Posted on May 8, 2012

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TMOT: Campaign cancels event, cites "switching gears"! 23:14:06
WARNING: Romney Campaign Is Paying People To Gather Information About State Delegates 22:32:38
Video: Ron Paul Interview with Larry Kudlow - CNBC - 5/8/12 21:42:40
Stop looking at the primary, that isn't what really matters here. Ron Paul is not losing. 20:17:27
Washington Times Bashes MSM For Treatment Of Ron Paul: "What Are They Afraid Of?" 14:06:39
Politico is reading the Daily Paul 12:09:07
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show: Ron Paul Dominates Delegates in 8 States 08:17:45
Surprise! Fox News: Ron Paul is much bigger than people know 07:47:56
Iowa GOP insiders no longer in denial: "How We Became the Party of Ron Paul" 05:01:19
May 8 GOP Primaries: Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina - Open Thread 15:29:09
Carl Bunce, NV RP Campaign Mgr's Speech at Convention, Ron's Speech & Our Interview w/Carol Paul! 11:46:08
Trouble In Tulsa: 1st Congressional District Complaint 17:38:34
Banners & Flyers For Registering Californians 11:12:18
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Man in California beat to death for not allowing police to search his bag 23:56:19
What If Ron Paul Has A Majority of State Delegates at The RNC in Tampa? 23:53:26
Crash course in Ron Paul for new supporters 23:53:14
Newt Gingrich writes column talking about Ron Paul 23:46:27
Primaries Tonight 23:44:00
If We Don't Do It - Government Will 23:35:38
I Did Not Know This: Platform Committee Meets The Week Before In Tampa 23:34:51
Terrorist intel. 23:31:52
If everyone who voted for Keith Judd in WV had voted for Paul, Paul would have won! 23:28:06
"The Left's National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed" 23:23:27
Is it me or everybody else? 23:17:01
Convicted felon gives Obama a run for his money in West Virginia 23:15:41
Scary thought: will hidden technology make the second amendment irrelevant? 23:09:50
What does "a speaking role at the convention" really mean? 23:09:50
Six-term Senate veteran Lugar defeated in Indiana primary 23:09:25
The Quantitative Easing Explained 23:06:10
Carville To DEMS : " Wake The F...Up! " (Video) 23:03:46
when's the next money bomb? 23:01:27
Attention Texas Delegates! Register For State Convention Here! 23:01:16
VIDEO Sheriff Mack to Ron Paul 5-8-12 22:57:37
Trolls are very active tonight (5/8/12) please stop responding to their anti-Rand threads 22:48:47
Liberty Movement Will Win 22:47:42
The TSA and how far we have fallen 22:45:46
OK Daily Paul... Who Sent Me the New Bumber Stickers From Knowledge House Publishing? 22:41:21
Consumerist Website Shows Peter Schiff Video 22:40:56
How far has it gone? 22:39:39
State Delegate Conventions: Important Dates in June, The Real Beauty Contests 22:27:11
So when are we going to force the fact that polls are being rigged into the media? 22:23:56
U.S. Press "would rather continue helping Americans not understand" than cover Ron Paul - Economist 22:23:38
How We Win in Tampa 22:21:46
Chat with Doug Wead 22:19:12
Rick Santorum Calls Mitt Romney The Worst Republican To Run Against Obama Then Endorses Him 22:17:15
Pro Ron Paul Journalists - Who are they? 22:14:11
Repeal Stand Your Ground Law? 22:11:37
Ron Paul Interview with CNBC's Larry Kudlow (HD) 22:07:32
So when are we going to ban electronic voting machines from the process? 22:06:11
9/11: Shattering the Spell of Mythical Realities 22:04:25
Senator Rand Paul Interview W / Neil Cavuto - Fox News, 5-8-12 4pm ET 21:56:07
How to make money any time anywhere anyplace. 21:54:49
just got an email from Mittens. 21:46:22
NATO plans apology for civilian deaths. (That'll do it. Just apologize and keep on killing) 21:44:15
Ron Paul Opening Statement - Federal Reserve Subcommittee Hearing - May 8, 2012 - *vid* 21:26:58
This kid would have my vote 21:19:58
C.B.I.A.S.O.G. 21:18:19
Ron Paul's National Committeeman & National Committeewoman from Nevada! Interview & speeches! 21:13:16
Ron Paul Poll on Fox News! 21:06:19
Looks Like Romney really does need Paul's help 21:04:36
Secret Bilderberg Conclave Site Found 21:01:52
Ron Paul : "A True Revolution Has To Be Ideological" 20:57:58
President Paul 20:50:48
How to Inoculate Public to MSM Attacks? 20:50:07
Fox News: Ron Paul is Gaining on Romney! 20:41:50
Ben Swann interview. Must listen! 20:35:40
Ron Paul on CNBC's The Kudlow Report (5/8/12) 20:29:29
Ron Paul's health 20:28:34
Senator Richard Lugar is booted OUT! 20:22:38
Trayvon Amendment 20:12:15
House panel approves $1B for Israeli missile defense 20:09:42
Swiss Miss? Does Bachmann know something we don't 20:02:03
Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney today 20:00:40
Ideas Needed To Ally The Anybody But 0bama & Occupy Voters ! 19:56:56
Romney et al: Men of their most recent word. 19:56:40
Tricky Dickie Lugar Goes DOWN! 19:52:50
The Only Way We Will Win A Primary At This Point Is If We Spread This Information Right Now 19:46:50
Update on Constitution Carwash 19:43:59
MSNBC'S Chuck Todd Discusses Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy - May 8, 2012 19:35:18
Naming groups that have created more peace without claiming to 19:33:36
New Ron Paul Ad Destroys The Entire Establishment And Flushes The Remaining Pieces Down 19:30:45
Video: Woman Interrupts Warmongering Bureaucrat 19:30:09
Ron Paul - Bad Dream Speech 19:29:25
Romney wins Indiana 19:27:25
Taking Peace Seriously 19:20:05
QUICK anyone wanna tag into a Romney Iowa Campaign Strategy call? 19:17:34
South African Reserve Bank SUED - Great VIDEO, Applicable to US 19:16:27
Latest Bomber Worked For The CIA- Wash Post Article 19:15:34
Ron Paul on NOW! Kudlow Report 19:15:07
RP on Kudlow next! 19:12:47
shortly on Kudlow, "Where's Ron Paul's endorsement?" 19:10:40
Update 5-11 I have a special announcement for my fellow DP's 19:09:18
GOP Blocks Bill To Extend Low-Interest Student Loans 19:03:07
Ron Paul: The Man of the Day 18:52:41
Ron Paul Featured in Avengers movie 18:40:30
Got my CA absentee ballot... Rick Williams looks like the guy for US Senate 18:38:27
Former Director for the Ron Paul campaign in North Dakota on The Shad Olsen Show 18:27:41
Google Fubar! 18:23:35
Texas House of Representatives Voter Fraud 18:23:04
Massive Social Media Blitz IDEA- Need Input and help 18:19:23
New Yorkers! Update: Republican Chairman Lies On Robo Call To Republicans 18:12:20
Evidence of Gross Election Rigging in North Carolina Against Ron Paul: Expect More of the Same 18:06:44
PETE Hegseth, in race for MN Senate, is member of Council on Foreign Relations 17:59:06
"Democratic President Barack Obama and the Republican presidential choice Mitt Romney have the presidential slots locked up." 17:58:43
Highly Publicized Trayvon Incident Leading To Federal Power Grab 17:54:55
US News & World Report writes DUMB article! Go COMMENT & VOTE in their poll! 17:50:20
Essential Revisionist History of Progressive Era • w/Review by Murray Rothbard • Free ePub & Mobi 17:49:40
Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign had a bad week (Assures GOP candidate Paul A sure win) 17:49:29
Ron Paul Has a Gold Ally in the Buffett Family 17:47:37
Dick Morris 17:45:34
Ron Paul Activists Support Peaceful Streets Project Austin, TX 17:41:07
Mainstream Media's Misunderstanding of Politics takes on International Character (WSJ) 17:37:35
My open letter to the vet and active duty service hating Red State 17:34:46
Romney: Ponze Scheme Article 17:30:46
Heads up Ron Paul Peeps! Here's some food for thought! 17:27:22
Yanked SNL Skit Criticizing Obama 17:18:04
Ron Paul Has Won 11 States! VIDEO 17:17:13
Fox News Campaign Insiders discussing hell in tampa for ol mittens 17:16:27
Youtube Search Results For Ron Paul, Today May 8th Wow! 17:14:10
Santorum delegates begin flocking to Ron Paul VIDEO 17:10:52
To Counter the "Stolen Delegates" Argument, Remind People of Romney and The Virgin Islands 17:08:34
car decal 17:08:29
Ron Paul is changing the WORLD! New powerful grassroots video 17:03:59
The More Precise Life of Julia 17:00:03
Rand Paul: Ron Paul Will Not Win...Not Sure What He Will Do In Terms Of Endorsing Romney 16:58:54
Ben Swann to visit WTPN, The Liberty Hour radio show 16:54:25
Elizabeth Warren Ancestry Questioned 16:47:17
The Examiner: 30% of Ron Paul Supporters Support He run 3rd Party 16:45:45
2 words speak volumes Ron Paul and . . . ? 16:42:52
I'm trying to remove my picture, can somebody help? 16:36:10
Ron Paul: “A true revolution has to be ideological” 16:33:53
Ron Paul Media Script Bingo! 16:32:29
Does anyone truly understand the rules of bound and unbound delegates? 16:24:56
US State Department investigates AIPAC Director Morris Amitay's acquisition of classified Hawk missile data 16:23:35
Why Jon Huntsman is leaving the GOP 16:21:53
Gary Johnson and Lee Wrights asked about Ron Paul in last LP Debate. (Video) 16:19:41
☛ Heads Up! Ron Paul Kudlow Report Video Hd 16:18:27
Why don't we compair Romney to McCain with a McCain couldn't get the job done why would Romney 16:17:56
Calling all r3V0Lutionaries - MAKE your voice heard! Ill make it simple for you! 16:16:09
Washington State! It Looks Like We Need Help! 15:56:14
My message to the GOP chairman! 15:55:39
Ted Cruz Ambushed by Ron Paul Supporters 15:47:15
Call For RNC Chair Resignation - Petitions And E-mail From Jeff Bales 15:43:31
Front Row for Ron Paul 2.0 (Entire Speech, Austin, Texas - Tea Party Express Rally, 05/06/2012) 15:42:55
Rupert Murdoch Tweets about Ron Paul? 15:42:49
Big Brother just called 15:42:17
MTV vote commercial shows Paul in Final 3! 15:41:55
Pro-liberty Rapper Polatik Kicks It At Tea Party Express Rally (Truth Alert!) 15:39:43
Info from Jeff Bales RE: Call for Reince Priebus' Removal 15:39:29
Can We Vote To Unbound Delegates? 15:38:13
Ron Paul Calls for Unity, Denounces Empire 15:37:41
"Dozens" of People Came to See Ron Paul! 15:36:17
The sleeping bear has been awakened! Let us steel ourselves for the attack 15:32:24
Don't Tell Ron Paul the GOP Primary Is Over 15:19:15
NC Primary in New Hanover County 15:13:48
The GOP Should Thank Us - Not Fight Us 15:11:59
Anyone in Indiana? 15:11:41
After 4 long years 15:10:27
Subscribe And Chk Out My Posts For Paul On Facebook - Ron Paul Ftw 2012 15:09:59
Fess up. I dare you. 15:05:02
Transcript & Summary of the Abolish or Reform the Federal Reserve Hearing with Ron Paul today 15:01:11
Addresses and Phone numbers for the GOP 14:59:27
Online Poll: Should Ron Paul drop his bid for president? 14:58:25
Nevada issues Google first license for self-driving car 14:58:04
Note to the Establishment: It's too lose! 14:52:51
The Who: Won't Get Fooled Again 14:38:11
Can We Stop Posting Every Corporate Media Mention of Ron Paul? 14:37:33
Murdoch tweets about Ron Paul! 14:30:31
Ron Paul Has Victories In NV, ME, LA, MA, AK, IA, MN, WA - Rachel Maddow Show 14:29:36
Hope for America: Son, 14, Charged With Shooting DHS Agent Dead In Fight Over Grades... 14:21:51
Mitt romney Scared Ron Paul is Winning 14:18:26
Republican Stalwarts Flee Romney For Paul 14:07:20
Fox News: Ron Paul is much bigger than people know 14:00:14
Convention battle plan. The takeover. 14:00:09
Is The TSA Worth Saving (POLL)? 13:58:58
Spoke w/ Janet Little today 13:55:20
Rupert Murdoch wants to debate twitter users about Ron Paul 13:55:12
Hey! Google Ron Paul! 13:53:01
More Free Ron Paul Literature for Upcoming States 13:52:51
Tampa will be like Nevada and Maine on steroids 13:49:32
Singer Remakes "Pokemon" Theme Song With Pro-Ron Paul Lyrics! 13:38:17
New Ron Paul Song! 13:31:58
Activism anyone can do. Google Adwords for Video 13:24:06
Mitt Romney needs to prove it! 13:19:06
Matt Drudge tweets about Ron's delegate count- chances for brokered convention doubled 13:15:39
Ron Paul Tied w/Obama - RASMUSSEN Poll 13:12:36
Tom Mullen: The media just won't let up on Ron Paul 13:12:34
Americans Elect: Ron Paul Rising, But Still Needs More Sign-ups 13:11:57
2012 Congressional District Census Document 13:00:24
Rasmussen: Ron Paul Presidential Bid Would Hurt Obama 12:56:47
The Street: Ron Paul Has a Gold Ally in the Buffett Family 12:34:09
Ron Paul 2012 Coffee 12:20:35
Rasmussen: A Ron Paul Third-Party Run Would Help Romney 12:14:25
Thank You To Everyone On The Daily Paul! Onward to victory! 12:13:35
POLL: Whose endorsement would be most valuable for Mitt Romney? 12:12:07
Great article on Ron and the gold standard. 12:00:49
More Americans support pot legalization than gay why is gay marriage #1 topic now? 11:59:21
Internet rally 11:59:06
The Government Can Now See You Through Computer 11:56:11
Discuss our exit poll strategy! 11:52:49
Michael Savage - Israel Does NOT Come First! America Does! - April 11, 2012 11:50:42
Ron Paul Has a Gold Ally in the Buffett Family - 11:45:35
Paul Krugman and the European Austerity Myth 11:35:32
Now they're trying to take away our delegates! 11:32:15
Ron Paul Draws Thousands In Austin With Rand Paul & Ted Cruz 11:30:36
►Video: Romney to Ron Paul: Quit the Race, Or Else!- WSJ 11:29:19
AP: "Don't tell Paul's supporters the primary is over" 11:08:48
Connection Between Vaccines & Autism Proven? 11:02:03
Google These Words 11:00:31
Gold down big time today. 10:58:44
The Polling Companies Are Now Ignoring Ron Paul 10:56:00
Dr Wilhelm Reich "Organized conspiracy (FDA) sent him to prison and then killed him." 10:29:30
The Peter Schiff Show just went live on my radio station today! 10:28:28
Shouldnt the GOP threaten to unseat Romney's ND delegates? 10:20:51
Police "assist" in Asheville NC sign wave! 10:18:46
MSNBC: Chuck Todd discussing Ron Paul delegate strategy 10:18:31
Accurate description of current political environment and Ron Paul movement 10:14:26
Sarah Palin still hasn't endorsed Romney 10:11:32
Government Overreach into Church Business: Where is the Outcry This Time? 10:07:50
LibertyUSA Pac shuts down all boards of elections and eliminates cheating machines, with your help 10:04:08
Fighting Acclamation 10:03:25
TN Drug Testing Bill - Poll 09:57:27
Watch Mitt Do What He Is Told To Do 09:48:45
Buying Off the Ron Paul Vote 09:47:47
Charlie singing a different tune 09:45:27
Can someone answer a question for me, Re: Delegates? 09:37:30
Fox News Story & Poll: "Ron Paul supporters eye upcoming conventions in delegate-grabbing quest" 09:31:36
MSNBC about to discuss Ron Paul ( who has a recorder) 09:27:22
MediaTrix- Ron Paul as Neo fighting Fox News! 09:21:29
Democrat Ruth Hull: Ron Paul Could Win California 09:18:43
MSNBC Chuck Todd Daily Rundown 09:14:27
☛5 ★ VIDEO: Ron Paul at The Tea Party Express Rally - Local News Mashup 09:14:13
Other decisions in Tampa 09:12:53
☛"Santorum's endorsement torpedoes Romney and explodes Ron Paul's campaign!" 09:11:25
Democracy vs. Republic- Most Aren't Taught the Difference 09:06:48
DARPA's Plan To NANOCHIP Soldiers Has A Darker Agenda (Video) 08:58:47
Reddit Founders SLAMS Facebook Support For CISPA (Video) 08:47:43
Get your free (Goldman Sachs financed) Romney sticker here. 08:40:37
Get Doug Wead on Maddow 08:30:31
Rick Santorum Endorses Mitt Romney - Help or Hurt Ron Paul?! 08:14:55
Romney supporters dirty tricks 08:06:33
Ron Paul Lover! 07:56:22
Fox News: Ron Paul supporters eye upcoming conventions in delegate-grabbing quest 07:54:26
Did Gary Johnson Just Ruin Ron Paul's 3rd Party Chances? 06:58:25
Some in Maine urge keeping Charlie Webster: Probably wise, despite how weird that sounds. 06:56:40
WaPo Politics: Paul’s supporters take over state Republican parties on way to being heard at Tampa convention 06:31:07
Romney Supporter Caught Handing Out Fake Ballots in Nevada Wearing a Ron Paul Shirt 06:13:04
"Forward (generic name of socialist publications)" Wikipedia Article has Been Deleted 05:59:31
Bring DOWN Romney's campaign NOW! Election Fraud 05:57:18
▶ ATTENTION: West Virginia has not released their sample ballots as of the time of this post (updated) 05:09:05
(video) fed being taken to court by S.African citizen 04:36:38
Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'? 04:17:26
Obama Launches Campaign in Empty Arena! 10:08:17
Be Wary 03:58:21
New! You liked the regular Obama; you'll LOVE the new flavor, VANILLOBAMA! 03:56:01
I visited Ron's campaign website...Why hasn't it been updated? 02:44:40
Paul vs Romney MEME 02:43:17
TheDailyCaller: Hypocrisy of GunGrabbers; ATF Fast & Furious induced Murders are No Big Deal! 02:25:19
Watch Mitt do What he is Told 01:56:13
Caught Red Handed! Fake Ron Paul Supporter Video 01:54:51
OH, Texas; are WE this obvious? 01:43:28
Santorum Endorses Romney. Surprise Surprise. Who Couldnt See This Coming From A Mile Away? Annoyed Santorum Supporters Enter 01:31:36
Post This! The 2 Fraudsters Who Passed Fake Slate 01:23:07
Just received California mail-in Ballot 01:19:36
Local news story on Paul UC Davis visit (video) 01:08:16
Ron Paul Could Still Win Enough Delegates To Deny Mitt Romney The Republican Nomination 00:57:32
Rpf Web Warriors Tasks (We Really Need Every Single One Of You) 00:54:55
FOX News: Ron Paul Is Gaining On Romney! 00:48:21
mox news message to congress funny video 00:42:30
For Every Human Slave 00:42:24
Now a Witness to Breitbart's Death Vanishes 00:40:59
The Real Ted Cruz 00:37:53
Just voted for Paul in CA 00:21:52
I really don't "get" this austerity mentality 00:20:29
Update on Ron Paul's delegate wins 00:12:48
The Case for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots 00:11:44
Santorum Endorses Romney. Welcome Santorum Supporters! 00:09:32
▶ Did you know you can officially declare yourself as an Opponent or Supporter of a bill in your State's Legislature 00:09:18
Rachel Maddow Show: Desperate Romney Press Release & RP Delegate Wins ~ 05/07/2012 00:05:20