Posted on May 23, 2012

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Chairman & Vice Chairman resign from the CCRCC *UPDATE* 23:52:48
Special Ops Training in Tampa 22:03:46
Grandfather’s Millions Make Paul Fan a Political Player 21:44:31
Confirmed: Fox News makes people dumb! 20:22:27
Those Killer Bees are Swarming in Washington State... 19:05:36
Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda 17:01:36
Ben Swann Update on Affidavit: Do NOT sign! 16:43:58
"When God sends a Ron Paul, I cannot vote for a Mitt Romney." ... a Mormon writes on 14:15:16
Unmanned spy planes are being launched from 63 locations in 20 states 11:05:02
Did y'all check out the law firm helping us for Oklahoma? Friends in high places are helping us. 10:58:39
Ron Paul Revolution – I Hung My Head 07:50:47
Chuck Todd: "Undecided voters dislike Romney and Obama but love Ron Paul" 08:57:07
Paul Causes Mitt Romney Supporters to Crumple Up Romney Signs, Say They Will Vote for Paul 15:29:42
Video: Ted Anderson, Owner of GCN & Midas Gold, is a Minnesota Delegate to Tampa! 08:54:26
The Most Epic Ron Paul Crowd Shot Ever 02:34:44
Washington Times: Ron Paul has already won 08:51:49
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WAR: #Maddow’s "Drift" book review Vote #PEACE Tuesday June5 primaries: Ron Paul! #CA #SD #MT #NJ #NM 23:59:08
Combat Exoskeleton Marches Toward Afghanistan Deployment *vid* 23:57:04
"Now We Are Free" - Gladiator Theme 23:55:00
Great video on Obama's flip-flops, Romney, and of course Ron Paul 23:52:17
Rand Paul Offers an Amendment that Would End Raids on Natural Food Stores and Amish Farmers 23:26:47
Fearing Eurozone Exit, More Greeks Stop Paying Taxes 23:25:22
New York Times Posts Good Article On Liberty Candidates, Then Spoils It By Lying. 23:19:03
Gingrich on Hannity:" Biggest danger to Romney is the Ron Paul forces" 23:18:06
For Liberty Freedom Candidates...Click Here! 23:11:20
WOW< China Eliminates Federal Reserve Mechanism: to Buy New US Treasury Bonds Directly from Treasury! 23:10:47
A Second Government? 22:53:00
New Mitt Romney Grassroots Ad 22:39:41
The military is hurting our country! 22:39:13
Peeling the Onion: Romney's Profits Built on Fraud. Romney-Water's Flood 22:32:22
This is how we defeat MSM propaganda 22:21:13
42 USC § 1971 - Voting rights 22:20:30
What Does Ron Paul Want? 22:18:03
Make DP headlines TWITTABLE & INFORMING - USE hashtags. Also: Organized BULLYING on Twitter 22:15:15
It has been sanitation and famine issues which have mostly contributed to plagues and epidemics 22:12:27
See this Map of military bases around Iran 21:57:47
New Video - Continue the Strategy 21:54:50
Bain Repeat Benefits From Fed Frauds: Romney Benefiting From Bain's Frauds - A Rant IS Necessary! 21:54:11
Hey Mitt Romney... 21:50:48
Joe Blaze Is Not Steve Parent! Why was his account DELETED! 21:45:42
Google the term- War isn't free 21:41:31
Preparing for the “Grexit” 21:35:33
Put it on a Big Rig! 21:24:09
Attention Delegates: Possible Legal Action Rnc For Rule Violations & Election Fraud 21:21:54
1 21:16:04
How to have delegate votes(etc) which are simple and fraud free. Randomized! 21:10:52
I'm gonna say what you're thinking 21:09:50
Internet engineer plans to build ISP free from government intrusion 21:04:28
History of Presidents and Central Banks from this Epic Piece of Work 20:52:43
Obama Has Been Busy This Year 20:35:20
Delegate Count Gap Closes to 299! (with update. O_o ) 20:28:07
Georgia Should Follow Footsteps of Oklahoma? 20:21:07
TMOT, The Minister Of Truth Minister Derrick Grayson, LIVE with Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent 19:33:24
(Video) Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendment To Rein In FDA Abuse 19:32:32
(Video ) Senator Rand Paul Interview On Fox Business -5/23/12 19:26:51
*Dr Steve Parent and TMOT Live now!* 19:24:52
Help us send Colorado RP delegates to national! 19:15:16
Forbes: A College Millionaire With a Super-PAC Shows the Rich Don't Ruin Democracy 19:13:32
Memorial Day: Honoring Innocent Civilians Killed in Our #WarOnDrugs in the #Americas 19:00:14
Registration to become a Delegate in Illinois has been extended for a 3rd straight time 18:56:17
Sweet - Obama addresses Air Force Academy Cadets 18:52:03
The $1.45 Trillion Fighter Jet—and the Florida Deficit Hawks Who Love It 18:48:47
Ridiculous Endorsment by Mississppi GOP 18:42:40
Super Brochures REVERSE the blackout and bring out the vote - proof 18:38:56
Ron Paul the litmus test 18:38:26
Just Arrived In Las Vegas, Nevada... The R3volution Is Alive! 18:35:58
Bilderberg Pushes Mandatory Internet ID for Europe 18:30:33
Why Ron and Rand Endorsed Cruz 18:30:20
Gop & Mitt Romney's Dream Come True: Drones Over America 18:29:22
This scene makes me think of Romney and the RNC at a strategy session 18:29:04
Understanding Agenda 21 seminar in Chandler - Saturday May 26th 18:28:37
Meet & Greet with US CD9 Candidate Martin Sepulveda - Friday May 25th 18:22:49
Onward To Victory... 18:11:06
Senate reaches deal on FDA bill amendments 17:48:16
We are in the drivers seat of this election 17:47:59
Facebook, Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley Sued Over IPO 17:43:45
The Bilderberg Group 101 - Video 17:41:37
Message From Ron Paul 17:39:38
My Personal End The Fed Speech 17:31:30
NY Republicans propose 'clearly unconstitutional' ban on anonymous online speech 17:26:37
Winning the war in El Monte, CA. 17:24:26
From Maine to Tampa, Florida 17:10:12
Andrew Breitbart TRIBUTE 17:06:11
"I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience." ~ Ronald Reagan 17:03:43
Oklahoma GOP Chairman Evicted Me From HQ Until Ron Paul Folks Showed Up 17:01:43
Rand, Judge, Doherty, Schiff, Woods at FREEDOMFEST 2012 16:59:28
Scientists Say Eating Organic Food Makes You A Jerk 16:53:41
Would Someone Please Explain the Current Price of Gold? 16:44:16
The Venus Project: Paradise Or Oblivion (Free Full Movie Released For Download) 16:40:22
Swiss Parliament Debates Creating ‘Gold Franc’ 16:38:29
New York State Committee meets today and tomorrow? (23rd, 24th) 16:31:42
*URGENT* Massachusetts Delegates: Do Not Sign Affidavit! 16:20:33
OPERATION: Fill Will's Truck for Ron Paul 16:16:00
Romney = Obama nothing more 16:15:54
U.S. Presidential Election 2012: Forget Bailouts, We Need a Shakeout 16:11:32
"Be alarmed by this tsunami as our army awakes!" Powerful video for the R3volution! 16:07:22
My First Post - Ron Paul 2012! 16:06:31
Im All In.. & You? 15:50:52
A Breakdown of Obama's Track Record 15:39:31
Funny or Die: Voting Booth Love 15:21:25
John Wolfe Jr. Democratic Presidential Candidate 15:18:45
another way for obama to harass those he doesn't like 15:17:59
The day after 15:15:54
Comedian Bill Burr is awake and supports Ron Paul! 15:15:26
Wouldn't It Be Great if Everybody Had a Gun? 15:14:38
Where are Jim, Tim, and Franklin now? 15:11:29
Groups Concerned Over Arming Of Domestic Drones 15:05:18
BAE Systems Signs $3B Deal to Supply Jets to Saudi Arabia 15:04:02
When Will Mitt Romney Endorse Ron Paul? 14:53:37
A Movie All Paul Supporters Should Rent This Week 14:53:22
I can't help but think woody would have been right here with us! To all the freedom fighters! 14:47:14
Shockingly Deep Ties To Goldman Sachs Threaten Ted Cruz's Senate Bid 14:43:37
Occupy Tampa "Protestors" Being Paid 14:37:37
Can we discuss Texas? 14:29:19
UN Guidelines: Recruiting Religious Leaders as “Agents of Change” for One World Religion 14:18:12
Is this happening anywhere else? 14:05:16
Setting the Record Straight Regarding "Liberty" 14:02:27
Obama talks himself out of a job 13:48:47
Did you know? Bringing Ron Paul to the masses! 13:48:45
Virginia State Convention - June 15th - 13 Delegates at Stake! 13:48:05
Ron Paul at the top on CA ballot! 13:43:25
all of you would be fans 13:42:02
Paul rallies his troops to fight the GOP Establishment and media 13:40:03
Delegate & Roberts Rules W/ Parliamentarian Dr. Steve Parent Today Live Ronpaulradio.Com 3 Pm & 6 Pm Est On Ronpaultribune.Com. 13:33:06
Good Triumphs Over Evil - Renminbi Over the US Dollar 13:32:44
Surprise, Surprise: Fox News Lies Again-Says Romney 1 Win from Nomination 13:32:06
I Stand With Ron Paul And Against JP Morgan..I'M Buying More Physical Silver Now! 13:28:11
romney ad 13:21:49
Max Keiser On Russia Today: "JP Morgan Is Going Down!" 13:21:46
Coming Soon! The Laissez-Faire Journal! 13:15:04
Los Angeles Republican Central Committee - Liberty Candidates 13:13:17
Presidential Memorandum - Building a 21st Century Digital Government 13:10:48
FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit 12:53:45
Obama issues Executive Orders Providing "Orders of Succession" 12:52:25
US Foreign Policy is Gonna Get Us All Killed 12:33:33
War With Iran Has Already Begun 12:32:40
The Left, The Right, & The State ... 12:19:55
Ron Paul 12:16:38
Everything I Want To illegal 12:15:04
Romney 1 win away from victory? - Assimilated Press(oh..ok...) 12:14:41
NYT: The Ron Paul Revolution is Spreading 14:08:21
Doug Wead: Smoke and Mirrors in Louisiana 12:08:01
General Motors is becoming China Motors This video will piss you off! 12:05:18
Has Silver Bottomed? 12:03:35
New York Bill Outlaws Internet Political Speech 12:03:18
UPDATE : Teacher Suspended For Silencing Student Obama Critic (Video) 11:56:27
"The Age Of Ron Paul Is Upon The World..." Really 11:55:52
The Planned Reelection of Obama 11:50:33
How Ron Paul Is Changing The Debate 11:47:55
Saving a Class of Middle School students from a liberal, indoctrinating teacher... 11:42:57
Hiring Specialists 11:41:29
America at War - Ron Paul Revolution - I Hung My Head 11:38:10
End of the Road - A movie review 11:28:48
How Will Ron Paul Pay for Health Care 11:28:43
Five Things Ron Paul Wants 11:26:27
How Ron Paul Will Make More Jobs 11:23:00
WOW! Check out the exeutive orders today on (lots of orders of succession?) 11:14:49
A question for radio enthusiasts? 11:11:41
Bilderberg 2012 List Of Participants Revealed? 11:08:57
Prediction: Ron Paul Will Endorse Romney…Kind of 11:01:12
Ron Paul Gives an Uppercut! 10:56:27
Bain Capital - Rachel Maddow Link - another one of my personal heroes! 10:42:02
First Thoughts: Economic pessimism is back 10:38:56
Ron Paul not as concerned about political corruption? 10:33:37
Listen to the words of this incredibly insightful Republican from the 1940's and 50's 10:27:05
Want to have some 'Clean' fun with ? 10:22:59
Living On A Prayer 10:22:34
Can Texans win Texas? 10:07:32
Congressman Mika Calls For Most Airports To Ditch The TSA 09:59:53
I just slapped Bill O'Reilly 09:59:40
Press Release - Ron Paul Supporters Submit Challenge to Oklahoma GOP State Convention 09:56:19
Mn Congressman John Kline Response To Ndaa Hr.347 09:54:59
★ Call to all T-Shirt, sticker, magnet, and sign makers! 09:54:09
Something FISHY going on @ Doug Wead blog - Nathan Sproul Arizona post VANISHED! 09:53:00
Ron Paul: Let’s Get Real on Jobs! 09:35:21
★ Ok, one last time for Illinois. Apparently the GOP has extended the deadline to become a delegate by ANOTHER day 09:20:01
IQ Foods : Processed Food Lowers IQ In Children Nutritious Foods Raises It 09:14:35
US drone kills suspected militants at Pakistani compound 09:12:01
The Ron Paul Yellow Pages 09:05:33
Wall Street Bankers Secretly Scammed Facebook IPO Buyers 09:01:46
Half of Irish Homeowners stand up to looters 08:59:36
Santa Barbara Independent -Vote Ron Paul for President 08:59:02
Ehh, A Conversation With A Typical Romney Supporter 08:37:53
Tool of the establishment: Sarah Palin goes against Tea Party to back insider candidate 08:35:55
Describe what your doing/bringing for the Ron Paul Festival (and how many miles your driving to get there) 08:30:28
When they ask me who I'll vote for 08:22:41
Victory for Thomas Massie! 08:16:49
Jonah Goldberg - Youth are Stupid 07:50:11
MSM Is Gagging! "Mitt Romney is not the guy. — Ron Paul is incorruptible" New 5/23 07:48:46
~ "There's Nowhere To Run ~ The Revolution Has Begun" 07:33:45
NPR Vermont: Rand Paul vs. Romney 2016? 07:26:39
New: Ron Paul In Philly ~ Freedom Is Popular 07:12:58
U.S. Marine Slams Mitt Romney & Obama In Support Of Ron Paul (Ooh Rah!) 07:05:15
“Karl Rove’s fear-and-smear-style Republicans are going to wake up and realize we are now in control of the Republican Party.” 06:50:20
August 30, 2012... RIP Libertarian Cause 06:23:00
CSM: Are you a TRUE Ron Paul Supporter? Take our Quiz! (An Oldie, but New if you never took it) 06:06:38
Ron Paul Re-evolution.Give us back The Constitution! 05:42:23
BBC: Human bombs: Are they a realistic threat? (Ready for a cavity check at the airport ?) 04:59:33
To all Ron Paul Supporters around the globe - Give us a wave 03:45:31
California help needed (crunchtime) please upvote 03:02:29
I had a most interesting encounter tonight at my biz 02:43:04
Barry Obama 02:35:11
Can Someone Explain Kentucky? 02:29:28
What we need in Oklahoma is an injunction 02:19:07
NY Sun Ed.Bd: "The way to deal w/Ron Paul, in our view, is to pay attention to the Principles!" 01:52:37
The World Conservation Bank: Money Engine for the Next Long Wave? 01:34:41
Mississippi for Liberty web site and forum 01:14:25
Video: Why do we really need to "End the FED?" A reminder WHY we're all doing WHAT we're doing. 00:58:54
New Canadian Libertarian Podcast 00:49:07
Consolidating gains and defending states we have won (old guard will not go quietly) 00:38:08
RONY 2012! Please Subscribe! 00:18:02
'Promote' Jesse Benton! 00:08:36
Ron Paul: A History - For Those Who Want To Learn More About This True American Hero! 00:05:44
Don’t Look Now, But… Obama Just Lost 40% of Vote to Newby No-Name Democrat in Arkansas 00:03:00
Massachusetts votes being thrown out. 00:01:25
How To Communicate If The US Govt Shuts Down The Internet 00:00:51
Kentucky GOP Primary Results : Ron Paul Finishes Second Behind Mitt Romney, But Obama The Real Loser 00:00:07