Posted on May 4, 2012

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Going to Tampa: Great Ron Paul Photos from Davis Wedding Photographer 11:42:54
42 Years ago Today, 4 Students & Anti-War Protesters were Massacred by a Tyrannical Government. RIP 08:02:04
Fox News is Tripping Over Themselves in This Article: Hijack the GOP 07:36:25
Local News Coverage: UC Davis 8-10k Rally 09:22:48
RNC Cheats Ron Paul And "the Unit Rule" Unbinds All Delegates! 06:02:45
Epic Ben Swann / Reality Check: This Primary Contest Has Only Just Started! 11:50:19
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The Only Thing I want for my Birthday... 23:45:05
VIDEO - Preview Of Nevada GOP Convention And Look Back At What Happened In 2008 23:41:59
Reality Check Half Hour CISPA Special 23:37:40
The Best Man For The Job! Ron Paul - Anthony Mckeon: Usa Election Song (2012) 23:35:16
Delegate Strategy Working! - Video - "Be the Win" 23:33:24
Urgent! SC Supreme Court REMOVES hundreds of candidates from ballot! 23:26:49
Romney Campaign will be invoking Rule 5.2 of the MassGOP "Plan for the Selection of Delegates" to REMOVE Rep. Paul's Delegates 23:23:20
Ron Paul on CNBC Money in Motion 5/4/2012 23:15:44
Australia - The Fascist State 23:13:08
Ron Paul draws 5,600 to final of three campaign events in California this week 23:08:53
Sen. Rand Paul Votes Against VAWA Renewal 23:07:09
MA delegates 23:00:22
Long Island Sign Making... 22:59:52
Handful of Socialists Protest Paul at UCSD 22:57:43
The Definition of Inflation 22:56:45
Video: Dr. Paul pulls into UC Davis 22:52:46
Adam Yauch's (MCA) Words of Wisdom from 1998 22:52:39
Romney's Latest Money Scheme 22:50:44
I posted this on FB tonight. 22:41:57
Romney gets a whopping crowd of 200 May 4, 2012 22:41:14
If Ron Paul wins Nevada, get ready for Fox News smear campaign 22:40:24
I posted this on my blog tonight. I wanted to share it here as well. Feeling a bit frustrated. 22:38:02
Sarkozy and Gaddafi and 2007 campaign? 22:33:52
What Percentage of Derivatives are Commodities 22:33:20
Ever read One Second After? it is a must read 22:31:50
SANTORUM Did NOT Endorse Romney After Friday Meeting 22:24:47
The Power of the Collective Stump Speech 22:20:03
Maine GOP to pull election scam at state convention? 22:10:43
John Stossel live on Greta supports Ron Paul! 22:08:21
video gurus! check this 22:06:47
The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi 22:04:23
Everyone should hear Bobby Kennedy's Speech for Humanity 22:04:07
Ron Paul Will Win Nevada and Change History 22:00:02
Learn about the amazing health benefits of juicing raw cannabis (marijuana) leaves 21:53:03
Another Doctor: Martin Luther King Jr: Another Libertarian 21:30:40
Colorado Farmer Gets Four-Year Prison Term for Being Shot by a Cop 21:28:35
“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant 21:14:44
Is there a livestream for San Diego? 21:13:35
Maine's GOP Trying To Pull Another Scam - May 04, 2012 21:09:12
Virginia CD-6 Convention: Post results here please! 21:00:29
CNN Paul Article 20:59:14
Voting in my first Republican primary May 8th. 20:51:19
Eurozone breakup: how would this affect precious metals? 20:38:11
What is the actual... 20:30:47
Nevada GOP leaders say they'll do it their way - May 4, 2012 - 4:33 pm 20:10:09
Romney & Son, Tagg, Being Investigated For Ponzi Scheme 19:48:49
*Please Help!* Random Police Searches of my apartment complex?! 19:47:07
Everyone Watch Out This Is Cispa Happening Now! 19:45:40
C4L Petition to End TSA 19:26:18
Presumptive Nominee? 19:22:39
War Is Peace ? Ron Paul doesn't think so! 19:19:46
Political Compass 19:14:10
Corporate Media Lies About Attendance At Ron Paul UC Davis Rally (VIDEO) 19:11:27
By remaining unaware, people can justify trusting government, study finds 19:08:46
Please explain Ron Pauls monetary policy 19:07:56
"The Ron Paul rEVOLution Won't Stop Here" 19:07:12
Man lives without money... 19:04:10
Ted Cruz Calls David Dewhurst A 'LIAR' In Texas GOP Senate Debate 19:00:55
Poem: The Choice 18:55:36
Ron Paul Roundup : The World Gazes On His Delegate Strategy In Wild Wonder 18:52:35
Great Ron Paul Photos From Davis Wedding Photographer 18:47:46
VIDEO New Interview Ben Swann about RNC and Delegates before last night's Reality Check 18:38:36
August 27-30 Tampa, FL R.N.C hotels! (Delegates and non-delegates!) 18:38:21
Bullish: The gold market’s steep wall of worry 18:37:47
Letter to HRW regarding DHS 18:24:19
Ron Paul Stacks Up Delegates in Campaign Surge 18:13:36
We ought to mind our own business, that's what we ought to do! - Perfect Illustration 18:12:33
I Need Links for News Reports of Ron Paul wins. 18:00:18
When Will Enough Be Enough 17:58:28
Col. Douglas Macgregor: "the differences between Governor Romney and President Obama are marginal at best" 17:49:23
Virginia's 6th District Convention Tomorrow 17:48:34
Super Massive Ron Paul Rally in Tampa 17:46:59
NPR Progresses towards Ron Paul's notions: "Are Obama And Romney The Same Guy? " 17:44:26
Matching volunteers with coordinators and resources 17:39:37
Exposed: Military Internment/Resettlement Operations Manual 17:34:55
My Letter to the Republican Party Leadership 17:34:30
Worldwide return to gold standard? 17:32:45
“Let’s Be Honest” New Unofficial Ron Paul Ad 17:31:12
FULL explanation of Ron Paul's Financial Services Committee Hearing with the Federal Reserve Tuesday 17:18:29
"Can You Hear Us Now?" Moneybomb 17:08:21
Activists call for room at the Westfields Marriot for Bilderberg meeting 17:06:54
Maine Republican Party Platform- laughable! 17:06:38
(Video) Calling out the RNC and for the resignation of Mr. Reince Priebus from the RNC 17:01:00
Romney and Santorum are MEETING today 16:50:04
10 year old girl nails speech at Utah Republican State Convention 16:47:33
Michale Graves Talks The Misfits - Music - Liberty - Paul Festival! 16:36:42
"PAULFEST" Get your tickets now! 16:21:50
Mitt Romney’s Iran Oil Investments 16:17:15
Opposition Research: Key Romney 2012 Campaign Staffers 16:05:25
Marquette County Michigan Delegate Convention 15:53:39
Where's LawrenceFlash? 15:53:11
House music track to spread the word? 15:52:02
Grinch Does A 180! Says He Already Endorsed Mitt? 15:50:40
Don't just "take over" the GOP, Do It Everywhere! Go Local: Beating RINOs & Socialists at their Own Game 15:39:30
Corporate Media Lies About Attendance at Ron Paul UC Davis Rally 15:35:54
FREE: 10,000 Eye-Catching Car Stickers in Packs of 300 15:35:28
Here's your sign 15:11:42
Fellow Rothschild dies at 84! 15:06:30
Stand for what you believe! 14:47:27
Red Alert: Alex Jones FULL Show episode 5/3/2012 Delisted From Search Engine? 14:43:49
Using Mitt's "Presumptive Nominee" Status Against Him 14:43:07
★ Ron Paul is Winning Against Mitt Romney in the Primary! Epic Video To Share Everywhere! 14:39:42
Power really does corrupt as scientists claim it's as addictive as cocaine 14:38:26
POLL: Should Ron Paul End His Campaign 14:34:54
Maine Legislator Turncoat 14:33:12
CISPA Infographic 14:32:27
The Right To Keep and Bear Arms 'PRECEDED' The Second Amendment 14:31:06
I fully expect Romney to name Santorum as his VP 14:24:38
US Two-Party Politics - Pacifier War 14:22:01
Quick explanation of repealing legal tender laws. I finally get it. 14:17:02
PROOF the RNC is working with the Romney campaign and violating Rule 11 14:14:03
Dollar Collapse By End Of Year? - "We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War", Says DHS Informant 14:09:22
UPDATE : 5-11 Urgent : Ben Swann And Matt Larson Are Wrong About RULE 38 And Delegates Being Unbound Based On RNC Rules 14:03:57
Educate on the FED During Dr. Paul's FED Hearings! 13:59:03
Reminder that the RNC is NOT simply a private club 13:58:13
Vw Passat 78.5 Mpg (Imperial Gallon) 65.2 Mpg Us Gallon In The Uk 13:41:59
I'm so proud of my girlfriend 13:26:34
1,000,000 Man/Woman Ron Paul march! 13:08:59
A Precautionary Tale: Safe driving tips for motorists around big rigs 13:08:01
Ron Paul signs to give away 12:54:44
"Can Going Without Money Hurt the Economy? One Man's Quest to Be Penniless" 12:41:35
Our delegates are going in 12:41:12
Tax Loophole Pays Out Billions in Tax Credits to Illegal Aliens *vid* 12:36:26
Casey at Occupy DC is not sure if he owns himself- AVTM 12:35:12
Liberty Has Its Perks 12:32:38
(VIDEO) Who else than Obama is able to lie 16 times in 3 minutes ? 12:26:50
YES! The Re-Education Camp Manual Does Apply Domestically To US Citizens 12:00:42
Doug Wead comes out with another blog 12:00:17
Who do you think will become the 45th President of the USA? Obama, Romney, Paul, other? 11:49:23
California Voter Confusion - letters to editors 11:43:30
Breaking: Ron Paul To Hold Hearings Tuesday to Reform or Abolish the Fed! 11:42:44
Opening Minds, one speech at a time! 11:42:40
More Americans Stashing Cash in Home Safes 11:34:09
Alleged US Army doc: re-education camps and psy-op missions aimed at activists 11:34:07
IRS Fraud! Billions To Mexico! 11:15:56
CNN: Why Ron Paul is not going away 11:13:43
Thank You, Patriots All! 11:11:02
Tired of being swept under the carpet? 10:58:08
Classic Novel "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Foretold Ron Paul's Candidacy 10:57:50
Bulletin: End the Fed Bill Taken Up 10:56:24
How to Help Rand End the TSA 10:43:07
Rap and Hip Hop songs inspired by Ron Paul 10:29:11
Amazing: News caster tells people,goverment satanists exposed,wake up, FROM 06 10:22:45
Currency Debasement and Social Collapse 10:18:30
WE Are In Control 09:55:56
Rand Paul has a quick fix for TSA: Pull the plug 09:50:43
Dr. KnoW - Latest "Payday Monsanto" Track 09:30:44
Action item of the day: Call the RNC and ask them why they are violating Rule 11 09:13:17
A Decade of War — for What? -Pat Buchanan 09:13:16
Today's media on RP - May 4, 2012 09:07:00
Foreign policy talking points 08:59:13
This Is Why The GOP Establishment Is Afraid of Ron Paul! (And US!) 08:56:38
“We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant 08:44:09
Madrid, Spain joins Ron Paul's fight to defeat the banksters and end the illegal wars 08:35:49
Candidate for Congress in AZ-CD9, Martin Sepulveda, Veteran & Constitutionalist, Ron Paul Supporter 08:01:08
Were you fooled by Beck's early "excoriating" of Romney? 11:30:05
JFK Would be a Ron Paul Voter! 07:29:07
Mayan Calendar predicts Renewal of Fed's 100 Year Charter? 07:18:50
Is Ben Swann correct? 06:48:30
Washington Times: Ron Paul Delegate Strategy IS Perfectly Legitimate 06:47:19
Will not suffer ignoring Dr. Ron Paul 06:18:24
Idea for a video, tsa/ dhs realizes they're the bad guys 05:58:37
Comedian Katt Williams Goes Off On Mexican Heckler! Teaches Him About America LMAO 04:49:05
Ron Paul Group Tools 04:42:54
Jamie Foxx Political Moment LMAO 03:55:54
FOX tries to destroy Paul campaign through an article full of inaccuracies 03:48:37
Do Hidden Opiates In Our Food Explain Food Addictions? 03:36:10
Who's active on facebook? TellDc wants to hear from us 03:33:11
What is the story with the presidential preference forms? 03:26:57
Ben Swann: RNC Breaking Their Own Rules and Why The Republican "Bound" Delegates May Not Be? 03:20:36
Michigan's 13th district (Detroit area where RP won the primary) 03:18:01
Do You Want to Know What Makes Me Happy (and Probably Ron Paul) ? 03:16:12
A challenge has been made! Will the good doctor take up the gauntlet? (Eat an In-N-Out burger) 03:13:59
Restricted US army internment and resettlement operations manual - what is this?! 02:48:59
The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul- Deadline Live With Jack Blood 02:21:28
Alex Jones: Pentagon prepares re-education camps for political activists 02:17:48
The Alyona Show: Can Ron Paul Shake up the RNC? 02:10:36
"Ironclad": Grisly, ultr-violent history lesson on the price of liberty 02:09:13
Ron Paul victories upsetting the Republican establishment? 02:07:14
ndaa in Australia 02:07:08
UC Davis Rally was amazing 8-10k people! 01:54:50
Important info on the St. Charles Co, MO delegate challenge - the challenge deadline passed 01:49:10
Any type of plan on how to get down to detroit? 01:48:00
Ron Paul’s stealth state convention takeover 01:28:59
7 Secrets Destroying The Candidacy of Mitt Romney 01:27:07
I think it's time for another Money Bomb! 01:18:16
Does anyone know if it is mandatory for delegates to stay in RNC assigned hotels? 01:16:13
Mary Willison on RT - "Ron Paul Really Can Win" 01:08:13
Obama, Romney & Goldman Sachs 01:07:32
I hope that everyone is still excited as hell! 00:57:10
Michigan's U.P. Paul Dominating! 00:42:43
Reality Check: RNC Breaking Their Own Rules and Why The Republican "Bound" Delegates May Not Be? 00:41:20
Reality Check: Bound delegates may not be bound afterall 00:38:50
Is Libertarianism Dead? 00:26:25
Jim Grant: "The Federal Reserve Is The Vampire Squid Of Vampire Squids" 00:26:05
Russia warns of pre-emptive strike on AMD if NATO goes ahead 00:16:32
... 00:05:05
Stealth Delegates Elected ! 00:01:17