Posted on May 9, 2012

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Ron Paul Interview w/Neil Cavuto - Fox Business, 5-9-12 23:41:04
WSJ: Gingrich tells Romney he'll never win without us! 16:32:05
Ron Paul To Appear On Fox Business At 6:10 - Live Stream 15:29:04
UPDATE 3 Wead: Facebook Event, Video! 16:53:26
U.S. Support for Afghan War Hits New Low - Only 27% In Favor; "Doing more harm than good" 10:03:10
Reality Check: Railing Against Wall Street Bailouts, Then Taking Campaign Contributions From Those Firms? 08:17:47
Steve Sebelius, LVRJ: What happens if Ron Paul actually WINS? 06:46:22
CBS News: Would-be underwear bomber a double agent 09:56:37
RT Reports Ron Paul Winning 11 States! This Race Is Much Closer Than People Think! (Video) 17:25:02
Lunch Break Cop Experience 16:59:50
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Ben Swann's Reality Check May 9 2012 - Airport Security Not Working? 23:58:32
Pro-Choice White House Requires Registration of Unborn Children for Tours 23:52:20
Video Chat with Chris Cantwell, Tracy Diaz and Carlos Beltran Join in! 23:51:45
Wead just said to get in touch with the campaign, not him specifically! 23:44:14
Better Picture of #CharlieCheater 23:39:52
(VIDEO) The Power is With the People 23:36:35
The story of tonight's "big announcement" PLUS: clarification on Doug Wead's email 23:33:42
Adam Kokesh vs Self-Professed Delusional Newt NeoCon@CPAC, gets defensive when called a "Socialist!" 23:33:11
CONgress-to-Amend-NDAA-to-Give-DOD-NSA-Greater-cyberwar-POWER 23:32:10
Great picture about keeping Obama in context 23:31:14
Ron Paul to George W Bush & Sean Hannity - You Can't Fool America Again"Its Time We Quit This" 23:13:52
YouTube: Joyce Riley Interviews Charlie Daniels for "Behold A Pale Horse" America's Last Chance 23:12:01
Texas US Senate Candidate Glenn Addison Endorses Ron Paul 23:01:46
Can you make a Youtube video to promote Ron Paul ? I will donate my music 22:56:33
Upcoming State Conventions, Primaries and Caucuses to help Paul get Delegates 22:54:27
Personal email address for official business = poor choice that's all 22:48:51
"President Paul" The Ron Paul Anthem By: Deadbeatz Inc Feat. sHERBS 22:47:14
Most Inspiring Ron Paul Video - Revolution On Fire! 22:39:20
VIDEO of The Doug Wead Stream 22:34:30
Obama states US "troops for fighting on my behalf" 22:29:34
Cool Video - Jim Garrison Live Address In 1967 On Assassination of JFK 22:28:32
"It's the Delegates Stupid!" the latest political phrase in the new American media 22:24:52
Trying NOT to stir up any controversies about RP, but... 22:23:52
No One but Paul... Could we actually end up with Rand? 22:15:33
Great delegate news! (brokered convention) 22:10:52
Americans Elect Is Not A Scam! 22:06:19
What? The Nevada GOP redistributed its delegates today (Wednesday)? 22:00:28
Pro-Liberty Band Needs Your Support! 21:51:16
Schiff Raining on Obama's Fantasy 21:50:38
Am i the only one who is put off by all the conspiracy crap posted here? 21:44:26
Total delegate count for Romney and Paul (updated) 21:40:49
Here is Doug Weeds Message from his Facebook 21:40:10
Do Not Email Doug Wead If You Are A Delegate! 21:39:26
Song I wrote for the GOP...Peace, Love and Liberty! 21:37:20
Idiotic Wall Street Journal Article... Gingrich to Romney: Court Ron Paul Supporters 21:35:02
YouTube: Joyce Riley Interviews Kurt Haskell on the infamous "Underwear Bomber" incident 21:16:24
Feline Fiasco 21:14:22
Should Dr. Paul Endorsement Mitt Romney, See Video 21:11:17
Sibel Edmonds, one of the Bravest Women alive, releases her Memoir without FBI's approval! 21:01:00
Voting Records are important ! 20:51:52
Obama Strikes Back 20:26:53
DoD Directive 3025.12 Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances (MACDIS) 20:26:06
☛Romney Investigated for Two Felonies, Could End Presidential Run ~ Sentencing of First Convict June of 2012 20:22:42
Media Lying About Ron Paul's Chances for Nomination Only Helps His Campaign Win 20:11:49
Freedom rings in Pasadena Ca. 20:08:19
Guerrilla campaigning on gun forums 20:05:08
Texas Super Brochure Mailings are up 19:59:15
The Next Generation(or maybe the one after) 19:57:50
Nigel Farage: The EU Titanic has now hit the iceberg - I owe NO allegience to that Flag! 19:33:49
Why we must fight 19:30:28
Ron Paul impact on Romney, Obama matchup 19:25:18
Video: Won't jail $Trillions-thieving Banksters, but a Helpless Vet Building a BombShelter? Get Him! 19:21:57
RP Campaign just called my home phone... 19:21:54
Owned & Operated... Excellent Open Source Documentary... Recommended 19:06:12
Youtube search result numbers prove Ron Paul to be the real front runner! Here's the proof: 18:56:17
VIDEO Ron Paul 5-9-12 Fox Business 18:49:21
On 5/8 among Ohio voters Ron Paul is head to head with Romney against Obama – but noone will tell you 18:48:33
Petition Signatures needed to Call for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus! 18:45:55
An idea for a video ad. 18:41:34
Secret History of Japan's Nuclear Weapons Program: 1940 - 2011 18:39:40
Best Money I Spent - Donation to the campaign :) 18:31:31
An Afghan Okinawa 18:31:14
Endorcement for anyone but Ron Paul... 18:29:59
Interesting article... Could this be the announcement? 18:29:08
American Exceptionalism article 18:27:15
We Have Already Won! 18:11:54
Ron Paul's desk 18:10:49
Article: Santorum endorses “worst Republican in the country” who “frightens me” 18:06:16
"I just started smashing his face to hell..." 18:00:42
Platform of the Republican Party - 1916 18:00:24
Daily Funny 17:58:24
Nice article from influential blogger praising Rand Paul! 17:56:31
Kurt Bills to Get Ron Paul Boost in Senate Bid Against Klobuchar 17:56:31
We can win ALL the remaining primaries if we do this! 17:47:03
NJ Chip-in 17:44:51
Mad As Hell Network 17:34:18
Federal prisoner earns votes against Obama in West Virginia primary 17:34:00
Polls, Polls, Polls 17:25:31
Extra Banners for San Francisco 17:24:53
Montana County Conventions 17:15:02
Ron Paul Winning! 17:14:10
WOW Romney draws 400 supporters to Rally! 17:07:18
"It will lead to war" - Ron Paul fights to end military aid for Israel 17:00:26
CNN Caught Lying About Delegate Numbers! (True Updated Delegate Numbers Included) 16:54:13
The first 12 hours after the US dollar collapse. 16:49:12
What if delegates to the National Convention were wearing some of these... 16:42:23
Gay marriage debate just a psy op to fool young voters 16:36:04
Ron Paul: Delegates are for agenda, not convention speech 5/9/12 16:30:00
Charlie, the Maine fake slate guy 19:25:37
RINOs taking their money and running 16:24:52
Battle for Oklahoma - Santorum Team Sells Out 16:21:25
2008 attempt to nominate Ron Paul at the RNC ignored-video 16:21:08
Ron Paul 6 pm Fox Business News Wednesday 16:18:09
Words from a Bosnian Survivalist 16:07:41
Colorado Marijuana-DUI legislation dies in house due to Civil-Unions 16:01:05
Good News MN Delegates! 15:58:27
☛Urgent Update: Doug Wead: We Are Still On 15:51:59
Ron Paul on CNN today at 2 15:45:38
Iowa GOP Backlash 15:40:05
ALEC: a Taxpayer-Funded Foundation Neocon Corporatist Cabal with State Politicians as Officers, Trustees & Directors 15:39:18
Liberty Pep Rally May 11th OKC 15:38:36
Proof that the voting system is SO messed UP! 15:34:45
GOP candidate who defeated Lugar wants to abolish the IRS and audit the fed 15:30:52
The Electoral College: Facebook Edition Infographic 15:30:35
Obama Finds His "Wedge Issue": Gay Marriage 15:21:24
ALL Ron Paul events cancelled! ? 15:20:39
NJ for Ron Paul Money Bomb 15:08:08
‘Youth for Ron Paul’ members exceeds 110,000 lifelong small-government activists 15:01:09
Fiat Money, Taxing the Rich, End the Fed 14:51:50
Joe's Law 14:51:41
Ron Paul in Virtual Tie With Obama 14:44:17
Hundreds Of Flight Attendants Fall Ill With Hair Falling Out 14:33:05
Police harass bicyclist for riding in street - saved by lawyer wife 14:27:31
Do you fly often? Hundreds Of Flight Attendants Fall Ill With Hair Falling Out 14:27:07
Okla. GOP Members Warning that Ron Paul will "Steal" Delegates 14:24:37
C-Span Romney Prank Call (R-Rating) 14:20:38
upcoming events 14:13:52
Minister Farrakhan Blasts Media Reporters During Radio Interview Commercial! 14:12:05
Timothy Leary once said the internet will be the new LSD. 14:12:01
Obama's 2nd term plans, the election of President Paul will stop this Tyranny ! 14:06:12
Ron Paul: I Don’t Want to Disrupt the GOP Convention 14:02:53
What is the best introductory video to share with those unfamiliar with Dr. Paul? 13:51:21
Michele Bachmann becomes Swiss citizen 13:45:07
The TSA Whacked This Texas Congressman In The Nuts 13:32:59
Doug Wead's Online @ 3pm est 13:31:56
Fmr.IRS Vampire Michele Bachmann learned Tricks of the Trade: Claims Swiss Citizenship! 13:29:01
Fox: This Man Gave Obama A Run...From Prison. (Media? My God, What Media? All I See Are Jokes.) 13:26:42
Atty. Orly Taitz about to bring down Obama...? 13:23:32
Obama's Coverage re: delegate strategy (May/June 2008) 13:19:45
Prank Call To C-span 13:10:35
Iowa Republicans booted from reception for not pledging Romney support 13:01:23
Ron Paul Ties Obama in Latest General Election Matchup Poll 12:58:24
Ron Paul: Challenging Dogma On The Campaign Trail 12:55:30
Turtle and the Hare 12:52:53
Civilized People Should Buy Gold 12:49:53
Who to follow on Twitter 12:45:10
Remembering What Doug Wead Said 12:44:54
Ron Paul for Fed Chairman in exchange for delegates? 12:38:00
Massive Vote Counting Initiative for TEXAS and CALIFORNIA. 12:26:59
Its just so WRONG that two consenting adults, Suzanne Somers and her breast Surgeon must go begging the FDA for "Permission" 12:21:15
Video: Get Ready Idaho: Tomorrow is D-Day/ get to your Precincts and take ALL National Delegates! 12:14:42
Ron Paul: My Appeal Goes Beyond the GOP 12:13:48
TSA force 16 year old girl through scanner despite medical waiver from a doctor. 12:11:38
U.S. Senator Rand Paul Endorses Connie Mack in Florida Senate Race 12:01:10
He doesn't want to disrupt the convention... 11:51:51
It is time to go for the throat (politically) 11:48:11
For those considering a military career... 11:47:41
Lloyd Marcus -The ultimate appeal to persuade fellow blacks to stop voting Democrat 11:46:25
Good Riddance To 'ANTI - GUN' Richard Lugar 11:41:27
I'll bet you 10 fake obama birth certificates that romney ... 11:33:16
Help a liberty loving band get a little love! Take 10 seconds and vote for "Leaders Led" ! 11:30:51
Ron Paul Is Our "August Surprise" 11:25:42
Gingrich lauds Paul movement 11:24:49
Old Glory - A possible future without Dr. Paul 11:20:33
Can we get some clarification on the TX process, please? 11:13:32
Watergate Times A Trillion! 11:04:37
Need Security Solutions, Robbery/ Break-in 4 Times In Last 8 Months! Need Help! 10:58:53
Romney is Worried About Ron Paul 10:58:02
InfoWars: Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release” 10:56:01
@"The Ron Paul Uprising" - Now! Video http:/ 10:46:38
homeowner shoots intruder, no charges filed on homeowner 10:42:49
A Genomics Perspective on Liberty and Ron Paul 10:39:40
Austrian Economics Expert Jeffrey Herbener Calls for Elimination of Fed, Shows Why Ron Paul is Winning 10:38:32
My dream scenario for tonight's 9PM Doug Wead announcement 10:30:09
Constitutionally Imbecilic Democrats offer Amendments to BAN State-level "Stand Your Ground Laws" 10:26:59
GOP plans East Coast missile defense shield to counter Iran 10:11:09
Dr. Ron Paul 5/9/12 Updated on CNN 10:11:05
Should the American people be able to sell food they prepared at home?... Of course they should. 10:07:19
Incredible new Ron Paul rap song! 09:59:12
GOP elites deliberately trying to throw the election to Obama? 09:56:45
Wanna see a cool trick? 09:50:51
Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Declines Council on Foreign Relations Invite 09:32:55
Doug Stanhope on TSA, Bin Laden, terrorism 09:14:47
VIDEO : Congressman whacked in the testicles by TSA agent Rand Paul mentioned 09:01:46
Rand just scored some points with me 09:00:51
Mitt Romney's 1981 arrest and 4 other times he lost his cool 08:53:21
Ron Paul is leading an ideologically positive revolution 08:50:07
Adrian Murray, Texas Tea Party Leader: "The Freedom To Fail" & Ron Paul 08:31:53
This would get the media to step up and notice 08:25:31
Judd gets 40% of Democrat vote in WV against Obama 08:22:35
Mark Levin pleads for GOP to win over 18-21 year-old rising generation 08:12:47
Michael Scheuer: President Ron Paul! 08:07:39
101 Ron Paul Quotes Kindle Ebook. Free 07:54:21
Dr. Paul moving UP on InTrade, not for the Nomination, but FOR the Presidency! 07:54:15
Tom Woods, Jordan Page, & Jason Rink @ the Oklahoma R3VOLution Rally, this Friday May 11, 2012! 07:45:32
Delegate strategy can win, but we must generate the delegates in remaining primaries! 07:29:23
Is the End of the World nigh? Rupert Murdoch wants to host Twitter Debate on Brian Doherty's new RP Book! 07:04:10
May 9, 2012 - Bottom in Silver - 28.52 07:00:28
We Have A Moneybomb Coming! 06:39:47
Indiana Senate Race: Is Murdoch our friend? 06:28:08
Wow is this how CISPA passed the house? 04:57:39
An important message to Daily Paul members (new & old!) 04:24:40
Don't tell Paul's supporters the primary is over 04:23:18
Ron Paul Has a Gold Ally in the Buffett Family 04:19:47
Ben Swann wants Ron Paul rally pictures for a video piece! 04:17:20
Itght be a good idea to start a "Santorum,Gingrich and Paul Supporters Unite For America Facebook 03:29:20
Behind Every Great Man: Meet Carol Paul 03:25:27
Nevada Momentum - Kiran Hill for Congress 03:21:03
MSNBC Deep Dive into the Ron Paul Delegate Domination - Admits Paul Gets Bigger Crowds than Romney! 03:12:21
Ron Paul Officially Winning! 03:10:55
Nevada Momentum - Kiran Hill for Congress 03:08:02
Meet the New Boss: French President is Another Bilderberg Stooge 02:42:53
Is this the best video ever made? 02:36:50
Arizona "may" decide to seat all 58 delegates, not the original 29? The RNC or Presumptive Nominee to decide? 02:35:08
Ben Swann's Reality Check - May 8 2012 02:35:04
Calling All the Youths The Future of America is in Your Hands 02:33:53
May 8~9, 2012 Post-Delegate Strategy Victory Revelation: MSM FreakOuts & 'Knew It All Along' CYA-Meme 02:29:45
For everyone here who believes in fighting until the finish line and not giving up 02:23:07
John Bolton 02:10:02
Dr. Paul Attacking Romney 01:48:58
Petition for resignation of Reince Priebus 01:42:25
Hey Washingtonians needs some comments for the Seattle Times 01:32:49
Sheriff Mack to Ron Paul "Why Won't You Endorse Me?" 01:27:46
Video General Aladeen on Jon Stewart Comedy Central (Just for Fun) 01:22:32
Bill Fawell,Author: The New American Revolution 01:20:54
You cannot vote for Ron Paul in California primary unless you are registered Republican by 5/21 01:13:16
Police beat up and kill mentally ill homeless man 01:12:33
My Experience At The Polls In NC 01:07:40
Sheriff Mack is gunning to take out a real freedom-hating piece of garbage: Congressman Lamar Smith 01:07:06
INMATE Receives 40% of Vote In West Virginia Primary Against Obama Tonight. HA! 01:06:22
No more wars! 00:56:37
Important: Events in Oklahoma, Arizona and More This Weekend 00:47:54
Charlie Webster: "We're Going To Fight for the Delegates that were Elected" in Maine 00:35:57
9 states left to vote after May 15th 00:27:26
The flower in the field 00:24:53
MSNBC'S Chuck Todd Discusses Ron Paul's Delegate Strategy - May 8, 2012 00:19:02
Check out AZ Ron Paul site 00:17:47
EU Budget increase of 6.8 per cent? 00:05:27