Posted on May 5, 2012

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Already It's Starting: MSNBC - "The Revolution Is On" 20:42:44
Liberty Delegates Rule Maine, Nevada & Iowa Today 20:07:26
Ron Paul on CNBC: telephone interview; 5-4-12 13:36:36
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Politico: Ron Paul's forces infiltrate, state by state 23:31:49
I wrote a joke today. 23:27:28
Pearls of Wisdom on the Mittens Chat Tonite 23:18:14
Maine Convention Chairman & Secretary Results - Romney Operative BUSTED 23:11:17
Father of Wounded Veteran To Mitt Romney 23:03:50
The Chicanery Between the Fed and ECB 23:01:26
Mitt Romney is the the candidate of ChANgE 22:52:16
what is happening in the Nevada Convention? Please post what is happening. Did the corruption succeed? 22:48:24
Japan - no reactors 22:37:56
News article already branding Paul supporters work in Maine as a "Takeover" 22:27:33
. 22:26:04
Maine newspaper: 'Paul supporters secure key posts and take over the state convention agenda' 22:23:07
Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention, and- Believe It Or Not- It’s Still Possible for Paul to Score an Upset 22:22:01
Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena 22:21:42
Ron Paul article on 22:15:25
Ron Paul Fights Ho Chi Minh in Little Saigon! 21:59:51
Did not find this posted yet-Maine Shenanigans caught on video 21:54:41
Only Barbarians Buy Gold According to Warren Buffett 21:54:07
A better alternative to delegate abstention 21:49:44
Obama kicks off his campaign 21:49:13
Paul tells Nevada convention that GOP must restore U.S. confidence Great Read! 21:45:38
From Government to ‘Robberment’ 21:43:10
Romney Camp Distributes Fake Ron Paul Delegate Slate At Nevada Convention <CNN Censored> 21:39:58
Glen Bradley-Final Push before May 8 Primary 21:37:16
RT network sends reporter on the street to ask about Bilderbergers 21:32:13
Great Article From Portland Herald Slide shows Too! 21:28:37
Can any one tell me... 21:25:58
Pizza Bomb For Liberty! 5/5/2012 21:25:08
Which Browser and Why? 21:19:40
Christmas is Over 21:15:42
Tennessee LAWMAKERS committing voter fraud on the General Assembly FLOOR 21:09:20
Paul forces make mark at Maine GOP convention 21:02:20
Paul, supporters make splash at Nevada GOP party convention (photos) 20:39:05
Presidential race now more interesting with Libertarian nominee 20:30:38
spelling 20:28:56
Danger Alert: Penson Clearing House May Be Going Down 20:28:17
The Baseball Card 20:21:29
Are you a civilized human being? 20:20:14
Recall Carl Levin Update 20:14:49
How to Multiply Ben Swann by 35 Times! 20:02:58
Ron Paul Winning Delegates And Hearts: 20:01:46
GOP Establishment & Romney Campaign Do Not Have Delegate Numbers In Various States-Resort To Cheating 19:51:55
Petition to stop giving credibility to AP and to stop posting it on this site 19:51:55
Not Expected To Win! Upset Winner @ Kentucky Derby 19:49:33
Romney to get less than 50% of delegates from the early states 19:32:06
Video- Ron Paul Is Changing The World! 19:29:17
Aren't you glad we don't live in a police state? 19:07:04
Ron Paul Sheds Light on the Fed 18:54:14
Amity Shlaes: Gold Standard for All, From Nuts to Paul Krugman 18:38:15
Portland (ME) Press Herald article and photos from convention today 18:37:54
FREE Google/Youtube Advertising For Ron Paul 18:35:36
Raw Ron Paul speech @ NV Convention - Like a Boss - updated 18:34:24
Charlie Daniels & Fighting AGENDA 21 (Audio, video and literature) 18:26:47
MF Global 2.0 on the Horizon? 18:26:03
Photos from Ron Paul at UC San Diego May 4, 2012 18:13:16
Ron Paul Song - It All Comes Down To You And Me 18:04:23
ACLU: Tasers No Longer a "Non-Lethal" Alternative for "Law Enforcement"! 17:49:58
reddit has some hostile peoples (i made a popular ron paul thread) 17:30:43
Ron Paul Wins Nevada 17:28:09
Demographic Check! Who did you vote for in 2008? 2004? 17:22:12
AP: Romney, Paul supporters clash at NV convention 17:14:04
LOL! This guy is really the republican nominee? Mitt Romney is a JOke 17:02:43
Why not list everytime the Liberals misspoke with a Libertrian thought... 16:51:43
Massachusetts GOP Establishment Planning On Decertifying Newly Elected Ron Paul Delegates 16:42:20
Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention 16:36:31
Fabian4Liberty, a R3VOL Video: "If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship"! 16:35:39
Mississippi Twins Arrested for Videotaping Police from their Balcony 16:22:04
Projected Electoral College Results - Romney cannot win 16:18:30
Libertarian Party Convention 16:10:31
Gary Johnson: Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate/C-SPAN callers mention Dr. Paul 16:09:16
ROMNEY supporters in Maine and Nevada with FAKE delegate credentials passing out FAKE Ron Paul delegate slates 16:07:04
Busted Slate on Live UStream in Nevada! 16:06:01
Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention 16:05:03
VIDEO: Ron Paul Beats Obama Hands Down and they Know it! - Unmatched Intellect vs Unmatched NWO Puppet! 15:48:46
Down Comes the Axe 15:46:50
Paul Sweeps 6th congressional district Virginia delegates 15:41:13
As predicted, Ron Paul backers take over Maine GOP convention 15:38:14
Remember Today's Full Moon Money Bomb for those who want to participate 15:31:37
NV State Convention: Early News Reports! 15:30:56
Rate The Press - Your opinion matters! 15:18:17
RNC will not let Paul delegates bound to Romney sit? 15:05:31
"wear Red for RealRepublican" Wearing red shirts to show unity and for identification of numbers 15:04:50
Whoa, check this out 15:00:20
Lack of qualified California leadership 14:52:23
Rand Paul will be Ron Paul's vp? 14:51:08
"Bound" is a shackle we should break as we r3VOLute in Tampa! 14:50:11
cartoons, films, books, any kind of visual for kids. 14:28:29
Eagle: Temple Mormons By Definition, Cannot Swear an Oath to Uphold the Consitution — Prophet Ubber Alles 14:28:26
$10,000 reward for Obama’s college transcripts 14:20:07
Malaysians for Ron Paul Facebook page 14:08:47
Shenanigans @ Nv Gop Convention 14:04:40
Why does every single news source not count LA win? 13:59:08
Great News: We ARE now mailing California. Announcing LibertyUSA PAC 13:55:59
Andrew Napolitano: The President’s Private War 13:48:12
Nevada GOP "gun rule". A way to make sure we are not turned away from the convention? 13:48:02
The Coming Battle-Lost For 100 Years! 13:47:20
Photos from UC San Diego 13:25:27
Chris Christie Calls Libertarians 'Committed Conservatives', Audience Groans (VIDEO) 13:24:05
Grassroots Music Video "If You Want To Take My Picture" 13:13:16
Collectors Talk of US Treasury Silver Dollars - My Greatest Financial Blunder 13:12:37
Rides For Ron Paul Is The Official Carpooling, Transportation And Housing Web Site For Liberty To The RNC 13:08:30
Las Vegas Sun: GOP establishment 'staying clear' of state convention 13:03:56
CNN Talking About Ron Paul 12:57:55
For You Pokemon Fans (I'm not referring to Herman Cain) 12:52:38
It's over on May 7th 12:49:30
Libertarian Party Convention 12:44:59
Petition to the FCC chairman about revoking Fox broadcasting licenses from News Corp. 12:33:47
Romney supporters pushing to make Mitt a featured Wikipedia article (Propaganda alert) 12:32:35
The Evolution of a Ron Paul Supporter 12:31:44
Ron Paul Ad Destroys the Empire 12:09:33
Ambassador John Bolton has no principle to determine when we should go to war 12:09:11
Why do you think ron paul encourages us to call our congress person? 12:03:45
We Voted For Ron Paul Today 11:58:54
Mrs. Spacehabitats just left for the Iowa nominating committee 11:56:47
Libertarian 2012 Presidential Debate In Las Vegas pt.1 11:45:56
POLL: If the Presidential Election were held today, who would you vote for? 11:41:31
What if you invested in "Gold and Silver" when Ron Paul entered 2008 presidential race? 11:27:08
Ron Paul Revolution/Re-Evolution (youtube mix) 11:13:18
Offtopic: Adam Yauch's Cancer 10:58:40
Delegates 10:53:58
Obama brings the wars home - admission in yahoo news 10:48:17
first post, but found this piece interesting..Is Mitt paying delegates? 10:46:55
What do I wear to the Michigan State convention? 10:45:47
The President Has a List- Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney's campaign. 10:42:41
Help Karen Kwiatkowski - Virginia 6th - June 12th! 10:41:57
The real reason Ron Paul is not winning in a landslide. 10:40:22
THRIVE Foster Gamble on Free Energies, Money, Presidential, Conspiracies & the Thrive Movement 10:39:54
Chen Guangcheng Escapes While Hillary Clinton Visits China. CNN Labels Escape an “Awkward” Inconvenience to Hillary’s Visit. 10:37:43
RNC Lawyer Suggests Blocking Ron Paul Supporters In Nevada State Conventions! 10:30:14
Ron Paul "Liberty" Porter - A drink with each delegate victory 10:26:39
Libertarian Convention Presidential Debate - C-SPAN - Gary Johnson Wins Nomination (Video) & UPDATED 10:25:22
How to be Declared a Paulbot 10:22:15
looking for the links to Candidate Comparison Sheets 10:13:44
You Might Be A Ron Paul Fan If ... 10:09:07
Local Maine Video - guy says Paul letter came out saying to support Romney? What? 09:56:50
Donate ONLY to the Official Ron Paul Campaign Web Site! 09:49:45
Mitt Romney: I'd Vote For Ron Paul 09:30:02
The NDAA technically is not unconstitutional 09:27:54
Ron Paul UC San Diego Rally Draws Nearly 6,000 09:18:21
Imbalance of payments with foreign trade 09:13:09
Thread for ONLY tweets, emails, texts coming from MAINE 04:56:26
There are upcoming Primaries! 08:52:17
Should You Like To Attract Older People To This Movement Send Them This Video 08:51:18
Be The Media Now - We Are Winning - Let America Know It 08:26:31
Doug Wead: " he (a President) can kill you..." VIDEO 08:23:05
Hands down your pants, hands down your pants, looking like a fool with their hands down your pants 07:46:18
Free Romney stickers, he has to try to give them away 07:36:28
The Silver Door Is Closing 07:34:38
Need someone who's good at video editing 07:30:03
Speak For Ron Paul's Platform 07:22:49
New Local Radio Show for discussing Ron Paul 07:12:53
Nm 06:49:20
What if bound delegates break rules? 06:40:14
When we run against obama is the RNC going to back us or run romney too? 06:35:50
Warren Buffet is wrong on gold 06:05:52
Ron Paul can beat Romney and Obama 'HD' 05:44:15
Billionaire Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul For President "The Other Guys Don't Have A Clue" 05:40:54
#UC San Diego ~ Ron Paul Rocks with @ 5,000 Plus Local News VIDEO 04:52:22
® The Real 2012 Delegate ~ 2012 Real Time Map 04:50:16
Ron Paul supporter and Afghan refugee called a "terrorist," sues. 04:30:22
Doug Wead: Ron Paul-How Many Delegates Now? 04:25:33
words of clairvoyant 04:24:06
Ron Paul Missed Opportunity - Food Freedom 04:21:52
PETITION: Sign Sen. Rand Paul's Bill To End the TSA! Now! 04:18:10
Ron Paul Makes Stop at UC San Diego - CW 6 03:28:49
Fox News finally admits Ron Paul qualified for Republican nomination 02:48:07
Americans Elect is a SCAM to eliminate Ron Paul delegates! - Delete your Account 01:53:04
Napolitano-The President's Private War 01:32:20
Light Sabers are Real! Light Sabers are Real! 01:20:03
Rally in Oklahoma City 01:19:30
Judge Napolitano older video. Another true statesman. Tu Ne Cede Malis! 01:18:54
The Romney Faction In Nevada is Already Trying to Shut Down the Convention! 01:17:40
Current president able to halt the election? 01:12:43
U.C.S.D. Rally! 01:01:40
Ron compared to Moses, Rand to Joshua, in New Republic 00:57:57
Obama's Bizarre Website! 00:56:50
TMOT Ron Paul video 00:47:54
Ron Paul rips DEA over San Diego case, student left for 5 days 00:43:05
Romney Vs. Obama Interactive Map 00:41:54
Say What? AP: "Mitt Romney's Brother To Deliver Keynote Address At Maine Convention" 00:37:34
U-T San Diego: Ron Paul rips DEA over San Diego case 00:30:14
Ex-President Paul Wins 2021 Tour de France 00:30:13
The Real Truth of Wars - Dr. Dahlia Wasfi 00:27:40
Video: Fed. Govt mandated Holster+Lock Design & Procedure for Armed Pilots/Marshals prone to Negligent Discharge! 00:27:04
Ron Paul "catching" on next week 00:21:46
In the ocean of life 00:19:40
"Breaking" AP: "Ron Paul power play at Maine GOP Convention" 00:09:34
Metaphor R3volution 00:05:03