Posted on May 2, 2012

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VIDEO: Ron Paul - Fullerton, CA Cell Phone Stream 5-2-12 21:44:33
Ron Paul beats Obama 49-41 in Montana. Among independents, he crushes 55-33. 18:33:25
Video: Brian Doherty Intro His New Book, "Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired"! 18:45:29
Thank you Speaker Gingrich for NOT endorsing Governor Romney! 17:09:14
San Diego Ron Paul help… We need volunteers! California here we come... 14:54:12
We Made Texas GOP News! 14:04:37
Please post your account of Thursday night's Michigan County Conventions here! 11:45:40
Newt Gingrich $4 Million in Debt; Staffers and Creditors Fume 17:47:00
Mitt Romney vs Ron Paul, Round 4: The Patriot Act 09:10:43
Forget the Nomination, Ron Paul Revolution Taking Over the Entire Republican Party 01:18:50
With all the "I killed Bin Laden better than you would have" talk in the MSM... 06:22:34
Washington Times: Ron Paul Supporters Create Delegate Mischief 11:15:23
Ron Paul is Exploding with Zero Media Coverage 00:58:32
Rachel Maddow Talks Ron Paul Delegates 07:52:41
Dr. Ron Paul is SO Electable It's Ridiculous! 18:01:01
Albuquerque Ends Water Fluoridation 06:53:17
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Phone From Home ? 23:52:43
King County Convention, Motion Against Video Recording 23:46:23
How Do Post Pics And Video Of Me And Dr Paul From Last Night? 23:44:39 23:43:05
The Obama Recovery Persists At Least Until After the Election ... and Then Watch Out! 23:32:47
4,000+ see Ron Paul in California! 22:57:59
The Electoral College vs. Mob Rule by Ron Paul 22:50:44
Robo calls are starting in Nevada! 22:43:30
The Answer To The Bound/Abstain Question 22:36:44
firsthand account of Naseem/Spitznagel event 22:27:57
In April polls Paul leads Romney in match ups with Obama – true one month averages and poll-watchers lies 22:22:26
Sometimes I think the problem in this country is... 22:18:42
Remember All of Those Romney/Paul Team Conspiracy Theories That Were Used to Attack Ron Paul? 22:18:01
Hey You - are You In California? How About The Burbank /Glendale/ La Crescenta Area? 22:17:58
Hey Can you Help with a new Poll in Minneapolis... 22:15:08
Help me reach California Medical Marijuana dispensaries. 22:14:21
6 US Companies that Bribed Foreign Officials 22:14:18
Ron Paul - The Thomas Jefferson of Our Time! - rEVOLution 2012 22:10:13
I pulled this 22:01:33
The Phoenix shall rise in Washtenaw County today and will take over the convention! 21:51:29
Ron Paul, defender of the Constitution, could win it all -examiner 21:44:01
Is this our situation? 21:43:52
I Am The 0.000000000146188 percent! 21:36:23
Allegations Ikea used political prisoners in the 70s, 80s 21:29:58
CNN ignores Paul as ratings plummet 21:19:54
Relevant Laws I've Found For Bound Delegates 21:06:09
MK Occupy Minnesota: Drugs & the DRE Program at Peavey Plaza 21:01:19
Ron Paul Can Win! 20:59:48
MoRtiS NoCTu | Tea Mage - Sinister Ministers Revolutionary Rap Music Video 20:45:09
Obama officially declares himself "Dear Leader": changes Communism Day (May Day) to "Loyalty Day!" 20:44:48
US military suicide rate EXCEEDS combat fatalities! 20:41:26
National Delegate - I need your help 20:31:14
Nassim Taleb/Mark Spitznagel Fundraiser 20:26:31
Ron Paul Compared to Obama/Romney on 20 points 20:21:21
ALERT: Latest Govt Entrapment Meme: not MK-ULTRA, it's MK-Occupy! Drugging Pliant OWS Activists! 20:21:02
Please Put Up The Ticker Ron Paul needs to Raise $650,000 Dollars in the next few weeks Please leave the ticker up and don't 20:11:38
I am very disappointed with Occupy 20:07:07
LibertyFest NYC 10/13/12 - Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Sheriff Mack, Michael Boldin & many more 19:58:43
Fox News: "Ron Paul People Playing Mischief With Delegates" 19:37:46
Earthquake swallows Mitt Romney. Romneys car sucked up by Twisting Tornado. Lightning hits, killing Mitt Romney Instantly. 19:36:40
Ron Paul Keeps Winning 19:28:55
Ron Paul Friendly Jim Rogers Predicts – The Fed Will End 19:26:18
Received an End the Fed Flyer in the Mail Today! Awesome! 19:07:01
Libertarian Leanings of Young Voters Dampen Obama's Appeal-by Pollster Zogby 18:48:16
PPP: In Montana, Paul beats Obama by 8 18:40:38
Puzzling call from the campaign... 18:39:21
Anyone watch Fox News tonight at 6 pm est? 18:35:31
OK That does it! They just can't say/print this! Can they? 18:35:17
Ron Paul thanks Newt Gingrich for his attention to monetary policy reform 18:31:20
Patterns in gold price puzzling - Insightful! 18:26:36
For the Mitt Trolls! 18:06:16
Where are they at? 18:05:18
John Stewart (The Daily Show) just posted this on Facebook. Hillarious! 18:02:59
Would Ron Paul Secretly Use You As a Bargaining Chip? 17:24:12
Water Guns Banned, Handguns Allowed At GOP Convention 17:18:58
☛Who Are the Owners of Romney & Obama? 17:12:29
So Scared, You Deleted Our Videos! Pay Back Time! 17:08:36
TODAY > RP on Radio at 5pm CST (live stream link) 17:01:25
What is the New World Order: Paranoia Or Reality? 17:00:11
From the front lines-of the drug war 16:55:54
Tennessee man Arrested And Imprisoned For Using Cash 16:43:30
The prospect of "stealth delegates" derailing Mitt Romney's nomination at the Convention (Green Papers Commentary) 16:40:59
My Reply to Republicans calling for "Party Unity" 16:40:40
Committee of Correspondence & The Boston Pamphlet of 1772: Our Founders left Us a Road Map! 16:32:55
Congressman Sam Johnson visited my company today... 16:28:26
Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul For President 16:27:04
Rock the RNC (Peacefully) Facebook Group 16:19:28
Just got an "Ann Romney" robocall: "Unified delegation" planned for ME convention. 16:01:24
Could Ron Paul qualify to become a Saint? 15:57:38
THIS is how you show your True PATRIOTISM 15:56:36
Ron Paul Revolution 2012 by Ben Jammin (Music Video) 15:52:38
Drug War Horror Story: DEA Apologies For Forgetting About Shackled Student For Five Days 15:52:22
Our Government's War On Drugs At Work: Student Abandoned By DEA Forced To Drink Own Urine 15:51:00
YouTube / CNBC barked up the wrong tree! :D 15:48:43
Ron Paul: Federal Reserve's Power is Ten Times Greater Than Congress 15:48:21
Paul Romney Debate! As a voter I would like to see the two remaining republican candidates debate the issues. 15:32:04
Response to statements about stealing delegates 15:28:38
Ron Paul Rallies! *VIDEO* 15:17:05
Hanging Up On Ron Paul Volunteers 15:16:07
Need crowd-sourcing help countering these points against Ron Paul 15:14:54
A Debate in France. 15:11:18
Stealth delegates (a missing strategy?) 15:03:17
Gingrich to announce his suspended campaign soon. 14:58:41
How Mitt Balanced Massachusetts budgets with higher fees 14:54:54
The Ron Paul campaign did not return our repeated calls 14:51:56
This is a hit piece if I ever saw one! 14:44:26
Well done video 14:42:36
This is what people around the world think of our drone strikes (Al Jazeera report) 14:35:58
Hidden In Plain View, Ron Paul Is WINNING! 14:33:27
Legendary Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul 14:20:57
Firefox Reject CISPA As Attack On Privacy 14:12:40
Remember Tony Perkins? FRC's Values Voter Summit? Crushed By Ron Paul Delegates! 14:12:15
Slate: Ron Paul’s Secret Primary 14:10:07
Iowa GOP Committee Mbr Stands Against Mitt 13:57:46
Education: Whose Responsibility? 13:48:47
MA Delegates WON'T Abstain?! 13:41:01
The ones that got away? 13:38:38
Romey exposed : Mitt Romney raised fees to cover MA budget gap but claims didn't raise taxes! 13:31:14
Tennessee Man Arrested and Imprisoned For Using Cash 13:27:28
Even the Washington Post can't deny it anymore! 13:21:57
RP censorship deep to tiniest level: Ron Paul quote obscured in elementary school yearbook 13:17:25
A Budget That Can't Be Balanced and What Needs to Be Done 13:16:38
Britons, who are you voting for tomorrow? 13:15:10
And I Thought Washington Was Bad...HELP! 13:10:17
Steve Stockman - The man to replace Dr. Paul in Texas 13:10:04
Investigation Continues 5/2: Romney Accused Of Felony, Election Subterfuge In Wisconsin Primary 13:08:06
Wsj Update : Fed's Plosser: Rate Rise Could Come As Soon As Late-'12 13:07:01
Persuading Santorum and Newt people 13:05:58
Fahrenheit 2012: Suppressing Dissent in the 21st Century 13:03:12
Peter Schiff: 'Junk' US Treasurys, Dollar Headed for Collapse 13:02:40
I support the troops, but don't know about these guys 12:49:07
Jay Dardenne among big name vote-getters rejected at Louisiana caucuses 12:48:17 12:46:53
Great Article by Woman who wrote in Paul's Name 12:43:21
Watch this Guy Print Stickers for Ron-gives away FREE 12:39:59
True Patriot on C-Span 12:35:38
Brewing Up A Conflict With China By Paul Craig Roberts 12:34:11
Former CIA Officer Michael Scheuer on the Economics of War with Iran 12:32:40
Does anyone know if the domestic income of a US citizen is taxable by the IRS? 12:30:12
Please explain 12:26:15
Georgia is Gingrich territory...but he is dropping out 12:19:41
How to End Mitt Romney, Bain, Goldman Sachs Firms As A Dewey 12:08:36
Washington Post : Ron Paul's Stealth State Convention Takeover 12:05:19
The Constitutional Crimes of Barack Obama 11:59:03
TN police arrest man for paying with real $50 bill 11:51:26
Tea party rally in Austin- Ron and Rand 11:51:01
Delegate Insurgency 11:46:02
Texas: Eliminate Property taxes - May 3 11:40:07
A Sample Primary Ballot From Texas 11:38:17
Ha! Check this out 11:37:37
Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney GRASSROOTS Debate 11:36:29
Bushama on Jimmy Fallon show 11:35:19
Censored Ron Paul 2008 Footage (Video) 11:06:38
Ron Paul On KABC In L.A. We Are Trying To Win The Nomination 11:00:01
What will you do if they don't let us have it even if we win it? 10:59:52
Defamation on Yahoo 10:57:38
I had a dream 10:45:08
DEA tortures student after 4/20 party 10:42:56
AP "Scrapping Bottom of the Barrel" 10:30:27
ACTUAL delegate count at Mises Wiki 10:29:14
Stefan Molyneux vs Dave Nalle 10:29:01
6% in Texas! 10:08:07
Goodbye Newt and Thanks for the Memories 10:05:52
RP Radio Interviews This Morning 10:01:59
Georgia Rules? See link regarding becoming delegate to National 10:00:05
Ron Paul: Is he taking over the GOP nomination? Crowds and delegates tell all (Video) 09:49:05
IBD Editorial on The election is a referendum on the American Revolution 09:48:36
If Ron Paul is not a threat, then why the plethora of negative articles about him today on engine searches? 09:25:17
New AD hammering our biggest adversary (Fixed the Link) 09:22:50
See, Freedom Isn't So Scary After All 08:55:57
Reminder: Mitt Bought Sean, Rush, And Levin In 2008 08:49:03
The Winner Takes It All! =) 08:47:54
Why Would Americans want to leave the US with such good Improvement in Employment Numbers? 08:38:08
The Real Costs of War 07:50:54
Video, Ron Paul Supporter and (Gop Est/Neocon) Confront 07:39:47
Ron, Rand, and Romney 07:28:19
Ron Paul Movement Growing And Collecting Delegates 07:19:33
Delegate Strategy 07:10:10
Drones for USA Urban Warfare 06:57:04
25 Horrible Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Barack Obama Does Not Want You To Know 06:55:40
Protester at a counter-terrorism speech is dragged away as she speaks out on behalf of the innocent victims of US drone strikes 05:47:14
Here It Is The First Of The Month...We Old People Got Our Ss Money And Still No Money Bomb... 05:33:25
Proof CNBC Copyright Bombed Ron Paul Youtube Channels! 05:17:04
Thumb App - Very Useful to Our Movement! 05:05:04
Argument for freedom vs power 04:47:39
Video: Atty. Kurt Haskell, the Witness & Survivor of the False Flag 'Underwear Bomber,' is running for Congress! 04:29:21
Obama Information Czar Cass Sunstein Confronted on Infiltrating and Taxing of Conspiracy Groups 04:08:22
The little nut that held its ground. 03:59:45
How Obama was really elected! The Truth 03:44:54
Ron Paul: Words to the Wise? 03:37:06
This is a must read about Ron Paul 03:32:53
5 Reasons why Support for Ron Paul will Continue to Grow 03:30:18
This is a must read about Ron Paul 03:25:24
This is a must read about Ron Paul 03:20:53
Best Ron Paul Song Yet (Video) 03:15:42
Who is planning to be at the Tampa convention? 03:12:39
Ron Paul - America Must Be Free Again (Video) 03:06:36
Catherine Bleish, Liberty Restoration Project interviewed by Jessie Ventura, Conspiracy Theories. 02:44:36
NYT: Romney proves He's not a RINO... by seeking NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Endorsement 02:34:08
Gary Johnson Supports Slavery 02:16:21
Ron Paul: "I Always Win" VIDEO Sat May 19 01:58:29
☛ VIDEO & BOOK: "Ron Paul vs. Paul Krugman: Austrian vs. Keynesian economics in the financial crisis" 01:38:18
Jewish American Guy Rhymes about Israel and Ron Paul 01:25:58
"If I wanted America to fail" 01:13:02
The Rules of the Maine Republican Party; To be Adopted at the Convention on May 5, 2012 00:57:34
Video: "Bill DeBerg" challenges Obama Propaganda Czar Cass Sunstein @ NYU! 00:47:33
Excellent Billboard on I-5 in Washington State 00:40:30
Pray For Ron Paul 2012 00:39:51
Portland Oregon: Cops bullhorn "if you do not disperse we WILL use deadly force". 00:33:29
Herat Court Punishment - Vid-80 lashes for alcohol use 00:30:11
Ron Paul FLIX Daily News - May 1 2012 - YouTube Removes Ron Paul 00:27:46
Newt Gingrich Officially Suspends Campaign and Endorses Mitt Romney; Helps Ron Paul? 00:19:35
Ben Swann - what can we do? 00:15:28
Who should be President Paul's Attorney General? 00:04:46