nuclear Material Into the Israeli Nuclear Arsenal - audio 12:43:05
Poland to ban Monsanto's GM maize 12:30:15
General Motors publication opposes central planning 12:19:29
Greek Crisis Video - Desperation 12:15:11
Ron Paul draws total of 12,000 people in California in two days 12:13:59
Paul Krugman to speak at Cal Poly Pomona on April 13th 12:12:08
Event: Nullify the NDAA - Los Angeles May 3, 2012 12:03:56
HELP! Asked to write an article making the case for RP for a left-leaning newspaper! 12:03:48
Santorum meeting with 'conservative leaders' to discuss path forward? 12:03:06
SF Chronicle, LA Times, Sacramento Bee NO COVERAGE of events 12:02:10
In the trenches, more on the establishment fight against Ron Paul 11:57:32
✵ DRUDGE THIS NOW ✵ Best Article of Ron Paul UCLA Event 11:53:20
Howard Dean has never heard of Ron Paul 11:50:39
A suggestion for a rogue video... how much were you paid to go to the Romney rally? 11:45:52
Kirk Adams for Congress 11:29:55
Sorry, but it's probably "wet blanket" time ... partly. 11:24:26
5200 People got to see this speech... Now you can too. Ron Paul 3-29-2012 at UW Madison 11:17:57
Remember that little line about a fence being used to keep us in? 11:13:48
Ron Paul Crowds Growing Larger Every Speech 11:03:27
Something In The Air 11:01:16
Consumer rejection kills GM enviropig as farmers feared pork market collapse 10:58:09
Let's Get Dr. Paul On DRUDGE! 10:55:36
Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman 10:45:44
Ron Paul Rally at UC Berkeley Tonight Expected to Sell Out! Please Go Support Ron Paul! 10:40:33
Arpaio- told ya' so! 10:29:30
I complain publicly, let me publicly thank the Sheriff's department 10:20:26
Full Speech: TEN THOUSAND+ Californian R3VOL greet Dr. Paul @ UCLA! April 4, 2012! 09:57:18
UCLA Goes CRAZY For Ron Paul 09:51:36
Ron Paul and his supporters-Simply the best! 09:28:19
Ron Paul! Check this out ! we need you on this thread 09:22:40
How to fix the debt ceiling mess–a very long list of unconstitutional federal agencies 09:08:54
Is Dr. Paul coming to New york? 08:38:58
Ron Paul MUST come to Pennsylvania! - LOOK again! 08:38:32
Tweet the April 15th Money Bomb Now! - - Let's Reach $2M+ 07:55:22
Americans brace for next foreclosure wave 07:30:11
Glen Bradley Introduces Campaign Manager 06:30:33
Asheville Tea PAC Endorses NC Representative Glen Bradley 06:19:51
VIDEO: Ron Paul On FOX 11 Los Angeles 4-4-12 (12 min. Interview) 05:33:24
Ron Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show 4-4-12 05:25:08
Econ Debate- Left, Right and Center views 05:00:21
“Ron Paul supporters are racist white boys.” 04:36:33
Ron Paul On Studio 11 Los Angeles CA 4-4-12 04:30:49
Local ABC 7 reports on UCLA visit 04:09:37
Romney Ford Field crowd vs. Paul UCLA crowd 03:27:31
Article - Why is the Media Scared to show Ron Pauls Crowds of 10,000 03:26:55
Massive crowd shows up to see Dr. Paul in Los Angeles 03:18:37
Photos: People Climbing Trees and Fences to See Ron Paul at UCLA. 02:35:05
10,000 attended UCLA Ron Paul Event! 02:20:11
Doctor Says Paul Has Psychiatric Disorder. Regional Boycott Anyone? 02:04:40
LA Times article about Ron. GO COMMENT! 01:55:15
Establishment wants Rick and Newt to stay in race because of Paul 01:54:30
Rallies gaining momentum - is the election irrelevant? 01:31:04
Yet another undeniably absolutely incredible Peter Schiff Economy Video 01:29:02
Read/Watch Learn How Obama stole 2008 Election-A Thug Campaign 01:17:10
"Ron Paul Has Already Won" (RT video) 01:15:26
Ron is tanking in this poll. GO VOTE! 01:12:47
Let and do not Hate, Baby 01:12:03
Federal Heads Roll Over $822K Vegas Party. Waste included $6K in coins honoring GSA's work on stimulus 00:51:16
'We Will Make Our Voices Heard': Chicago War Resister Speaks Out Against NATO" Article 00:48:45
Bob Dylan is a libertarian 00:44:31
Idea for a ad 00:12:06
STOP Smoking 15:50:22