Posted on May 22, 2012

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Maddow: Ron Paul wins Minnesota and brings in money for struggling state GOP 22:47:34
Do we still want Ron Paul to win the Republican nomination? 22:03:20
PAULFEST is gaining steam! Tampa Bay Times: Ron Paul fans work to put on festival just before Republican National Convention! 21:59:11
Ron Paul Supporters Are Now Suing The Oklahoma State GOP 21:22:09
Doug Wead: Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana 20:47:57
Ron Paul Supporter, Thomas Massie, WINS Congressional Primary 20:43:49
MA delegates asked to sign affidavit that they will vote for Romney on first ballot 17:58:03
Nevada Video: Ron Paul Supporters Like "Swarm Of Killer Bees!" 15:30:00
Paul Festival! Please read. 15:21:17
Live Stream: Oklahoma State GOP Delegate Binding - 5:00pm CST 14:04:17
Gingrich to Romney: Watch Out for Ron Paul Delegates 11:48:02
Thank you for your dedication, Liberty patriots in Arkansas and Kentucky! (Updated 05/23) 09:27:36
VIDEO: Ron Paul Suddenly Seems Electable! Family Friendly Version 08:57:55
Romney Losing Ground To Obama While Paul Collects Delegates 05:28:36
Audio, MN Public Radio: "Ron Paul has Texas-size influence in Minnesota GOP"! 04:58:45
High School Students Applaud Ron Paul! 05:53:36
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Ron Paul Living Legend 23:57:02
"Ron Paul, You're 76 Years Old. Will You Release Your Medical Records?" 23:54:22
Candidate: I'll smoke a joint on Hill 23:53:56
'Ron Paul is a rarity and can't be bought'! -Former Lobbyist 23:50:47
Chuck Todd: Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul 23:46:51
India: Rising Crime And Sexual Assaults Prompt Women To Buy Guns For Protection 23:36:54
Thoughts On The Ga Convention And Open Letter The The Ga Gop 23:36:20
Help Getting to National Convention! From CD 34 in Texas 23:27:02
Can't the delegates being required to sign affadavits that they will vote for Romney in MA sign Under Duress? 23:22:52
The Bilderberg Conspiracy Against Ron Paul 23:17:19
Need intellectual-ammo to convert a die-hard Obama supporter. 23:11:27
Geller: Paul's Planned Putsch 23:07:44
Ron Paul - The Champion of The Constitution 23:04:47
Obama Treasury Admits to Secret Deal With China - End the Fed! 23:00:59
10 Brainteasers to Test Your Mental Sharpness 22:27:26
What's the international credibility of Mitt Romney? 22:25:58
Consolidation of Important Delegate Information 22:25:45
Herman Cain learned from Ron Paul and is calling for a return to a gold standard 22:02:20
While pumping gas today, I asked the cashier if he would accept silver coins as payment... 22:01:54
Need help for texas primary election voting on the 29th 21:59:41
Partial List of Known Participants for Bilderberg 2012 21:58:13
Idyllwild, California Calls For Ron Paul To Visit 21:54:37
Maddow talking about Ron Paul on her show tonight. 21:50:23
Contacting Mark Cuban for the Paul Festival - 21:46:55
Paul festival before TAMPA National Convention 21:45:22
Theory on why Ron Paul's Campaign is not more aggressive against voter fraud etc. 21:35:57
FDA - Die, Slaves 21:23:22
I am an IL Delegate for Liberty but need help getting to the convention. Chip in account here! Thank you! 21:17:11
Please stop demanding action from the paul camp already 21:15:20
CNN Ratings lowest in 20 years! BOOM! 21:14:30
My Aunt Called. She said the media is reporting that Ron Paul dropped out! Why would the campaign want people to think this? 21:02:53
Gold signals trouble ahead 20:54:46
Massie Wins in KY! 20:49:07
*Excellent* satirical Policymic article - nails it all on the head! Must see! 20:43:19
Ron Paul rolling in the MT Rushmore state 20:24:17
YouTube audio: Newt on Hannity talking about Ron Paul supporters 20:21:52
JP Morgan and the Failure to Regulate Wall Street Fraud *vid* 20:12:00
SNL: Straight Talk About Today's Markets 20:04:21
Bilderberg Meeting in US 20:02:48
Mass Delegate Affidavit Solution 19:57:57
Ron Paul Supporters Submit Challenge to Oklahoma GOP State Convention 19:52:31
If you found CNN to be disinforming, lying and blacking out Ron Paul - you are in a true minority 19:50:35
Our Petition 19:50:18
Broadcasting Board of Governors, an independent 19:49:03
Former J.P. Morgan Lobbyist Manages The Banking Committee Expected To Investigate J.P. Morgan’s Trading Loss 19:47:32
ViDEO: Reggie Middleton Interviews GBI (Gold Bullion International) 19:45:42
Look at this Crap from NJ! 19:41:49
Favorite things about the Daily Paul 19:35:13
Kentucky and Arkansas Primary Results 19:23:06
Ron Paul Supporter For National Committeewoman In Az - Help! 19:22:40
Do you believe that Romney could actually be worse than Obama? Yes'+' or No'-'. 19:20:43
Bruce Willis calls Mitt Romney an 'embarrassment,' report says 19:18:08
The Mainstream Media and how it Makes You Dumber 19:11:48
Massie Leads In Early Returns 19:09:07
*IMPORTANT*Live Stream of Conference Call at OK* 19:07:13
Ron Paul Cruise *UPDATE 6/4* 19:06:33
'End The Fed' Poem: I Wrote It! 19:01:29
How to wake up my mother? 18:54:55
Kennedy Half Dollars 18:44:21
Ron Paul's Parallel to Martin Luther King 18:40:19
Google following CIA's path in confronting Iran 18:36:56
"Walking the Planks" - a regimists reaction to the Iowa GOP draft Platform 18:35:40
Idaho's coin toss for Republican committeeman in Precinct 1915 18:35:37
Here is what to say to your Non-Political friends. 18:29:03
Congress Seeks To Establish Ministry of Truth! 18:18:22
Obama Donates 7 Alaskan Islands to Putin for Zero Dollars 18:06:17
Asset forfeiture laws make Mike Huckabee want to become a hardcore libertarian 17:55:50
Ron Paul on Indefinite Detention: The Tyranny Continues 17:55:14
The New American Order: Using Weapons of Compliance to Stamp Out Protest 17:46:19
I think Judge Napolitano should Moderate A Romney/Paul Debate on Foreign Policy and The Fed! 17:32:52
JPM Hires Ex-SEC Chief Enforcement Officer To Help Prop Trading Loss Damage Control 17:22:35
Tea Party Welcomes Boman. Hoekstra Snubs Tea Party 17:22:29
China Sovereign Wealth Fund Says Renminbi Will Become Reserve Currency 17:18:44
RT News: Ron Paul takes Republican Party of Minnesota by storm 17:10:00
Texas Primary Early Voting Now. 17:09:25
Freedom message in TV Show Intro - FRINGE Season 4, Episode 19 17:06:06
Oklahoma: Time to follow the Rules 17:05:15
Evidence the Delegate Strategy Working 17:02:50
Should we buy 16:58:04
This is how Ron Paul can WIN! 16:39:31
U.S. Treasury Hands Over Access of the Doomsday Printing Machine to Bank of Red China 16:32:03
General Motors becoming Chinese motors ? 16:25:52
I get a bit frustrated when people say a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama 16:24:10
Peter Schiff: Next President will preside over the economic collapse 16:16:00
Is Daily Paul twitter app DOWN? also: the chat pop out froze my lap 16:12:31
"Stronger!" viral video - do a version for RP! 16:03:45
Conflict of Interest: Dimon is CEO of JPMorgan and Fed Board Member 16:01:38
Saul Anuzis is Out – Ron Paul Picks Up National Delegates 16:01:07
Yesterday DoD paid Boeing 7.8 mil for software licenses FOR the government of Korea 15:58:37
Sen. Tom Coburn: "We're Gonna Lose This Currency" 15:49:40
Fox Disabaling Comments on Articles 15:49:29
Urgent! Two Video Clips Of Obvious Military Force Exertion! Obama And Nato 15:46:24
RT: Majority of Americans want troops out of Europe 15:45:11
Penn's Obama Rant. Careful bad lanquage. Clear the children out of the room. 15:42:35
Clark County Republican Central Committee Condemns Actions of RNC for Violation of RNC Rule 11 (a) 19:21:48
Georgia GOP Hypocrisy On Full Display, Just Watch. 15:13:30
What if the dream I had last night came true. 15:13:12
Will the Real Liberty Candidates Please Step Up? 15:12:42
873 wrongful convictions shine spotlight on judicial system 15:11:22
Keiser Report : JP Morgan Is Going Down! *vid* 15:11:13
Tom Coburn: "We're Gonna Lose This Currency" 15:10:29
Bush and Blair’s pre-Iraq conversation must be disclosed, U.K. tribunal rules 15:08:15
For your education 15:02:06
Senate DEMS Back Increase In Air Travel Fee To Close Funding Shortfall at TSA 14:59:28
Received a letter from Romney camp today 14:49:31
Critique Requested on Open Letter to Representative Vicky Hartzler 14:38:32
AP: "Replacing a Legend" - Candidate for RP’s Texas Seat says, "like being the coach after Bear Bryant" 14:34:56
SD City Councilman just endorsed Ron Paul! 14:24:36
Open Letter To Mr. Romney... 14:16:53
Ron Paul wins Minnesota delegates. - ABC & Yahoo! News, May 21, 2012 14:03:52
New Video Remix: Stand Up For Ron Paul 13:59:40
★ SPANISH version FREE Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney Candidate Comparison Sheet Handout to Print 13:59:27
Tom Woods & Kevin Gutzman Teaming Up Tonight 13:45:59
Army manual: Internment and resettlement "re-education camps" 13:40:44
I want to send states won by Paul and current delegate count with Barracudas video 13:38:32
Five Things Ron Paul Wants 13:33:25
Gingrich To Romney : Watch Out For Ron Paul Delegates 13:30:24
Gingrich to Romney: "Watch Out for Ron Paul Delegates" ~ABC News 13:22:03
Children's Rights and Democratic Education 13:05:45
Paul Warburg - "Godfather of the Federal Reserve." 12:57:11
Armed Chinese Troops in Texas! 12:37:57
Attention All California Voters 12:36:32
Red Alert! Idaho GOP Leadership Positions Available - Take Them! 12:34:53
Big Obama donor reportedly tied to Bain layoffs 12:30:29
State Gasoline & Income Tax Rates 12:26:50
New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And Psychological Operations Directly At U.S. Citizens 12:25:46
Bank of America Reveals Anti-Gun Policy, Drops Gun Manufacturer 12:22:05
Paulista Force Help Oust anti-Ron Paul RNC member/former Michigan State Chair Anuzis 12:20:55
How the Ron Paul takeover could help the state GOP 12:15:16
‘Barcode everyone at birth’ 11:41:05
The Media keeps saying that he has quit we need to get the message out he has not quit 11:40:11
Ron Paul keeps racking up delegates, he hit Minnesota hard this weekend 11:34:46
Liberty Within the GOP - We MUST Peacefully Participate and With Strength! 11:33:40
Ron Paul delegate strategy keeps on rolling, cleaning up in Minnesota this past weekend 11:33:21
Ron Paul continues to rack up delegates, taking 12 of 13 this weekend in Minnesota 11:32:40
French ban of Monsanto GM maize rejected by EU 11:25:48
Austin Rally: Tom Woods Introduces Glenn Addison, Slams Rand Paul's Pick Ted Cruz For Endorsing Rick Perry 11:24:32
Representative Democracy? ...What? 11:22:35
NATO Signs $1.7 Billion Contract to Buy U.S.-Made Drones 11:22:29
I am confused... 11:11:44
Paul in KY 11:05:54
Chinese Firm Buys AMC Movie Theater Chain in Largest Sale Ever of U.S. Company to China 10:54:01
program being developed by the Pentagon would design software to create “sock puppets” on social media outlets 10:51:05
Bruce Willis: Obama and Romney are the same 10:50:34
Fast Forward to August 2012 10:43:01
Romney Holds Fundraiser With Manufacturer of “Morning After” Pill 10:34:06
A Victory for All of Us: Obama's NDAA struck down in court of law 10:32:41
While other politicians fiddle, Ron Paul tries to stop burning of the Constitution 10:28:33
Ron Paul Channel Shut Down 10:26:20
Romney Agrees to Debate Ron Paul on Foreign Policy and Federal Reserve 10:00:53
Oklahoma Parking Lot Convention Delegates Convention at OKGOP live stream tonight! 09:59:16
Former Citigroup chairman John Reed how big banks transfer wealth to the very top 09:33:11
The Welfare State wants me but they ain't gonna get me! 09:09:16
RNC Accomodation 08:38:46
The Eurozone was designed to fail 08:31:40
Trent Lott explains support for treaty he once said would create ‘UN on steroids’ 08:24:38
Ron Paul: Saving the American Health Care System 08:21:36
Bill Would Authorize the Use of Propaganda On Americans Living Inside America 08:15:15
RP predicition from 12/20/2011 08:13:32
Are Clinton and Obama secretly trying to sign away our Sovereighnty? 08:06:35
If the round up started tomorrow, and the internet went down... 06:39:00
Art & PoliceState Humor: Art imitating Life imitating Art imitating Life 06:34:54
Video: GREAT Gary Johnson 2012 Ad! Why? Pause at 1:57min Time Stamp mark to find out! 06:18:18
The Huge Advantage the Liberty Movement has on the Establishment People Don't Realize 05:12:06
One Minute Romney/Obama Debate 2012 05:01:54
NY Post: Hey New Yorkers, YOU paid for This! NYPD threaten Sexual Assault, on Video! 04:09:49
Congrats to Billionaire Ron Paul Supporter Elon Musk for a Successful Space X Launch! 03:54:08
NDAA 2013: Now Featuring Propaganda and War With Iran! 03:15:24
Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media 02:57:02
Ron Paul Reincarnated as 12-Year-Old Canadian - Well, Almost 02:42:23
Ron Paul and the Sands of Time 02:23:55
Penn Jillette discusses Obama's drug hypocrisy 02:03:52
Great Video.. 02:01:15
Tampa signage 01:49:59
California and Texas are irrelevant - Romney 01:43:47
I am a delegate. At the caucus I asked Romney supporters what Romney would cut (spending)?..utter silence. 01:37:47
Tampa 01:35:26
Romney Refuses To Debate Ron Paul...Now Thats A Candidate You Can Really Get Behind, Eh? Somone Who Refuses To Debate The Issues 01:11:44
California Activists: Start Talking to Republicans 01:02:23
VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul & "Ron Paul's Revolution" Author on 2012 Presidential Race 00:47:06
JP Morgan losses above 32 BILLION ? ... Crank up the shorts ? 00:46:25
George Stephanopoulos Can Pound Sand 00:45:11
Quick update from The Myrtle Beach Sorbet R3volution 00:41:06
Idea discussion for creating template emails for Jon Stewart to read about and expose fraud at conventions 00:37:00
Ron Paul: Supporters, "Rock GOP To The Core" -TMOT Out 00:35:30
Delegate Discussion With Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent Wednesday On Ronpaulradio.Com 3 Pm Est & 6 Pm On Ronpaultribune.Com 00:32:18
Coast To Coast AM - Monday Night, May 21st (TONIGHT) 00:15:37