Posted on May 10, 2012

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How to shut down ANY detractor of the Ron Paul delegate strategy - In 1976 Reagan Did It 23:01:25
President Paul is NOT enough... 21:31:49
Wow! WaPo: "It may be too late to stop Ron Paul's strategy" 20:38:56
The main session the Oklahoma State Convention has begun! (Updated 05/12 at 9:19am Central Time) 22:53:30
Romney Takes Swipe at Ron Paul's Budget Blueprint 17:25:42
Went to a Romney rally today in Omaha, NE 15:02:24
Don Rasmussen: "Media Shows No Signs of Understanding the Ron Paul Strategy So Let Me Explain it" 10:51:25
The "Anyone but Obama" Mentality and Why It Is Destroying our Political Process! 10:33:34
TSA removes 18-month old "terrorist" from airplane 09:30:15
Ron Paul on CNN 5/9/12 08:28:27
Politico: A Ron Paul Revolution is Brewing 08:02:33
Reflecting on turning 5. 09:31:45
WSJ: Ron Paul Breakfasts With Bernanke at Central Bank 09:50:13
Video Update: Ron Paul Subcommittee Examines Proposals to Reform or Abolish Federal Reserve 09:49:15
Reminder: Foreign Campaign Contributions are ILLEGAL and activity supporting them is a threat to the existence of the Daily Paul 18:39:25
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Reality Check with more good news 23:59:35
Drudge Top Headline:' Obama Playing a cruel and cynical game'... 23:58:46
ViDEO: Support our Troops 23:54:01
Reagan Conservatives, Natural Law and Libertarians 23:51:56
Liberty Candidate Profile: Chick Heileson Of Idaho For Us Congress - Help Asap 23:50:28
Government Explained For Dummies. 23:49:36
ViDEO: Obama's failed promises to youth 23:47:13
11/6 election day is 9/11 turned upside down 23:44:33
If a foreign Billionaire wanted to Sponsor a State Republican Convention - he/she could, because they are Private events 23:34:31
Looking for a real delegate count? Look no further, I've done the math for you to share! 23:30:56
Phone Pole Posters 23:23:38
Gary Johnson and Third Parties: Why The Two-Party System Fears Them 23:09:58
School Sucks! LIVE online right now - 8pm Pacific Time 23:08:39
Finally Read Atlas Shrugged...Can someone give me their opinion on... 22:52:50
This Video Changed My Life: 'Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming' - Be Re-Energized - Feel the Inspiration Again 22:45:39
Contra Costa Libertarians Present Vice Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray 22:42:32
Where to buy a good fluoride filter 22:41:30
Gold and congress 22:31:16
How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession - HuffPo 22:26:42
Ron Paul The Movie! 22:19:10
5/10/12 Tom Woods Interview with Carol Paul 22:18:01
"Breakfast at Bernanke's: A tale from the fly on the wall." 22:16:23
SEO ideas - free tools 22:00:28
People still don't know Ron Paul 22:00:16
Vote UP! Let's get these 40,000 Super-Stickers out there to win Texas and California 21:57:04
Stream for Nevada convention debriefing 21:53:01
"Ron Paul is the GOP's Phantom Menace" -TheRevolutionPAC VIDEO 21:52:15
The Government Can 21:52:07
Josh Tolley Jordan Page Live Now 21:32:24
Six Michigan State Convention Delegates Needing Some Help (5/11 Deadline) 21:32:05
Upcoming State Convention - Question? 21:31:05
Carol Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 21:25:17
Upcoming State Convention - Question? 21:23:38
FLORIDA? 21:22:23
PJ TV: The Trifecta weighs in on Ron Paul ‘stealing’ caucus votes from Romney 21:17:55
More - Money 21:13:07
Interested in a Google+ "Hangout On Air" With Ron Paul May 17th? 21:09:18
Romney Gets Sucker Punched By Obama Gay Marriage Strategy 21:07:48
ReasonTV: Brian Doherty on Why Young People LOVE Ron Paul! 21:07:32
"Everything is Illegal" - Why we need Ron Paul! 21:06:46
Target: Educating Romney Delegates 21:03:00
! JPMorgan Makes Emergency After Hours Conference Call on Multi $ Billion Losses 21:01:58
Do This Tea Party Poll... 20:45:20
Help! Where can I find data on how many people have attended RP Rallies? 20:43:38
Welcome to Ron Paul... Tire World of Surfside Beach, SC 20:41:14
New sticker 20:40:13
Ginger Found the guy passing out Counterfeit slates at the Maine convention and he works for ROMNEY 20:37:44
Very encouraging video of African Americans group for Ron Paul 20:37:33
"The problem is you're just feeling depressed and hopeless" (language warning) 20:36:10
Which Libertarian Position is Too Extreme? 20:35:10
Attention New Mexicans: County Conventions Begin Saturday 20:33:13
Report Reveals Persistent Waste and Inefficiencies at TSA 20:28:15
No Shenanigans Necessary! 20:27:47
Sheriff Arpaio who investigates Obama birth certificate was sued for civil liberties violation 20:17:34
Overheard A Conversation About Ron Paul At A Restaurant... 20:08:29
Economic Sanctions Don't Work - Iran Diversifies Trade 19:57:17
America’s Phony Election, the Polling Fiasco 19:54:04
You Really Want to Help out Ron? 19:53:37
US taxpayer support for Israel’s military in 2013 to a record $4 billion. 19:39:19
Have the Super Brochure's really helped? 19:33:12
Oklahoma and Arizona State Conventions - Saturday May 12th - Open Thread 19:25:30
Teotwawki For Jp Morgan Chase 19:24:40
Rule 15b and Romney didn't win Florida or Arizona under it 19:24:03
Media Shows No Signs of Understanding the Ron Paul Strategy So Let Me Explain it 19:22:17
Nc Gop Convention (June 1st) Has A "party Unity" Resolution To Endorse Mitt Romney. Breaking Both State And National Party Rules 19:20:19
LibertyUSA Pac: Volunteers in Action, Part 2 19:14:37
Money Bomb Widgets and Flyer Spread Far and Wide 19:03:12
True or False: Political Parties Are Considered "Private" Organizations 19:00:43
Liberty USA Pac: Volunteers in Action, Part 1 19:00:24
Tonight! Jordan Page and Josh Tolley on "Talking Liberty w/Tracy Diaz" 18:46:02
Tea Party Poll, Paul vs Romney 18:43:24
Virginia: Frank Luntz Focus Group Survey in Washington, DC area 18:36:55
New Ron Paul Peace & Liberty Image 18:35:24
It Gets Better? Romney Apologizes For Bullying Gay Classmates 18:29:31
Anti NDAA Nation Zooms in on Arizona, where Gov. Brewer is poised to Nullify NDAA or Veto Nullification 18:24:02
URGENT Warning to DELEGATES: Do Not Accept ANY Contributions from Foreign Sources 18:21:21
Beetleborgs 18:20:41
Sign the "Open the Debates" Petition 18:19:18
Ben Swann responds tonight about Rule 38 18:11:32
"Iowa GOP donations fall; Paul activists blamed" *Update* Striking back! 18:04:06
Deceptive Story: Paul campaign condemns 'underhanded' grassroots efforts to take over Idaho GOP, award Romney delegates to Paul 18:03:03
Presumptive Nominee Attacks! Romney Takes Swipe At Ron Paul Budget Blueprint 18:01:07
Article: Federal judge upholds Jury Nullification 17:56:39
Raw milk debate 17:55:35
Response 17:51:41
Paul Craig Roberts: "Does the West have a Future?" 17:49:06
National Convention Hotel Assignments 17:48:30
(VIDEO) Sen. Rand Paul Urges Colleagues NOT To Reauthorize The Export-Import Bank 5/10/12 17:47:37
Should Christians Fight in Wars – God’s Non-Intervention Policy 17:46:38
In May Ron Paul gains in the national GE match ups with Obama, is head-to-head with Romney! Undoing poll-watcher lies 17:42:54
Need talent asap 17:33:07
Why Can't Romney Win Delegates Like Ron Paul? 17:32:40
Do NOT use this method to troll Romney people 17:30:14
Is it time to call the radio stations and request this song ?MTV's Aimee Allen, Ron Paul Anthem 17:27:19
Romney Negative Ad Campaing On A Massive Scale. 17:24:03
JPM Crashing - "Significant Mark-To-Market" Losses In Bruno Iksil/CIO Group 17:22:01
KING 5 Poll: Washington still blue, but voters split on Obama approval 17:17:36
sobering reminders at every turn 17:16:58
Ron Paul 2012 Still Alive? Yes, in Iowa, with Delegates Falling His Way, Son Visiting Des Moines, Waukee 17:04:48
Evolve w/ Forrest Jehlik Ep02 17:00:00
Jack Hunter: Ron Paul’s Fed Success 16:58:14
Latest polls Ron Paul does better than Romney against Obama 16:52:57
The Awakening 16:50:26
Texas needs a little chip-in help. ASAP! 16:45:17
House to Eric Holder: Stop lying to us 16:45:04
Ron Paul, one tough act to follow 16:43:54
Tax loophole investigation 16:43:03
Illegal Immigrant Scam costing $4.2 Billion a year! 16:35:35
Blatant Trick in Arizona! 16:35:32
Sir You Are An Extremist 16:28:27
Arizona GOP in Cahoots with Romney FEC violations 16:25:56
St Charles hearing before the Missouri GOP State Credentials Committee. 16:25:28
An Open Letter About Mitt Romney 16:19:56
Privately funded Anti-Romney Ad? 16:13:56
Why is it that in all public voting situations, RP wins handily? ... 16:07:55
News 4 Poll ~"Who will be the challenger for President?" Romney or Paul, you choose. 15:59:06
Maine Newspaper misrepresenting Paul's status in race for GOP nomination 15:58:54
Will Romney even make it to the convention? 15:58:00
In the "land of the free" getting the government's permission to work 15:54:21
Fox: Romney apologizes. Not that WE needed to know Romney is anymore of a tool than we already know...but I'll take it.. 15:51:33
If I vote, I would vote Obama before Mittens. Here is why: The R3VOLution Must Continue 15:50:47
Our Future: Take the country from the ground up! 15:50:04
Why can't Romney win delegates like Ron Paul? (Looks like the word got out...The republican process is being defended!) 15:45:57
The Better Ron does the lower prices Gold and Silver trade 15:33:11
Jim Rogers Please contribute and put some $ behind the comments! 15:25:29
The Only Case for Government Involvement In Business 15:21:10
HOW'D THEY Know How to Counterfeit the Slates? 15:16:00
111111 15:12:58
National Convention Delegate hotel assignments 15:09:43
Expose the Illusion and Get Off the Plantation 15:07:26
Romney School Bully 15:02:34
Today, I Voted in Person for Ron Paul 14:58:13
Why Romney Can't Win Delegates 14:48:17
Never surrender! 14:43:00
Sharing what my friend said after we spammed the local news after they ignored Ron Paul. 14:30:16
SEO per Doug Wead 14:25:50
Mitt Romney is a cruel man 14:21:26
Upvote this reddit thread to get the word out about rons view on marriage (more young votes) 14:19:19
America Lost in a Bubble 14:11:37
Mitt Romney Scolds Reporter, Tells Her Medical Marijuana Is Insignificant Issue (VIDEO) 14:11:10
Romney's Past Abuses:UPDATED 14:11:03
US Insurgency has begun! In the USA? 14:10:02
Desayuno With Ron Paul & Ben Bernanke 14:08:24
Paul and Bernanke: Odd bedfellows over breakfast 14:07:44
Paul/Bernanke Breakfast: Quite the odd pairing 14:07:19
Ron Paul vs. Ben Bernanke: Hilarity Ensues When They Eat Together 14:06:42
Ron Paul Eats With Ben Bernanke: 'He's For The Gold Standard Now' 14:05:04
I Just Voted For Ron Paul In Ca! 14:00:39
Justice Dept. plans to sue Ariz. sheriff Arpaio - We should ALL stand behind Arpaio 14:00:01
Election fraud in primaries? 13:54:08
Good Article by Tom Mullen: Why can't Romney win delegates like Ron Paul? 13:53:53
Enemy of our Enemy is our Friend 13:50:39
A Japanese Soldier Who Continued Fighting WWII 29 Years After the Japanese Surrendered, Because He Didn’t Know 13:46:15
An Old Veteran with Red Paper Poppies. 13:45:19
Last Call in Oregon for PCPs 13:41:52
TRUE Financial Freedom 13:40:34
German Nazi Sniper Tamed with a Trumpet 13:35:04
Michigan County Precinct Delegate Deadline Looming - File Today! 13:30:45
14 or 15 more States and... 13:24:19
Gay Marriage- finally something obama and romney disagree on. 13:20:24
I found Charlie Cheater 13:12:03
Ron Paul Fresno- Headquarter Grand Opening 13:11:27
On The Light Side 12:54:03
Texas - Addison vs. Cruz - What's the deal? 12:50:41
Delegate Calculation Shows Ron Paul Must Win HALF of the Remaining 638 Delegates to Stop Mittens! 12:48:59
Soviet Admissions... 12:45:47
Romney to Ron Paul: Quit the Race, Or Else! 12:34:35
What Ron Paul Delegates Can Expect at GOP Convention 12:30:30
Battle for Oklahoma - 2nd Congressional District Chair Attacks! 12:29:44
Unbelievable ! TSA Agent Whacks Congressman In TESTICLES - Original Video Below 12:27:30
Republicans Finally Getting Nervous About Ron Paul Delegate Strategy 12:15:18
Young People 12:15:00
Bigger Government in 2012: Romney $2.1 Trillion in Defense Spending, Obama $1.2 12:09:19
“The Federal Reserve System is the epitome of crony capitalism.” – Ron Paul 12:08:39
Ron Paul and Rand Endorse Ted Cruz 12:01:38
Bankster Power by Ron Paul 11:59:14
Marie Osmond endorses Ron Paul? 11:58:15
Movin' on up! 11:49:57
Will Palin Endorse Paul? 11:46:14
The Solution to the Gay Marriage Debate 11:44:49
Federal Reserve grants first approval for China to buy a US Bank 11:18:07
GOP in North Carolina breaks the rules for Romney before the primary 11:16:44
OT: Hilarious site poking fun at mostly the white liberal culture 11:14:59
Hempothesis 11:13:20
Ben Swann Talks Delegates w/ Tracy Diaz 11:09:48
Military over Miami 10:58:30
Real gop Delegate Map 10:57:41
Save the Campaign Calling Time, Paper Cost and POSTAGE Un-Wanted Contact 10:45:36
Bad for America, Bad for Israel, Bad for the World 10:40:25
Dr. Paul's Submission into the House Financial Services Subcommittee Records: Bankster Power 10:38:54
Spread this around and we'll get more Democrats to vote RP! 10:30:45
News From The Maine Gop Convention 10:28:08
Ron Paul needs $650,000 - STAT! 10:18:57
The nation needs Paul to be president 09:57:33
'It will lead to war' - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel 09:56:24
Please become familiar with the word "Xenophobia" 09:53:16
Ron Paul Closing the Gap – Stand Ready to Fight and Win 09:53:03
Obama's same-sex marriage DISTRACTION... 09:49:22
WI State Convention Change of Venue - Largest Turnout Ever! 09:45:43
Oregon, Nebraska, Kentucky, & Arkansas - What is the campaign efforts to win these primaries? 09:44:45
US Senate Hopeful Glenn Addison Endorses Ron Paul for President 09:41:27
How are we looking for the Oklahoma & Arizona State Conventions, May 11th & 12th? 09:39:34
'Youth for Ron Paul' Member Total Exceeds 110,000 Lifelong Small-Government Activists 09:37:51
Jim Rogers: Get Out of Stocks; Buy Gold, Silver and Agriculture (SLV, GLD, AGQ, TZA, SDS) 09:32:58
Email Sent to Friends and Family in Texas 09:29:29
Mitt Romney Voter Fraud Charges Filed 6-14- 2011 09:08:28
A message for those fighting to win the nomination and feel you have done all you can do. 09:06:49
ALERT: 55,000+ Twitter accounts have been hacked recently. Here's how to check if yours were compormised 08:53:09
Republicans Are Finally Getting Nervous About Ron Paul's Secret Delegate Strategy 08:49:27
Is this from Romney or Obama? 08:43:43
On the front page of Business Insider's Politix section! 08:39:01
West Jersey Tea Party to NJ Ron Paul HQ 08:38:18
A message to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum supporters 08:36:11
Obama and Bernanke Allow China Take Over Of American Banks! 08:28:39
Message to the Trolls and Critics. 08:27:19
St. Louis Radio Show Drops a Truth Bomb! 08:20:13
CIA Whistle Blower Reveals The Truth 08:11:49
Rand Paul: Tea Party wins in Indiana 08:09:18
Can someone please figure out how to download and save Webster's admission...? 07:59:45
Rand Paul Searching For Support On Amendment Barring War With Iran & Syria 07:04:49
RNC still touting Romney 07:03:39
Bangor Daily News: "Dozens of supporters" took over Maine State Convention... 06:49:07
Go Stealth - Arkansas Delegates Must File By 5:00 P.M. On May 21, 2012 - Please Everyone File To Become A Delegate 06:44:47
Doug Wead on Ron Paul's Strategy: he has a son who's a U.S. Senator 06:26:34
Twelve Year Old Canadian Girl Channels Ron Paul 05:56:03
Video Victoria Grant This kid know more than average people in the planet 05:54:11
Ron Paul Might Actually Win Republican Nomination (Yes Seriously) 05:44:27
FYI- The proof of RNC Rule #11 violation 05:22:25
Help Ron Paul win LIBERTY County in Texas. Ron Paul is winning 13 states! 04:37:13
Very Encouraging Group of African Americans for Ron Paul 04:36:35
Article Rapid Response to fight misinformation 03:32:50
How to win? Keep doing what we have been doing! 03:29:04
U.S Marine Lyrical Pays Tribute To Fallen Marines 03:29:02
In a Free Society People Would Not Have To Ask The State For Permission To Get Married 02:49:16
Central Banks - Brilliant Illustration 02:39:44
Proof Mitt Romney is Benefiting from Federal Frauds and Bain Organized Crimes 02:32:50
VIDEO of Dr. Paul Giving Update And Asking For Donations 02:32:10
Maybe everyone should send Doug Wead an Email? 02:30:56
Is Romney about to be stopped by a FELONY? Read below! 02:10:09
Reince Priebus, RNC Rule 11, and the invalidation of the Romney campaign, State by State 02:03:03
TSA Tried To Hide $184 Million Of Non-Used Equipment From Lawmakers 01:43:11
Calls rise for RNC Chairman to resign over early endorsement of Mitt Romney 01:40:35
Bernanke Approves Three Chinese Banks to Expand into America 01:29:34
State of Emergency declared by Bush on 9/11, remains in effect today. 01:01:26
Texas US Senate Candidate Glenn Addison Endorses Ron Paul 00:44:44
The main dilemma and a plan 00:34:22
Colin Powell's New Book: No Debate in the Bush White House on the Merits of Going to War with Iraq 00:33:44
ATTN Oklahoma Delegates 00:30:08
POLITICO : A Ron Paul Revolution Is Brewing 00:15:50
Ron Paul To Speak At Minnesota State GOP Convention 00:09:51
Delegate Info Security And Romney Trying To Get That Info: A Proactive Approach 00:06:03
To all my friends at The DP, You ARE the 1st Brigade! 00:02:37