Posted on May 16, 2012

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Ron Paul: Due Process For Everyone US Citizen or Not 23:53:50
RNC, Romney Campaign Will Erect 'Shadow State Party' to Bypass State GOP in Nevada 23:13:49
Politico: Key Clark County, Nevada GOP Calls For Priebus Resignation" 5/16 21:32:29
Doug Wead: Some things about the Ron Paul campaign can't be discussed right now 16:08:41
Ron Paul, Disappointment and Distributed Power 17:29:23
Who here is UNITED to keep going? 08:07:18
Big Story about Ron Paul - Bangor Daily News 07:41:57
It’s Romney’s to Lose: Here’s How He Does It 16:39:25
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If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him 23:56:39
I worked a double shift today and just got home. Please fill me in! 23:48:09
Rand Paul "Party Crashers" email ciculating...gave me hope again 23:39:40
Can It Be So? Covert QE On The Way...From China! 23:36:43
DONATE! 23:34:43
Things have an amazing way of working themselves out. 23:34:35
All life against its enemy! 23:32:54
Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Bullying Vet, restricting free speech 23:32:27
State Conventions - May 18-19 23:27:53
Rise Like Lions After Slumber 23:15:55
Two US Navy Ships Collided In The Pacific Ocean Because Of A 'Steering Malfunction' 23:07:51
Calvin Coolidge 2012 23:03:03
The Most Visited Libertarian Websites Daily Paul is #3 23:02:37
RP suspends campaign per Romney 22:52:54
I have been such an idiot! 22:52:36
Grassroots TV Ads? Need Help, let's set this up with a Super Pac! 22:49:23
Weak Economy leading to rise in Home Invasions. 22:44:41
What is a credit default swap? You SURE you want to know? 22:38:49
Roll Call - Who's Going To Tampa? 22:35:03
Veterans for Ron Paul getting on the road to the RNC! 22:30:21
Convicted war criminal Charles Taylor says he did nothing worse than American forces did in Iraq 22:28:54
Just a Reminder of What we Fight for. 22:26:55
The last thing I know came from Ron Paul 22:25:45
I know what's going on, and you're all wrong. 22:24:18
Ron Paul Delegates Set to Mount First Ballot Upset at GOP National Convention 22:22:29
When The Banksters Came 22:21:42
VIDEO: Jim Cramer Explains How the Stock Market is Manipulated 22:20:00
Judge Blocks Indefinite Military Detention Provision - NY Times 22:17:56
Is Ron Paul on the ballot in all 50 states? 22:14:46
Producing a Congressional Oath Video 22:11:51
Ron Paul, Adam Smith Push To End Indefinite Detention Of Americans 22:11:50
FEC link to find your total campaign contributions to date 22:05:58
Romney Rally Attracts 200 Supporters: UPI, Plus Commentary on Benton 22:03:39
Is Ron Paul having an influence on Charles Krauthammer? 21:58:05
☛ Hilarious video to remind us that there's always someone worse off in life than you. There is some swearing. 21:54:21
Robert F Kennedy Jr's estranged wife found dead in New York home 21:53:17
Federal judge: Terror law violates 1st Amendment 21:43:36
Federal Judge Puts NDAA on Hold! 21:41:56
UK Govt making urgent preparations to cope with possible Greek exit from single currency 21:37:00
Lol Rev. Manning Ron Paul Whip him W/ The Constitution! 21:36:43
☛ QUESTION about being an alternate delegate 21:32:44
War Profiteering - I Need Resources 21:29:29
Ron Paul Supporters: Don't Eat Our Own 21:26:31
Senate defeats Obama budget 99-0; Yes we can win! 21:22:23
First 2 Hours Of Ok Gop Parking Lot Convention (continuous) 21:20:14
so I'm going to the MN state convention... 21:19:51
Whats your favorite Ron Paul Quote? 21:14:46
Video of Ron Paul Explaining Delegate Strategy to Romney 21:10:24
It Ain’t Over Til We Say It’s Over Money Bomb 21:05:50
First 2 Hours Of Ok Gop Parking Lot Convention (continuous) 21:03:07
A Very Special Invitation To A Very Special Event 20:38:46
Something does not Compute 20:37:00
Lew Rockwell's take on the Paul delegates needing to behave 20:35:12
GOP insider:“Essentially we’re setting up a shadow state party.” 20:33:26
It's Our R3volution! In It To Win It Together! 20:32:43
Exclusive Interview, Physical Assault on Paul Supporter by Romney Supporter 20:30:40
Bernie Sanders "Wall Street Will Fund The Romney Campaign & The Obama Campaign! It's What They Do!" 20:30:23
The Law Appears to Protect RNC Delegates Voting Their Conscience 20:29:24
Obama losing in polls to Democrat John Wolfe Jr. 20:13:29
Dooo Youuuuu Smellllllll Lalalalala What The Ronnnn Issss Cooookinnnngg! 20:11:35
The Secret Soros Summit – Inside the Secret Miami Meeting of George Soros’ Liberal Conspiracy 20:11:07
I'm so scared, I just want to hear ron's voice right now. 19:59:12
Keep pushing, the RNC is on its back heels 19:58:47
One of The Greatest Political Publicity Stunts In History 19:56:54
Bygolly I Think I Got It! We Are The Free Market & Ron Is Allowing Us! To Be Free To Make Him Our Nominee, He Is Entrusting Us! 19:55:49
Rachel Maddow Video called, "Ron Paul NOT quitting, just changing strategy" 19:50:16
Judge blocks NDAA ! 19:47:30
AZ & OK Convention Results 19:46:49
This one is for Liberty! 19:46:10
Does everyone have their head out their ass'es now? It is time to SPITE and SMITE them all! 19:37:35
Dr. Ron Paul WILL Be Nominated... 19:35:16
Musicians For Ron Paul..I Got An Idea 19:33:17
Rise Up! 19:32:47
Keep Doing What You're Doing 19:32:18
Spinning Debate Barbs into Romney Endorsements 19:31:48
"'Youth for Ron Paul'Member total Exceeds 110,000" 19:31:43
Something Very Unforeseen - A defense of Jesse Benton 19:30:47
UK for Ron Paul 19:30:28
Crime 19:27:58
The indispensable nation does it again! 19:27:09
Updated: *urgent Breaking Live Stream Money Bomb News* For Front Page: Waiting for Confirmation from Jordan Page 19:19:26
Clark County GOP calls for NRC chairman's ouster 19:16:32
VIDEO: Romney to Travel Back in Time to Kill Liberal Versions of Himself 19:14:22
Video: Suicide Bomber Being Auctioned Off In Saudi Arabia. Why Are We Friends W/these People? 19:09:42
LIVE Tonight on Ron Paul Radio - 9pm EST 18:58:52
It's Official!,Ron still in because FOX said so! LOL. 18:53:37
VIDEO: James Lipton Offers Advice For Mitt Romney From "Inside The Actors Studio" 18:52:22
Military Detention Law Blocked by New York Judge 18:51:38
Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole? 18:51:31
Tonight 7 est on Ron Paul Radio What Ben Swann didn't tell you about Rule #38 18:44:54
Anonymous donates 40,000 car stickers for matching funds of only $2500 18:38:44
Bob Goodlatte Rep for Congress = SOPA, CISPA, and Death to the Internet as we know it. Hell NO! 18:37:59
We Must Defeat the Evil Communists 18:27:56
Disenfranchised Establishment Voters 18:23:18
German Liberty: The DE Pirate Party Continues To Grow 18:22:39
Just my thought on the recent mixed messages and confusion. 18:22:03
Charles Krauthammer : First guy that brings a Domestic Drone down will be a folk hero (May 14, 2012) 18:21:57
Judge Napolitano : First American to shoot down a Drone will be an American Hero (May 15, 2012) 18:20:28
Good News about NDAA! 18:20:03
Ron Paul, Adam Smith Push To End Indefinite Detention Of Americans 18:19:32
FOMC Minutes from 1967 Illuminating Central Bank Gold Price Suppression, Currency Swaps, Assorted Market Manipulations & Interve 18:10:33
Reports of Ron Paul's Demise greatly Exaggerated ! 18:09:51
Support Rick Williams for U.S. Senate! 18:08:54
INTERVIEW: Peter Schiff on The Baer | Haggerty Offensive of Repatriot Radio 18:08:20
What in the world was that thing? 18:07:30
Ron Paul NOT Quitting! Just Changing Campaigning Strategy 18:02:24
Time for the negative supporters to go out and get some double sided tape! 17:58:56
Police Tried to Prohibit Ron Paul Rally at State capitol 17:54:30
Do you think a liberty PACs should forDelegate Info Bomb?! 17:36:15
TMOT, Are You Moving to Africa? 17:34:52
Why Romney won't win the nomination! (The Fight Has ONLY Begun!) 17:30:31
Economic Collapse 17:26:20
Let's win Presidency inspite of this!... Our official guys have conceded to Romney. Evidence below 17:13:53
"Is Ron Paul Really Dropping Out?" 17:13:12
Where's the Delegate Moneybomb? 17:11:07
Extremely Important Message For Dp 17:09:24
Ron Paul RNC chair? 17:06:21
The Constitution is my inspiration. 17:05:11
What would they do if NOBODY went to their voting booths in November...? 17:01:26
Another Grassroots Success in Nevada 16:59:31
Policy Mic: Will Ron Paul Fire Jesse Benton? 16:58:41
In need of some guidance 16:53:47
Romney Rally in Iowa Draws Nearly 200 16:52:31
“I’m sure that they’ve infiltrated and neutralized Ron Paul’s political candidacy” 16:51:29
How Ron Paul is Winning - by Jack Hunter 16:49:02
Respect? Make Nice? Are you Kidding? 16:39:52
The Game Plan Is Working! 16:36:55
Ron Paul Revolution: We Are World-Class Peace Activists 16:33:04
Best Song I've Heard Yet! 16:31:49
Free Money: A Modest Proposal 16:18:34
Have You Seen This Video For The May 17 Rise For Liberty Moneybomb? I Really Like It (I Didn't Make It) 16:18:27
Letter from Cong. Bill Young (R) FL Re: His Support of CISPA! - How Would You Respond? 16:15:53
Get it off your chest, then tell us what’s next? – Forum for Ron Paul Supporters tonight 9:PM ET. 16:11:23
Yahoo Web page Poll 16:10:14
Oklahoma GOP Convention recollection, with video links. 15:55:33
Did you know that there is a Ron Paul delegate running for US Congress in Maine? 15:44:13
I've been working for Dr. Paul to become President. 15:41:37
True or False? Barring the unforseen, Romney has the delegate count wrapped up. 15:29:16
Whatever happened to Jesse Ventura? 15:29:11
Non Pauler shares his view of the Oklahoma GOP Convention 15:26:38
Is NBC About to Go Bankrupt? 15:23:35
New Hampshire ? 15:17:07
Kentucky Who is going to the state convention on June 9? 15:16:17
♥♦Ron Paul could win NOM by Default! (need help) ♦♥ 15:15:57
Assertion: Dr. Paul wants to President. True or False? 15:14:26
Romney friend says bullying was "vicious," turned into an "assault" (AUDIO), Romney nominee now equals Obama 2nd term 15:09:27
Fire Jesse Benton 15:08:54
Anonymous: We Support Ron Paul (2012) 14:50:25
Vote For Paul On 1st Ballot, Don't Abstain! 14:49:36
Rand Paul on the National Budget 14:47:58
Congressman Amash to introduce amendment to NDAA to restore due process 14:44:36
"I am a TX Delegate...but need help getting to the convention. $200 left to reach goal. Chip in account here! Thank you!" 14:41:51
Next Phase of the Ron Paul Revolution - an inspiring vision 14:39:11
Why No Debate Challenge To Romney? Why? Why? Why? 14:38:42
The plan all along was to awaken the idea of liberty in people. 14:37:33
Campaign will train Delegates to Behave Themselves 14:37:06
John Tate (Paul campaign manager) 5/16/12: "we’re committed to making our message heard" 14:36:31
Arkansas Primary Early Voting Open 14:35:14
Martial Law coming to Chicago during NATO summit 14:30:43
US Veterans to Return War Medals in Protest 14:29:49
Reichstag event possible? 14:24:44
GOP ignores voting process, proceeds with own agenda 14:19:36
Ron Paul Poll at Yahoo 14:11:29
It's Romney's to Lose: Here's How He Does It (outstanding) 14:08:28
Gary Johnson Campaign Responds to Jesse Benton's Claim That There's "No Chance" of a Ron Paul Endorsement 14:08:23
No Video Rule at Convention -Help 14:07:32
Guess whose name has been submitted as a DELEGATE to our State Convention? 14:06:41
Mysterious illness strikes hundreds of flight attendants - Fukushima? 14:06:28
can someone explain what the hell happened? 14:05:20
The Silver Lining In All Of This. We Are Armed With Knowledge Of The Process More Than Ever. 14:02:09
The Love, Integrity and Courage of Ron Paul 14:00:17
What the HECK just happened in Oregon?! 13:58:25
CBS News: Ron Paul campaign in talks with Romney campaign 13:50:05
What is going on with silver today? It is at $26.93 now 13:48:09
I want to thank everyone for winning all these hard fought battles for liberty 13:37:35
Everyone listen up! Where we go from here! 13:35:17
The Best Video Yet On Banking 13:33:51
Get some perspective 13:29:45
12 year old girl talks about the criminal monetary policies. 13:27:41
Greece On The Brink Of Collapse As Bank Runs Hit Athens *short video* 13:25:00
Etch a sketch Romney cannot change into Ron Paul 13:23:53
Santorum Is The Reason! Listen To The Entire Wead Interview! 13:21:28
Anyone discouraged-please see this! 13:18:01
New Strategy Working 13:16:20
Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists 13:08:38
“The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” - Luke 18:27 13:06:22
fantastic 12 yr old Victoria Grant explains how banks commit fraud 13:03:28
Nearly $2 mil. in guns, combat gear sold to American & foreign gangs! 12:59:34
Only WE can be the change we so desperately seek ! 12:57:33
The Bank Runs In Greece Will Soon Be Followed By Bank Runs In Other European Nations 12:49:47
Paul or Obama 12:46:14
Ron Paul to be honored with “Barry Goldwater Award” 12:42:21
Bullish Reversal in Silver Occurring Now 12:39:56
Three new Executive Orders. 12:31:18
Wednesday, Obama Took t First Major Step to Ban All Firearms in United States 12:27:32
Mel Gibson's Dad Endorses Ron Paul (Hutton Gibson) 12:26:42
Free Ron Paul Paper AD- Please Share! 12:20:23
Here's The Bottom Line On Ron Paul's Campaign... 12:09:33
Sticky Notes for Ron Paul-I just had to do it! 12:08:30
Did anyone else cry upon reflection? 12:08:06
Target ...Tampa 12:06:26
Are you still drinking the Kool Aid? 12:06:01
Oklahoma State GOP Convention: Personal Reflections 12:05:42
We have already won 12:05:40
Campaign to Teach Delegates How to Listen and Obey 12:04:56
CSPAN: Brian Doherty, Rand Paul on the continuing impact of the Revolution 12:01:26
Georgia State Convention - May 18-19th - 31 more Delegates for Ron Paul on tap! 11:59:31
FLASH: ALERT: Commander-in-Chief crossing the GOP Rubicon 11:57:53
Judge Napolitano : First Patriot To Shoot Down A Government Drone Will Be A Hero (VIDEO) 11:57:48
"Mobile video sharing done right." 11:57:16
I don't know about you guys, but I am with Ron Paul all the way 11:53:06
Judge Napolitano: First Patriot To Shoot Down A Government Spy Drone Will Be A Hero 11:49:38
Feds To Remove Terrorist Group MEK From Terror List ! *video* 11:47:46
VIDEO: 2-faced Santorum vs Reliable Ron Paul 11:47:37
Something fishy in Idaho Precinct Committeeman races? 11:44:50
Gop 2.0 11:42:28
Why We're Entering The Age Of Ron Paul (VIDEO) 11:42:16
Ron Paul rockstar 11:40:16
Ron Paul dimisses the Legal action against "Huntsman Fake Ad" 11:38:39
Ron Paul's facebook post is asking people to sign this Stop-The-NDAA petition 11:35:54
Obama makes it illegal for U.S. citizens to criticize the government of Yemen. 11:33:13
Clowns to Protest NATO Summit In Chicago 11:33:10
MSNBC Journalist tells the truth about the economy 11:32:12
What would happen if 11:27:53
Josh Tolley broadcast posted this morning... 11:21:58
Are you still planning to donate May 17th? 11:20:58
Commentary on Comments – Compiles comments from Ron Paul Supporters 11:03:04
Click Here: Support No One But Paul 10:59:37
The Only Strategy: Give Us the Nomination or We Will Vote for Paul OUTSIDE The Republican Party 10:54:19
The AP Delegate Count 10:51:26
May 18, 2012 Minnesota State GOP Convention 10:50:31
The Unpatriotic Patriot Act 10:34:46
Respect, Decorum the theme at Michigan state convention this weekend (Dr. Paul's legacy) 10:32:30
Japan's W-T-F Chart 10:32:07
Warriors or sniffling cry babies 10:30:16
If the Goal Is the Presidency, Then "Our" Revolution Needs to Select Another Candidate 10:27:02
The lack of interest in George W. Bush's Romney endorsement should give us hope 10:25:53
Hard Wishing... 10:25:28
Donated more than $100, Who else is in? (edit with videos) 10:20:12
"This is Your Life, Dr. Ron Paul!" 10:19:04
Jp Morgan Derivatives Announcement = "sept 10th" 10:16:01
I am choosing to believe... 10:13:32
I just had an Epiphany and had a moment of clarity! 10:08:54
This is Indexed (RP Foreign Policy) 10:05:21
Without a Leader 10:01:26
Before Benton's Betrayal, We Had Romney Panicking, as This Hilarious Hitler Meme Video Depicts 10:01:03
TIME has written an article about us RP supporters! 09:58:43
Sign the Petition to tell Congress: "Don't indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial!" 09:57:21
Great Caricature Greece 09:55:37
Let's put things in their proper perspective 09:55:04
If even Ben Swann is perplexed by Benton... 09:50:59
We Need To Remember That It Is 'An Idea', And Not Necessarily Ron Paul. 09:49:21
Ron Paul Is Passing The Torch To Us, His Patriotic Following And We Had Better Be Prepared. 09:44:47
What's in It for Romney? 09:41:00
Who says 2,500 is the max? 09:31:56
Is Our Mission Now To Change The GOP From Within? 09:20:55
Ron Paul Campaign Manager: What The Heck Are You Doing? 09:08:20
Anyone still want to talk? Is it ok to question again?, Or are we still drawing a line in the sand? 08:53:52
Spin Meter by Fox Great Article 08:53:35
Our freedoms according to an 8 year old 08:53:25
Have any of you received a “conference call” with a politician on the phone? 08:46:29
I Never Quit 08:44:24
. 08:40:14
Stay The Course! 08:37:12
The "Thanatosis" Strategy 08:31:45
The historical connection of worthless currency, socialism, & Tyrants 08:28:39
How Mitt got so RICH link, very informative 08:21:32
This is how we withdraw our support for unconstitutional laws 08:18:50
Tis but a scratch, a mere flesh wound-keep fighting! 08:14:24
If I were an enemy of Ron Paul. 08:04:08
Our New Strategy 08:02:35
Campaign Management Gave This Race Away. 08:01:19
Molly Ball@The Atlantic Mag: "Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy: What's in It for Romney?" 07:58:03
Some Historical Perspective for Ron Paul Activists ( Lew Rockwell ) 07:52:00
Zero-zero, bottom of the 7th, 1 out, bases loaded, Ron Paul steps up to the plate 07:41:46
WaPo: What will we do without Ron Paul? 07:26:05
Here's my problem with the Benton sabotage theory 07:08:22
New Songs for the Revolution in 2012!-Pennywise 06:39:54
Ron Paul Supporters can Abstain. 06:08:36
For those of you still with your heads in the sand over voter fraud 06:04:55
It's too late, the brush fires of liberty are now flaming 05:55:16
A reminder for those of you that forget where we came from and where we are headed without this.. 05:37:49
For the removal of any doubt Jesse Benton 05:23:45
Suicide Bomber Auction in Saudi Arabia ? 05:10:27
Gary Johnson Polling 7% in New Hampshire 04:56:50
Regardless of what the intent of the campaigns recent announcements, whether strategy or submission: 04:35:03
Someone has Been Reading All Of Ron Paul's Books... Now they are awake... 04:12:46
Man Loses $22,000 In New 'Policing For Profit' Case 04:09:12
The takeover of the GOP 03:57:45
An important difference between the campaign and the grassroots 03:54:52
MEMO to Campaign: Our plea to Ron Paul and the whole campaign. 03:52:57
Doug Wead radio interview from May 15, 2012 03:48:37
Ron Paul Classic – He’s the Real Thing 03:34:22
those defenders of romney are as much an empty shell as a rotten tooth yuk yuk..yuk..yeeeeeehaaaaa 03:29:49
Why Ron Paul's new campaign strategy just might work - Great Alaska Dispatch article 03:22:02
Are We Really Gonna Let Romney Win? Hell NO 02:48:24
I'm a little hazy, Is this libel? 02:13:54
Don't forget, Ron Paul is a politician with experience! 02:02:33
Urgent Message For The Patriots Of The Revolution 01:58:49
We've been wounded.. What should we do? 01:46:36
Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go. –Seriously 01:45:09
The Cat Is Over The Bath 01:40:58
New Feature: Troll Crusher! 01:40:32
I Am Shouting For Help! Fellow Dp'rs 01:27:32
Ron Paul Marches On 01:25:41
Goal Next: Moving the Overton Window 12:11:43