Posted on May 3, 2012

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The Times They Are A’ Changin’: And Right Now Ron Paul Leads the Way 20:19:07
Washington Times blog: Ron Paul Delegate Strategy is Perfectly Legitimate 18:47:32
Junior Seau, Military Suicide, and a call to Americans. 13:58:24
HuffPost asks on front page: "The Million Dollar Question: What is Ron Paul up to?" 13:53:32
Ron Paul's Nevada Campaign Rebuffs Then Dismisses WARNING From Republican National Committee 13:12:36
Officials 'FRANTIC' Over Ron Paul Supporters Seizing Control of GOP 12:14:46
100th anniversary of the FED - How to mark the day. 10:20:33
DAILYPAUL: The illustrated history of you being screwed by people like Ben Bernanke 10:24:27
Ron Paul Rocks the House at CSU Fullerton - 4,000 + In Attendance 09:33:44
Heads up Maine! This weekend 09:40:47
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Fox News: Ron Paul Has Qualified for Nomination at the RNC 10:29:17
HuffPo : Ron Paul Racks Up DELEGATES, Putting GOP Establishment on EDGE 23:48:09
Ron Paul Keeps Winning as Supporters Prepare For a Battle With GOP Old Guard 23:48:03
Hey Ron Paul, you took 60 % of the delegates and 90 % of the alternates in Washtenaw County 23:46:59
St. Clair County (Port Huron) Michigan convention 23:33:29
Real Time Ron Paul Pics On Your Phone! 23:33:15
GOP in Michigan Wishing and Hoping their Governor is Mitt's VP choice 23:30:20
Ron Paul draws 5,000 supporters to second campaign event in California this week 23:26:40
Ron Paul's "Violent Opposition" Stage? 23:22:47
Happy Birthday Michael...Curious about Romney VP possible pick of Rubio, and some ramblings 23:16:11
How is the RP campaign going in Montana 23:15:48
Contagion and the viral spreading of debt based systems 23:12:00
Due to recent LEGAL developments that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is involved with, namely a PONZI scheme, I will Abstain 23:09:17
Particles of God on our inside 23:04:58
Fox News- Lies, Lies, Lies -see For Yourself 22:54:48
Why Many Young People Love Ron Paul And Why Many Older People Despise Him 22:50:52
To the Republican National Committee: The more you isolate us, the less chance you'll get of getting our votes 22:49:09
So People, Are We Mad Yet? 22:43:42
Only 8.6% in Texas? Time is running out 22:42:02
German Subsidy Of Israel's Nuclear Submarine Program 22:38:41
Fox news in attack mode 22:37:24
Newbie Paul Convert From Cali. What Can I Do In My Area? 22:35:12
Paul garners more donations from students than Romney or Obama 22:28:35
Ron Paul OpEd: "Our Central Bankers are Intellectually Bankrupt" - Financial Times, UK, May 2nd, 2012 22:11:47
Las Vegas Sun blogger: 'I don't think these Paul folks respect authority too much.' 22:10:36
Ron Paul Answers Who He’d Pick as VP 22:09:38
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America 22:09:27
New Video made by Nevadan about our Con-vention! 22:08:36
Today an army of angels is here 22:07:03
Las Vegas Sun: Nevada Ron Paul backers unfazed by RNC warning 22:07:02
Video: Who else than Obama is able to lie 16 times in 3 minutes ? (video) 22:04:16
Any info from uc davis? 21:57:08
Nevada: Ron Paul campaign will continue the convention strategy, despite RNC threat 21:56:20
The importance of Iowa. Then and now 21:55:28
Freedom Watch producer on Reddit. Let's Upvote for Liberty converts! 21:54:35
Weekly Blitz:The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul 21:46:01
Romney ad idea...Put Romney's face on Gollum from Tolkien... 21:43:05
The Michigan Macomb County Republican Convention 21:24:02
WINNING: Check out these news articles from just today 21:21:35
Youtube reveals preview of the Post-CISPA internet 21:14:51
Video: DEA Leaves Student Handcuffed w/o Food, Water, or Toilet for 5 Days 21:03:18
Fox News: Paul campaign has new tactic to win delegates, hijack GOP convention 20:59:57
Thomas Mullen: "Ron Paul delegate strategy is perfectly legitimate" 20:59:00
(Update iii: Here's the proof of abstaining) Doug Wead Joins Stossel In Predicting Something Big Next Week! 20:58:43
Couldn’t the Germans see it coming? Why didn’t they do anything? Well, why don’t we? 20:44:32
Streaming it? UC San Diego 20:43:20
Interfaith Forum Live TONIGHT at 9 EST! Dr. Walter Block (Jewish) Minister Grayson (Christian) and William Coley (Muslim) 20:36:13
More than a Republican. He is a messenger for something... 20:32:13
Swiss Gold Stored Internationally – SNB Will Not Disclose Where 20:27:24
This Is Exactly What We Need! 20:22:47
Please Be Civil - Many Santorum Supporters Hate Romney As Much As Obama! 20:17:25
Israelis: Best Time to Bomb Iran Is During US Election Campaign 20:15:40
Best Article I've seen ever when Googling Ron Paul...TODAY 20:10:03
Ron Paul = Beatlemania? 20:10:03
“Daily Paul”'s Spanish Forum for Ron Paul gets bilingual on #CincoDeMayo. “DP” Habla Español! Bienvenidos Todos ! 20:08:16
Ron Paul: The Road to REVOlution Game Trailer 19:55:19
Romney & Son Investigated For 8 Billion Ponzi Scheme 19:54:53
Bilderberg 2012 19:46:12
Ron Paul sign wave in Jonesboro, AR on May 19th! 19:43:14
Ben Swann LIVE tonight 9:PM at 19:42:46
FBI Informant Tells All about His Involvement in Fabricating Terrorism 19:37:40
Was this a mistake or is this the first citizen to be indefinitely detained? 19:37:26
FoxNews: Paul campaign has new tactic to win delegates, hijack GOP convention 19:34:47
NATO Summit : Chicago Hospitals perform Radioactive Dirty Bomb Attack Drills (May 01, 2012) 19:27:24
Jim Grant: "The Federal Reserve Is The Vampire Squid Of Vampire Squids" *vid* 19:20:06
The 5 State rule 19:17:57
Maine May 5: Rules To Be Adopted On May 5 -maine 18:59:01
Washington Times Communities has a nice article 18:50:34
Some good videos from this campaign season 18:47:13
barf 18:36:48
Fox News announces that Ron Paul has qualified for RNC convention..(VIDEO) 18:35:41
Sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 was an Anglo-American Staged False Flag Conspiracy 18:28:06
Real Delegate Count 2012 Website 18:26:49
Lindsey Graham Helps Win Permits For $10B Nuclear Plant, Gets Rewarded With Cash 18:18:08
There once was a dream called Rome! Throttle up, I'm going in! 18:15:10
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America 18:12:18
Romney Slate Blown Over by Ron Paul in Massachusetts 18:11:14
Help with Fed related question 18:10:58
Governor ron paul 18:09:44
Message From Campaign To Maine Patriots Concerning Webster's Email And Plea For More Delegates 18:09:32
Joe Rogan On Ron Paul 18:08:18
UTAH: Latinos prefieren Ron! Voten RonPaul Martes 26 Junio y Digan NO a #NAFTA #GuerraDeDrogas y #La Valla! SI a #PAZ 18:02:05
Lets Blow Up The Money Bomb! 17:59:26
Obama kills Osama: What if REAL reporters were allowed White House press passes? 17:54:03
RNC Might Block Entire Nevada Delegation If Paul Supporters Take Too Many Slots 17:48:45
Free Album Download - My Gift to Fellow Lovers of Liberty 17:39:10
Meet The FBI's Bridge Bomb Plot Snitch 17:17:02
Ron Paul Will Win Nevada, and The GOP Wants To Stop Him 17:14:48
UPDATE! Just ADDED Chapter 1. "big-brother rebellion" novel I'm writing 17:13:05
Oh yeah he is catching on in AR with an update! 17:12:21
Mediaite: Ron Paul To Laura Ingraham: Romney Only "Marginally" Better Than Obama (AUDIO) 17:11:50
Mediaite: An Open Letter To Glenn Beck From A Libertarian Columnist 17:09:18
Christian Leader Calls Gingrich Followers to Vote for Ron Paul - Ron Paul is the Only Christian Running for President 17:04:28
Ron Paul Books For Reading and Campaign Funding 17:00:47
How Many People have come out to support Ron Paul at his Events? 5x more than Flip? 10x? 25x? 100x? More? 16:59:38
UPDATED! RESULTS! Getting ready for Michigan County Convention... 16:58:58
Do you remember that billionaire in Nevada that backed Gingrich? 16:47:08
Paul Festival inteview with Bryan Siemon on The Josh Tolley Show 16:32:54
Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy may contribute to Suicides among Veterans 16:30:34
There can be two GOP Conventions 16:24:44
Pelosi tells Obama to lay off the weed 16:22:56
Ron Paul Campaign A Lead Story On AOL Today... 16:09:28
An Open Letter to John R. Phillippe, RNC Counsel, Regarding the Nevada State Republican Convention 16:09:11
Worried RNC Sends Threatening Letter to Nevada GOP Chairman 16:07:41
Help needed: looking for specific article about romney 16:02:13
Did you read this? Youtube/Spanish Inquisition? You decide. 16:01:21
Ron Paul Will Get 20 Delegates In Iowa, Says Top GOP Source 15:59:40
Ron Paul Will Pull Down 20 Delegates In Iowa, According to Top Romney Source 15:58:41
Ron Paul To 20 of 28 Delegates in Iowa, According to Top Iowa Romney Backer 15:55:05
Romney Supporter Says Ron Paul Will Get 20 of 28 Delegates in Iowa 15:54:28
Delegate Votes at the Convention 15:53:49
St. Charles, MO Delegates Being Challenged 15:50:51
ALERT! I need a contact for a new delegate in Oakland County MI. Help! 15:38:34
2 candidates have qualified for the RNC ballot 15:37:22
Russia threatens to strike NATO missile defense sites 15:34:19
Ron Paul Racks Up Delegates, Putting GOP Establishment On Edge 15:33:38
LOL Video: How to Stand Behind Romney @ Speeches 15:33:02
Help Stop the NDAA and Check Out P.A.N.D.A. 15:30:02
Ron Paul : "Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt" 15:23:20
Photos from Berkeley, Ca 15:22:21
Basic Delegate Math (and questions) 15:18:50
The anti Ron Paul robo call in Nevada & other stuff. NEVADA attend your convention! 15:07:27 is getting started up again 14:49:31
The Maine GOP Chairman sent out a anti-Ron Paul email to all the delegates 14:48:01
Provisional votes in MA? 14:44:05
ALERT: Possible Bank Run, Need Info 14:42:25
Get the Muslim Vote: Muslim for Liberty , Muslims for Ron Paul 14:41:17
Central Bankers Are Intellectually Bankrupt By Ron Paul 14:37:27
Celebrate the International Day of Peace With Some Live Music! 14:36:02
Spontaneous delegate money bomb! 14:28:52
Come to NC Ron Paul! 14:23:13
Uc Fullerton May 2nd Video Video 14:16:56
Two Good articles On Huffpo And at the Bottom- Ron Paul Game Trailer 14:07:21
The rEVOLution is alive and well - on Huffington Post? 14:04:32
Ron Paul Racks Up Delegates, Putting GOP Establishment On Edge 13:56:36
ABC News - Dead Cleric's Call From The Grave : "Attack With Bio-Weapons" 13:54:09
Charlie Webster's latest outrage: Tells ME delegates we can not elect the chair! 13:44:43
The Map: As Things Stand Now-No Wonder Flip's Afraid! 13:38:41
Can We Fire John R Phillippe Jr At The RNC? 13:34:46
Why Ron Paul Appeals To Young Voters More Than Obama Or Romney 13:34:33
Tracking the trackers 13:29:01
Bachmann to endorse Romney ? 13:26:40
Nevada gets 1 federal ELECTOR per cong. district, screw with the delegation none will be voting for the GOP nominee come Nov. 12:58:19
Noah and the government - LOL 12:58:17
Scientific Explanation for Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields 12:55:31
Quote of the day 12:54:50
It Is Time To Expose Romney 12:53:49
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America 12:52:55
Wolf Blitzer On Obama's College Tour : "I'm Sure They're Going By The Rules" (VIDEO) 12:51:25
Revolution Pac: Updated "Evolve" Episode 1 12:50:39
Why is the RNC being hostile to Ron Paul in Nevada? 12:49:34
Huff Post - Gop Establishment On Edge 12:46:40
Will the GOP throw out the entire state of N. Dakota, even though Romney came in 3rd, but the state GOP assigned the delegates 12:42:51
Ron Paul Racks Up Delegates, Putting GOP Establishment On Edge 12:39:20
Recent Farage Debate 12:39:17
Ron Paul : "Romney Would Be 'Marginally Better' Than Obama, Not 100% Different" 12:34:43
DEFACTO brokered convention: how many more do we have to get the GOP to throw out after NV so Romney does not hit the number? 12:34:43
The Election is Half Over: Washington UPDATE 12:34:42
Tell me again that I'm simply paranoid 12:30:31
Sick of the MSM censorship? Want speak your mind and make an impact? Rate The Press is here! 12:30:02
Awesome Speech given at NY Fed 12:27:58
Ron Paul Can Win says Robin Koerner 12:21:53
Freedom of Choice and the Rise of Ron Paul 12:12:07
Ron Paul: Romney would be ‘marginally’ better than Obama, not ‘100 percent different’ 12:11:41
I received a call from Ron Paul asking for donations. 12:11:31
Constitutional Lawyer Tells About Obama Care-please Read This And Do The Right Thing 12:10:39
Heads Up maine! 12:10:35
Meet John R. Phillippe Jr. - RNC Attorney Trying to Block Ron Paul (in Nevada, for now) 12:05:22
Americans Elect a scam to disqualify Paul delegates? 12:02:27
* 12:01:01
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America 11:59:07
Fox News Announces Ron Paul Has Qualified 11:57:04
Foreign Policy: President Paul 11:49:50
VOTE: Rand Paul for President?! 11:47:36
6 year old handcuffed 11:38:37
eBay's Coin Auction Policies Being Expanded by 'Partnering' with Coin Cabalists 11:31:43
Nevada vs N Dakota. Romney vs Paul - The GOP Attorney threat is not real. 11:29:34
New delegates: May 15th is the deadline to file in Michigan 11:11:20
Secrets in Plain Sight (Full video) 11:11:11
Having fun crushing Obama supporters, Romney too join in - article trashed Paul 11:02:25
Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring International Law for the United States 10:50:06
Ron on the Laura Ingraham Show Right Now 10:43:48
Carried Interest 10:35:52
same S*T, different toilet. Drive home the Romney/Kerry comparison to destroy Romney's appeal! 10:35:48
RNC Corporate Bosses Warn Nevada Republicans Not To Send Too Many Ron Paul Delegates To Tampa; Threaten Not To Seat Nevada! 10:35:40
RNC might block entire Nevada delegation over Ron Paul delegate mischef 10:31:36
Indiana, North Carolina, and West Virginia Voters, Let's Win by Proving the Vote: Action Plan 10:30:28
I keep hearing and reading - "the GOP this and that", "they" this and that... 10:28:06
Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End the TSA 10:17:41
NWO warmongers setting up to resume the Cold War Arms Race 10:14:01
Fox News: Ron Paul has Qualified to be on ballot at Convention 10:09:33
Ron Paul's statement on the Gingrinch campaign suspension 10:01:46
Phase Two Of The Ron Paul Revolution Has Begun: Rand Paul Is Already Getting Ready To Run In 2016 09:54:37
TransCanada & the Keystone XL Pipeline. Things we all should be aware of. 09:50:26
RP writes in Our central bankers are intellectually bankrupt 09:49:56
A warning about RT from the John Birch Society 09:48:45
Gold to remain high on the backs of inept central bankers - Faber 09:48:07
"Instead, they went for Ron Paul,” the Boston Globe writes. “Less than half of Romney's 27 chosen delegates won, and the..." 09:44:15
Ann Romney's robocall urging "unified delegation": Can someone post it to YouTube? 09:41:46
The GOP is going to defraud Ron Paul and cheat him out of the convention 09:18:20
Another Slow Month for US Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales 09:16:55
(VIDEO) Shoot To Kill ! : Chicago's 'No Fly Zone' 09:01:42
Rand Paul Launches Campaign To 'End The TSA' 08:54:25
On To Tampa 08:48:56
Happy Birthday Michael! 18:44:07
Fed Up! Big Bank Bosses meet Behind Closed Doors with The Fed to Soften Reforms 08:40:41
2 Year Old Knows Ron Paul is the Only Choice 08:38:10
Red Alert: Obama Signs Executive Order Placing International Laws On Americans! 08:35:51
Gop Poll 2012 08:35:04
Student Loans: Law Graduate Sues Lenders for Interest 'Scheme" 08:22:21
Blackout breaking down 08:09:59
Iowa and Maine - Two Important States Where the Fraud Can be Countered by Affidavits 07:52:37
Forget the Nomination: Ron Paul Has Taken Over the GOP 07:48:32
THe Bush family have been quiet about Romney, but many of Bush's top advisers are now with Romney 07:43:28
Revolution 2.0: Is Rand Paul Secretly Running For President? 07:34:12
The Cenk Dance 07:09:47
Optimist: To A Fault vs. Murphy's Law 07:07:11
CNN ratings decline stirs "worries" 06:13:26
Mitt Romney debate Ron Paul (Houston, TX on May 24th, 2012) 06:06:43
How can the RP Revolution prevent a War with Iran? 06:03:20
Robo-Call to Nevada Republican voters today, accusing Ron Paul of hijacking convention. 05:34:19
Can someone help me clear the air on how much we won in the last few weeks? 05:28:41
Poll: "President Obama loses to Ron Paul, NOT Mitt Romney" VIDEO 05:28:26
FOX News Tells The SHOCKING Truth About Ron Paul On Air! 05:08:03
Blackout is going to tumble now, Fox News reports Ron Paul has Qualified for the ballot at Tampa 04:39:08
People LOOK at this we're breaking through the blackout, Fox News admits Ron Paul has Qualified for the ballot at Tampa 04:36:39
People LOOK at this we're breaking through the blackout, Fox News admits Ron Paul has Qualified for the ballot at Tampa 04:33:22
N-cel: Court Decision Coming Soon Question Being Decided: Whether To Ban Electronic Voting 04:31:33
New Video: CalState Fullerton Rally Over 5,000 People 04:21:06
Statin Drugs Linked To Arthritis, Heart Trouble And More 03:47:39
Sign Wave 03:40:55
An AWESOME look back at Ron Paul in 2008 03:38:50
Who Actually votes in America? 03:36:39
5/15/2012 Nebraska Primary HUB (Updated 5-3-2012) 03:35:14
The Ron Paul Experience: Waiting in Line 03:32:10
5/15/2012 Oregon Primary HUB (Updated 5-3-2012) 03:26:41
The Republican National Committee Supports Obama for President! 03:17:56
Robocall being sent to Nevada delegates 03:15:52
Turning 1 Vote into 4! Oregon Primary! 03:04:24
NY Sun Ed. Bd: Dr. Paul leaves Krugman "in the Dust," during the recent Bloomberg 'Debate!' 02:47:05
More fun plastering signs all over San Diego for Dr. Paul! 02:44:20
Ron Paul Rally at Cal State Fullerton Draws 5,000+ 02:36:49
"I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green!" ~ Ronald Reagan 02:28:58
Google and YouTube are in the fix 02:16:59
One of the BEST Ron Paul Videos I've seen! Ron Paul Winning! 02:03:15
be careful of who you call a TROLL 02:01:01
Megaupload Prosecution Is Lawless and Unconstitutional, Law Professor Says 01:52:49
California Dreamin 01:35:42
Black-gold Blues Obama's Giveaway: Oil-rich Islands To Russia Exclusive 01:34:06
Time to send a warning 01:32:05
Nevada beware! RNC/Adeleson is working against RP 01:13:14
If Ron Paul were to win the nomination ... 01:08:21
you guys are the smartest people I know, please help me with this question 00:55:39
RNC To NV Gop: Don’t Let Ron Paul Delegates Take Over National Convention Slots Or Don’t Bother Coming To Tampa 00:54:50
When Our Veterans Come Home.. 00:53:21
ZeroHedge Infographic: Who Actually votes in America? 00:35:18
DEA Locks Student In Cell for 5 Days - No Food, Water or Toilet - Drank Urine To Survive 00:33:36
Hey MissouriWhat does this mean for RP and getting delegates to the National? 00:33:34
You know Romney is in trouble when FOX News starts going Negative on Paul's delegate strategy 00:24:45
Who Actually Votes In America? 00:19:32
Free Bumper Stickers Gone? 00:05:32
DAILYKOS: The illustrated history of you being screwed by people like Mitt Romney 08:03:00