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Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa And The Revolution...By Jack Hunter 23:08:02
Thanks Doc, we'll take it from here. 23:16:01
TMOT Drive Time - Ron Paul Has Not Dropped out of the Race 22:04:35
Ben Swann perplexed by Benton email 17:29:15
Full Audio of Jesse Benton Conference Call With The Media - 5/15/2012 16:38:46
I've seen this before: a movement turning inwards on itself 13:22:16
Ron Paul Conference Call Emphasized "treat us with respect" 11:55:38
Please End The Circular Firing Squad! It's Time to Get Back to WORK. We're WINNING! 10:22:17
Reason: The Republican Party's Ron Paul Problem 07:43:41
Ron Paul's Long View (by cicobiologist) 04:23:08
My Beloved R3VOL: You Guys Kill Me! 04:09:16
May 15 GOP Primaries: Nebraska, Oregon & Idaho - Open Thread 08:00:51
☛ PARLIAMENTARIANS For Hire! Here Is Info On How We Can Hire A Parliamentarian To Go With Us To The Conventions! 07:15:16
"The Fires of Liberty Are Blazing!" Video ~ "Ron Paul Is Our President" ... Yes! 20:03:02
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What chance is there of supporting Gary Johnson? None- Benton 23:59:24
I am Spartacus 23:57:38
Idaho disenfranchised enough voters to keep establishment established 23:54:36
PBS NewsHour: Brian Doherty vs. Jon Ralston on RP2012's Hyper-Delegate-Focused Strategy! 23:51:39
Matt Larson Video From May 9: "Ron Paul Is Our August Surprise" - Please Watch! 23:36:15
Banned in 2008, Ron Paul to Address Minnesota Republican State Convention This Friday 23:35:37
Protest Bonfire 23:34:34
Rise for Liberty Money Bomb 23:33:41
Romney delegate assults Paul Delegate at AZ convention floor 23:32:40
Here are the AZ results... 23:29:23
Interview with MattLarsen10 at 9:00 PST 23:23:15
Barackward 23:22:00
Devils advocate, thoughts on a brilliant campaign strategy, and Judas Benton. 23:11:28
repost 23:05:04
MIT and Harvard announce edX 23:00:35
Email from Dr. Paul: Rise for Liberty 22:56:45
What Delegates MUST Do 22:56:03
Is it just me? 22:55:33
Silver's RSI at Lowest Point Since 2008 22:53:12
How to fight the trolls (suggestion for the moderators) 22:52:08
Mass Activism: Ron Paul 2012 22:47:30
Here's what you don't know! 22:45:07
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 13 22:43:47
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 12 22:42:50
What's the deal with VERMONT ? 22:41:59
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 11 22:41:44
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 10 22:40:52
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 9 22:39:59
The Republican party is not afraid of Ron Paul 22:39:57
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 8 22:39:01
Just Sent this Email to Ron Paul 22:38:25
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 7 22:38:17
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 6 22:37:44
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 5 22:37:05
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 4 22:36:11
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 3 22:35:26
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 2 22:34:36
Trust Dr. Paul 22:34:29
Willard "Mitt" Romney - The Face of the new Republican Party Part 1 22:33:47
Adam Kokesh - The race might be over for Jesse Benton - but its not over for the grassroots... 22:30:06
Benton's masterful press conference call 22:27:11
Ron Paul's latest email (5/15 7pm PST) Clarification? 22:22:57
Puzzling timeline of recent campaign actions 22:18:22
Did you all see Hunter's new post? Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa and The rEVOLution 22:16:44
Our Revolution Will Go On 22:13:57
☛ YAY! My friend is an Alternate Delegate now! 22:12:25
Convention nomination of Napolitano 22:11:22
The Arizona Recount 22:07:29
We need to hear the honest truth from Dr. Paul immediately. 22:06:25
A R3VOLutionary's Declaration of Independence 22:04:22
Ron Paul delegates in Maine pledge to fight on 22:04:02
TMOT posted a video tonight. Just when we need it! 22:02:50
Pssst: Ron Paul has already won 22:02:01
For the *REAL* Ron Paul Supporters! 22:00:33
Mitt Romney just sent me an 8x10 photo of himself 21:56:05
States Ron Paul has National Plurality 21:55:21
Human Being Who Removed The Veils 21:53:56
Ron Paul: Rise For Liberty Moneybomb - May 17th-Black This Out 21:52:38
Urgent Message To The R3volution! 21:46:41
We can beat Obama.. Calling all PaulTechies... The Paul Dashboard. 21:45:22
Dr. Ron Paul, you have an Emergency Call... Your grassroots Revolution needs to promptly hear from you, sir! 21:42:55
Ignore the negativity. 21:31:56
Challenge: How can we trap / foil trolls? 21:30:26
Ron Paul "Rise For Liberty" Money Bomb May 17th! 21:27:59
The Convention Delegate King Vs. The Primary Beauty Pageant Queen 21:24:35
Listen Up: Ron Paul Did Not And Will Not Drop Out! 21:22:24
To Those Who Do Not Know What To Do At Convention 21:15:13
questioning is patriotic 21:13:22
Ron Paul Was The Godfather Of The Tea Party Because We All Believed In His Ideas For Liberty 21:11:20
Veterans For Peace Calls for an End to NATO 21:10:10
Ron Paul Revolution California: $10 Million Dollars 21:07:58
The same devil who killed the Kennedys and MLK 21:04:27
My suicide letter from the Republican Party video 21:00:56
Stay The Course! 20:59:36
Adam Kokesh on Bitcoin 20:52:57
Stefan Molyneux Debates Jake Diliberto LIVE right now! - 20:52:13
Ron Paul has NOT Suspended His Campaign 20:50:39
Maybe the campaign is trying to protect its patriots 20:50:15
Ron Paul - 30 Years Priming the Pump... 20:49:43
NEA: Poverty Pimp #1 20:49:26
I Feel Like Braveheart When He Got Betrayef 20:45:59
GOP, Write-In, Third Parties and Local/State Elections 20:42:24
The REAL Answer 20:36:27
What DailyPaulers need to know about Factionalism 20:34:50
Lakota Bank is Back! Gold/Silver Currency Update 20:32:38
Not to start a problem but I just got a robo call from Mitt and 20:31:21
What If Romney Endorsed Constitutional War? 20:26:52
To the Whiners, Malcontents, and Eeyores: If We'd Had Your Attitude 4 Years Ago We Wouldn't Have Won Iowa, Nevada, Maine... 20:25:39
Protest idea against gov, viral potential? 20:22:37
ReasonTV: Why We're Entering the Age of Ron Paul 20:18:15
Oklahoma State GOP Convention 12 May, 2012 20:17:44
CIA Funding and Manipulation of the U.S. News Media 20:16:53
Text of Ron Paul's Speech 20:13:10
Hunger Strike? 20:06:00
Let me straighten this out for you. Look at the FACTS. 19:58:13
Raise The White Flag Now And Then Raise The Pirate's Flag At The Convention 19:54:18
Be Patient and Endure. 19:53:27
Ron Paul wins 19:50:45
Moving Forward: Mitt Romney, Tampa and The rEVOLution 19:49:16
Our Opponents Can LITERALLY Print Money! 19:38:06
I Love You 19:36:44
All men dream 19:29:07
Rope a Dope 19:28:21
You can lead a horse to water... 19:26:18
FIS: Ron Paul Winning States, Delegates, Crowds and Polls 19:24:48
Bilderberg Scheme To Save The Euro 19:23:12
Jesse Benton fired as campaign manager! (satire) 19:19:00
Why no lawsuits? 19:14:14
Obama has assets in JPMorgan accounts: White House 19:09:10
It's Time To Show and Tell Benton, Get The Hell Out Of Our Way! 19:06:23
We quit, We gave up, We threw in the towel 19:05:41
Sinclair News & TMOT Live - Taking your calls tonight on the Rense Network! 19:03:21
Massive and sustained attack on the DP community and the movement... 18:59:16
Want a $4 million money bomb? Launch Investigate 9/11 money bomb.I pledge $500 right now 18:49:12
Tom Woods Interview w/Brian Doherty, author of "Ron Paul's rEVOLution:..." 18:47:22
3/15/12 Dissent Radio: Scott Horton obliterates Jesse Benton on dissent radio 18:45:25
Steve Deace: "this is all part of their master plan" 18:39:01
View from an outsider 18:38:50
Can everyone please take a breath and calm down! 18:35:25
Help Montana grassroots... 18:32:19
Benton, the "Chief Strategist" (never seen this before) is NOT using intentional reverse psychology! 18:31:04
Top Story On Yahoo Right Now :( 18:30:54
Ron Paul merely lit the match; WE are the brushfire. Keep burning, baby. It's that simple. 18:28:31
If we end up not being able to win , i still think it will be worth it to wreck the convention 18:26:39
Ron Paul's Legacy 18:24:14
Brian Doherty on "Ron Paul's Revolution" Streaming Live Now! 6pmET 5/15 Rand Paul also. 18:23:10
Ron Paul was referring to us in this statement. 18:22:36
Rand Paul, Brian Doherty Live Stream @ Cato on the R3VOLUTION 18:19:54
This Is Our Party Now 18:19:46
I Will Not Tread On Paulians! 18:13:05
German People Becoming Frantic About their Central Bank Gold Reserves in "Safe Custody" at NY Fed 18:10:09
-> What's happening behind the scenes? 18:08:31
Obama Admin Green Lights the Use of Domestic Drones! 18:05:50
INTERVIEW: Brian Doherty on his new book "Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired." 18:02:03
Israeli Company Has FAA Permission to Fly Drones in U.S. Airspace 18:01:34
Let's make it a little more clear 17:56:22
Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists 17:54:25
Operation Possum 17:54:13
How not to run a convention 17:53:55
Daily Paul Moneybomb For Delegates 17:52:14
Drudge Announces Bank Runs in Greece! 17:49:50
Delaware plans to strip Sheriff's of powers of arrest 17:49:46
Idaho, Nebraska, Oregan Primaries today do not affect numbers of delegates in Tampa 17:48:00
Anybody else notice this... 17:47:15
30,000 - 100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled within next 7 Months? 17:39:04
Mitt Romney comes from a faith tradition that holds our Constitution sacred 17:38:38
Fox News Analyst: First American To Shoot Down A Domestic Spy Drone 'Will Become A Folk Hero' 17:37:52
I still believe we will have a financial collapse by end of summer. Ron Paul will be elected 17:35:37
The Paul Campaign Owes Me an Explanation of Benton Remarks. 17:33:07
Henry Kissinger Groped by TSA 17:31:45
Just remember colonial India! 17:30:48
Video: Illegal Aliens Busted Voting in NC: 17:30:11
Christians: It is Our Duty to End the Federal Reserve 17:28:13
Nevada, we sent people to Reno to help canvass in FEB - Can we count on you now? 17:24:03
California: This fact may help us get more people registered to vote RP 17:23:35
What kind of libertarians are you people? 17:23:09
Paul’s name is still on the ballot, he’s still accumulating delegates who will be bound to him in Tampa, but he avoids any respo 17:22:46
Worst Case Scenario 17:17:16
Has The Greek Bank Run Started? 17:17:14
Wall street vs wall street vs main street 17:13:42
Ron Paul will support Romney in the end? - RonPaulSwede´s take on things... 17:08:57
Congress Gives Israel Blank Federal Reserve Checkbook 17:07:50
Greeks Withdraw Nearly $1 Billion From Local Banks 17:06:07
Knowledge is Power 17:04:21
*UPDATE* I will be on the radio tomorrow in California, 5/16/2012 16:54:14
What? Jesse Benton says Romney likely to win and Paul unable to block... 16:47:47
A pretty fair LA Times article about the last couple days 16:44:58
It is time to decide WHY you are here 16:44:26
Is the MSM Naive or evil? Vote here. 16:40:44
Rand will support Romney. 16:33:41
Money Is Not Necessary, Campaign Anyway! 16:31:16
Israel Is Likely Using American Stealth Choppers To Ferry Iraqi Spies Into Iran 16:30:07
More from Benton - Daily Caller interview 16:26:21
So does anyone know if we won AZ and OK? 16:25:52
Taking over the GOP is NOT enough... 16:24:01
Beau Nystrom Band-American Tradition 16:23:59
Now THIS is how "UNIFY" people... 16:16:51
Jesse Benton Press Conference 5/15/12 (Partial) 16:07:42
2 More Down and More to Go 16:05:47
One Burning Question For The Paul Campaign. Riddle Me This. 16:03:17
Who cares what anyone else thinks?! We will not stop! 16:03:09
It’s Legal to Regulate the $300 Trillion Swap Market, but Regulators Don’t Have Budget to Do It Right 16:02:34
If you think He (Ron Paul) is Out... then explain this: 16:00:20
Our Strengthss vs. their weaknesses 15:59:47
Ron Paul’s campaign may have undertaken the most passive-aggressive political maneuver in modern political history 15:59:34
Beau Nystrom Band-American Tradition Great Song! 15:56:22
Greek bank run... close to $1B withdrawn this week 15:54:36
Is Everybody Ready? 15:53:59
CNN spin reinforces Jesse Benton's defeatism 15:53:44
Beau Nystrom Band-american Tradition Great Song! 15:51:24
What if the Recent Convention Happenings Prompted the 'Announcement'? 15:42:59
Should We Vote for Mitt Romney? 15:41:57
Can somebody explain these statements in the article regarding the Michigan State Convention? 15:36:22
A call to morality. I think this is appropriate at the moment. 15:35:29
The Campaign is in Full Swing! Keep on working! 15:35:15
Minnesota In it to Win it! Convention coming up 15:35:15
Breakfast at Bernie's 15:33:34
Ron Paul Supporters Falling in Line to Vote for Romney in General Election? 15:31:07
I've got your answer right here 15:31:02
And They Actually Fell For It, They Believed I Had Dropped Out And That My Delegates Would No Longer Turn Out.. And Then We Won! 15:29:41
Sheriff MACK PodCast (enjoy) A true Patriot 15:24:08
The British are on the Daily Paul in full force. Is this the best you have? 15:19:35
Campaign Email revised! 15:15:13
Stop Letting Emotional Issues Distract from Advancing Liberty 15:13:58
There's No Crying In Baseball 15:11:19
I cant believe these 3 and 4 yr DPers who are freaking out. 15:09:44
What to do with people who absolutely won't vote Rep? 15:07:35
Here is an email update from Jesse Benton that I received on this date of May 15, 2012 15:03:06
Department of Homeland Security Prepares to Grab DNA From Kids 15:00:44
Jack Hunter Needs to be the Only One Authorized to Speak for the Campaign 14:57:06
Ron Paul backers' plan: Transform the GOP 14:53:04
People who WERE going to vote for Ron Paul in CA now won't because he quit! 14:50:36
jesse benton 14:49:23
Ron Paul - Will be Our Next President 14:44:22
This really is looking sloppy and DOES show disorder and confusion 14:42:30
Ron Paul campaign rules out endorsing Libertarian Party nominee 14:36:41
Freedom Fest ! ! 14:36:23
Could Paul have been threatened? 14:35:36
Urgent /Colorado Delegate Chip-Ins, please spread and vote up asap 14:34:59
These announcements change NOTHING. Full steam ahead for the Revolution! 14:28:26
Press Release 5/15: ☛It Ain't Over ~ Paul Campaign Convention Strategy 14:27:28
Butt Bomb - Free & Effective Way To Win The Remaining States 14:26:22
WE need to grow up and OWN this movement! 14:24:59
Bix Weir responds to Ron Paul no longer in race 14:23:51
Counterpoint: "Arguments Over The Rightness Of A Group Has No Place Here" 14:22:03
Hi Jack B. Schitt here. I came to say that no matter what when the General Election Comes 14:19:23
Ron Paul is not giving up, neither are his supporters 14:19:15
We should all be more like the good Dr we admire so much. 14:18:43
Ron Paul Isn't Out; He's All In! 14:17:06
Occupy Bilderberg Activist Transmission 14:15:40
Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists 14:15:36
MSNBC Video: Ron Paul's threat to Romney's campaign 14:13:17
Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists 14:10:11
I just thought of something that may explain what's going on 14:01:35
"barring something very unforeseen" 14:01:15
"If I Was Ron Paul..." 14:00:11
The coming pandemic of “gay marriage” 13:59:36
What % of the Negative comments 13:58:48
Chip-In 4 Kenny "The Cameraman" Suitter 2 State Convention 13:56:12
Urgent Web Admin Needed: Please take over my domain 13:53:54
From New Jersey with LOVE 13:52:59
"What would RON do?" A battle cry. 13:51:11
Lets Just Do Our Job and Let the Official Campaign Do Theirs 13:49:11
Wow, just look at this mess. 13:48:35
We got your back Dr. Paul 13:43:57
The Fed: Mend It or End It? 13:39:17
This is total BS! "We the American People" can NOT 13:38:55
Coin hoarding soon a crime? - Maybe So in the Phillipines 13:36:26
Be A Hero - Stop Looking For One 13:34:05
From the Daily Bell - Is Ron Paul Dead Yet - Alice Drop a House on Him 13:31:42
Dr. Paul, We Want to hear from You 13:29:11
. 13:29:04
All the venom toward the Ron Paul Campaign and Jesse Benton is telling 13:27:46
Stop It. 13:27:34
Could We Be Witnessing the Final Campaign Strategy? 13:24:01
Article from examiner: Ron Paul still fighting 13:22:41
Where are the Arizona results 13:18:21
To Donate Or Not To Donate 13:11:56
Carry On The Revolution, Run For Office 13:11:52
What's the Point? 13:11:12
Things Need To Get A Lot Worse Before They Can Get Better 13:10:36
"Is Ron Paul Dead Yet, Dorothy? Drop a House on Him ..." 13:09:39
UPDATED Announcement from NJ HQ 13:07:46
The Campaign Never Had Intentions of Winning 13:07:43
Pack Your Desk Mr. Benton, You're Fired! 13:07:05
Former Freedom Watch Producer Austin Peterson Slams Ron Paul’s National Campaign, Offers his Leadership for 2016 13:03:07
Financial survival - must listen! 13:02:45
Would you vote for Romney IF 12:54:23
Max to Jesse Benton (I'm standing on earth by the way - and am just a very ordinary person) 12:51:52
Is this really happening or is it a bad dream? 12:51:48
Minnesota is in it to Win! So should you! 12:49:27
Official Campaign Hand Wringing and a Lesson from Braveheart 12:48:46
In my opinion... 12:47:44
Bill White and LGBT community 12:43:13
Where the HECK is Ron? come on! just speak the truth to us! 12:39:48
Stefan Molyneux Debates Jake Diliberto Video 12:24:26
Delegate Strategy Contradicts Itself With Mathematical Impossibilty 12:24:22
Did Benton just get demoted? 12:14:02
CNN Now Reporting Dr. Paul Won Minnesota 12:08:27
Jesse Benton: What The Heck Are You Doing? 12:06:16
Stop Neutering Ron Paul! Patriots Vs Flower Babies! 12:05:22
Volunteers Needed for the 2012 Texas GOP Convention 12:04:22
Chinese build 3 storey building in 9 days. 12:02:28
(VIDEO) Laura Ingraham Describes Heartbreaking TSA Pat Down of Double Amputee Veteran 12:01:05
Americans Elect Drops Out! Coincidence? 11:55:06
YouTube Blogger tells viewers: Ron Paul is still in the race. (Video) 11:50:18
Liberty beyond Ron Paul 2012 11:47:13
Russia Today 11:40:46
How You Proceed From Here On Says A Lot 11:40:43
Shame on you. 11:38:00
Jesse, Please Just Shut Up 11:37:00
Restore the GOP Restore America 11:36:23
Is Ron Paul Dead Yet, Dorothy? Drop a House on Him ... 11:35:10
My conversation with wanna be national delegate Nelson Spears (spelling?) 11:34:35
This is how I tried to explain my insanity to a progressive 11:33:53
Want Freedom to Reign? Want to Shock and Awe the Paid Media / Establishment? 11:32:24
The Daily Paul Family 11:28:28
Start a new pac? The Ron Paul Legacy Pac 11:17:56
The RNC/GOP must PAY for this - Romney/obsolete GOP will NEVER get our support! 11:17:03
C'mon People. Quit posting same article all day. Click on new and scroll 11:12:44
Analyzing Jesse Benton’s Email 11:10:14
Texas for Freedom Rally: 5/18 - 5/20 10:56:11
At this point, even Dr. Paul dropping out himself could stop nothing and IF 10:53:23
Electoral College question 10:50:46
Wow What A Press Bomb 10:50:22
Example Of Ndaa/patriot Abuse 10:49:33
I LOVE Ron Paul, But Some of His "Supporters" Are Out of Line 10:46:04
Witnessing the amount of dissension on the boards 10:42:14
Please BOMB Embassy Suites of Norman Oklahoma with thanks and praise! 10:30:26
Ron Paul Is NOT Dropping Out - Notice from the campaign 10:26:55
It's OUR Campaign 10:20:22
New! update from Campaign 10:17:59
May 17th Money Bomb! We are the media! 10:16:37
Jesse's latest email: This is not the end! 10:14:04
Update from the campaign! 10:13:59
Lew Rockwell's Message to the GOP 10:11:00
The ONLY possible reasons for yesterday's announcement 10:07:23
Can Ron Paul Still Win The Nomination ? 10:01:47
Now is the time to get off your wallet 10:00:21
Message to some fairweather Ron Paul activists 09:58:33
Just when I am about to give Jesse Benton the benefit of the doubt... 09:54:49
Letter to Irish Politicians 09:52:23
Hey, Forget Ron Paul. We Have A New Candidate To Run in 2016 09:37:18
Ron Paul Campaign Convention Strategy: Official Statement 09:34:56
Paul's Prayer Warriors - It's Knee Time 09:34:15
Harrrrvard is engaged in some "Research" lovey. 09:31:50
Ron Paul Strategy – Agema Won't Support Paul? 09:30:17
Benton speaks, again 09:29:27
The Ron Paul Military Ad That Should Have Been 09:21:43
Ron Paul Biographer Speaks out against Recent Ron Paul's Campaign Shift: Utter Idiocy 09:03:19
What has Ron Paul Done for Me? 08:37:54
Florida investigation reveals 180,000 non-citizens may be registered to vote 08:29:26
The Republican Party's Ron Paul Problem 08:28:29
Is Oklahoma grassroots on our own defending our parking lot convention? 08:27:49
Is Civility an Indication of Revolutionary Change? RE: Campaign direction swing. 08:13:33
U.S. and Canada Implementing Beyond the Border Perimeter Security Initiatives‏ 08:01:02
OK. Can anyone tell me 07:53:20
Ron Paul Revolution: Only One More To Go. Mitt Romney Out! 07:47:39
We have to be smarter. Let's "use our inside voices" 07:29:05
New Strategy? or Capitulating for Rand in 2016? 07:28:18
I'm A Near Atheist Ron Paul Supporter And I Prayed Tonight 07:25:46
New ACTUAL Delegate Count Map 07:00:11
Where is the thanks & support for the brave patriots of OK and AZ? 06:42:57
The RNC's Ron Paul Delegate Welcoming Committee 06:37:11
Ron Paul’s message to the GOP 06:37:00
Obama Accused Of Sexual Harassment Against 2 Men 06:15:10
Bill Weir:The "Good Guys" Election Strategy 06:03:52
Carey Elizabeth, Fmr.O-Supporter: The R3VOLution Rolls On! Donate to May 17th MoneyBomb! 05:28:10
Ron Paul is smart! 04:50:04
Fraud and Harassment - Kitsap County, WA 04:28:44
Why We Can Never Stop Fighting (Police Brutality Documentary) 04:27:53
Wall posters of Ron Paul 04:05:25
Hawaiian Lava Java for Ron Paul 03:55:48
From Lew Rockwell blog: Some historical perspective for Ron Paul activists 03:34:24
Banned by Campaign for Liberty!? Adam Kokesh speaks in Harford County, MD thanks to Bob Phillips 03:10:03
Mock UN assemblies at Occupy Rio Plus 20 03:09:03
Washington State (43 Unbound Delegates) - Kitsap County - Warning to the rest of the state! 02:50:28
Pacquiao rips Obama's views on gays 02:42:11
Dear GOP, RNC And "conservative" media: Kiss My... 02:34:45
Game On Folks... RadioIowa: Paul Shifts Focus, To Ensure His Backers Elected As Delegates To RNC 02:34:29
Are Neo-cons Finally Worried Enough That They Too Might Be Losing Their Civil Liberties? 02:33:01
Dr. Paul Will Tell Us The Truth Folks - It's Up To Us To Read What He Said 02:28:23
What is this? 02:19:08
Scattered economic thoughts 02:18:48
Victory Through Lack of Interest (think about it) 02:07:09
Minature Money Bombs 02:02:13
Not with a bang 01:55:06
Now that the "clarifications" have been made what does that make the mission? 01:46:29
Call For Unity: Trust No One But Paul. A Critical Short Timeline Emerges: Then Take Direct Action Now! 01:41:58
Ron Paul Cheated Out of More Delegates! 5 - 14 01:41:43
We must change course and avoid the trap 01:40:55
Read My Lips: It's called the Alaska Strategy, Stupid! 01:33:17
Romney supporters accuse you of being part of the Occupy movement. 01:31:44
All Pics of Ron Paul Fundraisers 01:29:09
Dr. Paul still needs to go to universities 01:28:02
Rachel Maddow Discusses Ron Paul & GOP Conventions Chaos 01:08:07
I wish I had a clip, but this how I see rons latest move. 01:00:23
How to make sense of drop out!? 00:59:31
*What really happened today* 00:44:56
ViDEO: Romney and the GOP Spit on the GOP (The Josh Tolley Show) 00:29:07
Watch The May 17th Money Bomb Rise Live and Help us Spread the Word 00:26:39
Have you heard what they are going to do in Idaho!? Nonsense! How do you stop this!? 00:24:47
Warriors don't make moves based on EMOTION! 00:21:24
The Broken Window Strategy: Belief That Ron Paul Isn't Running Isn't Good! 11:18:44
In-Depth Analysis of Delegate Binding 00:17:21
Michigan Committee man who tried to ban Ron Paul warns the party faithful 00:17:19
The campaign is sending mixed messages...I think 00:06:10
Virginia Cd Delegates - Do Not Answer Call From 866-540-3140 00:02:47
A call for HELP in SC - state convention this weekend! 00:00:53
Next Money Bomb! May 17th - Rise for Liberty! 11:55:09