Posted on May 7, 2012

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Picture: Massive Romney Gathering in Ohio 16:00:29
FOX: Ron Paul Dominating State Conventions 5/7/12 23:24:45
Santorum is Endorsing Romney 23:12:55
My letter to the editor got published! 15:43:31
Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus 14:58:52
Video: CNN Reports Delegate Wins 14:26:24
Less Antman: "God bless you Ron Paul" - C-Span Live Video 14:14:57
The Last Great Battle Could Be in Delaware. And It's Happening Now. 13:37:00
Ron Paul finally getting coverage again on NPR! 12:30:08
The Romney / Paul Campaign Managers Face Off 08:06:45
How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination 07:44:28
It's Begun! Bloomberg-BusinessWeek: How Ron Paul could mess with Romney in Tampa! 06:48:47
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 5/7/12: Mr. President, the Time to Leave Afghanistan is NOW! 13:00:58
My Video of Romney Operative Cheating at Maine GOP Convention 09:14:29
Daily Paul Top Threads 09:28:01
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A rallying cry... 23:52:21
Clean boat in a sea of garbage or none at all 23:46:50
Russia has become the first major country to call for a partial restoration of the Gold Standard 23:46:19
Rick Santorum endorsed Mitt Romney via email on Monday 23:41:27
The Rules For The Republican National Convention 23:41:02
Republican National Committee: Force resignation of Chairman Reince Priebus for violation of RNC Rule 11 23:39:36
How much effort is the campaign putting into winning Texas? 23:32:42
GOP = Good Ole Paul 23:28:53
AIPAC Protest in Portland, OR! 23:25:45
Going On Now: Join Reddit For A Huge Phone-bomb Event To California And Texas! Do Your Part To Help Dr. Paul! 23:21:31
Can the GOP nominate someone who is arrested? 23:15:51
Fox News: Ron Paul will be a major factor in Tampa 23:14:03
Los Angeles and Orange Counties for Ron Paul 23:09:41
Can we all agree on one thing, please? 23:06:51
Operation Signs to Texas Final update 23:04:47
Dear MSM: You Need Us, and We Need You 23:02:40
Fox News Candidates' Corner: Ron Paul Will Shake Things Up 22:54:36
RT: Ron's got it under control 22:47:42
Mexico Has Better Debates 22:31:36
Ron Paul delegation vows to be a force in Tampa 22:28:52
Dirty Tricks at the Nevada Convention video 22:18:03
I need your help! Your gonna love this conversation. 22:14:45
Idaho Delegates back up for grabs: Los Angeles Times 21:59:55
VIDEO: Romney Supporter Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots in Nevada Wearing a Ron Paul Shirt 21:58:03
Substitute for Rachel Maddow reporting on Paul wins 21:41:01
For all you pro-abort Romney fans - Ground up dead Chinese babies put in pill form and sold as medicine - IT'S TRUE 21:39:40
Only in America 21:32:18
RT America: Ron Paul wins more Delegates! Rand wants to End the TSA! Obama sells Drones to Undisclosed NationS! 21:26:13
Vaccine Bombshell : Baby Monkeys Given Standard Doses Of Popular Vaccines Develop Autism Symptoms 21:23:55
Fox News: Ron Paul will be a major factor in Tampa 21:15:40
Rachel Maddow Show WILL Discuss Ron Paul Tonight 5/7 21:14:54
A message from your Bilderberg masters 21:11:29
Ron Paul Scores Landslide Victory in Maine 21:10:53
As the campaign gains more steam 21:08:19
A Suggestion for United States President Ron Paul’s Inaugural Address: The Repeal Of All Executive Orders! 21:03:36
Ten Ways the MSM Mischaracterizes The Ron Paul Campaign 20:58:01
Question of honor for Bill O'Cryly. 20:42:26
Why Tomorrow will be HUGE! 20:41:53
Oliver Stone's JFK 20:33:39
Jack Hunter: “Getting” Ron Paul 20:26:51
Red State:Do Ron Paul supporters outnumber 'conservatives'? 20:26:42
1144 20:21:39
Fox News covers Ron Paul:Video 20:21:16
How about this idea if Dr. Paul doesn't win the nomination 20:20:49
Dear Sean Hannity, I'll be watching Rachel Maddow's show tonight instead... 20:10:15
Maine House Policy Aid David Sorensen possibly behind fake slate shenanigans 20:09:53
Washington Times: Romney rejects Ron Paul-style austerity 19:51:11
cnbc south africa talks about the federal reserve scam 19:49:55
Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter (+video) 19:46:47
Delegate Count Map (Please Help Correct) 19:39:23
IBTimes: Ron Paul's Biggest Supporters Put GOP Ahead of Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson 19:38:35
My Physical Therapist told me that Ron Paul would not win 19:31:47
Youtube of my friend being foreceably detained by police for taking a picture. 19:28:12
Local news clips from Ron and Rand Pauls Texas Teaparty in Austin 19:12:14
UnCertainty has RINOs on Edge! Yale PoliSci.John Stoehr: We know HOW Ron Paul is winning Delegates, but don't know WHY! 19:05:06
CIA stops new underwear bombing attempt 19:04:23
Romney's Gaining Independents? 18:59:39
For Socialism: A Path To Victory 18:49:10
The "Anarchist Swimmer" 18:44:56
► Should a Felon try to become a delegate? 18:41:39
Ron Paul Delegate Count Map 18:30:40
Would The Media Be Interested If... 18:29:38
PoliceState Ineptitude in Action: Surface-to-Air Missiles for London Olympics 'Security' left UNATTENDED! 18:22:37
Fox Actually Did Much Better Then I Expected... 18:21:02
I Am Now A Victim of the War on Drugs *UPDATE* 18:11:39
Christian Alert: Obama Admits Fabrications 17:59:40
Front Page Ft. Worth Star-telegram in Texas, Ron Paul! 17:46:47
Ron Paul race truck in Texas 17:46:42
Total delegate count for Romney and Paul Updated 17:44:16
Bill Phillips-WV Gop Activist Issues Warning/Begging for Romney Supporter Turnout 17:42:28
Old Stephen Colbert: Enjoy the Police State! (video) 17:39:53
Aroostook Watchmen (patriot radio) covers Maine Convention... 17:33:26
GOP 17:30:04
FDA Allows Mold, Insects, Rodent Hairs, Ammonia, Arsenic and Maggots In ‘Reconditioned’ Food 17:28:07
It's Smarter to Travel in Groups in Tampa! 17:24:12
Excerpt from Benson's "God, Family, and Country" 17:20:51
Caucus System vrs. Popular Vote 17:05:41
Will Rachel @Maddow cover Ron Paul tonight on MSNBC? - would help tomorrow primaries in #IN #NC #WV? #EverybodyFreakOut! 17:04:56
"You're So Bain" Final 16:57:32
How many of you, since realizing that Ron Paul and his message are correct, have wavered since? 16:57:25
Conservative media continues Ron Paul blackout 16:55:04
Weren't the order of the state delegates essentially chosen by the Romney people to favor him? 16:53:59
Someone likes Ron Paul — a lot! (We are turning heads!) 16:51:24
We Will Have Fully Free & Transparent Elections! 16:49:52
Obama invites socialist French president-elect Hollande to White House 16:39:08
Tired and Thirsty RNC /GOP establishment team 16:36:03
Ron Paul at The Tea Party Express rally - Local News Mashup 16:35:36
LA Times: Ron Paul continues delegate offensive, wins big in Nevada, Maine 16:35:01
William Davis - The Dangers of Wheat 16:31:12
These words disturb many cowardly peons 16:30:08
Paul wins majority of delegates from Maine GOP 16:28:34
Google Search: Ron Paul> Mitt Romney> Barack Obama; News Reference: Barack Obama> Mitt Romney> Ron Paul 16:25:40
Today - focus on tomorrow: Three Tuesday May 8 Primaries! #IN #WV #NC You Can Help Ron Paul anywhere! 16:24:11
ViDEO: John Stossel to Greta 'I Support Ron Paul' - April 04, 2012 16:16:51
Fox Continues Skewed Deceptive Reporting... 16:11:58
Great picture! 16:10:15
Post-Maine Convention Party :) 16:06:01
Financial Armageddon: Should a Rational, Thinking Person Be Worried? 16:04:39
Ron Paul Delegates Targeted By Government 16:04:32
Indiana Primary and State Convention 15:58:34
42 States Allow Write-In Votes (Map) 15:57:30
Ron Paul gains delegates at Maine and Nevada state GOP conventions this weekend 15:55:44
Pardon Our Bullsh*t While We Report, You Decide 15:54:22
CALIFORNIA Early Voting for Presidential Primary Begins Today 5/7-to vote Ron Paul Register Republican by 5/21 15:46:52
Washington State Convention 15:36:57
Thanks, Carla Marinucci! 15:32:48
New French president: End of Dollar Era 15:28:08
Chicago, London, Most Likely False Flag Terror Targets in 2012 15:27:19
Mainstream Media Blackout of Ron Paul Momentum 15:25:35
Inside the Murky World of International Arms Smuggling 15:23:45
Trump Dumps GOP - Eyes Americans Elect 15:15:56
Romney stooges 15:10:43
Wing-nuts campaign? 15:07:30
Cops Again Harass Ron Paul Supporter Ken Suitter-Hilarious Video 15:02:40
Voter fraud is a global crisis! Recent election fraud in France, Greece, and Russia 14:53:46
Found What I Was Looking For Please Delete 14:52:54
Mitt Romney: The perfect "decoy" candidate. 14:51:14
Question About New RNC Members 14:50:36
Independant Online Voter Poll 14:47:58
Video: Romney Supporter Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots in Nevada Wearing a Ron Paul Shirt 14:41:52
Photos from the Iowa GOP state committees - Our friends in action. 14:38:06
More proof the government is trying its hardest to keep us safe 14:26:38
Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Close To Worldwide Crisis 14:26:06
Springfield Missouri Caucus 14:23:53
Creative Ad Needs Grassroots Funding, Slams (TSA Sympathizer) Dewhurst, Promotes Liberty Senate Candidate 14:20:16
Nevada Convention News 4 video 14:17:49
A winning strategy for states where delegate are directly voted for on the ballot... 14:13:32
BIG announcement this week? 14:09:10
Lusitania sank 97 years ago today and the U.S. went into WWI 13:57:26
Ron Paul Zeppelin for CA Primary 13:22:50
What exactly is the correct interpretation 13:22:48
Why Ron Paul's big wins in Maine and Nevada matter-ChristianScienceMonitor 13:10:11
Uh-oh, it looks like the "Battle of Maine" is getting ugly 13:05:25
My Favorite Baby Wheelgun for Personal Protection 13:03:30
Press Release: from Sen. Wyden (Oregon) regarding possible national security threat from Japanese nuclear fiasco 13:01:02
Mark Russell (From The Nevada Convention) On Ron Paul Radio 13:00:21
Nevada and Maine Results On The Robert Scott Bell Show This Morning 13:00:03
Louisiana Democrats trying to stop electoral college voting process. Vote 2pm today 12:46:58
Response to Allegations of 'Hijacking' the Delegate Process 12:45:11
AP & Google Update Delegate Counts 12:44:28
Romney in Michigan: Let's give him a warm welcome... 12:37:01
Obama, Romney Camps Debate Who's More Fired Up...Really? 12:32:40
2012 SCGOP State Convention 12:32:00
Love it or Leave it? 12:28:38
What can we do to discredit and ultimately shut down the msm? 12:27:13
The MSM New Ron Paul Would Be A Major Factor In The Race At This Point & They Are Playing Out Another Script 12:25:29
Ted Nugent and Mitt Romney, Reevaluate and Change 12:23:54
Poker Face new video out for their song called ILLUMINATI 12:18:26
Canadian Government Moves to Outlaw Masks at Demos 12:17:22
☛ "When in the course of human events..." VIDEO 12:13:25
NJ - Important Strategy Meeting This Tuesday for the June Primary! 12:10:40
Ben Swann Reality Check on Georgia causes... 12:04:46
ALERT: Ron Paul delegate report on FOX News in noon (EST) hour 12:03:41
Ron Paul, Rand Paul Rally In Austin Texas - Videos 12:01:40
Ron Paul Wins All Maine's Republican Delegates 12:00:59
Rachel Maddow Interviews Ron Paul 11:46:47
Could Freepers be Turning? 11:41:11
No Future Events for Ron Paul 11:25:39
Beautiful Film of California & Texas Speeches 11:15:05
light up comments section in this NY Times blog 11:07:20
Set Goal for RNC Chair Discussion. 10:59:14
Oklahoma State Convention Friday 11 May - Saturday 12 May 2012 10:56:32
Pre- and during convention strategy 10:52:58
South Carolina State Delegate Selection May 19th. 10:52:00
South Carolina State Delegate Selection May 19th. 10:47:50
Crickets on Drudge 10:45:22
Pre- and during convention strategy 10:40:58
Goodbye Wars, the Fed, the Patriot Act, and the NDAA Hello, President Ron Paul! 10:40:45
HuffPo: Unlike other candidates, Paul draws diverse crowd free of protest at UC-Davis 10:39:48
Veterans For Ron Paul March On The RNC Video 10:37:38
The Romney Blimp - Here it is 10:25:54
Today's news articles re: Ron Paul May 7, 2012 10:21:43
When is it time to ask 10:20:07
what does ron paul have to win after this point to secure a second vote at the convention 10:11:57
The importance of Winning Iowa, Washington and Missouri 10:08:59
It's time to start thinking "Protection" 10:06:14
Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The Republican Nomination 09:58:39
(PolicyMic) Here are 10 reason to NOT vote for Obama. Please share with our democratic friends. 09:57:05
This could only happen HERE! 09:42:32
VIDEO: Peter Schiff on RT 09:33:46
Attn: GOP - Special Announcement 09:33:25
Floor vote in Tampa 09:26:02
2012 GOP Delegate Map... 09:25:48
When Will the AP Change Their Delegate Counts? 09:25:44
Opinion: Why Ron Paul isn't going away (CNN article) 09:16:33
Maddow: Ron Paul Gains Unstoppable Momentum in Battle for GOP Delegates 08:57:57
New Video, Ron Paul Tea Party Express 08:52:38
FBI is quietly pushing its plan to force surveillance backdoors on social networks 08:38:08
Ron Paul Right Again - New Study Finds Taliban Growing in Strength 08:13:57
National State and County Delegate Map 08:09:10
NYT: "Still in the Race, and Plotting a Path to the Convention" 08:00:31
Ho Ho -> Ron Paul Delegate Majority Map for County, District and State Wins 07:38:14
Help send Fox News a Message 07:24:08
Video Evidence Of Fraud In Nevada Conventions! 07:23:47
Ron Paul Slugs At The Fed One More Time 07:21:23
Has the Ron Paul supporters changed throughout the campaign? 07:21:14
Fox News Credits Ron Paul's Maine Win! 07:20:53
Food Storage - How much will you need? 06:50:30
Campaign Store Needs More Stuff to spark donations 06:39:10
Hypothetically: Ron Paul doesn't get nominated, what about Johnson 06:02:00
Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia primaries on Tuesday 05:23:25
Ron Paul: The terrible cost of War 04:40:46
Google Trends: Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney 04:02:54
AP reports Ron Paul wins MAJORITY of Maine delegates! 03:33:21
Poll: Paul, or Obama? 03:15:34
Ron Paul Delegate's Account of 2012 Nevada State Republican Convention - Video 02:37:28
Gerald Celente to Max Keiser: "Fascism is here and now". 01:54:46
Romney Sending Santorum To Texas 01:34:59
Video - Maine Delegate Results 01:29:01
Providing Financial Assistance For Delegates? 01:24:36
Ron Paul exposes United Nations plan to destroy US Early 90's 01:11:41
Need clarification on Tampa convention 01:10:47
central committee elections for orange county 01:07:50
Video - Not Marijuana, Why youth vote for Ron Paul 01:06:17
►Local Nevada News Coverage: Exposes Romney Slate Counterfeiting 01:05:14
Ron Paul wins Maine despite allegations of Romney supporters attempting to cheat 00:52:00
When The Banksters Came 00:46:31
Ron Paul Revolution/Re-Evolution (New Ron Paul Tune!) 00:42:41
Ron Paul Commercial From Texas Tv Wow Amazing Go Viral 00:40:47
I need some Ron Paul supporter advice! 00:22:00
President Paul Addressing American Citizens Video 00:18:23
AP Reports Ron Paul Wins Maine! 00:08:42
Our Constitutional Republic and the Tyranny of Electoral Rules 00:06:02