Posted on May 26, 2012

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NewsOK: Oklahoma Republican Convention results should be disallowed 16:44:22
The Ten Principles of a Free Society by Ron Paul 07:47:49
Liberty Jam (Ron Paulstock) - May 26, 2012 Atlanta Georgia 22:14:05
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3 gripping, deeply informative, documentaries on US foreign policy, Debuted May 25th, 1 hr each 23:56:45
Kentucky State Convention Delegates/Alternates For Ron Paul Please Contact! 23:54:42
what are the goals and contingency 23:49:57
Taking the Grass Roots to the next level 23:34:51
Need Help: Who is better to support in WI Senate Race? Neumann or Hovde? 23:34:17
What should "The Shadow Party" emblem or mascot be? 23:08:32
As Memorial Day Nears, a Single Image That Continues to Haunt 23:00:22
Why don't we ALL claim to be delegates! That would drive them crazier than a cat in a rockin chair factory! 22:47:34
Let's just downvote the troublemakers and not make any comments 22:47:23
matt larson -Still Voting Romney or Obama? Not After This Video! 22:38:08
Is my Son me? Or is my son the man I raised him to be? 22:37:31
Defense Department Seeks Legal Authority to Deploy Reservists onto American Streets 22:34:40
Ann Barnhardt Does It Again: The First Republic is Dead, the Second One Will Rise? 22:30:11
Human rights still weapon for the US 21:56:44
Video: Peter Schiff on MSNBC w/ Dylan Ratigan 21:32:27
Ron Paul: Lawyers Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound! 21:28:11
Dump Lamar Smith This Tuesday! (And Sign the Petition.) 21:23:45
Freedom Democrat Press Release - We Need More Like This! 21:23:07
Detained for Open Carry, Portland, Maine 26MAY 2012 21:06:20
RNC Legal Counsel: All delegates are unbound! 21:05:50
Team Nevada just fubar'd Rmoney 20:54:18
Un-nato & Us Africom Are Causes Of Libya's Destabilization & Political Persecution 20:54:11
Steve Parent explains why Jerry Davis is wrong 20:41:03
Why Ron Paul Will Never Win California 20:39:18
My First Post 20:34:09
Idea for Moneybombs *FRESH* 20:25:19
Funny - Romney has his first supporter 20:14:27
Congress Is Forcing The Army To Buy 33 Battle Tanks It Doesn't Even Want 20:13:38
House to examine plan for United Nations to regulate the Internet - The Hill 20:11:22
★ Lake County INDIANA Delegate needs help! 19:56:44
California - Mitt Romney, John Mccain holding Memorial Day Tribute in San Diego. 19:34:14
Young Barack Obama And His Pot-Smoking 'Choom Gang' 19:29:20
video Herman Cain cannot deny that Ron Paul is America's solution 19:26:46
Rick Santelli accurately explains US Trillion Debt problem 19:10:08
Gullible Libertarians: Immigration is the Health of the State 19:09:02
DEA Agent shoots himself in the foot with "unloaded gun" while talking to students about gun safety 18:58:29
Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Handgun *vid* 18:55:32
Mum's The Word - Keep Quiet, Delegates! 18:49:39
The time frames can line up 18:33:58
Media Hoax on Ron Paul 18:25:39
The US government is the second worst human rights abuser on the planet 18:18:35
Off Topic - Strategies for 2012! - Join The Revolution! 18:17:37
Journey To Waukesha Wisconsin - Witness To Ron Paul History 18:15:47
∞ Crack this walnut 18:11:31
The establishment in Texas fears Ron Paul 17:51:12
I'm hoping my friends in the liberty community will join my allies Tatiana Moroz, Jordan Page, Jason Rink and Dr. Tom Woods! 17:48:30
Disinformation from Lew Rockwell about Rand Paul 17:42:26
USDA Internet Mining - Animal Owners Beware! 17:34:44
A question for those who have more experience than I regarding the purchase of Gold 17:32:19
Sea of Heartbreak - *vid* 17:32:17
Rand Paul, Please Tell Willard Mitt Romney That You Will Not Serve In His Administration And That He Is To Instead Serve You. 17:32:09
Educating the Press 17:28:58
Mitt Romney's Secret Weapon: Clear Channel Radio 17:17:14
Sometimes "COMMENTS" on posts are better than the actual post, and they should be made into their own post! 17:08:06
Rand Endorses Romeny - Praises Ron for Growing the GOP 17:03:09
So Which PAC, Organization, Chip-in Are People In Here Going To Contribute To? And Why? 16:54:40
How Obama’s Bailout of GM Subsidized China *vid* 16:50:47
We Need A Delegate Binding Booth At Paulfest! 16:44:32
Attention Delegates/voters: Are You A Victim Of Election Fraud? 16:43:22
President Paul 2012 16:22:55
Keiser Report: Reform = Crime To Favor Wall St. Crooks *vid* 16:15:03
Ron Paul Lawyers Confirm All Delegates Are Unbound! (Federal Law) 16:13:13
Encore to the bank bail outs - a backstop on the whole Derivatives market 16:12:58
Reminding Floridians of 60 Day Deadline to Register for August Primary 16:11:26
Uncertainty and Pressure 16:08:35
I think Romney, Rand and Ron have struck a deal. Heres why... 16:00:46
How Many Members Of The U.S. Congress Are Self-Declared Socialists? 15:47:15
Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you 15:46:31
Butterfly Release at MO state convention in Springfield 15:35:36
Called Obama 'Obomba' to a Liberal Friend. A Browbeating Ensued. 15:34:44
"For The Greater Glory" New Mexican history film looks just like Ron Paul Revolution 15:27:49
As An Encore to Bailing Out the Big Banks, Government to Backstop Derivatives Clearinghouses 15:13:27
Rony 2012 ! 15:12:04
Texas pastor exposes overcriminalization of homelessness 14:58:48
"President Paul" The Ron Paul Anthem By: Deadbeatz Inc Feat. sHERBS 14:37:33
The Conspiracy Theory is True and It's Treason! John Birch President John McManus w/ Josh Tolley 14:28:07
Go RP Run Song 14:27:19
KWN w/Nigel Farage - 5/26/12(audio): Europe is on the Edge of a Total Social Breakdown 14:12:38
★ The Illinois GOP is playing games with us. Either they're lying or just incompetent Deadline to become a delegate did NOT pass 14:10:29
Mitt Romney Centrals no longer accepts new accounts. 13:35:15
BAILOUT: The Movie with Dylan Ratigan *vid* 13:35:09
6/1/12 free website Lecture 13:06:34
Crux of our problem 13:02:46
Do you eat Silver and Gold? 13:00:22
Show this post to anyone who thinks Ron Paul has crazy economic ideas 12:48:19
Are you in or near Maryland? 12:48:13
Bilderberg realizing Obama is an albatross and may need replaced. Who do you think they would possibly run instead? 12:33:08
The video all Neocons and Obama supporters need to see! 12:29:49
Gingrich supporters refuse to vote Romney, Fighting for brokered convention! 12:25:33
Cheaters, Guns and History 11:56:47
Two counties trying to force delegates to support Romney at State Convention 11:53:33
* 11:48:21
Federal Reserve Video on Youtube 11:42:36
Romney Argues Big Spending Cuts Would Cause 'Depression,' 11:29:57
Newt's GA delegates sign oath to support him or Romney 11:29:38
Ron Paul Advertisement in South Carolina (Poem Included) 11:25:47
Plea to Our Active Military to Come Home 11:11:52
Michigan Congress opening - Any Takers? 11:09:36
Epic Songs you can use in Ron Paul videos *UPDATE* 11:08:08
Congress to examine plan for United Nations to regulate the Internet 11:06:14
More Free Car Stickers for Ron Paul 10:51:26
ron paul liberty videos 10:47:28
To All the Romneybot Trolls I just want to say... 10:42:50
Behind the 'Bamboo Curtain' 10:16:28
The No GroWhat Zero Sum Pie 09:56:32
Tom Coburn R-Ok Bipartisanship creates crony capitalism 09:38:07
Alaska Patriots Can Award ALL 24 Republican Delegates To Dr. Paul 09:35:06
Are corporations people? Florida congressional candidate wants to prove it. 09:27:29
Ron Paul Stock or secede and join China 09:13:45
George Galloway Explains Historical Palestine/Israel 08:58:53
ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns 08:58:03
Still trying to win my friend over. My latest attempts at friendly persuasion. 08:52:21
STOP -> Primary vote fraud NOW ! 08:48:29
Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you 08:45:13
Conservative blogosphere in uproar over Kimberlin - A Psyop in Progress? 08:43:42
Some quality info to fight the deflation myth 08:41:11
Skydiving for Liberty! 08:28:32
Ron Paul Revolution is well beyond the fringe 08:24:57
George Galloway Owns Nut-Job Neocon David Frum (Video) 07:35:59
They can have my guns... 06:49:15
*URGENT* Youtube of Jerry Davis - - > No One Can Tell You How To Vote! 06:34:48
OMG, I think I'm Mental! 05:55:55
idea for internet voting system 05:09:48
for weekend watching 04:57:31
Craig Westover, MN Delegate's Excellent OpEd @ MN Star Tribune: Ignore Ron Paul at your Peril! 04:46:56
More economic help for Israel: H.R. 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 04:33:59
New Ron Paul Group: Dudes With Really Long Beards For Only Ron Paul! 04:17:50
Ron Paul wins GOP nomination-Agrees to only attend debates with top 5 political parties 04:01:10
I dedicate this song to all our Liberty activists working to restore our Constitutional Republic and liberties. 03:57:46
Rick Santelli: "there's Not Enough Physical Gold" 5-13-2010 03:45:41
Ron Paul supporters detected Oklahoma GOP gave out Delegates Affidavit forms w/Missing Paragraphs 03:09:13
The faces of Oklahoma Nat'l Delegates to decide GOP prez nomination (Ron Paul supported) 03:04:02
Oklahoma GOP not Private Club to Avoid Civil lawsuit from its members 03:01:00
Who's Entitled to get Passes to the GOP Nat'l Convention? Oklahoma's Ron Paul supporters provided answers 02:57:54
Rick Santelli and Harry Dent: The Market is on Crack 02:51:26
Rick Santelli Discusses California's Budget Problems 02:45:29
Rick Santelli to Generation Y: Wake Up! 02:43:59
Oklahoma Tampa Delegate - I started a chipin 02:30:29
if we need 5 states won and we have 2 so far who are the other 3? 02:06:31
Next Week Just Say No To The Voice Vote - Ballots Only! 01:32:09
Any delegate state conventions tomorrow? 01:28:08
SoCal sign bomb! What are you gonna do about it, huh Norcal!? What?! 01:27:09
REAL Romney vs. Obama comparison project 01:26:59
Video Ron Paul needs more support in California! 01:14:01
Thanks! 01:14:01
Ron Paul Contemplates Thomas Jefferson 01:07:44
Pope's butler arrested after leaked church documents revealed allegations of corruption and power struggles with Vatican bank 00:57:34
Preparing New York State for 2016 00:49:18
Is There Room for Christian Preaching Teachers in Public Schools With Ron Paul as President? 00:46:42
Liberty Jam's Axis Experience/TMOT Video 00:31:00
Students Protest in Canada, hundreds of arrests made. 00:24:28
Forced into 3rd party? (Reposted) 00:18:50
Did you miss your chance to be a delegate? That is OK, you can still become a GOP precinct captain. 00:15:04
Seattle Times: Because Ron Paul Backers Show Up, Expect A Battle At The Gop Convention In Tacoma! Bring It! 00:12:09
Why Hasn't This Video Gone Viral? 00:09:38
Ron Paul - Bad Dream 00:00:40