Posted on May 6, 2012

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Ron Paul Speaks to 7,000 at Texas Capitol 5/6/12 18:46:30
Ron Paul wins all of Maine's GOP delegates 18:39:30
Romney to challenge Maine results 17:49:06
Breaking! The Patriots of Nevada Deliver. Ron Paul Delegates Win 25 of 28 Seats to Republican National Convention! 15:43:23
Ron Paul @ NV Convention -Comments & News Open Thread 15:46:18
Maine State Convention Updates & Open Thread 15:47:59
Beautfiul Films of California/Austin Speeches 15:44:52
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The Security Strategy For Conventions 23:59:45
Help! Please Vote 3 Minutes! 23:58:24
Video: Local NBC, KRNV covers RomneyFraud/Fake R3VOL Delegate Slate @ NV Convention! 23:49:51
I need help finding a good freedom quote 23:48:33
Executive Orders and Treasonous Officials 23:48:27
Ron Paul's wife Carol talks about his campaign 23:32:50
Draconian Re-Education Camps for Political Activists Are Real! 23:30:07
What Do You Think Defense Speding Should Cover? 23:14:06
Video: Obama now copies Dr. Paul & R3VOLution Platforms! Doesn't Everybody? ! 23:08:39
Texas GOP Convention in Ft. Worth-Bring your barf bag 23:05:52
Pirate Party UK Manifesto 23:02:29
Project End the Current Media System 23:01:46
Romney's buddy Netanyahu is suffering from similar "convention takeover" woes 22:59:54
Lunch with Ron Paul in San Diego HD 05/04/12 22:54:35
Contingency Plan needed if/when DailyPaul site is closed by enemies to the cause. 22:52:49
Ron Paul FLIX Daily News – May 6 12 – Nevada & Maine Majority Delegate VICTORIES! 22:45:59
Ron Paul wins Maine, Nevada and Iowa 22:38:27
Mitt Romney Profits from Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Savage because Bain Capital Owns and Controls Clear Channel 22:31:34
Ron Paul: Results for Chairman & Secretary of 2012 Maine GOP Convention 22:31:29
Citizen Arrest of Mitt Romney 22:16:37
Somebody PLEASE tell me that we are going to WIN Texas. 22:08:58
Take Virginia! 49 Delegates! 22:00:10
Ron Paul Nevada Convention Coverage 5-4-12 / Carl Bunce "Romney Does Not Have 1144" 21:51:05
Focus: Primaries this Tuesday May 8 in Indiana, North Carolina and West Virginia! How can we help Ron Paul win them? 21:46:58
Christian Science Monitor: Ron Paul wins big in Maine and Nevada 21:45:52
Victory in Maine gives Paul some clout 21:45:31
Houston Chronicle: Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP 21:43:50
using TorBrowser 21:33:46
Woohoo! 4 Years at DP! 21:27:17
3 Delegates, 3 Alternates for RP elected at VA 6th District Convention 21:24:05
lot of pro Ron Paul information or articles were mentioned or broadcast today 21:15:24
Presumptive President Paul Trumps Presumptive Nominee Romney 21:10:50
National Delegate Results for Yesterday, May 5 21:07:56
Anyone know what the ole RevPac is up to? 21:07:27
One More Reason To Get Rid Of The I.R.S. 21:01:37
In Case You Missed It... 20:58:59
Calling all MSM comment posters! 20:56:08
Kent State Shooting Proves Ron Paul Is Right About The Danger Of Government Force 20:52:04
We're bombing Yemen? 20:50:54
Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse 20:48:38
May 24 Debate? 20:45:18
' Breaking News ' Ron Paul Will Be Nominated At the Convention in Tampa ' FACT' 20:36:55
Winning Feels Good! Let's Keep It Up! Donate Here & Now 20:35:39
5-5-12 Future President Ron Paul's speech at Nevada GOP convention! Introduction by wife Carol 20:31:24
IF I wanted America to fail! 20:23:10
Judge Andrew Napolitano: The President's Private War 20:21:42
Presidential PAULitics! 20:12:02
Georgia opens first jail devoted to U.S. veterans 20:10:53
Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The GOP Nomination 20:03:53
Ron Paul Wins Iowa! (Yes Iowa!) 19:54:07
Shocking: French vote in a leftist for president. 19:43:38
GOP is campaigning for Obama 19:42:33
Michigan 19:42:23
Ron's on a ROLL! 19:41:41
A plea of reason to reject a government monopoly on 1 language 19:37:28
Texas Convention June 7-9. Who is with me? 19:37:15
Just sent this to DRUDGE 19:31:02
Original Vocalist for Pokemon Theme Song Rewrites it for Ron Paul 19:25:42
Paul Camp said to have violated rules of procedure in Maine. Huh? 19:19:25
Ron Paul Wins All of Maines delegates to the RNC in Tampa Romney wins ZERO 19:15:34
"President Paul" Chants - Speaks to 7,000 in Austin 5/6/12 19:11:10
Julia's Future is looking Much Brighter 19:00:11
Hispanohablantes y Latinos: Hay 14 mas primarias. Sean libres, Amigos, Voten Ron Paul y PAZ este Martes 8 de Mayo en NC WV y IN 18:58:15
Ben Swann Endorses Fair Media Coverage Of Ron Paul 18:57:21
Libertarians Find Their Audience In 2012 Race 18:42:20
Maine GOP trying to rob Ron Paul of his victory 18:37:55
Thousands gather to see Ron Paul and the Tea Party Express in Texas 18:32:29
Why supporting the grass-roots is crucial: inspirational letter from San Diego activist 18:30:16
Arizona Gun Control Hoax 18:29:27
Doug Wead: For Liberty Unaired Clip - "Running For President Is Like Building A Mall" 18:25:57
How should we be referred to in the media? 18:22:28
A central bank at the state level? 18:22:01
The Green Republican Manifesto: Tales from Campaigning in Glen Ellen, CA 18:10:29
Social Security Vs. Private Retirement 18:05:42
How to Win Friends and Influence People (to vote for Ron Paul!) 18:02:27
Remember What Gandhi Said 18:01:12
Rule 15(b)(3) and the 50% Delegate Penalty 17:54:01
The White Hats Obama Crime Group Takedown 17:52:21
Great video - Reporters call out Obama on the whole "Osama killing" hoax 17:51:41
Mainstream UPI ("100 years of journalistic excellence.") with UNBIASED report 17:50:32
Ron Paul Tops Google 17:45:10
Wall Street Journal Acknowledges The Possibility of a Brokered Convention - May 6, 2012 17:42:27
WSJ: Ron Paul on Why He's Staying in Republican Race VIDEO 17:37:51
WSJ: Ron Paul taking end-Fed bill before panel Tuesday 17:31:19
The End the Fed Deception 17:30:30
Ron Paul Is Pure... and this is why he has my support. 17:29:15
▶Fed Fights Subpoena on Bernanke 17:25:58
Maine convention made a mistake and elected Gov. LePage as an elector. - that's illegal 17:16:58
Breitbart was at Occupy? 17:11:49
Ron Paul Full Speech at UC San Diego on May 4th in 720HD video and pictures 17:05:40
Plurality of delegates map added to Wikipedia 17:04:11
UPDATED: People Of The World Are Mad as Hell And They're Not Gonna Take It Anymore 16:56:31
Washington Post: Ron Paul Wins Nevada 16:53:07
Local News Coverage: Controversy at Nevada's Republican Convention (My News 4 Reno, NV) 16:48:02
911 and the cover up (1/6) by Ryan Dawson 16:43:52
2012 Election according to Wikipedia! 16:41:08
California Battle of the Banners: NorCal vs. SoCal 16:35:17
Ron Paul Wins 2012 Nevada Republican Caucus Despite Fraud From Romney Campaign 16:30:50
Fukushima reactor No. 4 vulnerable to catastrophic collapse... 16:27:54
Home Owners Across the Nation Sue All Bank Servicers and Their Offshore Havens 16:26:44
Newly elected French president promised 2012 Afghanistan pull out 16:20:19
Attention Delegates 16:17:52
Ron Paul Wins 22 Delegates In Nevada And 3 Are Automatic! Lol! Looks Like A Win! 16:16:43
The Grand Plan 16:12:35
Much Love and Respect 16:10:36
Senator: Fukushima Fuel Pool Is a National Security Issue for AMERICA 16:09:34
Maine Operative Handing Out Fake Delegate List On Tape! 15:56:23
Ron Paul has done More for Peace than People who Dedicated Their Entire Lives Working for it 15:43:36
Off topic but wondering if anyone else 15:29:27
student left for dead, handcuffed in his cell without food or water by the DEA for five days. 15:23:04
How America is becoming a full blown Police State 15:22:55
Nevada Liberty Platform Here! 15:22:54
Mitt Romney was a Democrat! 15:17:41
Question about Michigan state convention 15:12:28
The Sheer Depth of the Media Scam + Rotteness of the Establishment 15:07:16
Fukushima reactor No. 4 at risk of catastrophic failure via email Mike Adams 15:06:20
PolicyMic: Ron Paul's supporters scored an incredible upset at both Conventions! 14:59:22
New York & Florida 14:56:35
On executive orders and collected powers 14:54:24
Nevada Did Not Unbind! Why Not? Post Your Thoughts? 14:50:49
AP: Ron Paul Takes Bulk of Nevada Delegates 14:49:53
Article: Ron Paul Wins in Maine and Nevada Increasing Delegate Count Towards GOP Nomination 14:48:01
ronpaul2012 captcha down, wanted to share this idea for ad campaign! 14:47:33
Maybe we should slowly take over Fox as well. 14:42:19
LV Sun Polemicist Jon Ralston: "Bloodless Mind of the GOP vs. the Passionate Heart (of the R3VOLution)" 14:40:37
Just In: The Reason They Did Not Unbind The NV Delegation. 14:39:47
Controversy at Nevada's Republican Convention 14:37:19
Ron Paul Supporters Clash with Romney supporters at Nevada GOP 14:35:37
Let's move on -> What are we doing to win the upcoming primaries on the 8th? 14:25:02
Not so nice behavior from the Texas Tea Party Express 14:24:39
The results gave the Texas congressman a late state victory. 14:19:34
From Wasington State With 3voL for state convention delegates this weekend! 14:14:44
Ron Paul Wins NEVADA and MAINE, Despite Sabotage Efforts by Republicans 14:08:21
Ron Paul Wins Maine! 14:07:39
(Past Event) Ron Paul Austin Tea Party live stream 2:00 cst may 6 14:06:39
Ron Paul to hold Tea Party Express Rally at the Texas State Capitol Today @ 2pm Central 14:05:33
Support the Troops Money Bomb! 14:02:58
The MSM is mischaracterizing the Iowa win. 13:58:17
Ron Paul Pokemon Theme Song 13:56:16
Rand Paul's Visit to UN School 13:43:56
Newspaper: The Paul revolution comes to Nevada 13:38:49
Thank You Nevada! Image AND Great Revolution Slide Show 13:37:24
Ustream - DP Live news cast 13:34:02
Chaotic start to 9/11 trial 13:30:31
Breaking...Just announced @ NV convention... victory moneybomb! 13:27:41
State count 13:26:10
AP thinks the RNC is over and Romney won it! 13:23:20
Legalize Christmas-Ron Paul 2012 13:21:23
Politics 2012: Ron Paul raining on Romney's parade 13:17:16
Ron Paul Wins Nevada! 13:16:12
NEVADA if you are not willing to unbind the delegates (don't be) then at least put abstain wording in your rules 13:14:44
AP - Who's Who? Romney & Obama Mirror Images 13:04:31
whoever this chairman is in nevada needs to be given a medal 12:58:10
Is the MSM starting to come around? 12:49:52
Ode To The Media 12:49:00
Ron Paul WINS majority in Nevada 22 of 25 national majority of delegates going to Tampa 12:32:55
Liberty Delegates Sweep Nevada 22 of 25 12:31:28
Associated Press:Ron Paul Wins Bulk of Maine's Delegates 12:27:51
US Gold Eagles Surge on Friday 12:21:02
To anyone rallying outside RNC this August 12:18:09
VIP Crowd Pics. Several from Dr. Pauls Podium POV. 12:13:58
WARNING to anyone there in Nevada! 12:09:44
Words Of Adam Yauch Prior To 911 - Rip MCA 12:07:18
RNC sent their attorneys to the convention in nevada 12:05:58
Ron Paul backers quietly seek to overturn Mitt Romney’s caucus victory in Idaho 12:02:07
Obama Launches Re Election Campaign to Half Empty Arena (photo) 11:59:00
Austin Live Stream Today? 11:56:27
☛Ron Paul: "Who's Laughing Now" VIDEO 11:55:13
Lovely New Ron Paul Song 11:51:34
Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention...could Score an Upset 11:48:42
The New Gop. - Gold - OneNation - Peace 11:45:06
None Dare Call It A Conspirancy 11:35:48
☛You Want To See One of the Faces Behind the Evil Federal Reserve? VIDEO 11:34:17
Romney Reacts to Ron Paul's Delegate Gains 11:30:32
FOX News Admits Ron Paul Has Won 5 States 11:27:13
The MSM Takeover/Hijack MYTH - To The Contrary - The Hijacking Is Being Ended ! 11:25:22
☛Doug Wead: "Ron Paul Will Be President" 11:24:54
I have a question about the Maine convention. Important 11:24:41
Concluding the argument between The Unit Rule and Rule 38 11:21:47
Ron Paul Sweeps Maine and Nevada delegates to the Republican National Convention 11:13:20
West Virginia Sign Wave 11:12:05
POLL: Who do you plan on voting for President? 11:08:30
Ron Paul at Nevada State Convention 2012 11:05:43
Ron Paul Billboard in California 11:01:56
Ron Paul Texas Rally Today! 10:59:49
Left ? 10:57:05
What Happened 10:54:11
Neither Face The Nation on CBS or their guest stooges are acknowledging the existence 10:33:13
Upi.Com: Ron Paul raining on Romney's parade 10:13:18
Here is an important message for those attending the Maine and Nevada Caucus 10:10:39
A Wake Up Call to the Republican Party 10:05:59
Maine GOP Convention: Paul shakes up the party 09:52:54
UN reports South Dakota native lands to be returned 09:48:21
"Fake" slates 09:31:08
Forbes :- Obama and Romney's plans to seize control of the economy and our lives 09:22:38
I think the campaign should go to OSU next 08:53:03
Delete 08:49:48
*PROOF: Attempted Election Fraud In Nevada Convention VIDEO 08:46:12
Paul vs. Fed in political cartoon 08:30:50
*Obama Inc. Censorship Real Time: Watch This Like You're Getting Ready To Play the Super Bowl 08:25:34
Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention 08:11:12
Thanks to Mark for doing the live feed in Nevada. 07:49:29
Remove Legal Tender Laws to Help The Middle Class and Poor 07:35:30
MSM Name Dropping. A challenge for any still watching. 07:23:11
New Pac funds the fight against election fraud, while exclusively helping the grass-roots: Announcing LibertyUSApac 07:19:30
World watching Nevada & Maine 07:02:57
Move your Money campaign, hit corporate banking where it hurts: the ledgers. 06:44:07
Did anyone get Fake-Ballot-Guy's picture or identity figured out yet 06:16:24
Rally count: Romney vs Paul 04:11:30
Romney Camp Circulates Fake List of Paul Delegate Nominees at Maine GOP 03:35:06
Mary Vargas! 2012? 02:52:39
Nevada GOP Convention on Recess until Tomorrow (Sunday) at 9AM (Nevada time) 02:52:20
Nevada State Convention - Late-night Ousting of Ron Paul Delegates 02:45:14
Two new RNC committee persons. In Nevada are Ron Paul! 02:13:18
What to do if your vote is stolen 02:08:37
What is our First Amendment right? 02:02:01
Local news feature on Nevada delegate showdown taped prior to convention 01:40:13
Apostolic Pentecostals for Ron Paul... 01:39:02
Ron Paul in a new poll ! 01:27:30
Live Stream from Late-Night Nevada State Convention 01:18:41
Romney Camp Circulates Fake List of Paul Delegates in Maine 01:10:12
A Facebook Debate I had - It's long. 01:09:09
To be a lantern is to become Love 00:51:50
Ron Paul for President is no longer IDEALISTIC. It's now REALISTIC! 00:51:41
Looking for Paul Supporters to Check out a Forum 00:33:59
Food For Thought on Media Double Standards 00:30:36
NV state caucus shennanigans: photo of fake 'green' slate next to real RP 'green' slate 00:30:17
Helping spread the word in Indiana! 00:19:45