Posted on May 20, 2012

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/21/12: On Indefinite Detention The Tyranny Continues 22:54:28
Official Campaign Release: Delegates Galore! MN: 32/40! VT: 2/14, 10/14 Alt! VA: 17/33! #winning 23:59:09
Looks like Rachel Maddow is Waking Up on Obama & Indefinite ('Prolonged') Detention 22:11:52
JP Morgan's Potential Trading Loss Just Keeps Spiraling Higher 20:36:30
We didn't win the truck race, but 12:59:58
☛ Attention Illinois residents who still want to become delegates! 07:41:27
Ron Paul Picks up 8 out of 30 Delegates in Michigan 02:15:00
The Less-Well-Known Ron Paul Victory in Georgia 00:54:57
Ben Swann Video Update: Is Ron Paul out or is he winning? And how the party is being remade. 20:34:00
Rise for Liberty Money Bomb Door Prize Drawing: Congratulations, Earthling, Crickett, Tom Williams! 02:14:00
"I Am The Ron Paul Revolution" Daily Paul Sign Drive 20:29:16
Video Update: Ron Paul at Minnesota State GOP Convention - Friday May 18 20:32:18
Rise For Liberty Money Bomb Raises Over $850,000 20:31:09
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Teacher warns student that he could be arrested for talking badly about Obama 23:41:03
Roger Waters 23:27:23
You say you want a REVOLUTION... 23:25:17
21 Year Old Funded Super PAC Just Called Me, Winning 23:10:51
Influencing The Party Platform? 22:43:34
Impeachment Bill Gaining Steam- Needs Your Help To Push It- Bill Hcr-107 Get This Passed 22:40:19
Stash of £156BILLION in gold bars"Found" Stored Underground in London Still Not Explained! 22:38:31
Christopher David for Congress 22:37:56
Ron Paul Revolution: Spiritual Warfare! 22:37:19
Anyone know the results for SC and GA state conventions Sat? 22:35:31
Palin robocalls for Ted Cruz in Texas! 22:35:12
Dan Rather to Maher: Corporate media consolidation is politicizing and trivializing journalism 22:34:48
The Story of Ron Paul’s Presidential Candidacy as Told by His Supporters in Our Comments Section 22:32:44
National Convention? Remember, You're Talkin' About A Guy Who Held His OWN! 22:25:54
Received in mail: Notice of California's new OPEN Primary 22:15:11
(Song) Pennywise - Let Us Hear Your Voice 22:14:47
Romney Delegates Must Be Quite Curious By Now 22:13:46
"Warmonger!" ~ Tony Blair Heckled in Maine College Speech 21:45:58
Weekend Meditation: Consciousness Raising And Falling … 21:43:25
UPDATE! Ron Paul Wins Big in Minnesota! He did NOT End or Suspend his Campaign. Christians and Conservatives–Rally Now! 21:34:00
New Video Ron Paulian Rhapsody 21:24:52
Tomorrow (May 21) is the last day for register Republican in California 21:14:52
No need to reinvent the wheel, at the philosophical level... 21:07:47
I need advice about a book title 21:05:33
What happens when bills are sent to Congress? 20:59:40
Barry Shainbaum interviews Reality Check's Ben Swann of WXIX Fox 19 20:53:23
Video: Tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel on 60 Minutes talks about why he gave $2.5 million to supporting Ron Paul 20:52:11
Steve Scully of CSPAN tries to send me to a phishing site after I call him out 20:42:43
StarTrib: Raw Milk and Raw Emotions Go To Court 20:34:16
View Eclipse 20:42:07
Presidential Memorandum - Implementing the Prison Rape Elimination Act. (True!) 20:23:29
The Emperor Really Has No Clothes 20:20:46
Ron Paul Message 20:14:58
Whatever became of the investigation of Romney and his son? 20:12:23
On May 1st Obama Proclaimed it to be "Loyalty Day". What's up with all these "Days"? 20:12:08
Dr. Steven Parent helps a newbie sweep his CDs 20:07:26
Attention Sovereignjanice: 19:59:48
Using Twitter hashtags to get dirt out 19:57:45
Ron Paul Fire, Meet Tampa Bay Fuel 19:56:53
Tip of the Hat to Ron Paul's Movement - Smoke Screen 2012 video 19:54:10
As part of the "Delegate Conversion" strategy; should we offer a VP? 19:52:40
Los Angeles County District 41 Liberty Candidates for Central Committee 19:50:42
What Kind of Skills do You Need to Win the Delegate Contests? 19:48:32
Born Free? 19:46:11
An Encouraging Development 19:42:00
Sitting Bull's 1877 speech modernized. (enjoy - or not ) 19:36:20
Yahoo-Ron Paul Decisively Wins Minnesota and Carries Delegates in Multiple Other States 19:30:53
Romney's Fall 19:18:01
One Piece of an RNC strategy 19:04:40
Ron Paul Winning Virginia - update 5/20/2012 18:49:14
97% Owned - Monetary Reform documentary 18:46:20
Is the campaign in it to win it? 18:46:07
President Frank Marshall Davis Obama 18:32:11
Attention INDIANA residents who still want to become delegates! Don't know what to do? Here's what to do. 18:29:26
Who will saturate a few thousand more cars AND shirts in CA, NJ, MT, or SD? 18:27:00
"'Liberty' is a buzz word that people use cause it sounds cool - and used as a guise to hide their ignorance." 18:24:49
RP trending on yahoo 18:24:40
List of States Bylaws. If You Can't find penalty, there is none 18:07:47
1964 National Convention Rockefeller Uses Familiar Playbook 18:05:40
Super Pac needs to be set up 17:51:20
Doug Wead: "Fathers in scandal and daughters who defend them" 17:49:07
Karzai thanks Obama for U.S. taxpayers money 17:46:17
Congressmen Seek To Lift Propaganda Ban 17:45:31
How To "Rise For Liberty" ? Match My $100.00 Donation ASAP. 17:36:31
Student PWNS Partisan Obama-Drone Teacher 17:31:42
"Stand Up" (Ron Paul Song) ANOTHER Blockbuster! 17:26:09
rise for liberty Money BOMB, probably one of the most important, lets hit a Million already! 17:25:49
Two More For Ron Paul in Texas 17:23:37
How do you deal with those pesky Census people? 17:19:48
If You Want To Take My Picture. Incredible RP Song - 17:14:26
How can I get this site to host videos? 17:13:39
America! "This is how to pick your candidate " ! 17:12:31
Now: Live GA post-convention report on 17:07:07
Breakdown Of Michigan Delegates 17:04:12
Operation Delegate Conversion 17:02:11
Message to Delegates and alternates... Please read regarding my wife's experience at the MN 16:47:45
Ron Paul Breaks And (SAVES) The Republican Party 16:47:42
Doug Wead blockbuster: Exposes longtime FASCIST in Arizona tied to blatant FRAUD 16:37:27
Peter Schiff - C2C AM Guest 16:34:12
If You Think Romney Is A Clean Capitalist... 16:33:45
Penn Jillette Rant On Obama & Drugs 16:29:36
Chicago Police Van Slams Into Occupy NATO Protesters 16:20:15
Charles Schumer: Covers For Elite Overseas Banks - - Military Coup Could Oust Obama 16:15:06
1984: Teacher Screams At Student For Criticizing Obama (video) 16:13:09
Romney’s record renders GOP’s best offensive strategies against Obama useless. 16:09:48
What if 16:02:44
The MSM Delegate Count for Romney. May 22nd primaries in Kentucky & Arkansas. 15:57:11
Ted Cruz is a Big Government Conservative who believes in Federal, not state solutions. 15:45:40
The Facts About Bain And KB Toys, Much Worse Than ‘Vulture’ Capitalism 15:28:57
THIS Should Be On The Top Of DP's Front Page! 15:15:40
FBI Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit Introduction to Sovereign Citizens 15:10:45
Looks Like Mitt Romney is the King of Bankruptcy Corruption. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and the eToys Bankruptcy Scandal and the 15:04:26
Nui, Nui, Nui...Another Dynamite Video! 14:47:59
Highlight Of Mn Gop Convention - Moms For Mitt Idiot... 14:47:16
Please list resources which provide info for delegates re. state-by-state penalties for voting conscience at RNC. 14:46:59
Judge Katherine Forrest Is A Modern American Hero 14:46:03
The Corrupt Fear Us... 14:28:54
Disabled Veterans National Foundation rip-off, $56 million donated, no veterans helped *vid* 14:12:22
Ya gotta love the TSA - funny video -adults only 14:08:49
Delegate Discussion With Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent (Win in CD 1 Michigan w/ his help) Live Now At 14:05:48
Top 5 Ron Paul Inspired Memes of 2012 13:56:29
Kris Kristofferson: The Police State Killed Jesus 13:31:09
Redneck Super Brochure Available below! 13:29:47
OK, I'm confused... 13:22:12
here is how to stop the cheating and disenfranchisement...small claims court. 13:21:55
A concession on Ron Paul 13:20:38
Dr. Ron Paul Supporters Nearly Sweep all National Delegate Slots in Minnesota 13:08:36
Bylaws of the Republican Party by state (not every state, but almost) 13:03:54
The Maltese Double Cross (1994) Pan Am 103 Bombing Cover-up by the CIA (VIDEO) 12:53:55
Texas Is Getting Serious About Border: Texas Dps - New 36 Ft. Patrol Gunboat 12:53:16
Moodys downgrades 16 banks. Bank runs are very bad and hurt entire system. Look. 12:50:53
Sponsor Your Delegates! 12:44:22
Video: Penn Jillette goes off on obama - Explicit language 12:38:20
The Framework For Suppressing Information... 12:21:53
Delegate Slots For Political Figures Means THIS: 12:14:19
Robin Koerner on Blue Republicans and Why Ron Paul Remains the Hope for the US's Future - Daily Bell Interview 12:02:46
The Election Threat to Your Voting Mind; "What About the Supreme Court?!" 11:59:06
Ron Paul Film Added to a Top Internet Movie Site 11:56:30
Intel Dump, May 18, 2012 11:50:30
Bring back Glass-Steagall 11:46:31
Revolution swept 32 of Minnesota's 40 national delegates to RNC in Tampa will be committed to Paul 11:44:30
John Embry & James Turk discuss Gold and Economic 11:33:47
Mindless Masses; Living in America is becoming very difficult for anyone with a moral conscience. 11:23:07
Money For Delegates Only 11:16:56
U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for May 3rd, 4th, 7th, 10th, 15th, and 17th. 11:15:20
Romney parody funnny 10:46:41
A "GOOD" republicans worst nightmare 10:23:50
What about Virginia CD5? 10:15:26
“How to Judge a Political Candidate" 10:14:14
Ron Paul Revolution/Re-Evolution ( Ron Paul Tune!) 10:05:47
Wells Fargo behind for-profit prisons 10:02:37
Mortgage settlement funds being used to bail out states 09:54:33
ustream live NATO coverage links on DP? (I searched DP & the only one posted is offline) 09:52:56
California and Texas...Are We In Good Shape? 09:44:41
Free Ron Paul Car Stickers 09:35:31
We hold these truths to be self-evident 09:31:22
We must change Rule 38 Section 10 in Texas and unbind our delegates 08:53:27
Doug Wead Message being passed around on Facebook right now 08:52:02
Bottom Line 08:44:18
Free Publicity For Ron Paul on Yahoo!~ 07:44:05
Do you want this man to be the 45th President of these united States of America? 06:42:26
It isn’t 2 million, but it’s the best I can do. Who will match my $2000 for Super Brochure mailings? 05:45:00
It's the DELEGATES that count is the name of the game, thinking beyond nomination, isn't it the ELECTORS who count? 05:13:22
What is this Valedictory Tone?! 04:57:10
Do not give up your delegate seats. 04:35:37
The inches we scratch for...a story from Mich. 04:25:52
Independent Ron Paul Wins 2012 Presidential Election 04:15:42
Romney Vulture In Business, Vulture On Ron Paul-Romney Is Attempting To Do The Same 04:12:23
Bad Cop, Bad GOP Chairman? Here is what Elected Delegates are saying in Indiana Congressional District 9 04:00:20
Urgent: Go To Facebook Get $201.20 For Ron Paul Money Bomb. Do It For Free 03:32:32
Ron Paul Supporter Turns $500,000 Into Over A Billion Dollars on Facebook Bet 03:13:44
GOP endorses Kurt Bills at state convention in St. Cloud 03:10:58
Video: "Ron Paul's influence big on GOP delegate at Minnesota state convention" 03:09:17
Please everyone, write to campaign and let them know since we have almost raised 02:49:23
Romney should be embarrassed and ashamed that it takes this in order to "win". 01:45:13
Politico : Marco Rubio as Romney's vice president: the Bilderberg conspiracy 01:25:59
Big THANK YOU to Alex Beltramo of Dungeoneers for "Register Republican" Banners 01:24:28
Does Anyone Know if the delegate vote results were ever released for SC? 01:24:02
And The GOP Criminal Conspiracy Rolls On - More Convention Fraud 01:17:17
Legendary Tom Petty - I Won't Back Down. 01:06:48
Buffalo Springfield - Stop Children What's That Sound 01:03:34
THIS is Why I’m Invested in Physical SILVER 00:44:08
Ron Paul is the greatest American in history! 00:38:16
Project 00:12:25
Grab Your Wallets; I Think You And I Are Gonna Bail Out The EU! 00:07:45
FBI Again "Foils" Their Own False Flag Terror Plot! 00:06:07