Posted on May 30, 2012

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Video: Massachusetts Delegate Allocation Hearing - May 29, 2012 21:55:00
Important Daily Paul Quote: "We won because of the alternates that showed up." 20:25:21
No More Pretense - London Financial Times: Rockefellers & Rothschilds Merge Operations 16:10:41
Texas Needs 88 More "At-Large-Delegates" to National Convention: Deadline May 31 15:32:45
Review Time Video! Mitt Romney is Not The GOP Nominee 19:57:20
Germany making biggest cuts in military since World War II 02:07:15
Are You a "Socialist Conservative"? 07:55:11
Video Update: Massachusetts GOP Seeks to Disenfranchise Ron Paul Delegates and Supporters 21:56:00
Reality Check: Republican Party Winning The Battle But Losing The War? 21:57:41
Volunteers Needed ASAP in South Dakota 16:13:55
Hey Banksters: We Are Fully Awake 12:21:49
Will Ron Paul-ers Vote For Romney? 08:27:50
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Kalifornya Debt Clock 23:58:57
The PROPAGANDA news says that Romney won the nomination. Just a minor point, but has anyone bothered to tell the delegates? 23:54:50
Another Romney Call 23:26:31
2012 Election: Obamitt 23:17:25
Why doesn't the Obama campaign expose the truth about the RNC delegate process? 23:09:32
Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit 23:08:18
Nuke This EVIL Iranian! He's Spouting Propaganda! 23:05:19
Breaking: Romney teams up with Obama to explain health care mandate 23:04:05
12 steps to Prepare-Lindsey Williams 22:58:21
How to remove Windows Antivirus Rampart virus 22:57:56
♫ "Ronstock" ☮USA Today ~ ABC News ~ Washington Post ~ Star-Ledger - NJ ~ The Seattle Times ~ U.S. Election News ~ PBS ~ IBT 22:52:13
The Attack on the LIBERTY 22:51:07
Who hath ears to hear, let him hear... 22:46:56
Exposing Algorithmic Voter Fraud 22:46:50
Republican Representative Mike Bost EPiC Rant Over Pension Reforms VIDEO + INTERVIEW MP3 22:34:39
According to Mitt. According to Reality. According to Mother Jones. 22:26:45
Reason: Justin Amash Defends Congress' Only Libertarian Seat 22:20:47
It Is Official Now.. Dem Barry Obama Just Hand Picked Our Nominee For Us Ahead Of The Republican National Convention. 22:14:03
A great video on how the US(and the rest of the world) can "reinvent fire" and stop meddling in the MIDEAST 22:09:14
Ron Paul is worth up to $5.2 million 22:07:33
On The Precipice Of Homelessness 22:06:19
Illinois Rep Explodes On The House Floor! It's All Falling Apart... 21:48:02
Julian Assange's extradition stayed thanks to quick legal footwork 21:46:45
Fantastic News! Pro-Ron Paul Candidate The Only Republican On The Ballot In Michigan's 11th District! 21:45:37
Who Will Be Ron Paul's VP?! 21:45:32
Win California Moneybomb! 21:42:42
Breaking: Romney did not win nomination 21:40:22
Obama calls Romney to congratulate him - seriously 21:31:32
The Great Flood of 2012 21:31:23
Save Cato ! 21:27:53
Please Help! I want to see Dr.Paul speak at Texas GOP convention.But I am not a delagate. 21:12:20
Listen GOP Mafia We Will Place Mitt Romney Under The Bridge! 21:11:28
Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite 21:00:02
Throw the GOP a bone - What we can do to get Ron Paul elected in Tampa 20:52:32
Game On - The Morgue losses look to be getting much, MUCH worse! 20:48:27
"Ron Paul supporters still in race" 20:44:55
Liberty Websites 20:16:59
Party in Tacoma, WA Thursday Night for Ron Paul Supporters! 20:16:30
Video: RT Lauren Lyster's exclusive interview w/ Cong. Budget Office Mortgage Fraud Whistleblower! 19:54:33
Why Rand shouldn't be Romboid's running mate. 19:49:52
Ron PAUL Movement CONFRONTS Political OPERATIVE Who Tried to Hijack the Revolution 19:48:58
"The Fruit Fly in You" 19:30:43
<b>Ron<b> 19:25:38
Ron Paul is Right The U.S. Dollar Will Collapse 19:23:35
What Kind of Citizen of the United States are you? 19:21:36
Take over the media 19:14:59
Ron Paul is worth up to $5.2 million 19:02:30
Another writer says Ron Paul should drop out now 18:57:45
when is the last time RP has been on TV? 18:57:22
Awesome Tune Video: Dont cha Know by The Towne Cryer 18:55:40
Obomney duopoly... 18:55:00
Cleveland resident issued $344 'littering' ticket for giving money to homeless man 18:53:08
An UnConstitutional Act of War: USSPECOPS & S. Korean SOF parachute into North Korea! 18:46:23
Ron Paul dominates top ten most popular stories on Texas on Potomac 18:45:57
89 Year Old NY Democrat On Ron Paul And 2nd Amendment 18:35:22
Nothing Adds up in Ron Paul's Home District 18:28:11
Need Help On Iran Enrichment Thread! 18:27:14
Romney-Paul ticket a reality? 18:26:00
Need: supplies for MT Paul convention booth 18:18:59
Do, do run, Ron. Run. Do, do run, Ron 18:15:56
Video: Vital information for the American people, Economic Freedom 18:09:06
Look How Different Dem's And Gop'ers Are! This needs to go viral! 18:05:43
Obama committed same campaign finance crime Edwards is on trial for 18:05:14
How does California elect national delegates? 17:55:47
Freewill and Farewell to Kings 17:33:35
Q: Do bound delegates even get to vote at all? 17:28:02
The Optimist and the Realist Analogy 17:15:29
Who Will Be Ron Paul's VP?! 17:11:34
Black helicopters 17:10:24
What's your favorite Ron Paul Speech? 17:08:13
SoCal High Desert Meetup Farmer's Market Booth this afternoon 5/30/12 17:03:22
We The People Say - President Paul 2012! 16:55:42
Tampa Motivator: How To Create An Angry American 16:54:07
Letter from Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) on NDAA's Smith-Amash Amendment Vote 16:43:44
Ron Paul writes, "Capital Controls Have No Place in a Free Society" 16:20:35
Blog about Oklahoma's Convention 16:17:57
TX Delegate needs help getting to Ft. Worth for convention 16:13:44
The Electoral College 16:09:34
♣ If Anyone Thinks They Can't Be A Delegate Or Alternate For The ILLINOIS State Convention, Think Again. 16:00:19
A Perfect Picture of What Us Ron Paul Folks Are Up Against Re. Old School GOP Pachyderms! 15:56:19
Where is Ron Paul? 15:54:10
Public Enemy #1 15:42:26
Representative Rants: Read the Bill 15:36:17
We're praying for you Washington State! GODSPEED! 15:34:53
Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before USDA approved it 15:31:46
Illinois Politician Explodes On State House Floor 15:30:33
Half a Million Long-Term Unemployed Lose Benefits Earlier than Expected 15:21:51
Free Ron Paul Car Stickers! 15:13:34
New 9/11 Truth Forum 15:13:07
Blowback - In Yemen, U.S. airstrikes breed anger, and sympathy for al-Qaeda 15:01:28
ATTENTION Hannity: Romney didn't win any delegates from Texas last night! Delegates in Texas are not settled on until June 7-9! 15:00:21
GOP groups plan record $1 billion blitz 14:38:47
Romney's Flip-Flop on Bernanke 14:31:37
Texas State Convention. Get your butt here! 14:28:09
Lies, ______ lies, and statistics. Official gov. claims proven deceitful; 20,000 applicants for 877 jobs 14:25:21
video genius needed to make campaign ad... 14:03:38
Time For Us To Do A Formal Poll 13:54:51
Do not twit this: CYBER bullying of Paul supporters - share if you are a victim - solutions? 13:51:16
Judge Nap opinion on double jeopardy 13:50:27
Ron Paul - care for health or health care (inspiring biking video) 13:46:39
UK Court Okays Julian Assange Extradition to Sweden 13:43:56
Lie: "Mitt Romney is Republican Party's official presidential nominee" - U.S.News & World Report 13:43:51
Judge Nap opinion on double jeopardy 13:34:23
Does anyone have a problem with this copy of Rmoney's birth certificate? 13:29:45
Guardian - Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year's annual conference 13:26:55
...there may be upsets in the status quo ...June 5-6 2012 13:16:56
URGENT! Advice needed! *UPDATED* Thanks all! 13:12:30
They Say Romney Clinches Gop Nomination. I Say BS! (Bobby Sox!) They Forgot That The Delegates Are Belong To Us! 13:11:03
RONY 2012: Romney is Not the GOP Nominee 13:04:10
Colonel Douglas Macgregor-2 Failed Wars, U.S. Economic Collapse = Ron Paul Now! 13:04:04
FOX News Claims Romney Won The Nomination... 13:03:55
1923 NY Democrat Mom on Ron Paul and the 2nd Amendment 13:00:22
Obama Surrenders Law License in 2008 to Escape Charges He Lied on Bar Application 12:53:24
How do we know when the R3VOLution has Won? 12:41:41
In Bad Company : Mexico Arrests Three Army Generals, U.S. War For Drugs Continues 12:40:52
Insiders Report: Obama Activates CIA Hit Teams to Kill Americans and Blame Iran! (includes Ron Paul) 12:32:00
NEW poll. 64% say NIETHER candidate is right for the job 12:26:18
CONFIRMED: Westfield Marriott Kicks Out All Guests 2 Days Ahead Of Bilderberg 12:21:10
First Dedicated Program Exposing Bilderberg Airs On Britains TV 12:16:38
US Commandos Parachuted Into North Korea : Report 12:03:13
The Truth: Al Qaeda and the West team up to frame Syrian government for massacre *vid* 12:00:16
The end is in sight 11:51:20
IRS giving billions to undocumented workers, via loophole 11:43:19
Kansas and Sharia law 11:36:40
America's murderous drone campaign is fuelling terror 11:16:20
The markets are going down, down, down. 11:14:59
Paulfest has gone viral 11:14:39
Holder to Brief Black Pastors on Campaign 2012 11:09:47
One of the finest opportunities to buy gold in the whole bull market - Embry 11:04:28
2014 - Have any of you considered a possible run for Congress or Senate? 11:03:58
Now US wants to attack Syria 11:01:02
Ron Paul Happy Lamar Smith Won? 10:51:09
Reinstatement of the draft advocate Michael Savage 10:46:05
Subliminal Propaganda Exposed 10:31:01
Chris Christie is a delegate for Mittens 10:19:03
Teaching Austrian Economics - suggestions 09:52:26
It's about beating the establishment! 09:47:27
The Ron Paul Campaign's 3 Biggest Mistakes 09:45:06
Maybe They Will Let Ron Paul be President of Egypt 09:41:37
They're Calling it for Romney. What the H Texas? 09:30:58
Mitt Romney holds private meeting with Rand Paul 09:26:55
Why do I think people vote for Romney or McCain(2008)? 09:23:44
Ron Paul's 'Restore America Plan' Smashes Federal Tyranny 09:16:34
42 USC 1971 and the definition of "election" 08:51:18
The United States of 'Amercia'? Mitt Romney campaign misspells name of nation he wants to lead in new iPhone app 08:41:11
Republican Strategist Taunts Ron Paul Supporters After Romney Clinches 08:19:16
Looks like our dear mainstream media is taking one out of the book of Goebbels 08:05:51
Voted for Addison...but now it's time to get Cruz in the Senate. Lets do this! 08:03:00
Join Tom Woods Liberty Classroom! 07:16:55
Ron Paul's Double Whammy and Why he Cannot be Divided and Conquered 07:03:49
Federal Laws Proving Binding of Delegates Is Illegal! 06:15:25
Delegates vs Goliath - And the Daily Paul Connection 05:23:42
The Two Party System 05:13:32
Ron Paul 2012! 04:36:10
Texas runoff elections - Who should we support and how strongly? 04:33:12
What's going on? 04:23:54
Time for our own Arab Srping? 04:16:41
Diablo III 04:11:24
MA delegates under pressure to sign Romney pledge 04:08:19
Will ANY Media Report Delegate Truth? 03:46:52
tell Mitt's delegates they need not attend conventions 03:37:39
When the Jig is nearly up on thousands of Peeps SCHWEET corruption deal 03:23:09
How ! 03:20:51
Tampa is where you will see what the Ron Paul Revolution is all about. 02:30:57
Very Odd Behavior Of "Top Recent Topics" 02:22:25
TRUMP: Will I make more money with Romney or Joe Arpaio? 01:56:04
Ron Paul 2012 01:39:11
genocidal population-control programs 01:38:30
Will the Sheriff protect you? 01:14:24
My Conversation With TSA 01:11:55
Chuck Norris: Wake Up America! 01:08:07
Matlarson10~MSM Lies: Romney Did Not Win The GOP Nomination 00:56:54
Josh Tolley And Jordan Page Live Now At Www.Ronpaultribune.Com 00:42:49
revolution solution radio show new episode up 00:41:34
Let MSM keep saying Romney has won... 00:41:32
In Calif, Paulies Try This: Ask people to vote for Romney. 00:03:45
Tatiana Moroz Is Singing Live Right Now! 00:03:33