Posted on May 31, 2012

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Get the Gun Rights Ad up in South Dakota! 22:40:54
Time Bomb: Banks Pressured to Buy Government Debt 23:13:00
RNC tries to block Ron Paul Festival! 22:37:10
Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Gather 100k During ‘Ron Paul Festival’ at Tampa Convention 20:05:30
Ron Paul Fans Are Pre-Gaming The Republican Convention With A Massive Party 11:05:09
"Paul Supporters Want Corruption Exposed and Penalties Exacted" 23:04:08
Help Get This Ad on the AIR in South Dakota! 08:18:51
Video-California, Hitting it hard before June 5th! 11:27:14
This Is the Romney/Paul comparison piece we sent out in South Dakota! 06:26:33
Why I Am Endorsing Mitt Romney For President (And Not Ron Paul) 08:09:33
Even NPR 'gets' that Romney will NOT 'clinch' 1144 after TX Primary; MSM sound asleep! 07:03:05
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Major Ron Paul Donor on Bilderberg Participant List 23:53:03
Be the Spark to Ignite the Flame 23:45:52
6 Months Left People ... The Scariest Presentation Ever? Zerohedge 23:44:25
Occupy Bilderberg 2012 Song 23:40:12
The Summer of R3VOLution in San Francisco! 23:38:21
FISA 2012 Allows NSA to Spy and Steal 1.7 Billion Messages Daily 23:24:43
Obama Ad: Little Girls Need Birth Control to Make Their Dreams Come True *video* 23:23:31
How JP Morgan Has Suppressed the Price Of Silver 23:13:00
Texas Delegate needs help to get to State 23:06:20
Some of the BEST patriotic words I've ever read 23:05:56
bilderberg and the real 2012 delegate count on cspan 22:56:47
Watch Out for the Hole! 22:53:12
On Radio Tomorrow! 22:51:39
POLICYMIC: it's rumored that Ron and Rand Paul will speak at Paulfest if the turnout exceeds 100,000 people! 22:51:12
Send The "Gray State" Documentary Team To The RNC! ~ VIDEO 22:41:25
Just tried to vote for Gary Johnson on Hannity website 22:40:14
RNC Up To No Good - What I Received In My Email 22:15:56
Patriots Fighting ‘The Ballot Box Establishment’ 22:07:55
Jack Hunter: Paul 2, Perry 0 in Senate Endorsements 21:52:27
I have hope and can see the change. 21:50:19
Goldman Sachs Exec Serves As Trusted Advisor To Romney 21:35:21
Who is the Next Ron Paul? 21:02:53
Texas Vet RP Delegate Needs Help for Texas Convention! 20:58:52
Let’s Learn From the Past and Stop Spending the Future 20:51:36
At the Tampa Convention act like the Vets 20:46:32
Cass Sunstein - Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs 20:38:55
Amash and Paul on the Republican Honor Roll on the "Sex-Selection" Abortion Bill 20:32:38
The Greatest Debt 20:04:12
Gold & Silver Bugs, Prospective Buyers & Sound Money Folks: A Must View Video! 20:03:44
Rand Paul agrees to synthetic drug ban - ready for Obama's signature 19:53:19
Rand Paul Does It Again! (Mark Levin interview) 19:50:50
Hooray for Walmart! 19:48:42
California primary - non partisan voter 19:41:56
"Romney wins"? What exactly is going on? 19:32:21
Want to help a local freedom candidate? 19:24:56
Heads up Florida! (June 8th deadline) 19:21:27
Observations From an 18 Year Old 19:16:13
Screw you, Eli Lehrer and the Huffington Post 19:03:39
Michigan's Medical Marijuana Users Protected Under Law, High Court Rules 18:59:02
Paul 2, Perry 0 in Senate Endorsements 18:51:43
Bilderberg Meeting Is Illegal 18:47:20
Facebook <3 Obama 18:44:12
Goldman Sachs Exec. Serves As Trusted Advisor To Romney 18:33:16
Assassinating Americans? Yeah, There's a Czar For That 18:22:22
Dr. K. in Action: How to do exit polls (video proof of a Paul win) 18:16:43
Kessler for State House- Athens Georgia House District 118 18:15:51
Stewart Cilley for Congress (CA-5) 18:15:48
Peter Thiel is a Bilderberger 18:07:33
Bilderberg 2012: Are Bankers Still “All For Obama” As They Were in ’08? 18:06:03
Do Your Share! 18:02:29
Spread the Truth! Share This Movie: "Ethos" hosted by Woody Harrelson, (featuring Ron Paul) 17:55:42
Jobs Friday Tomorrow 17:54:36
The Marching Morons 17:29:54
Neocon gimp Marco Rubio to Council on Foreign Relations: War against Iran coming 17:24:19
The Black Out By The Msm, Cispa, Sopa, & Pipa, Ndaa, Patriot Act, U.N. & Nato Operations. 16:58:38
Sex-selection abortion ban wins strong House majority, but fails to clear 2/3 hurdle 16:56:42
OK Something Non Controversial for a Change 16:47:49
General Motors is becoming China Motors 16:44:56
Who Obama *really* fears 16:41:48
Bilderberg: Where Big Government Meets Big Business | 16:39:11
Not All Physical Gold & Silver Held as Custodial or 'Allocated' for Safekeeping May Prove Not to be So! 16:25:18
100K To Attend Ron Paul Festival! 16:23:20
3rd Party, Write-Ins and keeping the Revolution Going 16:07:22
For those who say congress should "Do Something" 16:07:04
What tasks would you like to hand to a band of robbers? 16:03:38
Another show up at wrong house and shoot the dog story 16:01:08
The Possibility of a Ron Paul Third-Party Run for President 15:58:32
♣ INDIANA is still allowing people to become delegates and alternates AFTER the deadline. Let me help you become a delegate 15:53:32
Ruedrich says NO to reconvene in Alaska 15:45:30
Rand Paul to propose bill stripping Pakistan of aid next week 15:42:52
Let's go dig for deleted Tweets! 15:39:16
Criminalize weaponized drone aircraft and vehicles! 15:30:40
#CA popular vote by district decides delegates VOTE! June 5 primaries: #CA #SD #MT #NJ #NM 15:27:07
Obama Administration Stonewalls Declassification of Secret Court Rulings 15:23:46
Dear Bloomberg 14:46:00
Over 900 San Luis Obispo College Students Voter Registrations go awry? 14:37:32
Help Ron Paul Win South Dakota, Go Ron Paul! 14:32:35
FCC complaint deadline 5/31 14:29:46
Thanks Mayor Bloomberg. Is is okay if I call you dad? 14:26:07
Urgent Action Alert ~ Florida Ron Paul supporters! Now it is your turn! 14:24:25
Gov't considering adding another "disadvantaged minority" group 14:07:29
help needed concerning Citizens United and Glass-Steagall - thanks 14:05:53
Zak Carter, a media liaison for PAULFEST says "hoping for half a million" people! 13:58:03
TMOT: Romney Loses Nomination To Paul 13:47:18
We Have 1,000 Delegates! - Business Insider 13:46:43
I don't worry about Ron's future. I'm concerned with OURS. 13:43:40
Nine Meals from Anarchy *vid* 13:40:42
A federal court has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional 13:35:33
To all those attending PaulFest... 13:29:28
I can't make it to NJ HQ tonight. 13:21:12
Envious of Ron Paul “Conventioner’s “ 13:19:42
Rand Paul Review: ‘Ron Paul Festival’ Could Bring 100k Supporters to GOP Convention 13:18:04
An encouraging word 13:13:51
Fairly objective article illustrating Ron Paul's threat to establishment: "Paul's Machine" 13:11:09
Watch The Mo & Wa Gop Conventions Live! 13:01:37
Why I changed my mind on the Free Market and Government regulations/subsidies 12:57:28
The UN can't tell us how to provide for our disabled! 12:51:10
Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee, June 4, 2012. Massive bonfire! 12:48:55
How an historic sea booty slipped through Odyssey’s fingers 12:37:21
Senator Rand Paul On 'America's Newsroom' w/ Bill Henner - Fox News 5-31-12 12:25:58
Ron Paul Revolution: Emotional Wellness 12:24:16
Texas Vet RP Delegate Needs Help for Texas Convention! 12:20:38
Make a List of Romney Delegates-HERE 12:10:40
hey NY! Ron Paul wants to protect your right to drink soda if thats what your prefer 12:09:19
Rand as Mitt's VP 12:01:30
The Criminality of the State 11:57:54
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg considers ban on sugary drinks over 16 oz 11:55:07
Newborn Screening Procedures - Recommended or Not? 11:54:52
Rand Paul Interview 'On The Record' W / Greta Van Susteren - Fox News 5-30-12 11:53:44
Peter Schiff on Cash For Clunkers 11:49:18
Mitt Romney struggles to differentiate his foreign policy from the president's 11:36:34
Where is Ron Paul? 11:30:13
Is JP Morgan Paying For John Boehner’s Personal Polling Operation? 11:25:27
URGENT: Ron Paul Needs Our Help In South Dakota NOW! 11:10:50
rEVOLution beginning over soda/coffee ban in NY 11:09:17
Not so fast bucko Romney needs reality check 11:05:43
Romney Campaign Mispells America on Iphone App! 11:02:56
Anarchy Versus the State - Stefan Molyneux Debates Jake Diliberto 10:57:17
FRAUD! Don't get mad - get EVEN! 10:57:03
World Net Daily: Bilderberg a real oligarchical threat to democracy, but not illuminati conspiracy 10:53:56
Ron Paul's Velvet Revolution-Mother Jones 10:42:06
Ben Swann, May 30, 2012: President Obama's "Kill List" and What It Means For You! 10:17:27
To all who will be in Ft. Worth next week 10:16:34
history repeats itself... here in Mass this week 10:10:19
Police state tactics cause murder of Seth Adams, Please sign petition for just investigation. 10:08:57
Time to torment the GOP, the RNC and the MSM 10:00:52
Illinois State Representative Mike Bost "When is it going to stop?" 09:58:05
PLA - An Analysis 09:37:14
As Central Banks Buy Gold, Confiscation Risks Are Rising For Investors 09:36:32
Washington Times Breaks U.S. Media Blackout On Bilderberg 09:29:30
Please Help, Where Do You Get Your News? 09:26:53
House to vote on Fed Audit this week 09:08:07
Control Freak Central : Nanny Mayor Bloomberg Moves To OUTLAW Sugary Drinks In New York 09:05:20
Wonder if Obama's future attack ads will use Romney's voter fraud & cheating at state conventions? 09:02:24
Money Man vs. Black Guy - Onion story 08:56:22
Romney iPhone app: 'A Better AmerCIA' 08:39:56
Message to Daily Paul Moderators. We have a chance to WIn South Dakota! 08:36:20
Has anyone seen Ron Paul Lately? 08:34:47
Hey Campaign! Brazoria County, TX...Ever Heard Of It? The Final Fraud Straw. 09:34:52
Bloomberg Plans to Ban sales of Largest sizes of sugary drinks 07:31:16
Illinois State Rep Explodes on Floor 06:59:25
The Irresistibly of Ron Paul - Sunshine State News 06:30:39
Response to: Are You a Socialist Conservative 06:22:13
Combat Vietnam Veteran "Calls Out Ron Paul" - NOW! 06:03:45
Another writer says Ron Paul should drop out now 05:27:29
Breaking: Romney did not win the nomination 05:21:45
New NDAA Amendment Legalizes Use of Government Propaganda on American Public! 04:52:20
Attn : Donald Trump 04:08:27
Tom Woods Message to Daily Paul Readers 03:52:58
In Australia for Vacation and guess what I hear ... 02:40:49
New Book: Police State, Ten Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know! (How To Handle Police Encounters!) 02:31:40
Jesse Benton just lost 2 California Ron Paul Votes 02:31:28
My New rEVOLution Tattoo! 02:01:46
How to Recognize and Neutralize Trolls on the Daily Paul 01:57:31
Mia Love is NOT a liberty candidate. I'm withdrawing my support. 01:43:36
How to talk to a non-liberty oriented friend?/Confessions of a former neo-con! 01:22:18
Official Establishment Instructions: For dealing with Ron Paul taking over the nomination. 01:22:14
NDAA Obama vs. Romney vs. Ron Paul. Who is Right? 01:21:52
Who is this and where is it? 01:19:02
PA Delegates need help with fundraising. Please read post for info. 01:17:38
Lindsey Williams - Secrets of The Elite 01:15:23
Another Federal Massacre of Indians 01:15:06
It's PAULFEST Or Bust! I'm Getting There If I Have To Hitch Hike! 100,000 People Expected! A Once In A Generation Event! 01:10:02
Have you read the rest of America the Beautiful lyrics? 01:04:51
I just voted for Ron Paul! 01:00:18
Radiation Tainted Tuna: "Hot Tuna"? 00:57:03
Capital Account TV: Exclusive Interview of CBO Mortgage Fraud Whistleblower 00:43:17
G. Edward Griffin on Ron Paul's Restore America Plan 00:08:20