Posted on April 6, 2012

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Ron Paul Girl: "We are not going away!" Tax Day Money Bomb 21:00:45
Grow a Garden. 19:10:18
DP EXCLUSIVE - Weekend Listen: SleepyEye "Truth Serum Experiment" Download Full Album FREE 18:58:17
Ron Paul Visits San Francisco, UC Berkeley - Local News Mashup 12:47:38
"They Want to Build a Fence to Keep Us in"- Ron Paul Was Right! 17:50:22
Judge Napolitano: “Obama Is Dangerously Close To Totalitarianism” 12:25:16
Supreme Contempt 11:45:17
Number of people NOT in the labor force approaches 88 million 09:25:19
The Media’s Blackout of Ron Paul Has Gone Openly Hostile Ignoring Chico St., UC Berkeley and UCLA Rallies 09:22:29
Last Day to Vote for Ron Paul on TIME 100 Poll (Ron Paul Currently #12) 07:23:17
Mish: Plunge in 3-Month Rolling Average of Petroleum and Gasoline Usage for Jan, Feb, March 2012 09:24:32
The power of an image: WHERE IS THE MEDIA? 06:14:03
RPers at UCLA in Trees Watch Mr. Constitution, Ron Paul 03:51:10
The "2000+ Likes" EPIC Commercial Challenge To Ron Paul Supporters 09:22:28
The end of the era of Internet freedom? New PIPA / SOPA / ACTA = CISPA 09:45:18
Ben Swann: North Dakota Caucus railroaded to give majority of delegates to Romney. 10:18:31
Paul Festival - Tampa, FL Aug.24-26 10:50:35
Paul Speech Excites Large Berkeley Crowd-a TON of Free Media-Full Berkeley Speech Video 07:02:19
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CA voters MUST REGISTER REPUBLICAN for Ron Paul to be on your ballot 23:11:23
Help: I'm debating a friend.. 23:00:25
An issue that will appeal to middle America very well 22:49:29
Let's Do a MASSIVE Exit Poll of All Paul Voters, Starting with Wisconsin 22:47:47
Silver Confiscation - vid 22:37:46
Media explained USE THIS! 22:07:18
"Blackout The Stuck Up Girls," Money Bomb - May 11th 21:39:39
Lionel's not so subliminal message 21:17:21
Clarence Thomas Scolds Colleagues For Talking Too Much At Oral Arguments 20:51:51
Media Silent on Fukushima; Cesium-137 is 85 Times Greater Than at Chernobyl Accident 20:40:20
Ron Paul Rallies In Fort Worth And Texas A&M University Next Week 20:39:51
(VIDEO) Flag Bearing The Face Of President Obama Hangs In New Jersey 20:33:05
Your best friend right now and you may not even know it! 20:32:57
UC Berkeley was a blast! 20:01:09
FUNNY - Ron Paul used in Impractical Jokers-like prank 19:04:01
Glimpse of Things to Come? 19:03:09
What can you do with all the money that is 18:58:47
The Hunger Games movie review 18:37:27
Monsanto Threatens Lawsuit Over GMO Labeling Bill 17:39:25
Ron Paul Girl - Wants You To Make a Avatar! 17:36:23
Your bulimia video for the day. This GSA youtube will make you puke! 17:33:35
[Video] Obama falsely claims that Planned Parenthood provides "preventive care, like mammograms 17:31:05
Question about The Veteran's march at the convention in Tampa & HR347 17:31:03
TSA Body Scanners Set To Be Exposed As 'Giant Fraud' 17:23:52
Ronald Reagan speaks to Ron Paul Supporters 17:23:15
Sign Petition: After largest online protest in history, Obama administration still voicing support for SOPA 17:12:38
Billboard vs DHS 16:58:13
Yesterday's scumbucket from Washington Times feels neglected, seeking more love 16:53:40
Free Markets vs preservation? 16:41:43
U.S. soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan villagers 'had many accomplices', survivors of massacre claim 16:40:03
VIDEO : DOJ Attempts To Install Its Own Embedded Monitor In Sheriff Joe's Office 16:30:57
The US Dollar, Fiat Currency & Monopoly Money 16:29:29
Marine Who Criticized, Insulted Obama on Facebook, May Be Dismissed 16:20:40
Real Fact Bias - your thoughts on this 16:18:17
Ron Paul Has Won the Future - audio 16:16:50
Petitions @ Blocks Any Search for "TSA", "DHS", "ATF" 16:02:10
DHS Buys Up Millions of Rounds of .40 Caliber Hollow Point Ammo 15:57:58
The GOP needs a 12 Step meeting. It is time for an intervention. 15:49:54
Drudge is not someone we should be messing with 15:28:31
Attn All Texans! Ron Paul Is Coming To College Station AND Fort Worth, *RSVP NOW* HOME STATE LOVE! 15:16:12
Rick Santorum's daughter, Bella, is back in the hospital 14:57:13
Millions of Votes Being Ignored 14:49:23
Ron Paul - Election Fraud Confirmed in North Dakota! 14:46:02
JP Morgan managing MF Global bankruptcy for its own profit and...vid 14:44:51
Just read the Santorum's had to take their little girl back to the hospital 14:31:51
Attention! For Immediate release! READ THIS BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE FOR THE CAMPAIGN 14:12:05
Need Suggestions and References re: Choice Issue 14:11:15
Ron Paul For BP MS 150 Race For The Cure! ~NEED HELP~ 14:11:02
Feds Attempt to Install Embedded Monitor In Sheriff Arpaio’s Office 14:09:12
Ron Paul to Speak at Philadelphia Freedom Rally 2012! Sunday April 22, 2012 14:09:00
Government records 40th straight deficit month in March 14:06:28
The Great Unemployment Rate Scam 14:04:09
Sweden prohibits home schooling 13:42:36
We The People Network? 13:31:24
Ron Paul Rising 13:20:47
My new video about the corrupt Federal Reserve system 13:18:55
Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined - full film, 2hrs 13:16:08
My new video about the corrupt Federal Reserve system 13:13:41
Jim Rogers “I Will Buy More” Gold – Still Long Term Bullish 13:05:37
This commenter sums it up... 13:04:34
Obama kisses Pelosi, I just threw up a little in the back of my throat 12:55:28
RON PAUL On The Front Cover Of This Week's San Diego Reader! Californians For Ron Paul! 12:55:27
"I pity you" - T.Jefferson 12:47:53
Firsthand Account of Ron Paul's Amazing UCLA Rally 12:45:38
NBC Bay Area News anchor talks to GOP Presidential hopeful Ron Paul. 12:45:18
When did Drudge go mainstream? 12:34:35
KISS to hire military veteran! 12:31:03
Is it time for Accurate Measures? 12:26:23
Naomi Wolf: U.S. can now treat all citizens like Guantanamo Bay prisoners 12:25:37
love or hate? 12:19:27
I was wondering if someone can call in to Hannity and ask him this question ... 11:54:09
Prayer 11:39:47
the UN is UNsustainable 11:38:08
Not enough inflation - Krugman NYT 11:34:33
Rick Santorum – Ron Paul – Newt Gingrich Unite ! Great new blog from D. Wead! 11:31:46
How to Win a Caucus 11:20:47
BREAKING: Egan-Jones cuts U.S. debt rating AGAIN (AA+ to AA) 11:20:44
NY attorney says battle over traffic-ticket strip searches not over yet 11:14:35
An Open Letter to Ron Paul (Raimondo) 11:10:43
Sweet Video: The R3VOLution is Alive and Well! 13:05:59
Sen. Rand Paul on Allman in the Morning 4/6/12 11:04:46
Make a list! Link to Local Newspapers about Ron Paul speaking crowds: 10:48:18
Gary Johnson on Roswell UFO incident: 'you’ve hit on the one thing I really can’t talk about' 10:43:11
Ron Paul interview - good coverage 10:31:30
Gary Johnson won't seek Ron Paul's endorsement 10:30:15
It is by no means too late to win this 10:29:16
Call to Mormons! 10:05:03
Pope Benedict proves Ron Paul is right: We should talk to our 'enemies' 09:58:04
Mitt Romney's Turkey Sandwich Scandal - Romney Accused of Bribery in Wisconsin 09:57:15
Arizona's legal investigation into Obama's forged I.D. documents 09:54:50
Excellent-What if Everyone Voted for Ron Paul? 09:30:14
Ron Paul draws total of 12,000 people in California in two days 09:26:00
Supreme Court rules you can now be strip searched for minor offenses 09:12:38
I got robbed, too. Saved by Ron Paul People! 09:07:56
Going to a Ron Paul event? Be your own video reporter with the NewsIT App! 08:55:08
Ron can Win This Primary - April 24. Pennsylvania Needs Support from Campaign. 11:36:00
Aaron Greenz - Parental Warning - His Raps Make Your Kids Think! 08:26:57
The Deal with Jack Hunter: Goodbye to Conservatism 07:42:36
Jim Sinclair: A Golden Idea 07:21:07
Sibel Edmonds Exposes the Anonymous Weasel behind Rumor of Paul-Romney Deal? 05:09:34
Richter Studios 04:53:20
Ron Paul Draws Over 5,000 at UC Berkeley Rally! 04:35:49
Central bank's IG investigated allegations by the Texas congressman Ron Paul 04:08:09
How Many Will Fight? 03:16:01
Video: NBC & SF Chronicle interview Dr. Paul + New RP'12 FEC Filing = "Hyper-Vigilance.. Fanatical!" 03:05:41
Cry from the Heart : on the importance of the 14th Amendment to defend Life, Liberty, and Peace in the United States of America 02:40:19
BREAKING* San Diego Reader - Paul People 02:36:54
An Open Letter to Ron Paul, by Justin Raimondo of 01:21:28
Ron Paul Stands With ND - Eliminate Property Tax! Help Support The Effort! 01:18:43
Gardens 01:05:08
What's Really Going On: Unraveling Iran, Syria & The Gulf Cooperation Council 01:03:38
The Drunken Sailor And Ron Paul: The Mainstream Media On The Teflon Slope 00:53:01
Newest Reality Check, North Dakota GOP In the Spotlight 00:37:37
Romney wins the majority of delegates in North Dakota 00:24:03
Paulbots and Ronbots 00:23:25
ALERT: ATF beta UnConstitutional Gun Registry in Alaska, NYPD convicted of smuggling M16's for NYC Gangs! 00:20:00
We need Santorum to WIN Now, so we can vote Paul in 2nd Round later 00:16:45
25-year-old song. So prophetic. Beautiful. Sad. 00:06:23