Posted on May 12, 2012

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How Does Ben Swann Get Away With Broadcasting the Truth? 20:06:32
"Is...Is that pizza back there?" Pizza Bomb paid for by live stream viewers delivered to OK Parking Lot Convention 21:01:02
Arizona Convention Live Stream 13:07:53
Oklahoma GOP State Convention Livestream! 08:41:43
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Arizona Needs HELP, Ballot stuffing and threats of physical violence being used at the convention! 23:57:25
Top Ten: Ron Paul’s winning streak extends to Louisiana 23:51:54
Support Pro-Paul Internet Authors! 23:50:23
Ron Paul Supporters: Stay AWAY from Chicago next weekend! 23:48:33
May 17th Moneybomb! 23:40:42
Romney Eligibility 23:34:26
Obama Eligibility 23:31:08
Turkish Daily: CIA and Mossad behind Syria Bombings 23:30:06 After complaints about "illegal" activity, Ron Paul faction takes GOP convention to parking lot 23:11:57
Rand Paul gay marriage comments 23:00:04
OKC Channel 4 Up Next... 22:59:17
"You're so Bain" 22:58:27
Oklahoma and Arizona reconvene conventions in the parking lot, 5/12/12. Everything is in a new phase now. 22:55:46
CT state convention/delegates question 22:55:07
Freedom to what end? Leave the guys at Mitt Romney Central alone. 22:53:44
Was Oklahoma a rump convention? 22:49:32
Jim Willie Podcast on JP Morgan, Gold, Debt Defaults, Bankstering 22:43:05
Why I can never Support Rand Paul 22:41:07
So did the anticipated "Romney Revolt" at Liberty University happen today? 22:32:53
California is swaying toward Ron Paul - The battle for #CA begins! MUST register Republican in 3 hours to vote #RP 22:13:12
What about Wisconsin State Convention wasn't that scheduled for today? 22:05:58
New Video: Culture Of The 21st Century 22:04:45
Regarding the OK "sweep" 21:59:09
UPDATED: Youtube : video of OK convention part 2, with pizza shout out to Daily Paul 21:58:34
Banks Amass $211 Trillion In Derivatives 21:56:24
Federal Reserve Approves First Chinese Bank Takeover of U.S. Bank 21:38:14
Ron Paul Supporters Chased by Mitt Romney at Oklahoma Republican State Convention 21:37:54
Today You Help Us From Outside 21:29:55
Accusation Of Racism In Arizona "Romney Is The White Obama" Rp Supporters Are Accused Of Yelling 21:16:33
How do I get unbanned from mitt romney central chat? 21:11:57
Texas Convention Questions 21:03:35
Reason Ron Paul and Campaign are quiet because 21:00:50
What the Hell happend in Oklahoma? 20:55:17
Staged OWS Footage and RT Agitation 20:53:23
Oklahoma GOP State Convention: LIVE Ron Paul Wins Delegates 20:51:09
Ron Paul winning delegates in AZ! 20:48:43
The wrecking ball of hidden inflation and Fed based strategies 20:48:12
We got your back Dr. Paul 20:38:38
*URGENT Grass Roots Personalities Needed Now* 20:37:39
This WILL make you laugh! How Romney Peeps talk about our media 20:20:01
Gov. Gary Johnson: “I need to be in the national presidential debates to win the Presidency” 20:18:02
Euro Zone is a Ponzi scheme that makes Madoff look like a small-time street hustler 19:59:12
Youtube stats prove that people of all ages support Ron Paul! 19:53:58
all Photos of Ron Paul Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel Fundraiser 19:40:49
Free Blimp Promotion / Photos from the Sparks Nevada Convention 19:35:52
DHS Whistleblower: Obama to Commit 'Reichstag' Event to Enact Martial Law 19:35:30
Creepy pro-vaccine propaganda billboards litter nation's highways 19:06:14
Oklahoma parking lot convention streaming live here's the connection 19:01:53
Why We Can't Allow Dr. Paul To Fail 18:31:15
Idaho Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Take Control of State Convention 18:27:05
JuST In: Convention Chaos in Oklahoma - Convention moved to parking lot 18:19:42
Confirmed OK State Convention Completely FUBAR - More media in route to parking lot convention! 18:06:45
The Jones Plantation 17:47:32
Ron Paul is a better Mormon than Mitt Romney... 17:46:53
☛Ben Swann: "Ron Paul Blackout Is About to End"~ New Interview RE: Ron Paul's Delegates ~Video 17:41:05
Gary Johnson Could Catch Presidential Race by Surprise 17:36:12
☛Photos Finally! ~Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel Fundraiser 17:24:21
Abbott Labs fined $1.6 Billion but, as usual, no individuals will be charged. 17:20:28
How Osama Bin Laden accomplished what he wanted 17:05:54
Twit For Ron Paul: What Made You "wake Up"? Use The #opwakeup Hashtag Trending Nationally 16:57:21
6 California Legislators Recent Arrests: Fraud, Perjury, Lying, DUI, Theft 16:50:18
POLITICO quotes the Daily Paul again, this time re: Bachmann 16:49:58
Ron paul disavows scorched earth tactics. 16:03:07
Two Hours a Month 15:59:25
NFL star Arian Foster boosting Ron Paul on twitter right now and shutting down racism claims 15:57:19
"Ron Paul’s Fed Success" 15:52:19
China's great fall 15:45:41
Liberty University Students Protest Choice Of Romney As Commencement Speaker 15:37:14
Unborn killer, socialist, Romney hailed, given degree, delivers commencement... Liberty University?! 15:33:08
Dr Ron Paul At Liberty University Vote For Liberty 2012 Video 15:33:00
Christians for Ron Paul Video 15:26:13
What did Michelle O say at the Ceremony? Anyone/ I dont want to be presumptuous? VIDEO 15:25:32
Breaking! Ron Paul again ties with Obama in a national poll of likely voters 15:16:43
RT: Russia, US start first joint anti-terror war games on American soil 15:16:42
Ron Paul Revolution Official Music Video ~ Jo-E the MasterMind Hyphenate 15:08:15
Pastor Calls Santorum Followers to Vote for Ron Paul 15:03:06
"Liberty University Mitt Romney – Jerry Falwell Jr. Betrays Jesus Christ and Christians"... 15:01:49
ol mittens at Liberty U 14:42:49
How Big A Roll Did Joe Miller Play In Elevating Alaska's New GOP Chairman? 14:37:48
Time is running out! 14:12:22
2 Reliable, Time-Tested Rifles *video* 14:05:37
Californians making it HAPPEN! Inspiring Video to Send 13:42:20
Old News Articles: The Unit Rule, Changing Rules 1968,1972,1976,1980 13:23:47
Those who believe in prayer, let us join in prayer for Oklahoma and Arizona 13:14:18
Ron Paul Set to Win Oklahoma, But Romney Looks to Fight Back Against Paul Supporters 12:59:13
Vote for Ron Paul in the June 5th SD primary 12:58:04
Arizona Live Stream 12:53:51
Arizona Convention is Live 12:47:32
John Stossel's new book, "No They Can't" 12:35:00
Question for New Jersey Voters 12:04:46
SCOOP: Poll Used to Humiliate Paul on CNBC Kudlow Show Dishonest 11:59:54
FREE Glasses 11:58:48
Maine here. Follow our lead Oklahoma! 11:23:46
Why This Delegate System was Designed This Way: It WORKS! 11:17:02
How to win Kentucky! 10:58:51
Meet the Women of the Ron Paul Revolution - Business Insider 10:51:37
Vote from your heart 10:44:41
Please sign this petition to help this woman being fined by NY state for Chevron's oil spill 10:43:02
Around world, Obama's presidency a disappointment 10:42:25
Support the Daily Paul 10:36:15
✰ Raw Hard Truth Behind Ron Paul R3VOLution ~ Caution Graphic Images 10:31:43
Link to Ben Swann's analysis of GOP Rules re: Delegates 10:26:09
Violence-based currency vs. fiat-based vs. commodity-based 10:19:14
TODAY 5/12/12: Kentucky 3rd Congressional District Convention 10:03:52
Does The United States exist in two forms? 10:02:28
Michigan state convention letter, warns of "disruptive behavior" (aka supporters of Ron Paul) 09:54:33
Hey everyone! 09:34:05
Historic Judgment: Bush & Associates Found Guilty of Torture 09:26:18
We all need THIS comeback when our "delegate method" is criticized! 09:17:51
Russian Opposition Caught Filing into US Embassy in Moscow 09:16:05
5-12/5-13 Convention Update Thread 09:15:42
News World news Nicolas Sarkozy Nicolas Sarkozy prepares to hand over presidency – and judicial immunity 09:10:21
UK police join nationwide strike 09:06:16
Ron Paul Delegates - Keep Delegate Status Tightly to the Vest 08:37:20
Rand Paul says his father’s backers are not “enemies” of GOP 08:29:54
Dear Michigan Patriots-An email from the Campaign 08:28:56
(video)12-year old explains the monetary system April 27, 2012 08:02:43
The Real Updated 2012 Delegate Count 07:07:33
Non-Issue Becomes Most Important Issue of 2012 Campaign 06:52:15
Send This To Your Friends 05:03:39
Cop Violates The Rights of 2 Star Trek Superfans! Breakfast In Collinsville On Fox "Kelly's Court" 04:59:43
Spain for Ron Paul 04:53:48
Evolve with Forrest Jehlik Ep. 2 04:05:35
War on people of Pakistan 03:44:17
Check out this Romney Ad about stealing the election! 03:38:18
Ron Paul Will Win in the End 03:27:02
A Thank You to My Friends and Family – The Libertarian Party 03:19:04
Worried about your 3rd constitutional right? Use your first constitutional right to protect it with reason. 03:00:37
Be Wary of Americans Elect! 02:39:50
I Need a Painting Artist, Ron Paul supporter in Myrtle Beach 02:37:20
Brokered convention taking shape 02:31:20
IMMEDIATE Action Item: Land Acquisition in Highway Bill Endangers Private Property, Contact your Senator Now! 02:29:05
Why Voting The Lesser of Two Evils Always Fails 02:04:02
Brokered convention taking shape 01:57:01
americans elect is bad news...must read 01:54:26 Americans getting ready for SHTF, en masse? Many reputable AR Mfrs. out of stock on ALL Parts! 01:51:54
Attention: Tomorrow, May 12 - Az Gop State Convention. Ustream Links Inside! 01:38:15
.. 01:36:28
Dr. Paul, May 9, 2012: HR4133 will not help the US, it will not help Israel, & it will not help the Middle East! 01:35:07
The Elephant in the Room 01:24:17
Dr. Paul Delivering My Child 01:16:40
Help for the Daily Paul 00:31:15
The Jones Plantation 00:26:38
Anthony Antonello (RP Delegate PA-CD17) Confronts Sen. Casey (PA-D) on NDAA 00:14:58
Obama via Americans Elect to split the GOP vote in November? 00:07:52